Dead Sea Jordan Vacation Reviews 2022 – 2022

Dead Sea Hotel Reviews

I only liked the good dinner What I didn’t like : I waited about 1 hour for my room. I was not allowed on the property for 20 minutes because they said my reservation was missing. Read more

Went for a day to swim in the dead sea. The hotel has a fairly large secured parking lot where we left our swallow. There is a security guard at the entrance and searched our luggage and bags at the hotel. Read more

I stayed in the hotel for a weekend in a premium room. I walked in to my room at the entrance and my luggage was checked out by a security guard. Large green area, very well maintained. Read more

Really liked the hotel, great service and staff. The food was amazing and the views were great! I would like to thank the animators. Daria, Veronica, Darina, Anima and their manager Tito. They did their best and were great fun. Read more

Beautiful place with a huge area and very nice view: several pools and a beautiful amphitheater inside the hotel. Also here is a very tasty buffet with a great variety of food. Fun Russian. Read more

The hotel is not big, the room is pretty clean. What we didn’t like : A friend of mine from Amman arrived in the evening and didn’t bring his passport with him. We asked to keep it and show a picture, but that was for. Read more

After a week of traveling in Jordan, we stayed at this hotel for 2 nights in room F12+F14. The hotel is in an interesting Bedouin village style. The room was adjoining, which is convenient for traveling with kids. Read more

I stayed in a very nice bed and breakfast in a very nice bed and breakfast on the beach. Read more

Breakfast at the hotel we stayed here during Ramadan month….As many of us are fasting we were pleased with the variety of dishes, meat, fish, and a very pleasant surprise was that our daughter said at the table that we had a table with lots of interesting things… Read more

I liked it very much, the hotel is super. The staff were very polite and the animators were cheerful and energetic. The rooms are very clean and the staff was very nice. I would definitely come here again with my family and friends. The buffet is super too, lots of choices. Read more

Holiday at Sea in Jordan - 2022: reviews and prices

Very clean, well kept hotel. The breakfast is tasty and worth the extra charge. The staff are very helpful and the rooms are fresh. The food was very good. Chef is asking for praise, walking around the room and asking if the food is good or not. Read more

Location of the hotel relative to the beach Breakfast Disliked : Lots of things. The room was very clean and the curtains, balcony, bedside table, and shower were amazing. Dirty curtains, balcony, bathroom, torn. Read more

I did not like it : Restaurant , food , large well maintained grounds. I did not like : Dirt in the rooms , Room cards were constantly demagnetized , Prohibition of alcohol . Read more

My hotel is very well received by my family and I am very happy to report back to the hotel.

Two Days in Amman: 48 Hours to Get the Best of Jordan’s Capital Most visitors to Jordan prefer to focus on the architectural wonders of Petra or the Martian landscapes of Wadi Rum. However, the country’s capital, Amman, is worth at least 48 hours of your time.

Jordan for two: romance for lovers Jordan may not give the impression of a good place for romance. However, that is exactly what the country is. Warm hospitality, exquisite sunsets, endless outdoor adventures.

Kingdom from Sea to Sea, or Five Reasons to Come to Jordan Jordan Jordan has Allah to thank: nature has given it two seas and desert landscapes of stunning beauty, and history – world-class ancient monuments and biblical sites. Among the country’s other virtues.

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Dead Sea in Jordan: advices for your rest

Reviews of recreation at the Dead Sea

Here are some reviews about Dead Sea in Jordan. What do they write about the weather, beaches, hotels, excursions and entertainment? Pros and cons of vacationing in Jordan in 2022. Bonus – tourist tips.

Tourist reviews about Aqaba. Vacation Tips - 2022


Reviews about the weather at the Dead Sea

A unique natural body of water lies at 400 m below world ocean level. Everyone who comes here likes the salt-saturated air, low humidity and warm weather – 330 days a year the sun shines.

According to tourists’ reviews, holidays in Jordan at the Dead Sea are in demand all year round. In winter, the air temperature is +14. +17 ° C during the day and +6. +8 ° C at night. The sea water is never colder than +21 ° C.

Valeriy Laptev: “Water temperature in the middle of November is absolutely comfortable, not less +25°С”.

ShadowMother: “The water is amazing, in December it is about +27 ° C.

In summer during the day the thermometer rises to +40. +45 ° C, and at night falls to +20. +25°С. Water in the Dead Sea is very warm +27. +30°С. Rainfall is not much, from May to October there is no rain at all.

Katherine: “We arrived in the middle of summer and was pleasantly surprised. We thought it would be very hot, but the weather was gorgeous, the sea was amazing as always.

Reviews of holidays at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Dead Sea (Photo: / @ricardofrantz)

Reviews of hotels in Jordan on the Dead Sea

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Jordan’s Dead Sea coast is a quiet and sparsely populated area. There are hotels, but they are few and expensive. Some tourists settle in Amman or Aqaba and come to the Dead Sea on their own or with a tour.

How to get from Amman . There are regular buses from Muhajireen Bus Station in Amman to the coastal town of Svaimeh. They take 45 minutes and cost from 7 JOD. A cab will cost 40 JOD.

How to get from Aqaba . From the Jordanian resort on the Red Sea to the Dead Sea is 230 to 370 km – depending on the route. Tourists are taken on day trips. There are shuttle buses that make stops and take 5-5.5 hours to get to the Dead Sea. You can rent a car and drive yourself. The trip will take 3-4 hours. A cab will cost 350-400 JOD.

Reviews and comments about Jordan. Leisure tips - 2022

Hotels at the Dead Sea . If you want to spend a whole vacation at the Dead Sea, stay in one of the 4-5* hotels. There are no budget options, the cost of a room per night $100-150 and more. The hotel area starts behind Svaymeh. There is no common resort town. Each hotel is located separately and has a developed infrastructure for recreation and entertainment.

The Dead Sea is considered a unique natural health resort, so the hotels have spa centers and clinics with experienced doctors. Salt water and healing muds are especially effective in treating skin and joint diseases.

Dead Sea reviews from Jordan

Salt formations on the shore of the Dead Sea (Photo: robysaltori /

For a successful vacation in Jordan at the Dead Sea in 2022, study the reviews of tourists about the hotels. Learn about the nuances of the accommodation and make your choice!

Marina : “The Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa 5* is a great hotel for a relaxing holiday at the Dead Sea. If the cold wind blows, there is a warm pool +29 ° C and a Jacuzzi nearby +31 ° C.”

Natalia : “The area of Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea 5* is very beautiful. A lot of pools. Everything is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Svetlana : “At Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa 5* the beds are soft as clouds, the linen is crispy. When you lie down, you just sink into the clouds.”

Dead Sea Jordan Hotel Reviews

Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea (Photo: / Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea)

Reviews of the Dead Sea beaches in Jordan

The Dead Sea coast has no bright colors and greenery. Tourists see a rocky landscape and boulders near the water that are covered in salt crystals. It looks like melted snow.

Each of the hotels at the Dead Sea has its own equipped beach with changing rooms, showers and sun loungers. Strangers are not allowed there.

A small public beach is located in the town of Svaymeh. A popular municipal beach area, Amman Beach, is 10 km from the hotel zone and is open to all comers. It is a paid beach, and entrance for adults is expensive at 20 JOD. For that money, they allow use of changing booths, lockers for storing clothes, sun loungers and showers. At Amman Beach, the bottom is sandy. The depths start fairly close to the shore. There are restaurants and souvenir stores in the area.

When is the best time to rest in Jordan? Weather and Seasons by Month

According to tourist reviews, it is difficult to get sunburns while vacationing at the Dead Sea in Jordan – the fumes from the sea block ultraviolet light. However, you should wear sunscreens.

Despite the sand, there are stones at the bottom, so it is better to swim in special shoes.

Nika-55: “It was not very convenient to go in – the stones near the shore. But a young man – “lifeguard” helped the elderly people.

Maria: “At 5 pm access to the sea and pools is blocked. And even a walk along the sea is not possible. And outside the hotel – a desert. “.

vickyst1: “At the Hilton Dead Sea Resort And Spa 5* the beach is excellent. Every morning it is cleaned, sand is poured, the entrance is great.”

Dead Sea reviews for Jordan

Amman Beach (Photo: / Jean Housen)

Tourist reviews of excursions and activities

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Tours to Petra, the Wadi Rum desert, the capital city of Amman and the medieval castle of Karak are popular with vacationers. Tourists are taken to the places described in the Old Testament, to thermal springs Hammamat Main, Mujib reserve and the ancient city of Jarash. If you like an active holiday, go to the desert in jeeps and ride camels.

The curative air of the Dead Sea and the warm climate are good for children, but there are few attractions. There are children’s pools and playgrounds at the hotels. With an older child, we recommend a trip to Petra and a visit to Amman.

To plan a vacation in Jordan at the Dead Sea in 2022, read the reviews of tourists about the excursions.

Anna : “The Wadi Rum Desert – great emotions and impressions through and through”. Read more about the tour →

Nstarikov : “One of the seven modern wonders of the world. Holidays in Jordan, it’s impossible not to go to Petra. Read more about this excursion →

Reviews of holidays at the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Wadi Rum Desert (Photo: / @_sebastien)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Jordan at the Dead Sea

Tourists who have been to the Dead Sea on excursions and those who have stayed in hotels for a long time have left positive reviews. Many would like to return here again.

Reviews and comments about Jordan. Leisure tips - 2022

The pros of vacationing at the Dead Sea in Jordan in 2022:

  • Fast flights, there are direct flights to Amman.
  • Comfortable hotels.
  • Luxurious service.
  • Interesting excursions to natural sites, historical monuments and pilgrimage tours.
  • Warm sea.
  • Sandy beaches.
  • Healing salts and muds.

nahodka12: “You can’t swim, you won’t be able to, the water pushes you up. At sea you can do mud wraps.

Minuses :

  • Expensive vacation.
  • The Dead Sea is not too suitable for children.
  • Few activities for young people.
  • Lack of infrastructure on the coast.

Anjelik: “The descent to the sea and the shoreline are poorly developed.

Dead Sea Jordanians reviews

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth (Photo: magentaD /

The nuances of vacationing in Jordan at the Dead Sea and tips for tourists

According to tourist reviews for 2021, holidays in Jordan at the Dead Sea are in high demand, so book hotels in advance. During Ramadan, prices can be lower and there are fewer people.

Taras: “A great alternative to Egypt, if you are not embarrassed by the lack of “all-inclusive”. There is no entertainment outside the hotel, so it’s a holiday for those who want to relax on a full program.

The water in the Dead Sea is oversaturated with salts. To avoid getting it in the eyes, we advise to swim in special goggles. Adults can be in the water no more than 20-30 minutes, and children of school age – 5-10 minutes. Young children under 5 years of age should not bathe in salt water. After swimming it is advisable to immediately take a shower and rinse the skin with fresh water.

If you walk along the shore you will see dark spots in shallow water. This deposits of therapeutic silt. For self-applications take the mud not from the top, but at depth. Dig carefully: your feet will be sucked in, like in a swamp. Take a dip in the sea first, and then coat your skin with mud.

Food and drinks on the shore are expensive for tourists. If you come with a tour, take everything you need with you.

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