Dream Journey to Catalonia: Three Wishes

Darya Dontsova – Three wishes of a woman of dreams

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Daria Dontsova - Three Wishes of a Dream Woman

Three Wishes of a Dream Woman book read online

Based on my novels again will be filmed TV series! I, the writer Arina Violova, in the world Viola Tarakanova, was invited to attend the shooting. And I happily went to the town with a funny name Gidrozavod! As soon as I settled in the house Nikolaev, where I took almost like family, a series of rather strange events began. Out of the blue… Katya Nikolaeva died – she ate a muffin bought for her grandmother. Who wanted to poison whom and why? Clearly one of the family members “tried” to do it. And what does this have to do with the pashtans, a people that had practically disappeared from the face of the earth? Here I am again, the writer Arina Violova, found myself in the center of the not yet written novel. And in the book can not come up with such collisions, which sometimes arranges life …

The Three Wishes of a Woman of Dreams

– Every beauty is worthy of her beast…

– Mother, what are you talking about? – Outraged pretty blonde, pushing away from her full plate.

– What’s wrong? – The hostess of the house was surprised. In her hand she held the coffee pot.

– A second ago you called your son-in-law a monster! – The girl shrieked.

Her mother put the coffee pot on a rubber mat which was lying by the vegetable dish.

– Allochka, it never even occurred to me to insult Vitya.

Daughter jumped up, cast her eyes around the table.

– Everyone has heard your words: “Every beautiful girl is worthy of her own monster. Katya, why are you silent?

Pretty brunette pretended not to hear the question, and began to focus on spreading butter on a slice of bread.

– Allusya,” the mother gasped, “what makes you think I was talking about you and Vita? I was only commenting on the television program. They showed a pretty young actress who married an old man with a potbelly stomach. I looked at them and said about the monster.

– Alka thinks she’s the only pretty girl in the whole world,” said the brunette. – The sister had no idea that there are a lot of good-looking women in the world, and some of them broadcast on zombie TV. Mama, what kind of filth did you serve for dinner tonight?

– Kierchach pancakes, sunshine,” explained the lady of the house, “and goji berry sauce to go with them.

– I don’t want to be the heroine of the tabloids,” Alla said to no avail.

– “I think kirzachi are boots, – said the man sitting to my left, – they are issued to the soldiers.

– The pancakes taste like soles, – giggled Katya.

– Wow, you ate soles? Do you know what they taste like? – Alla mocked.

– Oleg, you’re wrong, – said red-haired fat man, the husband of the offending beauty, – Kirza is not a shoe, but a composite material that is used as a substitute for leather.

Oleg stared at the speaker.

– But the army boots are made from it?

– No,” objected the fat man, taking a napkin, “only the part that covers the shin.

– Arefiev, don’t you think the cuff is a boot? Vitya, this is ridiculous! – Oleg really laughed. – My sister married a nerd.

– “Hello, hello, hello…” – suddenly sang in a woman’s voice an expensive cell phone lying next to his plate.

– What a call,” Alla grumbled. – But you have a stupid song on the phone, little brother!

– Hello, Sergey Ivanovich,” Oleg said into the phone. – Yes, as always. Excuse me, I’m having dinner with the family.

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Viktor Arefiev saw that his brother-in-law, finished talking, put the cell phone on the same place, and started:

– No, the shin is not a boot, just a part of it. There’s also a…

– God, stop it!” grimaced Alla. – Both stop. Oleg, do not tease Vitya. Talking about stinky boots during meals is disgusting!

– Alla, the boot is not a shoe, – stubbornly said Victor, – it is necessary to observe the accuracy of …

I realized that a scandal was about to break out, so I decided to change the conversation to another subject.

– Nina Anatolievna, what is a kerzhach?

The hostess was clearly delighted at the opportunity to change the subject.

– It’s a fish, Violochka. In Russia it is not popular, and in vain. Kerch contains unique micronutrients, which are extremely necessary for a person. By the way, I made pancakes by grinding fillets in a plastic mill, because metal destroys vitamins. And, of course, there is no semolina in the dish. I garnished the dish with mashed rutabaga bought from a farmer who grows vegetables without chemicals. And goji berry sauce boosts the immune system.

– There is only one drawback to healthy food, – said Oleg seriously.

– What is it, son? – struck Nina Anatolievna. – I cook by the book “How to live three hundred years,” I try to stick to the recipes exactly.

– Mom, I do not argue that proper nutrition will make us all forever, – said my son, – but the trouble is: eating all these healthy foods is simply impossible. Fried potatoes, according to you, poison, but they are very tasty.

– Oh, yes!” Alla rolled her eyes. – Remember how Daddy used to cook them? With crusts!

– Gennady Petrovich was a wonderful man, – whispered the pretty brown-haired girl, who still did not utter a word. – He was the best husband and father in the world, the kind of father-in-law any woman dreams of.

– Thank you, Ellochka, – softly sang Nina Anatolievna, – I really appreciate your kind attitude towards my late husband.

– Ella always knows when and what little remark to make, – said Alla sneeringly. – And one time, for that she gets a candy in her mouth.

– I have the right to express my opinion,” Ella murmured, “and if someone doesn’t like it, I’m sorry. Papa Gena was, and always will be, the closest and dearest person to me. It’s a great pity that he left us so early.

– Thank you, kitty,” the landlady was even more touched, “you’re absolutely right. But because of her innate delicacy I did not mention that he passed away because of his bad habits. Alas, my husband smoked, ate fried, fatty, smoked, salty, did not exercise …

– Mom! – Alla and Katya in one voice exclaimed. And the latter added:

– Viola Leninidovna probably does not want to listen to your lamentations.

– No, no, I am interested in hearing about other people’s family traditions,” I said and stumbled, judging myself mentally. Well, Wilka, you’re talking nonsense. What kind of tradition did you mean? Death by gluttony? Sit in silence and try to eat a piece of fish pancake of unknown origin so as not to offend the hostess.

– Oh, Violochka,” Nina Anatolievna was frightened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to inconvenience you! You’ve done so much good for us, you’ve given your son the chance he’s been dreaming of. Oleg had no luck, no one took him seriously, and then you, a kind angel, a fairy…

Oleg suddenly threw the fork. That hit right in the plate Katya. Puree of rutabaga flew up and settled on the white blouse girls. Nikolaeva’s offspring jumped up and quickly walked away into the back of the house.

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– Mama,” said her daughter reproachfully, wiping her blouse with a napkin. – You can’t do that!

– What have I done wrong? – Nina Anatolievna was surprised. – I just thanked Viola. Why did Olezhek lose his temper?

Katya, rolling her eyes, also got up from the table and ran out of the dining room with the words:

– Well, Mom, you’re just a brainless chicken!

The hostess turned to her other daughter:

– Allochka, what is going on? For what reason did Oleg and Katya get excited?

– Mom, calm down. Some things you just aren’t capable of understanding. Ever. So relax and forget. Do you know how the hadron collider works? Can you explain how it works?

– Who? – Nina anatolievna asked me pitifully. – Andron Kolkader? Is he also a director, like Olezhka?

Allochka got up, went over to her mother and patted her on the shoulder.

– You see, you live a wonderful life, not worrying about the fact that you have not heard about one of the greatest achievements of modern science. Do you know about the war in Kenya?

The landlady was taken aback.

– Then no, – summed up her daughter. – In the world there are a million different events that you do not know and do not suffer from it. Why are you excited because of Oleg? After all, your favorite son on a planetary scale of a speck of dust.

– I’m upset that I hurt him,” Nina muttered. – And Katya isn’t happy. The pancakes were not to her taste – she rushed away, left them on the plate.

After these words the sneer vanished from Alla’s eyes. She returned to her place at the table, quickly stuffed in her mouth all the pancakes, defiantly chewed, grabbed a napkin, wiped her lips and holding a paper ball in her hand, with feeling said:

– Mammy, dinner is wonderful! I’d ask for more, but you shouldn’t stretch your stomach, should you?

Nina Anatolievna’s unhappy expression disappeared from her face.

– Of course, honey, you’re right.

– Thank you, good night, everybody,” Alla smiled and left, taking the soiled napkin with her.

I looked after the girl. For the few days spent under the roof of the family Nikolaev, I became convinced: both daughters think their mother is a stupid chicken and not particularly fond of her. But sometimes Allochka awakens a kind of pity for their parent. Just now, the eldest daughter said she admired the pancakes, skillfully portrayed as if she was eating them with gusto. But I noticed that while wiping her mouth, she spat out the food into a napkin, which she had thoughtfully taken with her when she left.

– Want some coffee? – Nina Anatolievna made a fuss. – Violochka, chicory drink is incredibly healthy!

– I would love to try it, – I twisted my heart.

– And how do you like pancakes? – she asked. – I put a little salt in them.

– They’re delicious,” I said, “fragrant and tender, a culinary masterpiece.

– The hostess blushed. – You must be just being polite and complimenting me on my dinner.

Dream Journey to Catalonia: Three Wishes

trip to spain

A trip to Catalonia in search of a medieval atmosphere. The program and itinerary of the trip through the provincial Catalan towns: Besalú, Castelfoliet de la Roca, Olot, Rupit, as well as Barcelona and Girona.

The travel program was written for a 30,000 rubles dream trip contest organized by MAKE-TRIP.RU. The challenge was to come up with an original idea and route for the trip, as well as to keep within 30 000 rubles for flights. The best texts of the participants will be published in a separate rubric.

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Author: Regina Abdrafikova .

My trip is a trip to Catalonia, more precisely, to Medieval Spain. And it will not be the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, I will plunge into the mysterious medieval atmosphere of Spain, walking through the small provincial towns of Catalonia, which can rightly be called open-air museums. The population of some of them is about 400 people. Fortresses, ancient castles, churches date back to the 7th-10th centuries and we can admire them, and people still live in medieval buildings! It is amazing!

I want to mention that this is not my first trip to Spain to Catalonia, but it is my third one and I visited all the must see places, so my choice fell on the Catalan hinterland.

When I travel I usually make wishes in unusual beautiful places (I am sure it is a tradition of all travelers!), for example, I throw a coin, tie a ribbon, etc. And wishes come true! So, I have three wishes and three beautiful ancient cities in the heart of Europe, where I will make them! And my wishes have no chance of not coming true!


So, the journey of three wishes in the heart of medieval provincial Europe will start with a flight to the wonderful Barcelona, the tickets to which will be booked, as usual, through Skyscanner. By direct flight Moscow-Barcelona-Moscow. Yes, there are cheaper tickets with connection, but I still have to fly to Moscow from my native Ufa, so one connection in Moscow would be more than enough for me. Moreover, the flight from Ufa to Barcelona to Ufa does not fit into the budget of 30,000 rubles.

The website gives me the cheapest option on the Spanish lowcoster Vueling. But when I start to make a reservation I face some “buts” because it is a lowcoster: first of all, my luggage is over 10 kg, I have to pay extra. In the end it is not so cheap. Below we see the results of the airline IBERIA, which tickets are more expensive by about 2000 rubles, we start booking a ticket, the price does not change and does not depend on what card you pay, and luggage up to 23 kg is included in the ticket price, and I have a savings card IBERIA, though not essential, but I will have a discount, and the flight is the same Vueling. As a result, I save about 3000 rubles (information and prices as of 16.05.2017).


From Barcelona airport I will go to the town of Lloret de Mar (Lloret de Mar is more common in Russian), I will be picked up by my Spanish friend, his name is Victor, he lives there and I will stay at his place. Victor kindly agreed to receive me, he, as a traveler with a long experience, gladly receives guests from all over the world at his home, as well as he himself travels, staying in the homes of his many international friends around the world. The issue of lodging is budget-friendly.

Trip plan.

  1. Besalu – Castelfoliet de la Roca – Olot – Rupit. All these cities we will travel by car in one day. We will leave early, enjoy the views of the mountain scenery of these towns in the morning light. I will make my three wishes. But we’ll leave Rupit, the city of witches, for last, and try to catch it at dusk…
  2. One Monday (free admission to museums on Mondays) I will go to Barcelona for a day hike. I love Mount Tibidabo, the first thing I’ll do is look there. Then, of course, the classics: the Rambla, the Gothic Quarter, the Boquería. And a little gastronomic trip.
  3. And the mysterious and mystical Girona deserves special attention. I’ll see the cathedral with the gargoyle witch, walk through the old streets in search of “bats”, eat a delicious burger in the main square.
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Besalú, Castelfoljit de la Roca, Olot, Rupit

All of these ancient medieval towns are on volcanoes, it is said that they are still active and could erupt at any moment. Churches were built on the volcanoes themselves or at the foot of the volcanoes, people believed it was a warning against eruptions.

Besalu. A medieval town reached by an ancient, picturesque bridge. The bridge over which once the rulers and their entourage rode into town on horses that clattered their hooves on the very paving stones. This is where my first wish will be made. This bridge is seen once in a scene from the movie Perfumeur, and this is the third place I’ll see in the movie; the first was the Olympic village in Barcelona, where the last erotic scene was filmed, the second was a neighborhood in Girona with colorful houses. The city itself – gray stone color, just like in the movies about the Middle Ages. Open-air museum.

Here we wander through the narrow streets, visit the museum of miniatures, admire churches and buildings, the famous “Venetian chairs” on the walls of houses, and relax in the shade of orange trees on Freedom Square.

Castelfoliet de la Roca is a city on a cliff. The houses stand right on the cliff’s edge! And, for a moment, on an active volcano! The locals have surpassed the people of Naples! What’s there at the foot, right on an active volcano on the cliff face!

We will climb the cliff, which is formed by the volcano’s frozen lava, and admire the views from the highest point.

Olot. They call it the city of volcanoes. And the most famous volcano here is Montsakopa volcano with a pronounced crater. We will climb it and descend into the crater. This is where my second wish will be made. At the top or in the crater, I don’t know yet.

In the city itself there are a lot of museums for history lovers. I only want to visit one – the Museum of Volcanoes, which presents all the mountains and volcanoes in the area. Let’s walk the streets, look in the antique shops, admire the old buildings.

Rupit. And so from the city of volcanoes we moved to the city of witches. So it was named because the witches moved here, hiding from the Inquisition. The city hides in the fog, is unnoticeable from afar, and it is not easy to approach it. Legend has it that when night fell, broomsticks on which the witches sat would fly out of the chimneys and fly to neighboring settlements and then come back again. But the great Inquisition did get to these places (if it weren’t the Inquisition) and put things in order. Another legend has it that witches were brought here to be executed, it was believed that any evil spirit would lose its power in this place. Definitely it’s a mystical city, shrouded in mystery and legend, and you want to walk around it at dusk to feel the gloominess of the city of witches. And this is also where my third wish will be made.

Old medieval ancient cities fascinate with their cityscapes: narrow streets, churches, buildings, fortresses, castles and bridges. Photos should turn out like postcards, which you can safely print and give as a souvenir from a trip to medieval Catalonia. And of course, in such amazing places to make wishes and they are sure to come true!

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I will definitely dedicate one day to Girona, the Catalan capital of mystery and mystery. Just like in Barcelona, I will be here for the third time, and each time I learn interesting facts about the city and want to check them out. For example, the petrified witch – the gargoyle on the walls of the main cathedral. The legend says that there was an old woman, she was against the construction of the temple, and during the construction of the cathedral, she threw stones at him, for which she was turned into stone as a punishment. Another legend has it that the witch petrified at sunrise before she had time to hide.

There are also legends that Girona is the city of vampires. Yes, yes, exactly Girona, where, according to legends, lived whole dynasties of vampires. On some houses you can see the old coats of arms, which depict bats – symbols of vampires. It would be interesting to know from these coats of arms on the houses, what percentage of the population was occupied by vampires…

There is also a metal bridge in Girona, which was designed by Eiffel, in the style of the tower of the same name in Paris. The bridge does not look particularly beautiful, I would say very ordinary. The metal railings are ginger, nothing special. Nevertheless, it’s the Eiffel. The bridge is a place for making wishes and taking pictures of lovers (similar to the Parisian theme of couples photos).

On the main square in Girona there is an excellent restaurant with delicious burgers. We will have dinner there. My Spanish acquaintance sometimes travels from Girona to Girona for dinner. It’s not a cheap restaurant, but the burgers served here are divine.

After dinner we are likely to stop at some bar, then another, then a third – in the best Spanish tradition of bar nights, not staying in one bar for more than one drink.


Again, this is my third trip, many places I have already seen, some I will return to. For example, I love the views of Mount Tibidabo, the highest point of Barcelona, the whole city in the palm of my hand. The beautiful Temple of the Sacred Heart. I read that some of the images there show people in modern clothes, I will have to check it out. I will come here early in the morning to enjoy the panorama while there are no crowds of tourists.

Then I’ll go to the historic center, on the Rambla. That’s where my mini gastronomic walk will start. The first will be the place where they sell the most delicious tapas 100 montaditos. There is a variety of tapas, for all tastes and colors, usually with beer.

Next stop is Bobo Pulpin in the Gothic Quarter. What sets this place apart is that it serves dishes related to octopus in one way or another. I, for example, want to try the bread sandwich with black octopus ink. Exactly the black color! Not as black as, for example, our Borodino bread, but as black as charcoal.

Next, I will follow to the Boquería market, to discover new gastronomic emotions. Every time I come here I find something new. Be sure to eat berries, fruits, cheeses and jamon. Some vendors can give you something for free to try, the main thing is to smile and be friendly. Anyway I won’t come back from Barcelona hungry.


I described the highlights of my trip. I chose places that are not traveled by the tourists, in a very popular tourism destination – Catalonia. I chose the most unusual places for making my wishes. And my wishes, as always, are to return to picturesque Spain and to come back here again and again and to discover it each time in a new way!

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