Dubai weather in March 2022. Water temperature. Reviews

Dubai March Weather

Want to enjoy the warmth and vibrant culture of the East after winter? Plan a trip to the UAE! Find out what the weather will be like in Dubai in March 2022: air and water temperatures in the Persian Gulf, reviews and travel tips.

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Air and water temperature

By our standards, the Arabian spring is a warm summer. The weather in Dubai in March is perfect! Daytime temperatures are +27. +29°С. Sometimes it may be even warmer – in March the air temperature reached +33 °С. After long Russian frosts, snowstorms and cold winds it is hot!

Do you need umbrellas and raincoats? No! There is very little rainfall on the arid Arabian Peninsula. If you get at least one rainy day during your vacation, tourists treat it like a miracle.

During the first week of March, nights are still cool at +18. +20 ° C, so for walks in the evening or in the morning, as well as excursions into the desert, clothes with long sleeves are required. Gradually night temperatures rise to +22. +23°С. These are very comfortable conditions for sleeping, and you can not turn on the air conditioner at night.

Weather and temperature in Dubai in March:

t air in the daytime +28°С
t at night +23,5°С
sea water t +22. +23°С
Humidity 60%
Number of rainy days 1
Precipitation 10.6 mm
Number of sunny days 28
Daylight duration 11,6-12,4 hours

According to tourist reviews, holidays in the UAE in early spring is much more comfortable than in summer. The weather in March in Dubai suits everyone who cannot stand the heat and high humidity. Children, elderly holidaymakers, asthmatics, people with a bad heart and metabolic disorders feel well in the dry climate.

March temperatures in Dubai

Can you sunbathe and bathe?

Most holidaymakers come to the resort to enjoy the delights of a beach holiday. The weather in Dubai in March 2022 is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. As insolation levels are high, there is a risk of sunburn. Get a tan in the early morning or evening and use a good sunscreen!

For very young tourists the water in the Persian Gulf is still cool, but caring parents have found a good way out. They rent rooms in family hotels that have heated pools with water up to +27. +28°С.

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March weather in Dubai

(Photo: / @chrumo)

What to do

What to do on vacation in Dubai in March 2022? Spring vacations are chosen by lovers of active recreation and sports. For an unforgettable experience, fly over the resort and coastline in a hot air balloon, helicopter or seaplane. If you prefer to watch competitions as a spectator, enjoy the spectacle of camel racing and horse racing at the Nad Al Sheba racetrack.

Fans of gastronomic tourism do not miss the March Festival of Taste of Dubai. The festival of taste and the best chefs is held every year in the business center Dubai Media City. Art lovers try to visit the annual fair Atr Dubai, which brings together talented musicians, photographers and artists from around the world.

Dubai March Weather

Is it worth going to Dubai in March? What’s the weather like in Dubai in early, late and mid-March? What should I wear and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in March 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, 2022 weather forecast, weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Dubai Weather Forecast by Observations and Reviews

Dubai weather in early March

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 22 degrees, during the day it reaches 27 degrees, and at night it can drop to 17. The water temperature is 23 degrees.

Weather in Dubai in the second half of March

At the end of March, the temperature is 22 degrees, reaching 27 degrees during the day and dropping to 17 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 23 degrees.

Is it cold in Dubai in March?

During the month of March, daytime temperatures in Dubai usually stay at 27 degrees, but can reach 39 degrees (maximum recorded temperature) and drop to 10 degrees at night (minimum recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a hat and swimsuit is the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Dubai in March?

The sea temperature in Dubai in March, usually stays at 23 degrees. At the beginning of March, the water temperature is around 23 degrees and at the end of March, it is 23 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, bathing in the sea in March will be comfortable even for a child.

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Rainfall in Dubai in March

On average, Dubai receives 14 mm of rainfall during March.

Holidays in Dubai in March with children

In March, it’s better to go to Dubai with a child only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What things to do and see?

March is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for visiting natural sites. To plan your leisure time, you can use our catalog of attractions in Dubai.

Dubai in March – vacationer photos

I discovered a new country for rest – Dubai at the end of March. I was satisfied with the trip. I had a chance to swim in the bay, to see the sights, to go shopping, to try the local delicacies.

I'm in Dubai's Venice

End of March. Weather in Dubai.

After arriving in the wonderland, I realized that my vacation was a success. The sky was cloudless, the sun was warmed up to +30 rays, the wind was light and pleasantly fresh. The weather was getting more comfortable with each passing day. It was especially felt in the evening. By the end of the holiday I could walk freely in a light sweater. As for the water temperature, at most it rose to +24 degrees. Long time in the water is difficult to spend, but it’s comfortable to dive.

What to see in the country

I consider the spring month ideal for visiting excursions. The sun does not heat up to the point of unconsciousness, you can quietly stroll through the streets, looking at the interesting things. I enjoyed walking around:

  • Dubai Venice;
  • the malls;
  • the water park;
  • going up the Burj Khalifa;
  • Watching the sea animals at the aquarium;
  • watch fountain shows.

I recommend seeing the show of the singing fountains during the day and in the evening. At different times of day it is interesting in its own way.

How to dress in March

You can’t go on vacation without pants, comfortable dress or jacket. The evenings are cool and windy. After 6 p.m. I always wanted to dress up. I recommend taking:

  • sundresses;
  • shorts;
  • skirts;
  • jeans;
  • sweaters;
  • shirts;
  • semi-closed shoes.

It is better to take smart but understated clothes to Dubai. The UAE is a country of luxury, glamour. Therefore on the streets it is almost impossible to meet tourists in tracksuits, in slippers on his feet.

I had a great vacation in March. I appreciated the moderate amount of holidaymakers. I do not like: the jam, crowded beaches, overcrowded hotels.

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The Aquarium: The aquatic world

To all a good mood and discover new horizons.

Hello, dear travelers! I visited Dubai four years ago, from March 8 to 14. My dream was a relaxing beach holiday and nothing more. However, only after seeing how beautiful Dubai is I understood that it will not do without excursions)).

On a beach went through day. And all day long it was not very hot – up to +30С. And in the morning even cool. Water is warm enough – approximately +23 C, however, almost all the time waves. Once, when I went to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, there was a mini sandstorm. That would have been fine, but the views are not the same, the city seems to be in a haze.

March is the month when you can rent a bike and ride around the city without the heat. Of course, you should first apply sunscreen to exposed skin and stock up on drinking water.

We went to Dubai 4 years ago, from March 24 to 30. For some reason we were afraid that it would be cool, but the weather pleased us. During the first 3 days the temperature was +30C, then it got hotter and hotter, and on the day of departure the thermometer read +40C. We easily walked around the city, went on excursions, though we always took water with us. It’s amazing how in such a hot weather the local women wear closed black robes, and jeans peeking out from under the hem! Of course, we did not wear T-shirts and mini-shorts, as it is a Muslim country. But even in a T-shirt and linen breeches it was kind of hot.

We spent four days on the beach, got a tan and had a good swim. For me personally, the water was not very comfortable (about +24C), but I generally heat-loving creature, and my feelings – not an indicator)))

Hi)) A trip to Dubai has always been something so inaccessible to me. But as it turned out, the trip to this city gave me and my husband on our wedding day, our parents. The trip fell exactly on March. Now I want to share with you the impressions of the trip and describe all the interesting moments.

Weather conditions

After a long vacation in Dubai, I realized that the weather in March here is very variable – now it rains, now it’s sunny. As the locals told me, such weather conditions vary not only from year to year, but also during the month. We arrived there in the middle of the month and stayed until the end of March, and I would say for sure that the temperature was getting higher and higher every day. If at the beginning of the vacation my husband and I observed 27 degrees above zero during the day, then at the end of the vacation it was even 32 degrees above zero. In mid-March at night the temperature reached 17 degrees above zero, and already at the end it was 22 degrees. It is considerably warmer. I did not notice a strong wind, and the humidity was normal, there was no stuffiness. As for the water, it seemed to me that in Dubai it never dropped below 20 degrees (this trend is observed throughout the year, which is a big plus for trips to Dubai, the water in the Persian Gulf is never cold)))). So don’t worry, you will safely swim in the water at a comfortable temperature.

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Remember that the sand on the beach in Dubai can get very hot, so wear flip flops to avoid getting burned. I can tell you from experience that it is not a very pleasant feeling. Also, don’t forget the searing sun, sunscreen and a panama hat were always in my bag. It is also worth remembering that there are sandstorms in Dubai, which often start in the spring. After the storm, the city is covered with a layer of sand. The danger is the lack of visibility on the roads, so it is not recommended to travel by car during this period. But do not worry and cancel your vacation in Dubai because of this, because a lot of shelters are built in the city.

What to take with you on vacation

Despite the heat in Dubai during the day, I also took with me warm clothes. I came in handy with a warm sweater on my trip during my evening walks in the middle of March. If you are planning to go there at the beginning of March or in the middle of March, you should definitely take it with you. If at the end, you can do without warm clothes. But you will always need warm clothes during excursions to the desert, because it is very cold there at night, in early spring – just above freezing. Also, as I noted and above, the weather here changes frequently, there is a high probability of precipitation, so definitely put an umbrella in your bag.


Be very careful on the beach, quite often I saw jellyfish on the beach. Also when traveling in the desert be careful with the walks, you can encounter scorpions.

Tourist saturation.

It is in March that the active holiday season begins, because the weather conditions become comfortable for recreation. On the beaches a lot of holidaymakers, in the city – too, excursion programs are scheduled, so you need to book in advance.

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Interesting events

When my husband and I arrived in Dubai in March, we realized how lucky we were. After all, it is during this spring month that a number of very interesting events take place here. I can say with confidence that most of the vacationers I saw came to Dubai not only for the purpose of resort recreation, but also to participate in a number of interesting events. One of them, where I was lucky enough to visit, was the Taste of Dubai gastronomic festival, which brings together restaurants of the city with a high level of service and delicious cuisine. The essence of it is the following – all food and drinks representatives of the restaurants exhibit on the platform, located in the amphitheatre of Dubai Media City business center. Everyone can try and assess the incredibly delicious dishes. My husband and I also visited the Art Dubai art fair where artists, photographers and sculptors living in the UAE exhibited their work. In March of the same year the World Golf Championships are held in Dubai, because there are many golf courses in the city, and the weather conditions allow practicing golf both day and night. Dubai in general is the Far Eastern capital of the sport. In March, the Nad Al Sheba Park in Dubai also hosts the World Cup of Horse Racing. What my husband and I were surprised by was the prize money, which goes beyond $12000000. To be there, you have to buy your ticket in advance. Also prepare for the dress code – for men it’s a tuxedo, for women it’s a dress and hats.

There is a lot of exotic food in Dubai – various fruits and vegetables. In the stores they sell everything your soul desires. However, there are fruits that I tasted for the first time – dragonfruit, mangosteen and longongon. In the restaurants it is worth trying real kebab and the legendary biryani, a dish of basmati rice, meat and spices.

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