Dzhankhot. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Reviews about Dzhankhot

Is it worth going to Dzhankhot? Honest reviews about Dzhankhot. The brightest impressions of tourists about rest in Dzhankhot.

Reviews on Dzhankhot.

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – development of transport communication.

From minuses – expensive cafe catering, from pluses, certainly, the nature, pure air, silence, clean sea.

The region is excellent – the air is amazing, the water is clean. Every year the cities are improved. Minuses bring the vacationers themselves – mostly trash, cigarette butts and other things.

Reviews about hotels in Dzhankhot.

Holidays in July 2021. We came from far away. Difficult road, difficult passage at the border. About this hotel dreamed of 2020, but because of the pandemic could not come. And now the long-awaited vacation. And everything turned out much better than my family expected. First, and most importantly – is, of course, the people! Friendly, helpful, well-mannered! We had a problem which was solved instantly by the girls and we had a wonderful vacation. And now about the hotel: the photos match reality, cleanliness and beauty! We would like to go there again! Our kids loved it! And it was very important to us that the rooms have kitchenettes. And thanks to the kitchen, it was all easy and simple. The sea is close by, walking leisurely for 5-7 minutes in the shade. It so happened that we spent the part of vacation in hotel “The Home”, and the second – with these guys in their second hotel “Gold Sand”, and there in general there a fairy tale! The view of the sea and the tops of the red roofs. Falling asleep under the stars and the sound of the waves. We highly recommend it to everybody! Another, one of the pluses for us – the fact that there are few people around, a cozy village and stunning nature. True, one store, but it has everything. The prices are the same as at home, so we did not feel any difference.

We stayed at the hotel “the home” for two with my mother in July 2018. Room for 3 thousand The big plus of this hotel is the availability of a kitchen in each room, then the minuses begin. The hotel is new, but the bathroom in our 5th room was pumped up, the shower downstairs leaks, so that the foot towel was constantly wet, we had to unscrew and dry, with the shower head in the shower the same story, leaked. unfold Our room has not been cleaned once in ten days. There is a kitchen, but there was no dishwashing detergent, a kitchen towel the size of a napkin. The room is for 4, but there are only 2 hooks for towels in the bathroom. No wi-fi, very slow. The hotel has had several power cuts throughout the hotel.

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The best place in the Gelendzhik area in terms of value for money. European level of service. All inclusive: accommodation, food round the clock, drinks without restrictions. While not working all the procedures that were announced, but promise to the next season. On the beach from services at the moment only sun beds, but also included in cost of residing. The air, the sea and. peacocks surrounded by relict pine pine trees. I recommend it!

Reviews about guest houses in Dzhankhot

A snowstorm with rain outside. A funny joke of a capricious April. The order of nature is out of order. Again it is windy and slushy, gloomy and dark. It’s as if the sun is lost among the shaggy, blue clouds. Another dreary day weaves into a dreary week. Total moping. And suddenly I wanted to go there, where there is a lot of sun, sea, light and warmth. In Dzhankhot! It smells of charcoal smoke, sea, pouring rain, relict pine and sun cream. And the main attraction of Dzhankhot is a fantastic creation of magic architecture called “GREENWOOD”! A stunning, surprisingly non-standard design solution of this fabulous complex of “soaring houses in the mountains”. It is harmoniously merged with the amazing beauty of a picturesque pine fairy tale, which has no passing fences and gates. This is what is called a place of real, absolutely beautiful FREEDOM! Only an extraordinary, original creator, gifted with impeccable taste and original non-standard approach to design could invent, see and create such beauty. And the name of the creator and the chief of this chic Dzhankhot’s masterpiece – Nikolai Ivanovich. Every meeting with him – a holiday. Separately we want to express endless gratitude and appreciation to the administrator Tatiana and her assistant Kirill. This brilliant duo of hard workers, through which, once you cross the border of “GREENWOOD” you immediately dissolve in an atmosphere of hospitality, kindness, comfort and endless humor. Every day, without weekends, days off and sick days in the grueling heat and hurricane rain, from dawn till dusk, they surround you with extraordinary warmth, care and attention, even in the small things. They keep perfect cleanliness not only all the houses, kitchens, terraces and stairs, but also the surrounding forest. All your reasonable and not so problems, requests, wishes and caprices they will instantly solve at any time of the day or night. A low bow to the constellation “GREENWOOD” for your hard and not always grateful work. With respect and best wishes to Oleg and his wife Valentina. We will definitely be coming back to you more than once. All the information on the site and all the reviews are completely true. “We do recommend GREENWOOD. You will not regret! P.S. Now to those who do not like the color of towels, range of toiletries, no escalator, cable car, etc., etc. All the woes are from ignorance, mediocrity, tastelessness and laziness. You can’t explain the taste of salt to someone who has only tasted sugar. You’ll have to go to another office!

How tourists are cheated by hoteliers of our southern resorts

We went to Greenwood on a tip from friends who vacationed there in June. Houses on the mountain in an amazing mountain expanse in a pine forest. The cleanest air, silence, incredible views, near the beach. Houses are on the mountain, so the daily climbs are not for the lazy. Clean area, raccoons come out in the evenings. Comfortable rooms with everything you need (air conditioning, refrigerator with freezer, towels, toilet paper), you can use the washing machine, there is a dryer for laundry in each room. It was just the two of us and my son, so not having meals included didn’t bother me at all. We bought all the necessary products in Gelendzhik. But in the local store there are also products and basic necessities, though the price tag is higher – this should be taken into account. The administrator Tatiana is a personal guide. Kind, helpful, comfortable accommodation – just in her capable hands. Local cuisine on the waterfront is very decent. The beach is a delight! Cleanliness. Sun loungers are paid. The beach – pebble. So special slippers to help. On the beach there is an excursion by boat along the coast to the rock “Sail” with swimming – it is to watch and cry from the beauty. Such is the scale. The hike to the Blue Abyss is a mix of extreme and extraordinary visual ecstasy. So much beauty of mountains, blue sea and forest I have not seen in a long time. There is also a ride on a banana, rent saps. The place is very quiet, suitable for family holidays and solitude. We will definitely come back here next year.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the owners and staff of Greenwood for a wonderful stay. We were looking for a hotel beforehand, looked through a lot of options, and when we saw houses on a hillside with trees growing through their roofs something tickled. We have read reviews, contacted Alexander the manager. He answered all our questions, took an extra video, and we booked a room. The nice thing about this hotel is that it was situated away from the village, with only pine trees and sky behind the windows, so no crowding. We stayed in the upper cottage. The room had a large double bed and a single bed. We had a fridge, kettle, bedside tables. We had a separate dressing room. TV, air conditioner. Combined shower and toilet. We had warm blankets in the dressing room, which came in handy the last night and we did not freeze. If you go down a small flight of stairs you will reach a place with tables and benches. For dark times of day there are lanterns. There is a socket. In the evening it was very pleasant to take the kettle from the room and drink tea outdoors, enjoying the splashing waves, the pine air and birds singing. For cooking there is a well-equipped kitchen. There is everything you need: pots, plates, spoons, grates, pestle, corkscrew. There was no such thing that I needed something and could not find it. The kitchen is very competently designed, even if there are a lot of people in it, there is no crowding, and there is enough space for everyone. You can buy drinking water from Alexander, we did not risk to drink tap water. We can wash our clothes in the machine for a small fee. The rooms are clean, cleaned once every three days and change linens and towels. By the way, they give out big terry towels and small ones too, so you can save space in your suitcase. We were with a small child and soiled the towel the next day, I carried it to the laundry and Sasha had no problems replacing it. I can’t help but write about the raccoons. As soon as it got dark, some raccoon would be sure to come in to ask for treats. They are exceptionally cute. They love corn flakes. And if you don’t scare them with sudden movements, you can feed them right out of your hands. Overall, I would like to say that my stay at Greenwood was everything I dreamed it would be. There are no unfulfilled expectations. We rested our soul and body for the next working year. Definitely will return to Dzhankhot and only in “Greenwood”.

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Dzhankhot: tips for recreation

Reviews of tourists about Dzhankhot

Seaside village between Divnomorskoye and Praskoveevka – one of the most beautiful places in the Krasnodar region. Learn from the reviews of tourists, whether it is worth to go on vacation in Dzhankhot in 2022.


Impressions of the resort

The quiet farmstead consists of one long street, which runs along the small river Hotetsai to the sea. Dzhankhot loved for the shady sidewalks and paths, clear sea water, fresh air, aroma of pine forests and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. A nice place for a quiet holiday by the sea!

Locals live off tourism, so they try to earn as much as possible in the summer. Prices for housing and groceries budget can’t be called. In Dzhankhota there is no pharmacy, and few places for parking.

Tatiana: “Rested as a family in the coastal village Dzhankhot. The places there are incredibly beautiful: mountain slopes, overgrown with forest, groves of relict pine, the sea! In the evening you can communicate with the little brothers and feed them: raccoons come to the house”.

Is it expensive to vacation in 2022

At the resort tourists receive sanatorium, boarding house, mini-hotels, guest houses and recreation centers. According to the reviews of holidaymakers for 2021, in Dzhankhot you can find good accommodation for reasonable money. During the high season, a double room costs from 2000 rubles, and a family apartment with a kitchen – from 3500 rubles per day. Look for lodging in Dzhankhot on Hottelluk and Sutok.

Many tourists complain about the exorbitant prices of products sold in stores on the waterfront in Dzhankhot. For example, a cup of ice cream costs 100 rubles.

webstudiora: “Sanatorium Dzhankhot – unreasonably expensive. Houses to the left of the beach – the cost, as abroad. Comfort and service, as in the Krasnodar Territory. Houses on the right of the beach – first there is a guest house “House by the Sea”. The price of 2500 rubles per room. Repair has not been a couple of decades. Of the pluses – a terrace overlooking the sea. In Le Chalet room 1800 rubles with fresh pleasant renovation. The difference is obvious.

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Best hotels in Dzhankhot

What sea and beaches

Central beach Dzhankhot stretches near the mouth of the river Hotetsai on 600 meters. It is covered with large pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but the depth increases quickly enough. The water is clear and clean. On the sides of the central beach, under the picturesque rocky cliffs there are several small wild beaches. If you like hiking, go to the beautiful lagoon called the Blue Abyss. Learn about the best sandy beaches in the Krasnodar region.

“Blue Abyss is a gorgeous place, almost untouched nature. Rarely can you see such a beautiful shore. People keep it clean. And the sea is gorgeous, and the air.”

miss____violett: “Dzhankhot beach is pebbly and quite small. Not many people (we were in June). Some part of the beach is taken by a children’s camp, which comes there twice a day. You can walk to the wild beaches – it’s very beautiful there.

Panorama of Dzhankhot

What to do

Entertainment at the resort is not much. Tourists visit Korolenko’s house-museum and a pottery workshop of remarkable ceramist Sergey Dudin, which is located on the northern end of the farm, on the Sea Harbor Street, 46. In good weather we advise to go on sea coast in the direction of Praskoveevka to unique rock-anchor “Sail”. True, you’d better wear sneakers or boots for a long trip on the rocks.

According to reviews holidaymakers for 2021, from Dzhankhot interesting to go to the picturesque valley of the river Zhane, to the fortress in Arkhipo-Osipovka, Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk.

Maria: “We went to the house-museum of V.G. Korolenko. You will see the remarkable architecture, cozy rooms with well-preserved furniture, a courtyard with unique Lebanese cedar and maclura. We were given a wonderful mini-excursion by a member of the museum staff.

Reviews of tourists about Dzhankhot

The rock “Sail” in Praskoveevka on the Black Sea coast, Krasnodar region.

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Rest with children

Large pebble beach of the resort is not too suitable for bathing small children, but schoolchildren like it very much. Go with the whole family to admire the beautiful rocks from the viewing pavilion on the shore and make a wish near the sculpture “Pearl of Wishes”! According to tourist reviews, from Dzhankhot is convenient to get to the entertainment of Gelendzhik, Pshadsky and Teshebsky waterfalls. Learn about vacationing with children on the Black Sea.

Night87: “The beach itself is small, cozy enough. Most importantly, there are not many people! The bottom seemed uncomfortable – huge boulders, but the water is clean. You can see every pebble. Children were swimming with pleasure, they don’t mind anything.

When is the best time to go

The resort season in Dzhankhot, as well as on the entire Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region, begins in May and lasts until October. The least amount of precipitation and the hottest weather is in August. By the end of the summer the air temperature rises to +30 ° C and above, and the sea water warms up to +26. +27°С.

If you do not like the summer heat, come to the resort in June and September. At this time the air temperature in Dzhankhot is +25. +25 ° C and sea water +22. +24°С. In the fall it’s warm during the day, but in the evenings it gets cooler, up to +15 ° C. Warm clothes will come in handy!

Dmitry Smirnov: “In May, the Dzhankhot farm is much warmer than the rest of the coast. During the daytime it is consistently +22 ° C, at night it is slightly lower – +18 ° C. Fast warming of water surprises – by the middle of May it is already +19°C”.

Dzhankhot Weather

Sunset at the resort. Photo: Kaiser Vilgelm II / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Is it worth going to Dzhankhot in 2022

Dzhankhot has wonderful nature and the clearest sea. Tourists like the picturesque cliffs, pine forest and secluded wild beaches. Saddening weak infrastructure and low level of service. But it is a problem not of a particular resort, but the entire Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Krai.

Tatiana: “A gentle sea, gentle sun, fresh air, silence and solitude with nature, such as it is! Absence of turmoil and tranquility.

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