Eagle Rocks and Prometheus in Sochi: how to get there, tips, photos

Eagle Rocks: a story about beautiful nature and bad road

There are many picturesque places in Sochi. Some are easy to get to, others are more difficult. Somewhere there is something to see all year round, and somewhere – only at certain times of the year. This is why some are more popular with tourists, while others are less so.

With Eagle Rocks I got so: the first time I got there when we were walking on Agura Waterfalls (about it my article Agura Waterfalls and Prometheus Rock).

The waterfalls themselves disappointed us then – it was a hot August, and they just dried up. And then, to somehow compensate this failure, we were advised to go to the Eagle Rocks. And we did. And we were satisfied – it was really worthy end of the walk.

But this place is well worth visiting on its own. How to do it and what to see – read in this article.

Eagle Rocks of Sochi: what a place and how to get there

Eagle Rocks are located in the Khostinsky district of Sochi, directly opposite the Akhun Mountain. They tower over the gorge of the Agura River. Their height reaches 125 meters above the river bed.

It is not difficult to guess why they are called that. Apparently, some time ago, eagles used to nest here, and the rocks were a comfortable place for them to live. Then, the place became too crowded, and now you can’t see eagles here very often. But there are a lot of tourists who come here in search of beautiful views.

Climbers also train on Eagle Rocks. Routes here range from simple to medium difficulty.

How to get here

As I wrote above, one of the options is a hiking route from the Agur Waterfalls. It is good that you will see two beautiful places in one walk. But in terms of physical exertion it may not be suitable for everyone: a long climb up the mountain for elderly people and small children will not be able to endure.

The second option – to go to the cliffs from the side of old Matsesta. About her I also have an article: Matsesta Treatment: the magic power of stinky water.

Then just before the building of hydropathic clinic you need to turn right and then follow the signs. And there are quite a lot of them here. Here is the sign at the stop:

And there is another sign after 700 meters:

But to walk from the same vodolechebnitsy (to which you can take a bus to the stop “Staraya Matsesta”) is also not a long way. I would even tell – rather far, 40-45 minutes on foot.

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By car, of course, will be faster. But not any car will overpower this road. First, it is very broken, and the last time the asphalt was laid here is likely even under Brezhnev. So most of it will be a dirt road with concrete and stones:

And secondly, the slope of the road is such that not every car can pass it. In general, I would not try to drive a “pozoterku” here.

If you like hiking or are lucky to own a jeep, you’ll get to Eagle Rocks without problems :-).

Our video eloquently shows the state of the road to Eagle Rocks:

The Price of the Question

Here is the entrance to the route. But do not hurry to rejoice – first prepare money for a visit to the object of the Sochi National Park, which are the Eagle Rocks. The price of the question is 150 rubles, children under 7 years old are free of charge. This is the eco fee for maintaining the trail in good condition.

There is also paid parking lot over there, where the red car is parked. You can put the car on the side of the road between the trees, before you reach 50-100 meters – there is plenty of space, the side of the road is wide.

What we’ll see.

In general, the scenic beauty of this place (and many other tourist spots on the coast) depends on the season. Now, in January, the forest around us was bare and looked like a normal autumn forest in the middle belt of Russia:

But after 300 meters the scenery becomes more interesting. Closer to the cliff we began to have good views:

And the slopes of the rocks themselves are covered with the famous pizunda pine:

In good weather, Akhun is perfectly visible from the Eagle Rocks:

But this time we were unlucky – it was obscured by low clouds:

The trail goes close to a cliff. There is a fence, but caution will not hurt, especially if you have children with you:

From the gorge you can clearly hear the noise of the Agur Waterfalls. And from some angles you can see them far below:

Finally, after 15 minutes the path will bring you to the set, on which is located a cafe, pavilions for recreation and a figure of an athlete in chains – the statue of Prometheus.

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Prices in the cafe are average, and about the quality I can not say anything – we were not hungry:

But about the figure of Prometheus, I’ll say a few words.

The statue of Prometheus.

There is a legend about Prometheus associated with the Eagle Rocks. The brave god, who gave fire to mankind, was chained to a rock as a punishment. But since Prometheus was a god after all, he was chained not just anywhere, but in a warm subtropical climate, with in addition – with a good view of the sea.

But for Prometheus not to relax here, on the rock with panoramic views, Zeus sent to him his eagle, which every day flew and pecked the hero’s liver. If Prometheus had been an ordinary man, he would simply have died in agony sooner or later. But he was an immortal Titan, and every night his liver would regenerate, his wounds would heal, and his torment would begin again. And it was foretold to Prometheus that he would suffer thus until one of the mortals set him free.

According to this legend, the Argonauts, sailing past (they sailed to Colchis, for the golden fleece), saw Prometheus chained to a rock and an eagle pecking his liver, and called the rocks “Orlean.

Prometheus’s moans were heard by the Oceanids (apparently, he moaned loudly, since even in the sea you could hear it), and one of them, whose name was Agura, fell in love with Prometheus. She gave him water, washed his wounds, until one day an eagle flew in, caught this idyll and threw her down from the rock… That’s how, according to the legend, the Agura Waterfalls and the Agura River appeared.

But Prometheus’ sufferings didn’t last forever. Another ancient Greek hero – Heracles – freed him from his chains. Heracles caught the eagle flying towards Prometheus and pierced him with his arrow. The freed Prometheus went down to his beloved Agura, who turned into a river, took a fragment of the rock on which he was chained, melted it into the metal with which he was chained to the rock – and wore it in memory of Agura. And so people have been wearing rings ever since – as a sign of love and loyalty.

Well, and this sculpture appeared on Eagle Rocks in 1998, thanks to the Omsk sculptor Alexander Kapralov.

The cave

There are several karst caves in the region of Eagle Rocks, the largest of which is located at a depth of 15 meters. For an extra fee of 100 rubles you can go down into the cave on this ladder:

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Before that, it was much more difficult to get to the cave. The cave itself is small, there are no rock paintings, stalactites and stalagmites in it. Therefore, you should decide for yourself whether it is worth visiting it or not.

And we began to get ready for the return trip, because the weather was deteriorating – it started to rain. However, before I decided to go to the bathroom. But – alas, the toilet was not working. So I had to speed up and take a shortcut to the car. Truth to say, on the way all the same I managed to take a couple of pictures – flowers!

And this is in the middle of January! And there are the snowdrops:

In short, the tale of 12 months in Sochi has become a reality. Do you want snowdrops in January? It’s easy! This is Sochi, baby.

The same quest was waiting for us ahead of us – to go down a bad road to Matsesta. Still, I wonder why the road to one of the closest and most beautiful routes to the coast is in such a terrible condition? I have no answer to this question.

In general, I have the following recommendations for Eagle Rocks:

  • it is better to go when the weather is clear so that you can admire good views.
  • it is longer, but it is more interesting to ascend from the Agur Waterfalls side
  • Sport footwear and clothes are the best choice while visiting Eagle Rocks.

I will end here. Guys, share your impressions and ask questions in the comments.

Eagle Rocks and Prometheus – the ambiguous beauty in Sochi

Eagle Rocks is a natural attraction near Sochi. It is landscaped and paid for. With a statue of Prometheus, a cafe, kebabs and a cave. In this article I will share my impressions from visiting this place, I will show you some photos and tell you how to get there. Below you will find a couple of nuances, which cast doubt on the advisability of the trip to the Eagle Rocks. I could not help but share them with you.

Eagle Rocks and the Prometheus Monument

My impressions from my visit

I went from Stalin’s dacha in Sochi to Matsesta to find a spring with the same name. I did not manage to get there, but I saw a sign of Eagle Rocks. I decided to scout the place. The road to the location was dirt and asphalt mixed. Such a surface, but you can pass even in a car. I did not get to the entrance, because I wanted to check on foot. Also not difficult, but comfortable shoes and clothes have not been canceled.

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The entrance to the Eagle Rocks box office

Visitor’s card and why you need it

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by several information boards and a woman who sells tickets. The system of visiting Eagle Rocks is as follows.

  1. The entrance fee is 200 rubles. In return, you get a visitor’s card. One for a maximum of four people.
  2. Buying in the cafe for 300 rubles and more, you get a discount of 5%. They’ll take away your old visitor’s card and give you a new one – now with a 7% discount in the cafe and a 20% discount at the entrance (for a maximum of four people).
  3. Next time you can get a card with 10% discount in the bar and 50% off at the entrance.
  4. The highest level – a visitor’s card, the entrance to the attraction with which is free at all times.

Eagle Rocks has a visitor's card

I asked the usherette what all this card swapping crap is about. It turned out that you can come here to barbecue kebabs – there is no charge for a table and a chargrill.

Free benches for visitors

Two roads to Eagle Rocks

I took a ticket with access to the cave (+150 rubles), tempted by the promise of incredible views. There are two roads leading to the summit. The first (left) is marked as technological. Vehicles drive on it, but visitors can also go up. It is considered easier to climb. The second (right) is a hiking trail with benches and viewing platforms. I went up the first one and went down the second one.

Descent from Eagle Rocks

Technical road is used by a car

The area at the top is landscaped and commercialized. The cafe is open all year round, prices are higher than in the same cafes of the city. The coffee they make is delicious. Have not tried anything else, there are both salads and hot dishes.

Cafe at the Prometheus monument.

There is a wish tree growing at the cafe. They will come true only if you tie ribbons of the right color. You can buy them in the cafe for 15 rubles apiece. Business!

The wishing tree on the Eagle Rocks

About the statue of Prometheus

The statue of Prometheus on the top of Eagle Rocks appeared in 1998. Its creator is the Omsk sculptor Alexander Kapralov. The work, to put it mildly, raises questions. And frankly speaking, I didn’t like the sculpture. It’s inarticulate and inexpressive. I found Kapralov’s other sculptures on the internet and they were not impressed either.

A strange monument to Prometheus

The appearance of Prometheus statue on Eagle Rocks is not accidental. Allegedly on a nearby rock Zeus chained the titan for stealing fire from the Greek gods and giving it to humans. Every day an eagle flew to Prometheus and pecked his liver. Hence the name of the place, Eagle Rocks. But even if we take it on faith that Prometheus really existed, it was definitely not here that he was chained. The relocation of the legend and the appearance of the sculpture is most likely caused by the desire to increase the tourist attractiveness of the place.

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You can see the mountains, but they are few.

The cave and the promised views

Before visiting the cave you must wear helmets and listen to a short story about its origin. The descent to the cave and the views from the steps are really impressive. Cooler than from the place where Prometheus stands. Although the sea is still almost not visible. The cave itself – solid disappointment. Tiny and unremarkable inside.

Stairs to the cave

With what to combine

Agur Waterfalls and Eagle Rocks – a hiking route for several hours. The level of difficulty – average. Walking with children and unprepared. Suitable for those who are not auto, otherwise you will have to return for the car to the starting point.

Stalin’s dacha and Eagle Rocks – combination of two sights will be suitable for those who move by car. I had just such variant. But it was by chance, because I initially went to the source in Matsesta.

Should you visit Eagle Rocks?

The second time I certainly will not go here. I do not want to look at the strange molded Prometheus any more. The views are not bad, but there are better viewing platforms in Sochi. I do not recommend to pay for the cave. But as the hiking route from Agura waterfalls to Eagle Rocks – it is quite an option of unity with nature for half a day.

Views from Eagle Rocks

Useful information

  • Opening hours: all year round, until the last visitor. Usually it closes after dark.
  • Admission: fee. 200 rubles per person + 150 rubles for the passage to the cave.

How to get there from the center of Sochi

Bus + ♂️ walk: #3 to the stop “Old Macesta”, then 2,5 km on foot.

Taxi: from 500 rubles one way.

Car: 30 minutes to the parking lot at the entrance and the ticket office.

Eagle Rocks on the map

Excursions with a visit to Eagle Rocks

Always yours, Daniel Privolnov.

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