Eindhoven – Amsterdam: How to get there

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam for €8

If you fly to Amsterdam with one of the low-cost carriers – for example Transavia, Ryanair, Wizz Air or Vuleing – the arrival point is not Amsterdam’s main airport Schiphol, but the airport in Eindhoven. The distance between Eindhoven and Amsterdam is 125 km. Due to the developed transport system, getting from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam is only slightly more difficult than from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam. You can get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam quickly and inexpensively by train, take a bus directly from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam, or book a cab transfer.

Since Eindhoven Airport is usually visited by tourists for whom the travel budget is important, in this article we will focus on the cheap ways to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam.

  • The cheapest way to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam
  • Airport transfer from Eindhoven to Amsterdam
  • How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by bus
  • Train Eindhoven – Amsterdam
  • Rent a car at Eindhoven Airport

The cheapest way to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

The cheapest way doesn’t always mean the most convenient. So if you have suitcases or you are with children, it is better to choose to travel by bus or train. This way is more suitable for the lightweight backpackers.

The whole trip will only cost 8 euros. In steps:

  1. From the airport, get to Eindhoven Beukenlaan station ( on the map). The bus 401 leaves from the Eindhoven Flight Forum stop ( on the map) in front of the airport every 15 minutes. The bus arrives at Strijp S station ( here), from there it is a 5 minute walk to Beukenlaan station. The bus ticket costs 1-2 euros. You can pay for your ticket on the bus in a special machine, but only with a card. Cash is not accepted.
  2. From Eindhoven Beukenlaan station get to Amsterdam by BlaBlaBus. It costs 7 euros. BlaBlaBus needs to be booked in advance on the Omio website. The bus travels for 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Cheapest way to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam

Airport transfer from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

A shuttle or cab is the most convenient way to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam. If you have a lot of luggage, or are traveling with children, a cab is probably the best option. Admittedly, not the most budget-friendly. Since the trip to Amsterdam is long-distance, it makes no sense to catch a cab at the airport. It is better to order it online in advance, so that you are already met with a sign upon arrival.

Amstermap has checked out different sites with bookings for transfers from Eindhoven to Amsterdam and recommends using the KiwiTaxi site, because this site has the best price. The cheapest car from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam will cost from 170 euros. It can accommodate 4 passengers with hand luggage and three pieces of luggage.

On the website of Kiwi-taxi you can order a mini-van if you are traveling together. This is one of the most profitable and comfortable ways to get to Amsterdam from Eindhoven.

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In case of flight delays, the Kiwi cab driver is waiting for you at the airport for an hour after the designated time of arrival.

Cab transfer from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by bus

The cheapest and most convenient way to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam is to buy a bus ticket with a similar transportation company. In this case you will be comfortably transported to Amsterdam in 1 hour. The price is about the same as the “bus to Eindhoven Airport + train” option below.

There are AirExpressBus buses from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam and back. Sometimes you can see Terravision service recommendations, but it uses AirExpressBus buses, so there is no difference between the two. The only difference is that the Terravision website supports Russian.

It is best to buy tickets online 1-2 days before your flight. If you can not, all is not lost: there is an AirExpressBus ticket counter at Eindhoven airport. But the price for them will be by ~Euros, and seats may not be available.

One-way ticket costs €22.50, round trip €38.50. Children under four years old travel free of charge, but there must be one adult (16 years and older) per child on whose lap the child will sit. Discounts for seniors, students and children older than 4 years are not provided.

Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam shuttle service

Buses are comfortable – with air conditioning, comfortable seats and space for luggage. You can take one piece of hand luggage and one piece of checked luggage for free. For each bag over and above you will need to pay an additional 10 euros. There is also a list of items that must be reported in advance and will cost €17.50 per item. This list can be found on the official website and includes musical instruments, fishing equipment, bicycles, skiing and diving equipment, surfboards and some other items.

The bus stop is at Platform D under parking lot P1. If you get lost, you can get help at the AirExpressBus desk at the airport – you will be gladly oriented. It is advisable to arrive at the stop about fifteen minutes before departure.

In Amsterdam you will be dropped off at Prins Hendrikkade, 25 (here) next to Amsterdam Central Station. From here you can easily get to all parts of Amsterdam by public transport.

The bus timetable varies from day to day and you can see it on the official website.

Train Eindhoven – Amsterdam

The option to get from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam by train does not provide time or cost benefits. But it allows you to adjust the departure and arrival time to your needs to a much greater extent, because the public transport starts early in the morning and ends around midnight. If you choose the train as your main method of travel, your itinerary will consist of two stages:

  • get from the airport to Eindhoven railway station by city bus;
  • get from the train station in Eindhoven to Amsterdam Central Station by train.
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Let’s consider these steps in more detail.

You can buy train tickets in advance on the website Omio.com.

Step 1: From the airport to Eindhoven by bus

As soon as you leave the airport terminal, you will see the platforms where the city buses stop. You will need the bus number 400 or 401.

You can see the bus schedule on 9292.

You can buy tickets on the bus itself through a special machine – note that it does not accept cash and you can only pay with a card. Tickets for #400 cost 2.84 euros, for #401 – 2.50 euros. The bus travels for 25-30 minutes.

If you count both numbers, buses from Eindhoven Airport leave every 5-10 minutes. After 20:30 the interval increases to 15 minutes. The penultimate bus leaves at midnight, the last one at 00:30. The first morning bus leaves from the platform at 6 am.

Step 2: From Eindhoven train station to Amsterdam Central Station

From Eindhoven to Amsterdam there is an intercity train of the Dutch public rail service. There is a direct train and a connecting train in Utrecht. Most likely you will be more comfortable with the first one, so pay attention to this point when you buy tickets. You can buy them and get detailed information on the official website of the railway service ns.nl. You only need to specify Endhoven Centraal and Amsterdam Centraal as the departure and arrival place, respectively, and enter the desired departure time, and you will be given a list of suitable options.

At the same time, train tickets in the Netherlands have one convenient feature – they are not purchased for a particular train, but for one trip during the day. So you can take any of the trains going in the right direction. You can either buy tickets in advance online or at the station at one of the yellow terminals with the rail service logo. If you buy online, a second-class ticket will cost €20.80 and a first-class ticket €33.90. If you intend to take them in the terminal, you’ll have to pay an extra €1 for the travel card.

Trains run approximately every 10 minutes, but sometimes there is a gap of 20 minutes between direct flights, which will take you to Amsterdam without changing in Utrecht. The first train departs from the platform around 7 a.m., the last without a change is around 11:30 p.m. Options with connections are possible and later – up to 1:30.

On the way the train spends about 1 hour. 20 minutes.

Rent a car at Eindhoven Airport

If you need a car only to get to Amsterdam, it does not make much sense to rent one. But if you plan to travel around the Netherlands by car, why not.

You can rent a car on the spot at the airport in Eindhoven, but it is better to book it online in advance, for example on the Rentalcars website.

At the airport Eindhoven in the office building there are several desks of car rental companies. They are located to the left of the terminal, where they have a separate parking lot. Among them are such well-known companies as Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt.

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The price of renting a car – an average of 40 euros per day if you take it for a long time. There are no toll roads in the Netherlands, but there are paid parking lots.

How to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

The distance from Eindhoven to Amsterdam is 124 km. You can get from the city in the south of the Netherlands to the capital of the Netherlands by various modes of transport.

Travel time by train is 1 hour and 20 minutes, by bus – on average 1.5-2 hours, by car – 1.5 hours.

Further in the tip we will consider how to get cheaply from Eindhoven to Amsterdam: in the text you will find transport timetables, current prices and routes, including from the airport.

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam

There are several options: routes both direct and with a transfer.


Bus transfer from the airport of Eindhoven is offered by the Italian company Terravision. Departures are from 09:30 to 13:15/17:45/19:45/21:45 every 1-2 hours depending on the day of the week. In general, there are 9 to 11 trips a day.

Travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The cost of the ticket when purchasing on the company’s website is 22.50 euros. At the ticket offices at the airport will be 1.5 euros more expensive.

Bus + train

There is also an option with a change: first take the express bus to town, then take the train from the station. Buses number 400 and 401 go to the station, the journey is 30 minutes, the schedule is from 8 am to midnight every 10-20 minutes. The ticket costs 2.50-2.80 euros. And from the station – by any of the nearest trains to Amsterdam (1 hour 20 minutes, 21.10 euro ticket). As you see, the cost is the same, but you don’t gain any time, so it’s better to use buses. However, the transfer option is more flexible and adjusts for any time of arrival.


The easiest way to book a transfer from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam is to choose a car that suits the cost, capacity and comfort.

Searching for transfers from Eindhoven Airport

From Where to Cost
Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam from 15558 p. Show
Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam-Zuidost from 17590 p Show
Eindhoven Airport Amstel train station from 18733 p Show
From Where to Cost
Amsterdam Eindhoven Airport from 15558 p. Show
Amsterdam-Zuidost Eindhoven Airport from 17590 p Show
Amstel train station Eindhoven Airport from 18733 p Show

Train Eindhoven – Amsterdam

There are Intercity trains between cities. Travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Almost all of them are direct, with a rare exception it is necessary to change trains in Utrecht.

Departure – from train station Eindhoven.

Arrival – at Amsterdam Central Station. The trains run from 5:30 to 23:30 at intervals of at least 10-20 minutes.

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The price of a 2022 Eindhoven to Amsterdam train ticket is €21.10 for 2nd class.

Check the schedule for any day you want on the website of the Dutch main rail carrier Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

To buy a train ticket you can on the Russian-language website Rail Europe, which specializes in European rail destinations, as well as through a unified ticket search service OMIO, where you can compare the cost and time of the selected route.

Bus Eindhoven – Amsterdam

There are excellent bus connections between the two cities. FlixBus, Eurolines.

FlixBus . This carrier can offer at least two trips a day: in the morning and in the afternoon. Travel time is from 1 hour 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the trip.

The buses go from the bus stop near the train station in Eindhoven (address John F. Kennedylaan, 2). This is how it looks like on the panorama from Google Maps:

The destination in Amsterdam is Sloterdijk Station (passing through the Bijlmer district). Some buses then go to Schiphol Airport. In short, the route must be seen separately.

The price of a bus ticket Eindhoven – Amsterdam in 2022 is from 7.99 to 12.99 euros .

Eurolines . Eurolines also has direct flights. However, they are few: up to two per day. Travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes depending on the flight.

Departure is from the same stop on John F. Kennedylaan opposite Kamer van Koophandel (Eindhoven Chamber of Commerce). Arrival – to Duivendrecht station (there is the same name metro station).

Tickets cost from 7 euros.

You can compare all bus routes by duration and price and buy a ticket for a suitable route with the help of a single ticket search service for transport in Europe.

Cab Eindhoven – Amsterdam

If you prefer individual comfort and are not willing to share personal space with others, then transfer is your option. You can order a cab in advance, noting the convenient points of departure and arrival. The driver will meet you at a specified time and take you to the capital of the Netherlands as quickly and safely as possible.

For ordering and small cars are available for a family of three people, and minibuses for groups.

Search for transfers

From Where to Cost
Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam from 15558 p. Show
Eindhoven Amsterdam from 17336 p. Show
Eindhoven Amstel train station from 17336 p. Show
Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam-Zuidost from 17590 p Show
Eindhoven Airport Amstel train station from 18733 p Show
Eindhoven Railway Station Amsterdam from 22860 p Show
From Where to Cost
Amsterdam Eindhoven Airport from 15558 p. Show
Amsterdam Eindhoven from 17336 p. Show
Amstel train station Eindhoven from 17336 p. Show
Amsterdam-Zuidost Eindhoven Airport from 17590 p Show
Amstel train station Eindhoven Airport from 18733 p Show
Amsterdam Eindhoven Railway Station from 22860 p Show

From Eindhoven to Amsterdam by car

The trip won’t be difficult and won’t take more than 1,5 hours. The distance from Eindhoven to Amsterdam is not big – 124 km. The way lies along the highway A2. The roads in the Netherlands are free, of high quality and safe, so it is a pleasure to drive on them. The cost of the trip is made up of the cost of the rental car and the spent gasoline.

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View the route in detail with all the exits and turns:

Route description Eindhoven – Amsterdam

Route length between Eindhoven and Amsterdam: 119km

Approximate travel time: 1h 27m Show route description

Distance Time Note
Go straight on to Vonderweg
121м 13с Go straight on to Elisabethtunnel
179м 19с Head straight on to Fellenoord
1km Turn left into Boschdijk
58м Go traffic circle to Boschdijk
4 km Take the 2nd exit to Boschdijk
2 km Go straight on to Eindhovenseweg Zuid
20м Go left into E25
590м 53с Take the exit ramp to E25
22km 14м Go straight on to E25.
21km 13м Head left onto E25.
24km 15м Head left onto E25.
1km Head straight on to A2
33km 21м Head left onto A2.
1km Go straight on to Nieuwe Utrechtseweg.
688м Go straight on to Rijnstraat
1km Go straight on to Van Woustraat
213м 26с Go straight on to Westeinde
188м 23с Go straight on to Frederiksplein
605м Go straight ahead on Utrechtsestraat
196м 24с Go straight on to Amstelstraat.
512м Go left on Amstel
Go left on Nieuwe Doelenstraat
625м Go right in Rokin
76м Go left in Dam
31м Turn right onto Dam

Rent a car

It is common to travel around the Netherlands by bicycle, but renting a car is an opportunity to see more in a limited amount of time. Almost nowhere is there a problem with renting a car.

We recommend to read our feature article “Transportation in the Netherlands”.

Finding hitchhikers

Another non-trivial option for traveling from Eindhoven to Amsterdam is “civilized hitchhiking,” that is, traveling with a fellow driver. Drivers and passengers look for each other on the Internet, on the website Blablacar.ru. This is the largest hitchhiker community in the world. You only need to register. And then choose the right offer that suits the departure time and price.

OMIO one-stop ticket search

With Omio you can compare all available public transport options by price and travel time. Here you’ll find tickets for trains, intercity buses Eindhoven to Amsterdam. Our easy search will help you find the best deals.

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