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Budapest tours

Found 250 excursions in Budapest in Russian with current schedules for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating walks with a guide from 15 euros. Choose a route, read descriptions and book tours of Hungary online.

This program offers you a city tour with a professional Russian-speaking guide.

Learn about the development of style in the city through examples of the works of the best architects and discover little-known places.

Sights of Budapest and its suburbs

Hungarian Parliament Building

The building of the Hungarian Parliament is a striking landmark on the banks of the Danube. The idea of the building was born after the merger of Buda and Pest in 1873. It was successfully realized by the Hungarian neo-Gothicist Imre Steindl. The magnificent facade, similar to the Palace of Westminster, decorates the waterfront and serves as a striking backdrop for photo sessions for tourists. We recommend admiring the architecture of the building in the morning and evening on a boat trip on the Danube.

Fishermen’s Bastion

Fishermen’s Bastion is a “city within a city”, a kind of “time machine”, transporting to the era of knights and the Middle Ages. The complex rises on a hill in Buda. It is worth climbing to the top just for the view of the bridges over the Danube and the panorama of the main sights of the city.

Margaret Island

Margit Island is an oasis of peace, greenery and fresh air. Once it was Hare Island, which was not exploited by the inhabitants of Buda and Pest due to its inaccessibility. It was only accessible by water. In ancient times, the Dominicans lived on the island in seclusion. A royal daughter spent most of her life in their monastery, and the island was renamed after her.

Mount Gellert

The name of Mount Gellert is associated with Gerard of Hungary. The Catholic saint was imprisoned in a barrel and thrown into the waters of the Danube. The main attraction of the area is the citadel built on top of the mountain after the Hungarian uprising. So the Austrian rulers wanted to control both parts – Buda and Pest.

The 6 Best Budapest Restaurants with National Cuisine


The Tihany Peninsula on the north shore of Lake Balaton is lovingly called “The Pearl” by the Hungarians. It is a tranquil lake resort with beautiful nature. Once Tihany was an island, but as a result of volcanic activity gradually joined the shore. Today the territory of the peninsula is declared a protected area. The main thing for which tourists come to Tihany is Benedictine abbey.

Sechenyi Chain Bridge

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is on most postcards and brochures of Budapest. It was built just after the reunification of Buda and Pest in 1872. It was the first bridge over the Danube, so it is rightly considered a symbol of the city. Huge chains hold the roadway, and the entrance to the bridge is guarded by the famous Budapest lions. It is advisable to see this grand structure in the evening.

Tourist reviews of popular tours

Thank you, Agnes, for the fascinating trip around Pest. Loved the itinerary. We walked through the medieval part of the city, looked into the courtyards and saw the medieval fortress wall. Agnes drew our attention to significant memorials, historical plaques. We wouldn’t have seen them ourselves! The story was accompanied by a display of illustrations with panoramas of the city from different times. Everything was excellent and fascinating!

The best choice for those new to the city! Susanna showed us all the iconic places, accompanying us with a fascinating story. The walk, not a motor for the length, went in one breath! Thank you very much for the tour!

Very interesting and fascinating tour. Ilya is a professional guide, attentive to the participants, with a wonderfully constructed author program. For us (a couple with a 12-year-old son), the time flew by without a hitch and we still have a desire to go deeper into the subject. IMHO, the subject of the Freemasons and their influence on our lives is interesting in itself and worthy of attention.

Interesting and informative tour, well-thought-out itinerary. For the first introduction to Budapest – enough information. Thank you. We enjoyed it.

We went on the excursion with our family with Tatyana. Four hours flew by without a hitch, we saw all the main sights, listened to a lot of historical facts. I strongly recommend to go to Tatiana.

Budapest Airport: How to get downtown

Thank you very much Inna for an unforgettable 4-hour tour of Budapest. Thank you for sharing your love for this beautiful city.

We are aggregating Russian speaking tours of Budapest tour operators, travel agencies and private guides. We compare similar excursion programs by reviews, rating, cost and recommend the best of suggestions.

Only the best: 8 cool excursions in Budapest

I’ve chosen the best excursions in Budapest that will help you get to know the city as much as possible from different angles.

Budapest is a bright, versatile, very cozy and human city. Its appearance was influenced by the Ottomans, the imperial “golden age” and the rivalry with Vienna, fascism and communism. Now Budapest is famous for its informal atmosphere, gastro-culture and unrestrained parties. In general, it is pleasant to walk around and watch the life of locals and tourists.

It is more convenient and interesting to explore Budapest with a good guide, who not only knows the city, but also loves it. You can find such guides on Tripster. There is a large selection of unusual tours, sincerely passionate guides and a convenient system of ratings and reviews. Choosing a great tour will be easy! Try it.


Through the city in a car with a panoramic roof

I chose this sightseeing tour of Budapest for its unconventionality: you will drive in a Mercedes with a panoramic roof and two hatches, look at the city in comfort and at the same time hear an informative story about the history of the city. In general, 2 in 1! Guide Gulnara very much like tourists because she is easy to talk, well versed in the subject and adapts to the interests of listeners. The route is built so that in one day you will have time to see not only all the major attractions of Budapest, but also lesser-known places. The tour costs 195 € for 1-4 people.

Excursions in Budapest


Nightlife of Budapest

Buda is rank and mature and Pest is informal and youthful. In Pest at three o’clock in the morning is more lively than during the day! There are so many clubs and bars, you can get confused. I was interested in going into some ruin pub and getting to know Budapest from a different perspective, but I felt uncomfortable, so I never went in. If you’re not friendly with the nightlife either, then take a tour with a professional DJ Maxim, so you don’t have to be timid in the bars. He will show you the most interesting places and introduce you to Budapest nightlife from the inside. Tourists write that the guide takes you not only to famous ruins-pubs, clubs and bars, but also to curious secret places. The tour costs 52 € for 1-4 people.

Free Museums in Budapest

Budapest Excursions

At night the Freedom Bridge is beautifully illuminated.

Budapest for sweet tooth

Budapest is a sweet tooth’s paradise. Strudel, marzipan, Dobosh and Esterházy cakes, cremes, Rigo Jancsi, kürteskalács. The names alone are already a treat! We tried several Hungarian desserts and they are all unparalleled, but the one I liked best was the Dobos cake. If you’re a sweet tooth like me, then I suggest taking a sweet tour with Valerie – all the tourists love it. You will not only learn about sweets, but you will also taste them and go into old and famous confectioneries, such as Gerbeaud. The tour for 1-10 people costs 195 €.

Valerie’s guide has another gastronomic tour – Hungarian cuisine and delicacies. It is also appreciated among tourists and costs 195 € for 1-5 people.

Excursions in Budapest in Russian

Strudel with ice cream.

Golden Age of Budapest

A phrase from a review of this tour very accurately describes it: “Four hours of conversation with a funny and witty intelligent person who knows and loves Budapest.” If you have already seen all the main places in Budapest and have even taken a sightseeing tour, but want something special and surprising, I suggest taking a walk with Anna. You will get to know the city much better and get to know the most interesting and beautiful era – the “Golden Age”. The tour for 1-5 people costs 260 €.

Sightseeing tour in Budapest

Erwin Szabo Library is located in the Wenkheim Palace with delightful interiors: massive chandeliers, magnificent mirrors, gold moldings, carved ceiling and woodwork. And in the midst of all this splendor, ordinary students study!

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter has a complicated fate. The Nazis set up a ghetto there in 1944, and the neighborhood was almost abandoned until the 2000s. Then ruin bars, cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and food courts began to open here, and murals were painted. Now the Jewish Quarter is a very much alive Budapest, because there is a lot of life going on here day and night. We lived in this neighborhood, and I think we chose it well for our first introduction to Budapest.

How to get from Debrecen to Budapest - all ways

To immerse yourself in the rhythm of the neighborhood and learn in detail about the new life among the old stones, go for a walk with Anna. Great style, charm, sense of humor, knowledge of history and culture – that’s what tourists say about Anna. I’m sure you will like it too!

Budapest Excursions

Part of the Great Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

Art Nouveau in Budapest

I love the Art Nouveau, or Art Nouveau in our words, style for its sophistication and refinement. In Budapest it’s called Secession – it’s a bright and original style with Hungarian and Moorish motifs and colorful tiles instead of tiles. I advise all lovers of architecture to take a tour with Agnes to see the most striking buildings in the Art Nouveau style. The tour costs 120 € for 1-6 people.

You can see even more luxurious 19th century palaces on this tour of the magnates’ quarter, or the Palace Quarter.

Budapest Excursions

The impressive gallery in the Paris Arcade is built in Art Nouveau style.

Blue Danube

A stroll along the Danube is a classic excursion in Budapest. However, such excursions do not have very good reviews, because tourists do not read the description and have inflated expectations: one wants a story in Russian by the guide, the other – a romantic atmosphere and silence. Keep in mind that the trip takes place on a large boat with a capacity of up to 60 people. Tourists are usually seated at large tables of 8 people, and for a double table must be paid in advance. The food is mediocre. During dinner or wine tasting, musicians play and then offer to buy a CD (which tourists do not like, of course). Despite all the disadvantages, the views of Budapest from the water impress everyone!

A wine cruise on the Danube with wine tasting costs 33 € per person. Evening cruise with dinner and live music 39 € per person.

Where to stay in Budapest: 9 options from 40 €

Excursions in Budapest in Russian

A view of the Danube and the Parliament.

Ride out of town: Visegrád and Szentendre

Budapest is of course beautiful, but towards the end of the trip we wanted something nice and quiet, so we chose Szentendre, an absolutely fabulous town that charmed us. I highly recommend visiting it! We went on our own by train, but you can take a tour and combine Szentendre with Visegrad – also a cozy town with a fortress and beautiful views of the Danube. The towns are so nice that you want to spend as much time there as possible. I do not advise to visit more than two towns in a day, otherwise you will have to hurry. Excursion to Szentendre and Visegrad by car with Lana costs 195 € for 1-4 people.

There are also alternative tours. For example, Budapest + Szentendre with a native Magyar Istvan, who is praised for his erudition. It costs 274 € for 1-4 people.

If you want to see the Golden Ring of Hungary (Esztergom, Visegrad and Szentendre) in one trip, you better take a tour with István, because he has the best reviews. Such a trip costs 299 € for 1-4 people.

Hungary tours in Russian


Other excursions

In Budapest there are still a lot of interesting guided tours. We especially recommend the tours conducted by guide Anna, the author of guidebooks and books on Budapest. You just read the reviews about her excursions! No doubt you will want to take at least a couple. I often mention Anna’s excursions in the text because they are worth it.

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