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9 best tours in Cyprus

Reviews about excursions in Cyprus

What excursions to take in Cyprus to make your vacation memorable? We found 9 popular excursions in Russian with great reviews by tourists. Take your pick!

Look for interesting excursions on Sputnik and Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Cyprus in One Day

Description . The first impression of the island is the most important, so the Cyprus sightseeing tour is in demand at all resorts. The tour begins with the ancient monastery of Mehara. Then the village of Lefkara. The mountains, caves, and wine. The ghost town of Varosha and the fortress of Famagusta, all in 1 day.

Price . For 1-4 people – 240€.

Tourist reviews . The trip lasts 10 hours, but it is not tiring. From the car window you can spend the whole day admiring the beautiful nature of Cyprus. Excursion is possible from different resorts of Cyprus.

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Limassol: Behind the Scenes of a Tourist City

Description . There’s a lot to see beyond the tourist promenade! On this unusual tour in Limassol you will get to know the authentic streets, monuments and vivid street art. Thanks to the Russian-speaking guide, you will learn how in a couple of decades a small village turned into a thriving city.

Price . For 1-2 people it’s 59€. Take 2-5 euros for coffee, ice cream and soft drinks!

Tourist Reviews . Tour participants noted a walk through a green park, old churches of Limassol and tasting delicious coffee.

Best excursions in Cyprus

Limassol (Photo: unsplash.com / @igorstarkoff)

Sea Voyage.

Description . During the cruise on a comfortable catamaran you will see the picturesque coastline between the two famous resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras, visit Konnos Bay, the famous Blue Lagoon and admire the azure waters near the rocky Cape Greco.

Price . For an adult, 67€.

Tourist reviews . The boat trip lasts 6 hours. Tourists appreciated the excellent buffet organization, exciting snorkeling and canoeing.

How much does a holiday in Cyprus cost - 2022. The cost of travel

Reviews about excursions in Cyprus

Cape Greco (Photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969 / pixabay.com)

Cypriot shrines.

Description . Vacationers in Larnaca enjoy taking a tour of the Christian sites of Cyprus. The route starts from the Church of St. Lazarus and leads to the Monastery of St. Theokla, which is near the village of Mosfiloti. You will visit the church of St. Cyprian and Justina, the royal monastery of Kykkos and the monastery of Trooditissa.

Price . For 1-4 people 250€. Cypriot wine tasting is free, but lunch is not included.

Tourist Reviews . Tour participants enjoyed the guide’s stories about revered relics, Christian saints and the stories of Cypriot monasteries and temples.

Description and photos of excursions in Cyprus

St. Hilarion Castle (Photo: bestfor richard / flickr.com)

Salamin – Famagusta.

Description . According to tourist reviews, from Protaras is a popular tour that introduces ancient, medieval and modern Cyprus. The route begins in ancient Salamis, a city that was founded in the 13th century B.C. You will see the ruins of ancient buildings and learn the history of Hellenistic Cyprus. Then tourists are driven to Famagusta, which in the Middle Ages was considered one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean. The tour ends in the ghost town of Varos.

Price . For 1-4 people is 170€. Entrance tickets to Salamis cost 3€.

Tourist Reviews . A car tour is good for traveling with children and the company of friends.

Excursions in Cyprus in Russian

The ancient city of Salamin, Famagusta (Photo: unsplash.com / @hulkiokantabak)

Traveling in Northern Cyprus.

Description . From Ayia Napa, there are excursions to the ancient towns and picturesque villages of North Cyprus. You will walk the medieval streets and picturesque harbor of port Kyrenia, explore an ancient fortress, descend into the dungeons and hear the story of the Knights Templar.

Price . For 1-4 people 210€.

Tourist Reviews . Participants are satisfied with the comfortable car ride, the guide’s erudition, the interesting presentation of the material and the well-thought-out itinerary. Tourists liked the sights of Famagusta, Bellapais Abbey and the village where the writer Lawrence Darrell lived.

Holiday reviews of tourists in Ayia Napa - 2022

Excursions from Cyprus

Venetian city walls, Famagusta (Photo: wikimedia.org / Zairon)

From Paphos to the Troodos Mountain Reserve

Description . If you are staying in Paphos, take a trip to one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus – Troodos National Park. You will learn about local crafts, taste the best Cypriot wines, walk the scenic trail to Caledonia waterfall and have lunch in a mountain tavern.

Price . For 1-5 people – 114€.

Tourist reviews . Excursion in a comfortable minivan is convenient for families with children and tourists in age. Holidaymakers appreciated the inexpressible flavor of Cypriot villages, an interesting wine museum and a glassblower’s workshop.

Individual and group tours in Cyprus

Troodos – the main mountain system in Cyprus (Photo: unsplash.com / @mvzero)

The two-faced Nicosia.

Description . From Ayia Napa, take a tour to Nicosia. Tourists are shown the Archbishop’s Palace, the Byzantine Museum, the old quarters inside the Venetian walls, the Ledra pedestrian street, the Selimie Mosque, the ancient caravanserai, the colorful oriental bazaars and dervish shows.

Price . For 1-4 people – 199€.

Tourist Reviews . During the trip you can get acquainted with the history and cultural features of Nicosia. The tour allows you to see the city, which harmoniously combines Orthodox and Islamic traditions.

Cyprus – a country where children are adored

Description . Little travelers are not too interested in trips to holy sites, ruins of ancient cities and traditional museums. They like a rope adventure park, an abandoned haunted hotel, and a climb to the island’s highest peak, Olympus. A bonus of a children’s tour of Cyprus is lunch at a tavern serving the island’s best meze, and tasting treats at a chocolate factory.

Price . For 1-4 people, 260€. Lunch at the tavern is 20€ per person and admission to the rope park is 16 to 40€.

Tourist reviews . A family tour is a great way to introduce children to the sights of Cyprus. For the little ones in the car network child seat – booster.

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Best tours in Cyprus

Tours in Cyprus

At the mere mention of the melodious name of Cyprus, many of us immediately conjure up vivid images of stunning beaches, paradisiacal vacation conditions and superb nature, where we can relax and forget about all the difficulties and problems. And these associations are justified, since the birthplace of Aphrodite, namely on the coast of Cyprus out of the foam of the sea goddess appeared, can indeed boast magnificent beaches and well-developed infrastructure. On a tour in Cyprus, you can also get acquainted with the many sights of the island, its history and mentality of the locals. Private tours in Cyprus have a constant success, revealing the beauty and identity of the island, helping to interesting and exciting to spend time, and diversify your vacation.

In addition to relaxing on the magical beaches of Cyprus, many of which are marked with the prestigious Blue Flag, water fun and loud parties, the island has a pretty interesting “sightseeing”. The best tours in Cyprus can show you the diversity of the island, you’ll learn about its rich and fascinating history, you’ll see Roman baths and theaters, Venetian fortresses and Byzantine monasteries, ancient churches, ancient Greek temples, ruins and ruins of the amazing structures of ancient civilizations. Prices for tours in Cyprus, however, as well as the rest on this beautiful island, can be a nasty surprise to tourists. Therefore, experienced travelers are in no hurry to book tours at local hotels, and try to find private guides and negotiate in advance all the conditions of the walk or trip, which helps to save good money, but guarantee a wonderful vacation.

Where to buy tours in Cyprus in 2022

The island of Cyprus is a recognized favorite among many tourists from around the world, so there is no shortage of guides, and the tourist infrastructure will satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated travelers. Therefore, and buy a ticket for a tour here will not be very difficult, but who can guarantee that the walk will be interesting, and the price is adequate? Excellent group and individual tours in Cyprus you can find at any time thanks to Tripster online service. Here is a large selection of diverse excursion programs in different regions of the island, and this is where you can find and order tours in Cyprus, which are 100% suitable for your interests.

Going to Polis! Tips for travel, prices and reviews.

You can find out the price, description and schedule of excursion in Cyprus, and if necessary to ask questions to the guide through the feedback form of Tripster. This information will help you to choose exactly the program that you like and will meet all your expectations. It is very convenient, fast and practical to choose excursions in Cyprus on Tripster. Many our compatriots have already assessed the excellent work of this online service and Russian speaking guides cooperating with it. All options for walks on the island on Tripster are divided for your convenience by destinations, and you can go to the directory of the city you plan to visit or want to get acquainted with it more closely. Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras are especially popular in Cyprus, but Larnaca and Paphos have slightly fewer excursions.

Tour prices in Cyprus in 2022

The issue of entertainment prices is especially acute in such resort areas as Cyprus. It is not surprising that tourists before a trip to this beautiful island are trying to find out the prices of tours in Cyprus, and in advance to prepare the necessary amount. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises at the resort and guarantee yourself the most comfortable and interesting vacation. On Tripster’s website you can find out not only how much are the excursions in Cyprus, but also the route of the trip or trip. Moreover, the prices can be specified both for one person and for the whole company. These features excursions guide must indicate in the description, and if you have any questions, you can always specify any nuance from the guide.

The total cost of tours in Cyprus is significantly affected by their duration, the transport used by the guide and a variety of additional costs, including dinners, tastings, entry tickets to “paid” attractions. The cheapest tours in Cyprus are group tours, which are held for relatively large groups of tourists, who do not know each other. Ticket price for one person for such excursions – from €20. There are very few such programs on Cyprus, and almost all of the excursions on the island are individual. Such tours in Cyprus in Russian are carried out for one company, which is much more convenient and comfortable for tourists. Prices range from €120 to €280 for the tour for the entire group.

To Cyprus on your own: how to get cheaply

City tours in Cyprus

Despite the compact size of the island and its relatively small area, there are several major regions and cities that are desirable to visit. Popular tours in Cyprus are held in Larnaca and Limassol, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Paphos. Explore all the current offers on the island you can in a separate directory Tripster at this link. In all these cities you will find a lot of interesting and beautiful places, but do not stop on acquaintance with only one region, travel around the island with Tripster, have fun, have fun and energize yourself.

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