Excursions in Fukuoka – 2022: prices, description, reviews

Excursions in Fukuoka.

Welcome to Fukuok Island, washed by the gentle waters of the South China Sea. But it’s famous not only for its swanky beaches and expensive hotels, but also for its interesting sights, authentic cuisine, and rich history. This land holds a lot of secrets. Do you want to know the secrets of Fukuoka? Then you’ve come to the right place. Phu Quoc Life and our partners offer the most interesting tours of the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc and its surroundings.

We only work with a proven (licensed) companies whose prices are lower than the tour operator, but the quality is often higher, due to the individual approach to the guests of the island. Do you want to get a personal consultation? Write to the hotline Fukuok Life and a personal manager will answer all questions about your vacation.

Due to the global pandemic coronavirus and the ban on tourists in Vietnam, Phu Quoc Life temporarily does not conduct excursions. We all look forward to restoring service and the end of the pandemic.

Fukuok cable car tour

This tour combines the South Islands tour program and a visit to the famous cable car on the island of Thom (Hon Thom).

squid fishing trip fukuok

Do you want to see Phu Quoc in the evening lights? Take a boat trip at sunset and try your luck at squid and cuttlefish fishing? Then you should definitely take part.

safari fukuoc tour

This tour is perfect for those who want to see the starfish beach and visit the largest safari park in Vietnam.

Trekking on fukuok island

This tour is suitable for those who want to spend an extreme time on Phu Quoc Island and diversify your vacation with an active walk in the real jungle.

Sun World Hon Thom cable car tour

Aerial tramway tour is a group tour to Hon Thom Island (Pineapple Island) by Fu Quoc Life.

Sightseeing tour North Phukuoc

This tour is suitable for those who want to visit the main attractions in a day in the north of the island of Phu Quoc, see the banks of Cambodia, take a boat trip on the river Zac Cham, swim on the island of Hon Ban

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Southeast Phukuoc sightseeing tour

This tour is perfect for those who want to visit the main attractions of the south of Phu Quoc: pepper plantations, a pearl farm, Suoi Chan Waterfall and Park, the famous Bai Sao Beach and the Pagoda.

quad biking fukuoc

Want to experience the thrill of a thrilling jungle safari on quad bikes? Then you should definitely go on a tour.

Diving Fukuok

Phu Quoc Island is considered one of the best places in Vietnam for diving. The richness of the underwater world of the South China Sea annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. And every visitor to Phu Quoc no

Welcome to our excursions to the southern islands with Fukuok Life: you will be in good company and high level of service to see the beauty of islands around Fukuok with us!

Fukuok is a favorite destination for fishing tours. People come here to fish for cobia, to hunt for giant squid and cuttlefish, but most importantly to catch the famous “indigo fish” and sea bass.

Fukuok treasures

Welcome to the tour “Treasures of the South” from Fukuok Life. We offer you to visit the southern part of Phu Quoc island with its snow-white beaches, beautiful pagodas and historical sites

We suggest you go on a customized tour to the north of Phu Quoc Island, with its authentic culture and beautiful views. The north of the island is a stunning place. Here you can find the starfish beach

If you order two or more excursions from “Phu Quoc Life” you get a 5 percent discount on each tour. With early booking (no later than 10 days before the date of the tour) and making prepayment will be discounted by another 5 percent.

Excursion temples of fukuoka

Want to dive into the mysterious world of Vietnamese beliefs? Then you should definitely visit the tour “Mystical Phu Quoc”. It is a journey into the world of spirits, gods and the otherworldly. Phu Quoc is.

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tour from fukuoka in vietnam

“Land of Khmer Krom” – a unique tour from the portal “Phu Quoc Life” and the author’s tour agency “Guerrilla Trip”. In just two days you will visit one of the most colorful areas of Vietnam, the land of “Khmer Krom”

8 Best Tours in Fukuoka

Best tours in Fukuoka

Want to make your vacation memorable? Take fascinating signature excursions! We found 8 best, according to tourist reviews, excursions in Fukuoka in Russian. We give a description and prices. Choose!

Look for interesting excursions on the website Tripster. Individual and group, without the crowds of tourists and in Russian.

First acquaintance with Fukuoka

Description . An hour and a half sightseeing tour is one of the most sought-after excursions in Fukuoka. You will learn about the peculiarities of Vietnamese culture and the main city of the island, Truong Dong. You will see streets with colonial architecture, traditional Vietnamese temples, learn about the pages of Vietnam’s communist history, Caodai sect and national cuisine.

Price . For an adult, $15.

Tourist Reviews . Participants appreciated the guide’s helpful tips – how to navigate the resort stores and what’s best to pick up at the market.

Excursions in Fukuoka

Jainist Temple and Din Cau Lighthouse (Photo: wikimedia.org / Fox Travels)

All of Phu Quoc in one day

Description . If you’ve never been to Vietnam, we suggest taking a jeep tour of the most interesting spots of the famous island resort. An experienced guide will tell you about the past and present of Phu Quoc and show you what the Vietnamese of today live on. Take pictures on the picturesque bounty-style beach, see Buddhist shrines, and walk through tropical jungle!

Price . For 1-2 people, $214.

Tourist Reviews . The trip in a UAZ Hanter lasts 5 hours. In the heat, traveling in the air-conditioned cabin is very comfortable! Tourists appreciated the sandy beach with starfish, beautiful temples and pagodas.

Excursions in Fukuoka with prices and descriptions

Episode Beach in Fukuok (Photo: wikimedia.org / Alexey Komarov)

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Mystical Fukuok.

Description . In Vietnam, Buddhist temples, Catholicism and the ancestor cult, traditional to the Vietnamese, coexist harmoniously. You will take a journey through the shrines of Phu Quoc and learn about the spiritual practices of the locals.

Price . For an adult, $25.

Tourist Reviews . The tour lasts 2 hours and involves 1 to 4 people. Tourists noted the interesting story of the guide and recommend this tour to anyone who wants to learn more about the customs of the Vietnamese.

Through Phu Quoc on motorcycles

Description . Explore Phu Quoc on a Yamaha motorcycle with a professional guide-driver! You will see all the highlights: starfish beach, lookouts, waterfalls, pristine jungle, lake, pagoda, fishing village and much more.

Price . For an adult, $120.

Cheap Excursions in Fukuoka

Starfish on the Beach, Phu Quoc.

Excursion to Wynperl Land.

Description . This huge amusement park is located in the north of the island. It has several themed areas: outdoor rides, water park, oceanarium, 5D movie theater and entertainment pavilions. See the island from the Ferris wheel and have lunch at the local food court.

Price . Group tour from $20 per adult, individual tour from $80.

Tourist Reviews . Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is a great place for a family vacation and fun with friends. Parents are advised to buy an extended ticket to show their children the Vinpearl Safari Zoo in addition to the attractions.

Excursions in Fukuoka

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc scheme (Photo: phuquoc.vinpearlland.com)

Evening boat trip and squid fishing

Description . You will be picked up from your hotel and brought to the temple, which is dedicated to the patroness of fishermen, the Virgin of Thai Long. A small double-deck boat will take you out to sea, where you will fish for squid and cuttlefish after sunset.

Price . For an adult, $33.

Tourist reviews . Vacationers loved the colorful sunset, the exciting fishing, the island in evening lights and the shrimp and catch dinner.

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Field trips to Fukuoka

Thai Long Temple (Photo: wikimedia.org / trungydang)

Treasures of the South.

Description . The South Fukuoku tour is a 6-hour tour. You will see the famous Bai Sao beach, a beautiful waterfall, a Buddhist pagoda, an apiary in the forest, and a nursery where Fukuok Ridgebacks are raised.

Price . For an adult, it’s $45.

Tourist Reviews . The sightseeing tour participants are happy to see new places, buy souvenirs, hot peppers and honey products.

Excursions in Fukuoka

Bai Sao Beach.

South Islands

Description . A pleasant boat ride to four islands in the South China Sea – Ming Tay, Ham Ghi, May Rut and May Rut. You will relax on the wild sandy beach, go snorkeling and take memorable photos.

Price . For a group of 1-4 people – $128.

Tourist Reviews . Participants appreciated the serene atmosphere, picturesque lagoons and delicious lunch of fresh seafood and fruit.

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