Food Prices in the Dominican Republic – 2022


This article will detail the prices in the Dominican Republic in 2022 for all categories of goods and services of interest to tourists. We will describe all the fine details and provide data in a convenient format, because the measures of volume and weight are not usual for our people.

Table of contents:

  • Important points about measures of lengths and weights, as well as the currency of the Dominican Republic.
  • Food Prices
  • How much does alcohol cost in the Dominican Republic
  • Prices for food in restaurants at different levels
  • Basic excursions and prices
  • Hotels and apartments and average prices per day
  • Cab and public transportation prices
  • Entrance fees to places of interest
  • Prices for rental cars, toll roads, gas, and parking
  • Airfare to the Dominican Republic
  • Finished tours and packages to the Dominican Republic
  • Souvenir Prices
  • Internet and cell phone costs

Resources to help the traveler

  • The most adequate car rental – DiscoveryCar
  • Tours in the Dominican Republic, it’s cheaper to steal – Level Travel
  • Villas, apartments, hotels – Hotellook
  • Excursions with Russian guides – Tripster
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel – Intui

meat prices

You will read about it further, but meat in the Dominican Republic is very expensive. And if you look closely at the sticker, the unit of measure here is the pound. But about everything will be written further.

Prices in the Dominican Republic: important points

To start be sure to read the article about currency and money in the Dominican Republic. There is a lot of useful information about official and unofficial currency of the country. Where to change, what is the exchange rate, what to pay with and a lot of tips and tips for travelers.

Important to know:

In the Dominican Republic, all liquids are measured either in gallons or ounces. And the weight of food is in pounds. Therefore, translation to our prices is usually difficult for all tourists. But you get used to it quickly.

All prices in this article will be in the national currency Dominican peso and translated into U.S. dollar and Russian ruble for the convenience of readers.

What else do you need to know:

  • 1 dollar = 75 russian rubles = 57 pesos
  • Dominican gallon = 3.79 liters
  • 1 oz = 29 grams or 29 ml
  • 1 pound = 0.45 kg

Important to know:

All weights and volumes, where appropriate, in this article will be listed in liters and kilograms, and the prices in the photo are per pound or gallon. This will make it easier for you to absorb the information and compare prices with ours.

So, all the preface is told, now we can talk about Dominican prices.

Food and fruit prices in the Dominican Republic

I’m quoting prices from large stores and markets. In many tourist areas there are small convenience stores with a very limited range. In these stores, prices are usually 10-30% higher, keep this in mind.

Name Peso Dollar Ruble
Bread, loaf 80 1,4 105
Milk, l 70 1,25 95
Meat pork beef, kg 800 14 1050
Chicken or minced chicken, kg 280 5 375
Chicken offal, kg 90 1,6 120
Pasta, 500g packet 80 1,4 105
Rice, kg 100 1,75 135
Tinned tuna, can 115 2 150
Ground coffee, 200g packet 100 1,75 135
Olive oil, 0,375 liters 95 1,7 125
Tomato paste or sauce, jar 60 1 75
Eggs, 12 eggs 130 2,3 175
Coca-Cola, 590 ml or 20 oz. 40 0,7 52
Coca-Cola, 2l 80 1,4 105
Squid carcasses, kg 380 6,6 500
Mussels, kg 420 7,3 550
Fillet of fish, kg (telapia) 510 9 675
Large whole lobster, kg 1000 17,5 1315
Marlin steaks, kg 380 6,6 500
Potatoes, kg 40 0,7 52
Pepper, kg 130 2,3 175
Cucumbers, kg 60 1 75
Tomatoes, kg 80 1,4 105
Papaya, kg 28 0,5 37
Bananas, kg 22 0,4 30

Average prices of fruits and vegetables in the Dominican Republicseafood prices in dominicaYou can buy a pound lobster like this for $17 to $20.

Conclusions from the table on food prices:
  • Meat in the Dominican Republic is expensive. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, the most popular local food is chicken and rice. Because it’s cheap.
  • Chicken by-products are hearts, liver, stomachs. They are very popular here, again, because they are cheap. But you can often find chicken legs, just like in Singapore.
  • Despite the fact that sea food is expensive, but lobsters are one of the cheapest I’ve seen. In other parts of the world they are much more expensive.
    • In general, a large frozen pound lobster can be bought for $ 20. And it is not difficult to cook it yourself.

    Bottom line: if you cook it yourself, rice with chicken or pasta with tuna and sauce is very cheap. And fruit is cheap here, especially bananas and papaya.

    Food prices in the Dominican Republic

    The price is for a pound of peppers. Be careful in the stores

    Alcohol prices in the Dominican Republic

    Here everything is as it should be the Caribbean. Of alcohol everywhere drink only rum, vodka here can not be found. Rum is an integral part of all cocktails. More about rum in the Dominican Republic on the link.

    Beer lovers will also have a hard time here. It is not cheap at all. And the choice of local is all two kinds and both are classic Euro Lager. There are still imported, mainly from Mexico / USA, but the price is not humane, from $ 5 per bottle.

    Of the local wine, only sangria, and that with a very bad label. But it tastes just like in Spain, you can take it. Other wine all imported from Argentina, Chile, the USA and the old world of course.

    • All except rum in the Dominican Republic is relatively expensive. Well, even sangria costs a decent amount of money.
    • Malta moraine is a local national non-alcoholic drink made of barley. The taste is very interesting, I recommend to try it.

    Prices for food in cafes and restaurants in the Dominican Republic

    Prices are, of course, very different. Read more about restaurants and cafes in this country at the link. There will be information about the menu, and how to pay, and tips, taxes not included in the price, and lots of tips with tips.

    In restaurants for tourists the prices are approximately as follows (in dollars and rubles):

    • Main hot dish – $10 / 750 rubles
    • Salad – 6-7 dollars / 450-520 rubles
    • Continental breakfast – $8-10 / 600-750 rubles
    • A glass of beer – $4 / 300 rubles
    • Cocktail – $5 / 375 rubles

    In restaurants for locals, as a rule, there is no menu. And the choice of dishes is limited to 1-2 dishes. Alcohol is not sold here. But you can eat for $5 for 1 person.

    restaurant prices in dominica

    These are average prices in a normal restaurant. Keep in mind that here you’ll also add taxes and tips, which will be right in the check.

    Good to know:

    When my wife and I go to a non-local cafe/restaurant, our dinner for two is never under $30-40. When we go to an eatery for locals, it’s $10 for us to have a dense dinner.

    Prices for excursions in the Dominican Republic

    It would not be news if I say that the price of excursions in the Dominican Republic varies from area to area. It depends on the distance to the attraction, the agency itself, and the cost of admission tickets.

    Below will be the prices as low as possible, for a particular excursion, provided you buy it as close to the site as possible.

    Important to know:

    Payment for all excursions, as well as bargaining, are in dollars. Details about all excursions, where to buy, where you can and on your own, where it is better not to go at all in the article about all excursions in the Dominican Republic.

    • Excursion in search of humpback whales – from 50 dollars.
    • Caves three eyes with a guide – from 20-25 dollars.
    • Santo Domingo sightseeing tour – from $40
    • Mount Redonda – from $50
    • Snorkeling but the island of Saona – from 60 dollars
    • Diving, there are enough spots all over the Dominican Republic – from 50 dollars, more often about 100 per person.
    • 27 waterfalls + teleferico in Puerto Plato – from $50. From Punta Cana from 100.
    • Ocean fishing – from $75 and up to infinity. Depends on the boat, equipment, itinerary, duration
    • Excursion to Eagle Cove – from $150
    • Conquest of Duarte Peak (2 days) – $250-400

    All prices above are per person. In this list, a large number of excursions can be visited independently and are much cheaper. The link to the article where everything is detailed was above.

    alcohol in dominica cost

    And this is the local sangria, sold by the gallon. I agree, the label does not inspire confidence!

    Hotel and apartment prices in the Dominican Republic

    If this part of the article is of particular interest to you, go straight to the link to hotels in the Dominican Republic. There will be ratings of the best hotels and 5 stars, and 4 stars and even 3 stars with prices and reviews.

    It’s very brief for a general idea of the order of prices.

    Important to know:

    The prices below are all for tourists who need short-term rentals. Those who go here for the winter, the prices will not be relevant.

    • Apartments: In a tourist area 3-7 minutes from the sea, an apartment with a kitchen for two people will cost from 20 to 50 dollars a day. The price depends on the area, on repairs, on the location.
      • For 25-30 dollars, we have always found a sane option.

      Most hotels in the Dominican Republic are all inclusive. If you do not want a ready-made tour, you bought your own tickets, booked your own hotels and forward. All the links you need for independent travel at the end of the article.

      • 3 Star Hotels – from $ 70 per room
      • A 4 star hotel – from $100 for a room, more often from $130.
      • 5* hotels – from $150-200 for a room and up to infinity

      Cab and public transportation prices

      In the Dominican Republic in this regard is a mess. Read more about this in the article about cabs in this country. But in short:

      All cab drivers are divided into two groups: those who work from the board and Uber. From the board pricing is just a head-breaker: a trip from the airport to the hotel (about 20 km) will cost about $50.

      The same ride on Uber will cost $10-15.

      But there is one problem. Now a huge number of cab drivers rebelled, there were even conflicts and clashes, and the state has blocked Uber in some tourist regions of the country. For example in Punta Cana, Uber is not working yet, but in Santo Domingo you can ride it freely.

      Important to know:

      Public transportation in the country is underdeveloped. There are few routes, the schedule is not convenient, they do not run late. But this article is not about that.

      • Trip in a cab a couple of kilometers – from 10 dollars.
      • The same trip on the Uber – from 3 dollars.
      • Moto cab (Motoconcho) up to 2 passengers for short distances up to 5-10 km – up to 5 dollars
      • Buses (run between major cities)
        • Punta Cana – Santo Domingo – 400 pesos / $7
        • Santo Domingo – Puerto Plata – 450 pesos / $8

        Motorcycle cab is very popular in the Dominican Republic, and it’s the fastest and cheapest way to travel short distances. They take up to 2 passengers, you end up riding a moped for 3, just like in India About the public transport read as well.

        About the public transport read the same in the big article review.

        Entrance fees to places of interest

        In general, all the main attractions in the country are owned by the municipality, so the entrance prices everywhere are sane.

        Good to know:

        If you buy a tour, always make sure that the entrance tickets are included in the price. Sometimes it is different: for example, the transfer is included, the guide, but the tickets are not.

        So if you come to the attraction yourself and you do not need a guide, then buy just the entrance tickets and that is all expenses. This option is always much cheaper.

        • Three Eyes Caves – 200 pesos / $3.50
        • Entrance to Eagle Cove Park – 150 pesos / $2.8
        • El Limón Falls – 50 pesos / $0.9
        • 27 Falls – 500 to 750 pesos / $9 to $13, depending on the route
        • Entrance to the park at Duarte Peak – 150 pesos / $2.8
        • Teleferico (cable car) in Puerto Plato – $10

        Car rental prices, toll roads and parking lots

        Personal experience of renting a car, with all the subtleties read the article: car rental in the Dominican Republic. There you will also find recommendations on where to look for a car, what are the deposits and a lot of useful information. And here’s just about the prices.

        Dominican Republic is not the cheapest country, and car rental here also costs a pretty penny.

        • Average: 1 day renting a standard car with all the necessary insurance will cost $35-40.
        • The country is free of charge for 90 % of the country’s roads, but some roads are still paid.
          • The prices for each section are different because they are served by different companies.
          • But on average, a journey of 200 kilometers, for example, Santo Domingo – the Samanai Peninsula, will cost $10
          • Gasoline 95 – 270 pesos per gallon (that’s $1.25 per liter)
          • Diesel 200 pesos per gallon (that’s $0.9 for 1 liter)

          Airfare to the Dominican Republic

          Before Covid, you could buy a round-trip ticket to the Dominican Republic, for example, on the route Moscow-Punta Cana-Moscow for 350-400 dollars. Today there are no such prices, unfortunately.

          In 2022, the average price from Moscow to the Dominican Republic and back is about $700, and that is considered normal.

          I hope that by 2023 we will have beaten Covid-19 completely, air service will recover and prices will go back to the previous level. In the meantime, we have what we have.

          Good to know:

          In the author’s opinion (my opinion) the best value for money on a flight to the Dominican Republic is from AirFrance via Paris. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, connections are short, comfort is high, and there is plenty of leg room.

          Prices for tours and ready-made tours to the Dominican Republic.

          How to choose a tour, what to look for, where to buy and much more in this article about tours to the Dominican Republic.

          Let me tell you right away that the most affordable tours and a great choice from one of the leaders in the Russian market (and it’s not teztur): Level.Travel.

          • On average, the tour for two people all inclusive with flight, transfers for 7-8 days in a good quadruple will cost from 200 thousand rubles, or about 2.6 thousand dollars.

          Prices for souvenirs in the Dominican Republic.

          What to bring, read the article on the link. There will be a complete list of possible gifts to yourself, your loved one, relatives, friends and colleagues. And below are some prices for general understanding of the gift budget.

          • Dominican rum – from 4 dollars for 0,375l.
          • Cigars – from $2 for 1 pc. and up to $50
          • Paintings – for a large canvas 1.5m by 1m – 100-200 dollars
          • Paintings of small size – $30-60
          • Magnets – 2-4 dollars
          • Bottles with mamahuana – from $3
          • Dominican coffee – from 2 dollars
          • Cocoa beans – from $3-4 per pack.
          • Larimar (semi-precious stone) – a small piece of jewelry, such as a ring – from 15 dollars.

          This is not all possible souvenirs, a complete list can be found at the link above.

          Internet and cell phone costs

          Let me just say that in the Dominican Republic with the mobile Internet without half a liter can not understand. Details about the operators, how to connect, coverage, how to extend the package and much more in the article: Internet in the Dominican Republic.

          And the summary will be here.

          • Connection costs about $3.
          • Internet packages for tourists are for 1 day/3 days/5 days
          • A 5 day “unlim” costs about 140 pesos or almost 3 dollars.
          • Every 5 days you buy a new package.
          • It is possible to share the Internet, which means that one SIM card for two people is enough.

          The average sim card with Internet for two weeks will cost $10.

          prices in dominica internet

          These outlets are often found in tourist areas

          In conclusion: if you need more prices for any product or service, write in the comments, I will add them. But after reading this article, you should have an understanding of what the prices are in the Dominican Republic. And if you want, everyone will be able to estimate a budget for their trip.

          Have a low price, reasonable budget and happy holidays!

          If you find a mistake – write in the comments.

          IMPORTANT: Below are links without which you can not organize a dream trip to the Dominican Republic.

          Food Prices in the Dominican Republic

          How much does it cost to eat in the Dominican Republic

          Find out what the prices of food in the Dominican Republic are. How much do groceries and alcohol cost in stores and food in restaurants in 2022. What national dishes to try? What the tourist needs to know and how to save money.

          Search for Last Minute Deals at Level.Travel and Travellata which will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

          Exchange rate: 10 Dominican pesos (DOP) ≈ 14 RUB.


          What to try in the Dominican Republic

          Dominican cuisine has been influenced by the culinary traditions of the Indians, the Spanish, the French and the Africans. As a result of the fusion of different cultures was born a very interesting combination of flavors and aromas.

          Dominicans cook with rice, beans, pork, chicken, potatoes, Caribbean yucca, yuca, vegetables, and fruits. They like meat, seasonings, herbs, and garlic. Alcoholic cocktail Banana Mama is considered the national invention.

          But dishes from fish and seafood in the daily menu of the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic is almost non-existent. Why? They cost much more than meat and chicken, so they are accessible to very few people.

          • Asopao is a thick meat soup.
          • Sancocho is a rich soup made of several kinds of meat and vegetables.
          • Pescado con coco – fish cooked in coconut sauce.
          • Pastele en ojas – meat and vegetables baked in banana leaves.
          • Mofongo – layered casserole of fried bananas and bacon.
          • Kasabe – cassava cakes.
          • Mangu – mashed green bananas with onions and bacon.
          • Dulces con Coco – a sweet dessert made of coconut shavings and molasses.

          Food Prices in the Dominican Republic in 2022

          The cheapest establishments are the local cafeterias . You can eat there for 100 DOP per person. Breakfast or lunch at an inexpensive family-type restaurant comendores costs 400-1300 DOP per person. Popular family establishments have an unassuming appearance, but the food there is very normal.

          For dinner at a higher class restaurant you have to pay from 1800 DOP/person, and for dinner with alcohol from 4300 DOP. An alcoholic cocktail costs 80 DOP, a beer costs 150 DOP.

          Fast food – pizza or sandwiches – costs 200-250 DOP. Coffee from a street vendor costs 100 DOP. Only bottled water is advised.

          Prices in the Dominican Republic in 2022 for seafood and national dishes:

          • rice with chicken and beans – 150 DOP
          • smoothies – 250 DOP
          • seafood soup mariscos – 200 DOP
          • soup with shrimps – 200 DOP
          • papas potatoes – 130 DOP
          • fried bananas platano – 130 DOP
          • grilled fish – 300-500 DOP
          • shrimps – from 500 DOP
          • lobster – 500-600 DOP
          • lobsters – from 750 DOP.

          It is customary in cafes and restaurants to tip 5-10% of the bill. Read the menu carefully – often they are already included in the price or will be included in the bill.

          Interesting things about the Dominican Republic:

          How much does it cost to eat in the Dominican Republic

          Lobster (Photo: / @kenwood123)

          Alcohol prices in the Dominican Republic

          Restaurants and bars serve alcoholic cocktails at 80 DOP and beer at 120 DOP.

          Liquor prices in Dominican stores in 2022:

          • Dominican beer, 0.5L – 70-100 DOP
          • imported beer, 0.33 l – 150 DOP
          • rum – 500 to 2,000 DOP
          • whisky – from 700 DOP
          • gin – from 780 DOP
          • 0.5 l of “Mamahuana” tincture – 1,250 DOP
          • wine – 400 DOP.

          How much does alcohol cost in the Dominican Republic

          Bottles of mamahuana. Photo: zhukovsky /

          Grocery prices in stores in the Dominican Republic

          Locals use cheap stores Colmado and Profeta. Tourists like to shop at chain stores Mercado and SuperMercado.

          Grocery prices in Dominican stores in 2022:

          • panito, or bread – 3.3 DOP
          • Milk, 1 liter, 70 DOP
          • yogurt 95 DOP
          • cheese, 1 kg – 350 DOP
          • sausage, 1 kg – 500 DOP
          • ham, 1 kg – 540 DOP
          • bananas, 1 kg – 30 DOP
          • orange juice – 58 DOP
          • soda pop, 2 liters – 74 DOP
          • water, 5 l – 85 DOP.

          Prices in Dominican supermarket

          What you need to know

          Most Dominican hotels accept tourists with all-inclusive meals. Restaurants in hotels cook according to European or adapted recipes. If you want to be sure of the quality of food, read the reviews of tourists about the selected hotel.

          To taste the national cuisine, we advise to look into local restaurants. Dominicans usually have breakfast and lunch in the company of colleagues and friends, and have dinner with family. During lunch, from 12:00 to 14:00, restaurants can be crowded.

          The cheapest food is offered at cafeterias. The local restaurants are modest and don’t have a traditional menu. The food options are presented on the stands. Next to the pictures are signed with the names and the price. There is no need to fear unsanitary – Dominicans are very clean in cooking. For a nourishing meal for two at cafeterias, you can eat for 400-600 DOP.

          In tourist restaurants it is customary to leave a tip of 5-10% of the bill and tip the waiters. In establishments for Dominicans a tax of 18% is added to the check. Information about this is listed at the bottom of the menu. If you want to know exactly how much a meal costs, ask beforehand if the tax is included in the quoted price.

          Like other Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic has an afternoon siesta tradition. From 1 to 3 p.m., and sometimes until 4 p.m., establishments are closed. Without siesta only major stores, supermarkets, small stalls colmado and restaurants.

          In addition to the local currency, the peso, dollars are accepted almost everywhere. In stores you can pay in dollars, but get change in pesos. Outside the hotel it is better to pay in pesos. In dollars it is slightly more expensive. It is even less advantageous to buy in euros because in the Dominican Republic the euro rate is equal to the dollar.

          See also:

          Food Prices in the Dominican Republic

          Street Cafe (Photo: / @sea_of_starss)

          How to save money on food in the Dominican Republic

          Hotel guests get a free ride to major shopping malls. For example, in Bavaro, a free bus runs from each hotel to the large San Juan mall, which has a supermarket with groceries inside.

          Dominican restaurants and supermarkets have fixed prices. If you buy something at the market or small shops, be sure to bargain. With skillful, friendly bargaining, you are sure to get 10-30% off the original price.

          Tourists are always helped by fast food. Sandwiches and pizza from street vendors are 200-250 DOP, and coffee is 60-100 DOP. For 200-250 DOP in the Dominican Republic, you can eat at inexpensive Asian and Indian restaurants.

          Tourists are happy to take home local alcohol, cocoa and coffee. Do not count on duty free! Prices there are inflated by 2-3 times. All “tasty” souvenirs, including the famous Dominican rum, take in supermarkets. A package of coffee “Santo Domingo” weighing 0.45 kg costs 115 DOP. At the hotel you will be sold it for 156-180 DOP, and in duty-free shops at the departure – for 200-240 DOP.

          Choose a coffee during a tour of the factory. The prices are low there, and you can try any drink before you buy it.

          Fruit prices in supermarkets and markets in the Dominican Republic in 2022 are almost the same, but the variety and quality are better in the markets. Cheap fruit is sold from special fruit machines that ply the streets of resort towns every day. Ask your guide or staff at the reception when such a car passes by your hotel.

          Interesting things about the Dominican Republic:

          How much does it cost to eat in the Dominican Republic

          Opt for coffee during tours. There you can taste the drink before you buy it. Photo: zhukovsky /

          The 7 best all-inclusive 5-star hotels in Punta Cana
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