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What Russian hasn’t heard of Sicily? And even Palermo, many Russians will remember that it’s in Italy. But about Cefalù, nestled not far from Palermo – actually the capital of the island of Sicily – they know not so much. Meanwhile, Cefalù is steadily entering the hundred of the most beautiful Borgos – Italian medieval defensive settlements. And the flow of tourists does not dry up in this region almost all year round.

In fairness it should be noted: in the summer season a relatively small (about 14 thousand people) local population increases threefold – as befits a good Mediterranean beach resort. Everything in Cefalù came together in the best possible way: the natural whimsical beauty, man-made structures, and, of course, clean, warm sea with a wide beach strip. By “buildings” should be meant not only nice residential houses of the Cefalians, executed each in its own style and taste and, most importantly, in the old part of town does not exceed three stories in height, but also a chic (acting!) Cathedral of the 12th century in the mixed style – Arabic-Norman. And then there are the well-preserved and still working laundries of the Middle Ages, now used as a colorful attraction, rather than to keep the population clean. As for the natural beauties, the main one is undoubtedly the hill overhanging the town with its table-like sloping summit. It is from him a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. The ancient … read completely

Where to stay in Cefalu?


If you are going to relax in the lovely Italian city of Cefalù, here’s a hint where you can stay and for how much. The town is very small. Hotels There are only 15 of them.

There are no five-star hotels. As for 4-star hotels there are seven of them in the city. All of them are mostly within reach, 0.5-5 km from the city center. Prices for double rooms in these hotels are around 120-140 euros per night. The most expensive is Calanica Resort . Artemis Hotel a little cheaper than others (room for two people costs about € 110 with breakfast). The cheapest four is Hotel Baia Del Capitano on Loc. Mazzaforno. It is located 400 meters from the beach and 5 km from the historic center of Cefalù. It is a small (46 rooms) cozy hotel surrounded by olive trees, with a swimming pool and sunbathing terrace. Some of the best things about the hotel are TV with Satellite, free Wi-Fi, free private parking at the hotel, food delivered to the rooms, English speaking at the reception, babysitting service, car rental, packed lunches, free regular beds for children under 2 years old (although you will have to pay for cribs). A room for two costs €74 with breakfast.

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Three-star hotels There are seven of them. They are all in the center of the city. Prices for “three-star” (considering rooms for two people) varies from 65 to 120 euros per night. Treeshki, where you can rent a room for a day for 75-90 euros – Hotel Tourist, Hotel Mediterraneo, Villa Gaia Hotel, Hotel Villa Belvedere.

And the cheapest “three” is Hotel Ristorante La Giara 3*.

What to see in Cefalu?


Cefalù is a famous Sicilian resort town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, 75 km from Palermo. If you are vacationing in Palermo, it is not difficult to get to Cefalù, because the town is quite interesting. Here lives not more than 14000 people who want to enjoy a beach holiday and look at the ancient ruins of ancient buildings (scientists believe that Cefalù was formed in the 9th century BC). So, about the sights, here are what is in Cefalù.

Cefalù Cathedral (Chiesa di Cefalù)

This cathedral, resembling a castle of chivalry, according to legend was built in the 11th century by Roger II, the founder and the first king of the Kingdom of Sicily. The King moved this small village by the sea, and built near the rocks La Rocca this here three-nave cathedral, and the place soon became the most revered among the locals, a symbol of the city and a favorite tourist attraction. Also, there is a legend that the ruler was at sea nearby when he was caught in a terrible storm. Then he vowed to build a temple on the spot where his king would eventually arrive, if he did.

Cefalù – the charm of Sicily

Holidays in Cefalù

Do you want to feel the tart flavors of the Italian south? Go on vacation to Cefalù! Learn from tourist reviews what’s good about the Sicilian resort, where the best beaches are, what hotel to stay in and what to see on vacation.

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Impressions of the resort

The resort in northern Sicily is famous for its picturesque coastline, well-preserved historic center and wonderful beaches. Cefalù is framed by low green mountains, against which the charming Italian houses and hotels look very colorful.

The small fishing town is very popular with the lovers of quiet rest, beautiful sunsets, excursions, lovers of fish cuisine and fragrant Sicilian wines. In the evenings, the street musicians in the main square of Cefalù, play colorful Sicilian songs.

Suncatcher: “A miracle happened – we found ourselves in an incredibly atmospheric town an hour away from the capital of Sicily. If people ask me what to see or where to stay on the island, I will definitely say Cefalù.

Cefalù hotels in Cefalù

View of Cefalù from the mountain. Photo: dylu / unsplash.com.

Best Hotels

Cefalù is well adapted for tourists. You can stay in a hotel 3-5*, rent apartments or apartments from locals. The resort is small – any hotel in town is within walking distance of the coast. Look for hotels and apartments in Cefalu on Hotelluke.

The best hotels in Cefalu, according to tourist reviews:

Bouganville B&B 3*, a hotel in an old 19th-century building. During the high season, a double room with breakfast costs from 110 €.

Pepito palace 3 * – A cozy hotel 150 meters from the beach. For a room with breakfast for two you pay from 100 €.

Artemis Hotel 4* is a great option for those who want to stay in the historic part of town. Double room with breakfast costs from 122 €.

Astro Suite Hotel 4* – A hotel with a private sandy beach, 10 minutes walk from the cathedral. A room for two with breakfast costs from 165 €.

Le Calette N.5 5* is a luxury resort hotel 5 minutes from Cefalù city center. A double room costs from 398 €.

Cefalù Sea Palace 5* is a hotel complex with stunning views of the city and the sea. A room for two costs from 450 €.

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Best Hotels in Cefalù

Cefalù is a typical Sicilian town, which consists of old buildings, narrow streets and is located right on the beach. Photo: adfoto / unsplash.com.

Cefalu Beaches

The coast near Cefalù is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A wide public beach stretches along the promenade of Giuseppe Giardina. The entrance to the water is gentle – on the sand. Vacationers pay only to rent sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. Want to sunbathe with your own towel – you’re welcome!

Tourists say the best beaches are located 15-20 km from Cefalu. The sandy coast in the north of the island is a paradise for beach lovers!

The town has 1,5 km of sandy beaches with a smooth entrance to the sea and a soft sandy bottom. Outside the city, in the area of Mazzaforno, there are stretches of rocky beaches, impassable cliffs and undeveloped pebble-sand beaches.

Reviews of Cefalu Beaches

Within the city – a mile and a half of sandy beaches with a smooth entrance to the sea and a gentle sandy bottom. Photo: pitrs10 / Depositphotos.com.


The old town of Cefalù is located on the sea, and some buildings directly overhang the water. From everywhere you can see the ancient Duomo Cathedral and a monumental rock with a beveled top. Thanks to the cathedral and the high cliff, the resort’s scenery takes on a postcard-like appearance.

While vacationing in Cefalù in Sicily, tourists visit the ruins of the ancient temple of Diana, a medieval laundry and the Madralisca Museum. Lovers of outdoor activities travel around the resort on horses and quad bikes.

Vyacheslav B: “Cefalù is fascinating because it consists of old buildings, narrow streets and is located right on the beach – a typical Sicilian town. On one side is the sea and on the other is a big mountain which can be climbed by a path that winds through a picturesque pine forest. The mountain is called Rocca, which means rock in Italian.

Weather and seasons in Sicily by month. When to go?

What to see in Cefalù

Thanks to the large cathedral and the high rock, the landscape of the resort takes on a postcard view. Photo: wilks72 / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Tourists who come to Sicily with children leave many positive reviews about Cefalù. In addition to beach holidays and walks around the resort, everyone likes the cozy water park Acqua Verde. There is a special children’s area where kids are entertained by animators. The island’s capital Palermo is about an hour’s drive from Cefalù. Visit the Parco d’Orleans, the Zoological Museum and the Planetarium!

Ladyfishy: “We vacationed in Sicily in April and May with small children. It was very warm and the kids even ran and splashed in the water. We liked Cefalu very much, so much that we wanted to live there for a few days someday.

When to go

The most impatient begin to swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea in May, when the water warms up to +18 … +19 ° C. The high tourist season at the resort lasts from June to October.

In July and August it’s hot in Cefalù. The thermometer reads +32 … +34 ° C during the day. The tourists are saved by fresh breezes from the sea and the narrow streets of the old city, where there is always a saving shade.

In summer there are a lot of tourists on vacation in Sicily. In Cefalù, lives about 14 thousand people, but in the high tourist season is 3-4 times more people. Despite the heat, the beaches of the resort are overcrowded, so many prefer to come here in the fall.

According to feedback from tourists, you can swim in Cefalù until the end of October, but it is better to come in September. In early autumn, the weather on the island is warm as in summer and there are no storms or rain.

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Catherine: “Holidays in Sicily in July and August. Despite the heat we still climbed della Rocca. The view from there is just crazy, and what air – can’t tell you.

Weather in Cefalu

According to tourist reviews, you can swim in Cefalù until the end of October, but it is better to come in September. In early autumn, the weather on the island is warm as in summer, there are no storms or rain. Photo: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Cefalu

The resort town between Palermo and Messina is an interesting and enjoyable vacation destination. Cefalù is good for beach activities, sightseeing and holidays with children. Tourists enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing, and in the evenings the local bars hold rousing discos.

As in Italy, you can not save money on lodging, but the food at the resort is inexpensive. According to tourists, in Cefalù there’s no sense to buy products and cook yourself – it’s cheaper to have lunch in a cafe or restaurant!

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