Going to Golden Sands! Reviews and Prices for vacations – 2022

Reviews for holidays in Golden Sands in August

564 tourist reviews of holidays in Golden Sands in August, reviews of holidaymakers on hotels with ratings and photos.

Good location of the hotel. Cons : Disgusting service. Constant breakage in the room. Every day that something broke in the room. In addition the children’s room and playground do not work which were stated. Read more

Breakfast was good but we were very disappointed with the lack of pancakes, watermelon and melon in the 20th of July. I did not like it: Lobby bar as for “all inclusive” is very poor. Read more at .

I liked it very much. The hotel is good clean and the food was good varied. The sea is not far away. The staff was friendly. I recommend the hotel. Read more

Hard to even find anything to like. The food was amazingly well presented and we had a lot of fun. In the restaurant, hard to call it that, more like a “canteen”. Read more

Would love to stay at your hotel, we were extremely pleased with the food and service. The staff are friendly and very good looking. The smorgasbord was very well presented, lots of food! Read more

The food is good and there is no one hungry. Read more

When we settled in, there was a fruit basket and bottled water in the room. When they came to clean, they changed all the towels and put water. Cons : At first it was fine and we extended the stay. Read more

Location What we did not like : Poor choice in the restaurant and no ability to pay by card at the bar. Read more

If you want to go to Paradise, then you have to go to this hotel) You don’t have to do much, just take a good mood with you. The owners of Hotel Rai are very nice people who are welcomed at home, they are ready. Read more

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The hotel is great, very modern and stylish. The rooms are great and the balcony is great. The breakfast was really good! What was not to like : The parking is terrible. Can’t they just asphalt it. Read more

Ratio : View from the window, distance to the beach, variety of buffets, room size as for a family of 4, daily room cleaning, price. What was not to like : Unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. Read more

Were at the restaurant with children who are hard to feed. I would have loved to have lunch with my daughter in my room. And the taste! Read more

We had a holiday in August 2022. The door and shower are on the ground floor and the shower is on the ground floor. The doors in the shower stall are broken, after they were fixed they broke again, the tray in the stall. Read more

1. clean white bed and towels. 2. layout and size of the room, large terrace 4. pool 5. availability of parking Minuses : 1. room was not cleaned, not once washed the floor, only changed the bed and cleaned. Read more

Great animation for kids, delicious food, friendly staff, availability of several pools and a water park for kids and adults. What did not like : Poor cleaning, vacuumed once in 12 days and then cleaned. Read more

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Golden Sands – Bulgaria’s most popular young resort

Rest at the sea in Golden Sands

Find out why tourists love to vacation in Golden Sands. What the reviews write about the beaches, what the prices in 2022, whether it is good to rest at the Bulgarian resort with children and what hotels are considered the best.


Impressions of Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the second largest resort in Bulgaria after Sunny Beach. Vacationers love the picturesque nature, beautiful sandy beaches, good all-inclusive hotels and plenty of nightlife. The resort is famous for health tourism. The balneological center “Ambassador” helps people with arthritis, neuroses, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. According to the feedback from the tourists, the noise at night is one of the disadvantages of a vacation at Golden Sands.

Latailes: “The advantage of the resort is a short flight and, importantly for us, the absence of the language barrier. Almost everyone speaks Russian, in any case will understand you for sure.

Valmictar99: “I am not a fan of noisy crowded resorts, so I would never choose Golden Sands for a holiday.

Holidays at Golden Sands in Bulgaria

Golden Sands is the second largest resort in Bulgaria after Sunny Beach. Photo: master2 / Depositphotos.com.

The best hotels in Golden Sands

There are more than a hundred hotels of different comfort levels at the popular resort. Half of them are all-inclusive. Rooms in hotels on the first line are more expensive. If you want to live without the noise of discos and bars, choose a hotel or guest house on the 2-3 lines from the sea or on the outskirts of the resort. Look for accommodation in Golden Sands on Hotelluk.

The best hotels Golden Sands in 2022, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

Family Hotel Piter 3* is a popular family hotel 5 km from Golden Sands. Room for two costs from 74 €.

Grifid Foresta 3* is an excellent hotel for guests over 16 years old. Double room with all inclusive costs from 152 €.

Holidays in Bulgaria with children - 2022. Best resorts and hotels

HVD Viva Club Hotel 4* – a cozy hotel with a spa center 10-15 minutes walk from the seafront. An all-inclusive double room costs from 141 €.

Grifid Encanto Beach Hotel – Wellness & Spa 4* is an all-inclusive hotel in a quiet part of the Golden Sands resort. During the high season a double room costs from 213 €.

International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites 5* – a comfortable hotel with a casino and a panoramic pool in the center of the resort. A room for two costs from 113 €.

Melia Grand Hermitage 5* is a comfortable hotel on the second line from the sea. A double room with all-inclusive meals costs from 199 €.

Beaches at Golden Sands

According to tourist reviews, the beaches at the Golden Sands resort are so good that you can spend the whole day on them. In some places, the sandy shore reaches a width of 100 meters. The entrance to the sea is gentle, so it is convenient to rest here with small children. Children especially like Riviera beach, and the youth beach Mojito.

There are no paid recreational areas on the beach. With your own towel or air mattress you can settle down anywhere. Keep in mind that in July and August there are so many holidaymakers that it’s hard to find free spots near the beach after 10:00. The rent of a beach chair costs 5 €, a sun umbrella – also 5 €.

Pacha1985: “The sand on the beach is fine golden. Not as fine as in Tunisia, of course, but quite decent sandy beaches.

Best beaches in Golden Sands.

The beach at Golden Sands. Photo: Silar / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.


The resort is young, so there are no historical sights in Golden Sands. The hotels are surrounded by the Golden Sands Nature Park. It stretches for 9.2 km and is about 1.2 km wide. There are marked trails for children and elderly tourists and bicycle trails along the protected area. Not far from the resort there is a medieval monastery Aladzha.

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We advise you not to spend money on an excursion to Varna. From Golden Sands to Varna there is a bus number 409 which takes only half an hour. Go for a walk through the beautiful streets and interesting places and buy fresh fruit at the market!

Okunevasveta: “The main excursion is to the Old Town of Nessebar on the island. Not to go there – not to be in Bulgaria.

Things to see in Golden Sands

Ruins of the rock monastery Aladzha. Photo: enigma.art / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Golden Sands is considered one of the best Bulgarian resorts for an inexpensive and high-quality vacation with children. It is loved for its excellent climate, warm shallow sea, comfortable hotels and a lot of entertainment. The resort has a water park, a climbing wall and a shooting gallery for children.

Svetlana and Alexander: “We went as a family at the end of June. It was already the peak season, a lot of children, crowded beaches and lines at the attractions. It is noteworthy that the price for a vacation in Bulgaria is much lower than in Anapa or Sochi. But there is a little different atmosphere, cuisine and attractions.

Aleksey: “Aquapolis is a great water park, comfortable, clean and neat everywhere. Everyone will find something to do here. There are pools and slides for children and adults.

Tourism reviews for Golden Sands

Golden Sands is considered one of the best resorts in Bulgaria for inexpensive and high-quality vacation with children. Photo: ELEPHOTOS / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

The bathing season at the Golden Sands resort begins in late May – early June, as almost everywhere else in Bulgaria. For children, the water in the Black Sea warms up in the second half of June.

In contrast to the resorts of the Mediterranean, in Bulgaria there is no severe heat. In July and August the temperature is +28 ° C and sea water +24 … +26 ° C. In autumn the sea cools down slowly, so it is pleasant to swim in Golden Sands all September. Even in early October, on sunny and windless days vacationers enjoy swimming in the sea.

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Autumn at the resort is not rainy, but in November the average day temperature is +13 ° C. It’s time for the low season!

88SobTV: “My vacation was in early June. At this time in Bulgaria it is calm and quiet: the beaches are free, the sea is clean, the sun is gentle, the price tag is not high, and excursions are working at full speed. It’s a paradise for those who prefer a quiet holiday.

Weather in Golden Sands

In contrast to the resorts of the Mediterranean, there is no severe heat in Bulgaria. Photo: ELEPHOTOS / Depositphotos.com.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Golden Sands

According to the reviews of tourists, Golden Sands will suit everyone who likes to rest in cities and is not afraid of crowded beaches. The popular Bulgarian resort is very well located. From the airport to the hotel you get in 30 minutes.

Although there is no industry in Golden Sands, the sea water here is not too clean. In reviews vacationers complain about the unpleasant smell, household garbage and algae.

In addition to beach holidays, in Golden Sands you can go water skiing, diving, surfing, play paintball, golf and bowling. Some come to play in the biggest casino in Bulgaria Casino International.

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