Going to Puglia! Travel tips, reviews, and prices.

Puglia – Italian dolce vita

Holiday in Puglia

Vacation on the heel of the Italian boot – a real la dolce vita! Read tourist reviews of vacations in Puglia and learn about the best hotels, beaches and attractions.


Impressions of Puglia

There are few mountains in the southeast of the Apennine Peninsula. Almost the entire territory of Puglia is occupied by the magnificent Puglia Plain and picturesque hills. Tourists come to Puglia to enjoy the wonderful views, the unhurried and carefree life of Italians, beautiful temples and medieval palaces. Puglia is loved by connoisseurs of authentic cuisine – delicious orecchiette pasta, excellent olive oil, homemade cheeses and the local dish tiella which is made from rice, potatoes and mussels.

vesna68: “Bari is a very cozy town to relax and travel around Puglia. The old town, the Basilica with the relics of St. Nicholas – it is a must visit! A beautiful promenade. The beach, however, with a shallow sea, but it’s possible to lie around”.

Holiday in Puglia

Bari is a very cozy town to relax and travel around Puglia. Photo: unsplash.com / @_andreamin.

Where to vacation in Puglia

You can admire the grandeur of Rome and the huge stores of Milan as much as you like, but the true flavor of Italy is revealed in the small provincial towns. Puglia consists of six provinces, and its coastline stretches for 800 kilometers.

The administrative center of the region Bari is a major port city, which is loved for its sandy beaches, colorful Old Town and a busy nightlife. The town of Alberobello is like a fairy tale gnome village. Come here to see the white houses with pointed roofs – trulli.

Old Martina Franca is liked by connoisseurs of Baroque, narrow streets and rich Catholic churches. The very end of the “heel” – the province of Lecce – is called southern Florence. It has preserved many monuments, from Roman times to the Renaissance.

The center of the province of Brindisi is imbued with the atmosphere of Southern Italy. Here everything seems different than in the major cities of the country – the life, the language, the open and deep sea. From the port of Brindisi there are ferries to Greece and Albania.

Tiny Gallipoli is a paradise for lovers of medieval architecture. The white city of Ostuni delights with churches and palaces, the oldest over 500 years old. In the north of Apulia, on the seashore stretches a beautiful town Vieste, which is known for the clearest sea water, golden beaches and picturesque cliffs.

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Where to have a rest in Puglia

The white city of Ostuni delights with churches and palaces, the oldest of which is more than 500 years old. Photo: Andrei_Rybachuk / Depositphotos.com.

Best Hotels

There are no problems with accommodation in Puglia. There are accommodations for tourists in all towns and small seaside villages. When Bari holds major religious festivals, many pilgrims come to the city. If you are going to Bari in early May – for St. Nicholas Day, we advise you to book a hotel in advance.

The best beach hotels in Puglia, according to tourist reviews:

Terra d’Acqua Resort 3* – an excellent hotel with a seafood restaurant in the seaside town of Ugento. A double room with breakfast costs from 67 €.

Il Civico 2 3* is a wonderful hotel overlooking the city of Bari. For a room for two with breakfast tourists pay from 70 €.

Hotel Zodiaco 4* is a stylish hotel with colored balconies 5 minutes walk from the sandy beaches of Porto Cesareo. A double room with breakfast costs from 171 €.

Best Western Plus Leone di Messapia Hotel & Conference 4* is a modern hotel 4 km from the historic center of Lecce. A room for two with breakfast costs from 102 €.

Borgo Egnazia 5* – Arabesque resort hotel in Fasano with a private beach and four pools. A double room with breakfast costs from 534 €.

Eremo Guest House 5* is an excellent guest house in Polignano a Mare. A room for two costs from 127 €.

Best Hotels in Puglia

Panoramic view of Polignano-a-Mare. Photo: ingus.kruklitis.gmail.com / Depositphotos.com.

Puglia’s beaches

Puglia’s coastline is washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. All along the coast, rocky areas alternate with cozy bays and sandy lagoons.

In Marina di Andrano you can swim and sunbathe on the beaches of Zona Grotta Verde and Zona Botte. On the coast near the town of Monopoli there are 25 excellent beaches. In some resorts tourists combine vacationing by the sea with thermal baths.

In reviews, tourists name the most beautiful beaches in Puglia the coast near Ostuni, the Gulf of Zagare, the beaches of Lama Monacile, Punta della Suina, Porto Mijano, Torro del Orso, Torre Sarrata, the island of San Nicola and Gusmay beach near the Gargano National Park.

Medlena: “The beaches in San Foca are fine light sand, the entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is sandy, there are no stones. It’s a good place for children to swim. There are paid sun loungers and umbrellas.

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Beaches of Puglia

There are 25 excellent beaches on the coast near the town of Monopoli. Photo: giuseppemasci.me.com / Depositphotos.com.


In a couple of weeks of vacation it is impossible to visit all the interesting places of Puglia! We advise not to miss the magical trulli houses in Alberobello, the Old Town of Bari, the temple of Santa Maria Maggiore in Barletto, the karst caves of Castellana, the cathedrals and monasteries of Conversano and the medieval castle of Castel del Monte. From Puglia, it is convenient to go to the neighboring region of Italy to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the rock settlement of Sassi di Matera.

Krevetka123: “While touring the city of Monopoli, I first visited the shrine to the glory of the Savior, which was founded as far back as the fourth century. After this marvelous place I went to see the fortress by the shore to get a sense of the Middle Ages.”

What to see in Puglia

We advise not to miss the magical trulli houses in Alberobello. Photo: duha127 / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

According to tourist reviews, in Puglia it is good to rest with children of any age. The resorts have water parks and comfortable family hotels. Shallow bays with clear sea water are perfectly warmed by the sun.

With an older child it is interesting to see the sights of Italian cities, the dino park in Castellana Grotta and the Acquario del Salento oceanarium. Have fun at the Capricciolandia amusement park in Bari and go to the Zoosafari zoo in Fasano!

YuliaEvgenevna04: “The zoo and amusement park are a must! You drive through the zoo and meet different animals that walk and live like in the wild, without aviaries. The child was thrilled with all of them, but especially the giraffes! The terrarium made a great impression.”

Holidays with children in Puglia

Zoosafari Zoo in Fasano. Photo: matteomarsullo / unsplash.com.

When to go

Puglia has a mild Mediterranean climate. There is plenty of sunshine and snow is very rare. The first tourists arrive at seaside resorts as early as April. In mid-spring Puglia is very beautiful, but the weather is still unstable.

The bathing season begins in May and ends in October. In June there is no intense heat in Puglia. In July and August, the average daytime temperature is +32 ° C. Often the thermometer rises to +40 ° C. Water in the sea is heated to +25 ° C.

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Those who find the summer heat hard to bear, vacation in Puglia during the velvet season. In September, Italy is sunny and warm. In October, the weather turns bad and it rains.

ALEkh-po: “We flew to Bari in April, after the Easter weekend, to bask in the sun a little. But it didn’t work out very well. In Rome it was sunny and warm, but in Bari it was cloudy and rainy.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Puglia?

The southeastern part of Italy is ideal for beach vacations and boat trips. History buffs, interesting museums and architectural monuments go to Puglia with pleasure. The coastline of Porto Cesareo is perfect for fans of diving.

In Puglia there are resorts for elite and budget holidays. Traveling around the region is convenient by car, bicycle, shuttle buses and yachts along the coast.

Going to Puglia! Travel tips, reviews, and prices.

Very beautiful town A very cozy town for a vacation trip to Puglia. A beautiful old town, the Basilica with the relics of St. Nicholas – it is a must visit! The beach, however, with a shallow sea, but it is possible to swim.

  • To go on excursions
  • Swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • Go on a pilgrimage trip

Castelanna-Grotte In September we went on a press tour together with two journalists to a small town in the south of Italy in the province of Puglia called Castelanna-Grotte. Had any of us heard of it before? Of course not, and neither have many of you. That was our job – to find out and then tell others. The people of Castellana Grotte won a UN Tourism Development Grant, and for the second year in a row, they have invited journalists and bloggers to come and see all the beauty they have and tell about it

  • To go on excursions
  • Swim and sunbathe on the beach

Castellano Grottoes is worth a visit. Very impressed by the variety of stalactites and stalagmites.The height of the caves from human height to a high-rise building. Excursion in English it is not necessary to book in advance. From the bus stop you can find the street Grotto – the beginning along the railway tracks. Way about 1.5 km to the Grottoes.

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Gorgeous Stunning old town. It seemed to me that the scenery of Andersen’s fairy tales came alive all around. Some of the old town hotels are housed in 14th century walls!

  • To go on excursions
  • have a private vacation
  • Go on a pilgrimage trip
  • take pictures

The price of the ticket does not meet expectations, unless of course you are a fan of the exhibition of modern installations The price of the entrance ticket is already 9 euros. Visiting the castle was disappointing. All you can see there are a few expositions on the lower floors and a piece of the courtyard. For unknown reasons there are fences even in front of the windows looking outside. Not to mention the opportunity to climb the walls of the castle and look at the surroundings through the eyes of the defenders of the castle. In the courtyard conveniently located staff cars, but for some reason, too, access for tourists there is closed. The ticket price of 9 euros absolutely does not meet expectations.

On the heels of Italy. We love Italy. We fly in March and April, when it’s already warm and there are no crowds of tourists. Last spring we went to Bari. We took a direct flight on Wizz air. We travel independently, carefully planning routes, studying sights. In Bari it is interesting the old town and, of course, the basilica of St. Nicholas with his relics. We arrived the day before Easter, but divine services in Russian were held only in 4 days, as usual, on Thursday. We enjoyed the sunny weather, walking along the promenade. According to our plan, for one day we went to Alberobello, where the houses-trulys, the other day we went to Matera, where the famous caves. But an unforgettable impression left us in Naples. We booked bus tickets Flixbus, from Bari 200 km. However, it took us several hours. We made an excursion along the Bay of Naples, walked along the main street, and returned to Bari late at night. In general, a week in Puglia passed slowly and richly. Impressions are unforgettable!

Tales of trulli Italy never ceases to amaze me. This time I stopped in the southern part of the country, almost where the heel of my favorite Italian boot begins. I lived in Bari, and traveled to the neighboring townships.

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One day the train brought me to a toy town with the strange name of Alberobello. And the people here live in amazing houses called trulli. These unique structures are found in some places throughout the Appulia region. This is their trademark: the trulli houses and the famous Puglia

  • To go on excursions
  • Go on a bus tour.

Unusual Puglia This year I rediscovered Italy. I vacationed in Bari. It is one of the regional centers of the province of Puglia. Well, almost a boot heel, if you look at the map. I’ve always been more attracted to small towns than the touristy megacities. There is a special charm in such places. All the more so when it comes to the south of Italy. Puglia is a unique province. Here every little town and village breathes history. And you breathe the sea and iodine. It has a rocky coast and very beautiful beaches.

  • To go on excursions
  • Swim and sunbathe on the beach

The fabulous grottoes of Puglia We vacationed in Bari only a few days. Nevertheless, we could not help but go to the Grottoes. We combined the trip with a visit to the fascinating town of Alberobello. We got away from the Adriatic Sea for a whole day, but we did not regret it at all. There is a train from Bari to the caves of Grotte di Castellana. There are two stops of the same name at the grottoes, you have to get off at the first stop. From the train stop you have to walk 500 meters to the caves. The ticket office is open until 5 pm. You can take a long tour for 16 euros and a short one for 13 euros. The famous

Unexpected discovery in southern Italy It is impossible to walk past the building of this theater. Even from the outside it attracts the eye. And when you get inside – really takes your breath away. The interior is no worse than the famous La Scala or Vienna State Opera. True, in contrast to these famous monsters, this chamber private theater is not so famous outside Italy. But in Italy it is known as the best private theater in Europe. We got into the theater by chance. We were holidaying in Bari in spring. Went for a walk in the city, breathed the sea air and could not pass by

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