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We are back from Rovinj that we chose for a long and careful vacation with two children. The youngest is 15 months old and the oldest is 10 years old. In short, now, provided that to get a visa to Croatia now equal to the Schengen visa, the choice of Croatia for a vacation should be very balanced. What I liked in Rovinj is a very nice romantic town, a lot of nice restaurants and places to relax, the cleanest sea, friendly people – everything is exactly as it is promised on the Internet. And here’s the thing about the fact that this is omitted will be my post.

We came for a beach holiday. With our youngest can plan trips of not more than 1 hour. Therefore, a measured family vacation. The beaches are beautiful, that’s for sure. But before the start of the season, which is June 20, they are cleaned badly. We were surprised when we came for the first time the quantity of marine debris on the beach: plastic, rubber, p.plenka and other debris that tends not to sink. So when we came to the beach in the morning had to first remove the trash that he had not dragged in his mouth, a naughty little hands of our youngest daughter. After that, we had to fetch some more film from the water near our entrance to the sea. Plus there was a small amount of oil on the pebbles, getting terribly dirty! The closer we got to the end of our vacation, the more our beach at Cuvi filled up. In mid-June, on a weekend, it was already beginning to remind us of our Crimea or Sochi. When the people walk past you in the water through your passage into the sea where you merrily bathe your babies, then this people stands in the water slowly wetting the various members of the body, washing off the sunscreen in the sea. In general, in this soup then you bathe your child. This is the middle of June. What about July and August. Especially after 11, the sun is so hot that it is not possible to stay. Bathing in the water you can get burnt. Closer to the beginning of a season, official beaches began to clean up a little, but all the same, those same plastic sticks from chupa-chups the old film in a pebble a heap. Someone on it will not pay attention, and to us any particle in a mouth vitamin. We had to clean it all up. Once, when swimming saw that floats, something like a float with a red tip, fished out – was a plastic, corked transparent flask, to take tests with some kind of red thick liquid inside. I did not think about what it might be took with them and threw in the trash on the shore.

2. Price-quality by restaurant.

We read the ratings, made a schedule of trips and proceeded.

What did you find out? The food is certainly tastier than in Moscow, and the prices are cheaper. For example, two tasty pizzas at Sergio’s with wine and juice for my daughter cost 800-900 rubles. But a trip to Orka for fish cost us 6,000. I was very surprised by this fact, because in Italy on the Ligurian coast, we have never had more expensive than 80 euros with wine and a bunch of dishes, and it was the most expensive bill. And the quality of the food itself in Italy was much better. In the best restaurant in Monte, we did not get at all. We were looking for it for half an hour, locked in the very hill to the town hall, and then we were told that there were no seats, and in the gazebo on the street they do not serve. Maybe they were afraid that a small child would distract the venerable crowd. There are many ways to say no, but this time it was frustrating. The groceries in the store and at the markets are delicious. Prices at the central market for fruits and vegetables are about the same as in Moscow, when everything seasonal is on its way. The dried sausage and peppers are great. Very cheap coffee – two euros for a latte and a cappuccino on the promenade! Probably that’s why the bulk of the tourists are sipping it at any time of the day.

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As a result, the price-quality ratio of restaurant food did not suit us – expensive and not super tasty. Whoever, what not to say – visit Italy for comparison. By the way, local people who worked in Italy confirmed it too. I must say, we were not in all kinds of small conobas, specializing in local food, but we went to fish restaurants, which were called the best in Rovinj, including recommendations from locals. Maybe we went to the wrong place. Maybe there’s just something to compare it to. Although, in the same Italian Trieste we were fed roughly the same quality of food as in Rovinj. Wines of local production “Laguna” very pleased, especially Cabernet-Savignon, is somewhere in the region of 240r. a bottle. Very tasty, not worse than table wines of France and Italy, I recommend it! Beer is not bad either. I did not go in for it and did not try to taste all kinds, but I liked what I tasted. Bought some local moonshine on cherries, but have not tried it yet, although someone wrote that it is also good.

Bottom line – cook ourselves from local products, and from restaurants choose pizzerias. Drink locally produced wine.

We searched on the Internet for the first three weeks of June. We started looking in December. By January the normal offers on booking were taken. We searched on local sites, found apartments for four persons with kitchenette for 50 euros a day in the beginning of Centenera. When we went to the beach, there were a bunch of free apartments, whose owners do not have access to the internet. I visited a couple of such houses for interest, talked to the owners. Prices are the same as ours, location closer to the beach, less noise. The rooms are not worse, and maybe even better. In general, our choice was not bad, because there were advantages in the form of a cherry tree, which we ate, ate, ate, and again ate directly from the tree.

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4. active recreation.

There is a place for lovers of sweat on the court and cyclists. We rented bikes ourselves and rode along the coast. Since this is a forum about travel on wheels – I tell you. Upon arrival, after 4 days of tasting the local varieties of wine went to get a car without any reservation. I chose the cheapest option, stopped at the VW UP. Costed 270 euros for 10 days. This is the price for low season. As our head of the family, represented by a 15-month old daughter, categorically refused to travel at a distance of more than one hour, then from this and had to be guided travel bush method. As a result, after a trip to Italian Trieste via Slovenia, we decided to limit ourselves to even shorter ways. We went to Vrzar and Bala. The rest of the time the car was used for trips to the bakery. But on the question: Lisa will go by car? Lisa walked with a happy face to the car and waited to be put in the seat. Maybe she liked the car.

Now comes the spoon of tar. As they say, if you mix a barrel of honey and a barrel of G. you get two barrels of G. Whatever praise written reviews, omit or gently avoid this topic, the presence of these characters we really spoiled the rest. After, everything fell into place, and high prices for food and accommodation – Rovinj mecca of nudists, naturists, swingers and other various perverts. All write about the great beaches, but let’s tell the truth? Family beaches are one or two and a handful – the beach on Kuvi, the beach near Eden and. Yes. There are plenty of beaches and these beaches are not considered official beaches for nudists and naturists, only there are a bunch of unofficial beaches and the lines between family beaches on Couvey and near Eden and unofficial nudist beaches are pretty blurred. You can get into a secluded place with good access to the sea and swimming in 10 meters from you clothed vacationers, but there is no guarantee that with you next to you are not placed any-nibut elderly German-speaking couple whose head of the family came to the place does not remove the pants and shining bare-ass and the economy, without paying any attention to you and your children will be in position G to spread their beach devices. Well it’s okay, you can tolerate, remove the glasses from her eldest daughter, and not pay attention. But these nice people will start walking through your place and your passage in the sea to swim. That’s where you want to show an act of violence against the citizens of another state. As everywhere is written, officially nudist beaches this that, that and this, and in fact on the same cuvie or about eden dofig chicks sunbathing topless. And women for 50 with pretty shabby dignity, and a little further “in secluded places” which peep from a coast as from the ship before an amphibious landing, will lie, stand and sit ladies and gentlemen nudists or naturists. In general, they do not care that you are not a nudist and with children of primary school age. Although, it is worth noting that when there are a lot of nonnudists, these individuals may put on the bottom of bathing suits, respecting the opinion of others. In my estimation, this happens at a ratio of 1 to 5. But in the evening sitting in the restraints these nice married couples from Germany and Austria are very friendly, they like small children so much, our Lisa was the center of attention. Except that at the end I saw everyone as a nudist, naturist or swinger, which personally annoyed me a little. In general, this review is not about the whole Croatia, but about the charming city of Rovinj, which is the largest center of naturism and nudism in Europe.

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By the way, knowing the objectivity of this forum, I purposely reposted from another forum about Croatia. There, in the title of my topic, they removed the words about the negative review. I do not argue, I was not in other cities of Croatia and to judge on the basis of one Rovinj is not quite objective, but I want that in relation to Rovinj there was another point of view besides those which can now be found on the Internet. This is not our first vacation in Europe, and we have been many places, but from other places we have not come back with such impressions. I will not put up good photos, so the review is not about that.

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Rovinj – romantic resort on 22 islands

Holidays in Rovinj

We invite you on a trip to Rovinj, the most Italian city on the Istrian peninsula! Find out what tourists say about the beaches, interesting places and weather in the popular Croatian resort.

Resort Impressions

The fabulous Rovinj is built on an archipelago of 22 islands. For a long time the city belonged to Italy, so the influence of Venice can be felt everywhere – in the architecture, the special rhythm of life, the mentality of the inhabitants and the local cuisine. Tourists from all over Europe come to see the beautiful streets and sights of Rovinj. During the day they walk around the city, and in the evening and at night they relax in restaurants and bars.

Every summer the resort hosts an international regatta, a festival of photographers and a youth pop music festival. It is possible to enjoy the Croatian resort in silence only at dawn. From 9 am tourist life begins to boil with renewed vigor.

Eugenia K: “It’s nice to get lost for a while in the romantic streets of the Old Town. Pretty quickly there is a desire not to rush anywhere. Some streets descend directly to the water. The sidewalk stones are polished to a shine, and it’s easy to slip in uncomfortable shoes”.

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Reviews of Rovinj tourists

Tourists from all over Europe come to see the beautiful streets and sights of Rovinj. Photo: harissuljic / unsplash.com.

Best hotels

Rovinj is a popular resort, so it has hotels in all categories. If you’re going as a family or with friends, rent a private villa or rent an apartment by the sea. Hotel rooms in the Croatian resort are cheaper than in neighboring Italy, so the practical Italians like to spend their vacations here. Search hotels in Rovinj on Hotelluk and tours on Level.Travel.

The best hotels in Rovinj, according to tourist reviews:

Sotto I Volti 3* is a lovely guesthouse in the historic center. In high season, a room for two costs from 69 €.

Guest accommodation dall antiquario 3* – an excellent guesthouse in an old fisherman’s house. For a double room you’ll pay from 76 €.

Casa Garzotto 4* – A neat hotel in an old building with shutters and beamed ceilings near the center of Rovinj. A room for two will cost you €132.

Residence Rovinj 4* – A modern hotel 1,5 km from the old town. A double room costs from 164 €.

Lone 5* is a luxurious complex in the natural park “Golden Cape”. The beach is only 200 m away! A room for two with breakfast costs from 300 €.

Monte Mulini 5* is one of the best hotels in Croatia. The stylish buildings are located on the beach surrounded by large green trees. Double room with breakfast costs from 479 €.

Beaches in Rovinj

The Adriatic Sea is clear and clean, and its color changes depending on the weather. In Rovinj there are a dozen and a half municipal beaches – rocky, concrete platforms and pebble. On the embankment sections the shore is covered with fine pebbles, and 5-7 m after entering the sea begin large stones. Sandy beaches are few.

According to reviews, the best beaches in Rovinj are on the island of St. Catherine, in the bays Kurent and Vestar. Tourists who do not swim well, as well as parents with small children prefer small secluded coves. Lovers of swimming and sunbathing without clothes rest on the nudist beach of the island Valalta. Divers and those who like to jump off rocks come to the rocky cove Skaraba.

Cuvi Beach is one of the best beaches in Istria. At least from the ones we have seen. A cozy cove, sandy. Gentle entrance. Pines almost by the water. Shade until almost 12 in the afternoon. After lunch you can move to the stone beaches. There snorkeling, a lot of fish, crabs. But the entrance is not so comfortable.

Best Beaches in Rovinj

In Rovinj there are half a dozen municipal beaches – rocky, concrete platforms and pebble beaches. Photo: valentinsalja / unsplash.com.

What to see

In the city, which stands on islands, all roads lead to the sea. In Rovinj you can sit for long periods on the promenades and enjoy the beautiful views. Highlights of the resort include St. Euthymia Cathedral, the Lady of Mercy Church, City Hall, the Clock Tower, Dr. Martin’s Hospital, and Kaliffi Palace.

10 Best Hotels in Croatia with Sandy Beach

The historic center is located locally – on a small island. Tourists come to walk through the narrow cobbled streets and admire the colorful shutters. From the top of the Old Town there is a beautiful view of Rovinj.

There are also many interesting places in the vicinity of the city. Vacationers go to Romuald’s cave, the Punta Corrente forest park, the picturesque Monfiorenzo quarry, to the Lim Channel and to the islands. From the city are popular day trips to Pula, Poreč, Rijeka, major cities in Italy and Slovenia.

Yaroslav Kachev: “The old city has narrow “Italian” streets of stone, labyrinths of stairs, even got a little lost. If you climb to the top, you can see the stunningly beautiful sea and coastline. Very nice atmosphere.”

What to see in Rovinj

Old Town. Photo: zgtraveladvisor / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

For a pleasant vacation with the whole family, the Valalta swimming complex is suitable. The beaches Lonec, Mulini and Cuvi will be comfortable for kids. If you’re travelling with children, you can visit the Old Town, the Oceanarium and the Rovinj History Museum!

The seaside resort is famous for its sweets. Wonderful delicacies are served in local cafes, and delicious ice cream is sold right on the embankments.

Anna: “Traveled with two children 3 and 7 years old. The road to the beach went through a gorgeous park. There are pine trees, cedar alley, beauty. And the air – you can’t get enough of it.

Holidays with children in Rovinj

If you come with older children, take a walk through the old town, visit the aquarium and the Rovinj History Museum. Photo: kokaleinen / unsplash.com.

When to go

Rovinj is good at any time of the year, but most tourists come to the Croatian city from April to late October, when the weather is warm. Beach season in Istria lasts from May to September. However, in late spring and even in June, the water in the Adriatic is quite cool. If you like warm sea and can stand the heat, plan a trip to Rovinj in July and August.

Tatyana Shevchenko: “We stayed in September for 3 weeks. The last 3 days it got a little colder, it rained and the life of the hotel stopped. At the slightest rain restaurants on the beach and at the pool are closed.

Weather in Rovinj

The beach season in Istria lasts from May to September. Photo: dtuksar / unsplash.com.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Rovinj

Authentic and photogenic Rovinj is considered by tourists to be a great place for a wedding trip, first introduction to Croatia and trips to neighboring countries – Italy and Slovenia. Rovinj attracts families with children, older tourists, young people, divers, surfers and sailing enthusiasts. A seaside resort in the west of Istria is famous for its beautiful architecture, mild climate, clean sea water and beautiful nature. A great option for a vacation by the warm sea!

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