Going to the island of Ischia! Tips on vacations, reviews and prices

Italy, Ischia Island – Reviews

I first visited the island of Ischia (Isola d’Ischia) in 2016 between May 25 and June 3. The island made a lasting impression on me and I am going there again this year!

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For a number of years, following the well-known call of Lenin and Gorky “To Italy, to the waters!”, I choose the Italian island of Ischia with its healing thermal springs and fumiroles for my health and recreational vacation…

The picturesque island in the Bay of Naples, teeming with thermal parks and springs, is not so difficult to get to. Since I managed to be there on my own, I will describe in detail how we got there from Rome.

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We were in Ischia Porto only one day to visit the Castle of Aragon, to feel the atmosphere of the city, to compare it with Forio and understand if we want to stay here again. The town is noticeably larger than Forio, it is also stretched along the coast, but it is quite a large resort town.

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Good afternoon, dear readers! Now that we’re all sitting at home on self-isolation, it’s so nice to indulge in dreams of new travels, reminiscing about the highlights of past trips. One of those is for me a trip to the island of Burano in June 2019.

The island of Ischia is volcanic, near Naples, about an hour by ferry. Strongly mountainous terrain, the roads are “serpentine”. In general, the rest is fine, but there are some nuances, which are better to know in advance.

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We chose a hotel we were hesitating between the good five to lie there and seal the whole day in the baths and cheaper accommodation, to comfortably spend the night and travel around the island.

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A city I don’t want to go back to. Why not!!! Read in the review. A true and unbiased review of a “great” drowning city. Lots of Photos.

Hi all, I was in Italy in August 2013. We originally came with my spouse in the city of Rimini. And in general I spent two unforgettable weeks. I love to travel! I love to learn something new, to discover new places, cities, culture, etc.

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Why I went to live in Milan. Telling what to look at, what to save on, and what to bring from the capital of world fashion. Lots of useful information from a seasoned traveler and a newly minted Milanese.

No matter how you look at it, travel reviews are my favorite! And so far they’ve all been at the top ) Well, I really write from the heart! I really want everyone to be able to feel what I feel, no matter where they live or what they do.

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In Naples we were only three days and visited only what was within walking distance of Corso Umberto, where we lived, between the train station and the port . We immediately ruled out going to Pompeii and Vesuvius, although it is certainly interesting.

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Some people go to Paris in April, some begin to think about their garden, but I decided to go to Pisa, though I regretted it a little. Pisa is a small picturesque town, it’s perfect for walking. If you are going to Florence, you can stop here on the way. And of course…

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I bought my tour in Coral Travel, from 27.04.19 to 04.05.19, went alone, single room. The hotel is impossible to choose, travel agency immediately warned me that I should not count on a good hotel. We took several people from our group to Anna Mare 3 hotel in Rimini.

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For a vacation, but not for a permanent residence. Honestly about Georgia through the eyes of a Belarusian. I will tell you about everyday life, culture, peculiarities, places and finances. Who should not go here.

Hello! Before going to Georgia, I read reviews and before my eyes just a beautiful picture of atmospheric streets, cheap food, cheap housing, everyone is hospitable, there is wine and dogs everywhere.

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The review for those who want to move to Moscow for permanent residence, but are afraid of the difficulties and high prices. I will tell you how we did it. I lived in Moscow for a year, settled in and bought a 4-bedroom apartment! Lots of tips + favorite places.

I originally planned to write this review like everyone else, talk about significant places in the city, etc. But then I thought my review would be much more useful if I told about my experience of moving to the Russian capital for permanent residence.

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Hi all! My husband and I agreed 2 years ago to go on vacation once a year without the kids. Last year we flew to Seychelles on a yacht cruise, this year our choice fell on Italy. We were there for 9 days, took Rome, Florence, a few mountain villages and Venice. Here about it now and I will tell you.

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S. Kabardinka, just a paradise place! There is, of course, and minuses. (How much did you spend on food? In what amount, the cost of housing? As entertained and on which beach went?

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions about the trip with my family to the Krasnodar region, and more precisely in the village of Kabardinka. Immediately I will say that I was quite satisfied, and most of all I was overwhelmed with delight). I will tell you in detail. WAY to Kabardinka, you can reach by the following ways.

Guide to Ischia


Italy is a very beautiful country with a rich history and unique nature. There are a lot of places worth visiting. Of course, everyone knows about it. But often the question arises where to go. If you have already visited the main historical part of Italy. And the main purpose of your trip is just a vacation, then consider the island of Ischia. It is the largest and most beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples.

Ischia is on the map relative to mainland Italy.

Picturesque landscapes of Ischia, olive groves, rocky mountains, beautiful beachesAll this combined, attracts tourists from all over the world.

This year I opted for the island of Ischia. Compared with other places, it seemed to be not so much popular with tourists, but the rest here were not a few, I will tell you. They come here not only for the beach holidays, but also to see the local attractions, both cultural and natural. Also, this unique place, since ancient times, has been famous for its thermal and mineral springs.

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Ischia is an island of volcanic origin, though this applies more to the west coast.

You can reach Ischia by ferry from Naples. The island is buried in verdure. Vineyards and oranges grow everywhere. By the way, the Italians themselves call this place the best in terms of winemaking. The local population is very good-natured and hospitable. It is customary here to smile.

Where to stay in Ischia?

Antalya Suite

Despite its relatively small size, on Ischia there is a fairly large selection of hotels and various kinds of real estate options, which are designed for accommodation and comfortable stay on the island, during the holidays. Moreover, it is not only objects for recreation, but also for spa treatment, because Ischia has long been known for its thermal springs with radon and chloride-sodium mineral waters, as well as sulfide silt mud. Therefore, in addition to the sea, it is also a balneological resort. Ischia owes these features to its volcanic origin, signs of which are still evident in the periodic emission of steam from its bowels and sometimes in earthquakes. For this reason, tourist interest in the island is even greater.

I want to offer a few options as a place to stay in Ischia, which, in my opinion, you may like and be interested.

First call the beautiful and luxurious five-star hotel San Montano Resort & SPA. It is located not far from the bay and the beach of the same name, in principle, as the hotel itself – San Montano. I will describe some of its features and services provided to give you a general idea of it.

For guests, there are about a dozen options for the choice of rooms, different in configuration and comfort, from single rooms to double suites.

What excursions should be visited on Ischia?


Let’s look at some excursions that you can book on the island of Ischia in Italy

sightseeing tour on the island of Ischia

This trip is organized on Mondays, its cost – 25 euros, the time it takes four to five hours.

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During this tour you will visit the most interesting places in Ischia, the program includes short stops. Six small towns – Forio, Serrara Fontana, Barano, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno and the central Ischia – are united by a beautiful road that encircles the island. In Forio we will stop near the observation point, from which we can see the panorama of the wonderful Chitara Cove and Poseidon’s Gardens. Then from the ancient fishermen’s village of Sant’Angelo we will go to the beautiful old center of Ischia Ponte, where we will take a short hike. After that we will take the bus again.

Excursion to Rome

Organized on Tuesdays; cost 150 euros.

The capital was founded in 753 BC. There is no other city on the planet with so many historical monuments from all eras. Everywhere in this city you can feel the legacy of more than thirty centuries of antiquity: the history of birth, development, decline and restoration. When you get to Rome, you’ll be imbued with the centuries-old history of the Eternal City, immersed in the atmosphere of art and get a powerful impression thanks to the majestic… read in full

What to see on Ischia?


Ischia is a volcanic island located between the Gulf of Naples and the Tyrrhenian Sea, 40 kilometers from Naples. It is called the “island of green” for its amazingly picturesque landscape and “the island of eternal youth and beauty” for the healing waters of the unique hot springs.

The thermal springs of Poseidon’s Gardens, located in Forio, in Chitara Bay, is the largest complex on the island and is protected by UNESCO. 20 different outdoor and indoor pools with a unique composition of water, underwater massage, natural thermal sauna – all this will allow you to relax and improve your health.

Amazingly beautiful and picturesque Gardens of Negombo in the Bay of San Montano and the Gardens of Apollo and Aphrodite in Sant’Angelo, delight not only the body but also the eye. These parks offer fabulous views of the sea and the surroundings, and the thermae themselves have a variety of pools with different temperatures, whirlpools and a natural sauna in the grotto.

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In the bay of Carthoramano, thermal water fountains gush directly into the sea, forming natural spa pools. All this pleasure is absolutely free and can be reached on foot from Ischia Ponte.

But not only the lush Mediterranean vegetation, thermal springs and hot healing sand attract tourists here. The island is interesting with its attractions, which, although not as many as in the mainland Italy, but they deserve attention no less than the architecture and sculpture of Verona, Siena or Parma.

Weather on Ischia by month:

Favorite place in Italy.

Ischia is my favorite place in Italy. If I could, I would spend three months a year there, just like when I was a kid on vacation at my grandmother’s house. Madly beautiful place, the nature of fascinating, bright – blue sea, pine trees, unusual, light – emerald color, flowers, vineyards, lemon gardens – all so beautiful that be sure to return here many times.

Coming here for the first time, I chose a tiny town of Sant’Angelo. It is small, with neat multi-colored houses, covered with flowers, it is quiet and peaceful. People walk on foot, sometimes, you can meet a funny little electric car carrying the suitcases of the tourists. Small, like a toy port.

Mostly people come here for the thermal waters and therapeutic mud. In the area of Sant’Angelo there are special thermal parks: “Tropical” and “Apollo – Aphrodite”, but I was not, I had enough pool with curative water in the hotel where I lived, such are in any hotel, and the sea. The town is part of the biggest beach of Ischia – Maronti. By taxi-boat (motor boat) went to the bay Sorgento, where the sources go into the sea. In small baths near rocks, local people cook eggs, the temperature in them is close to boiling. In Sorgento, in general, there were a lot of Italians, apparently this method of recuperation is popular among the indigenous population. The water in the baths is not as hot, but more than 15 minutes, is in it.

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