Going to the island of Krk! Holiday tips and reviews

The island of Krk – picturesque landscapes and waterfalls

Holidays on the island of Krk

The Croatian island of Krk, a mysterious name, is a paradise for lovers of beautiful nature and a peaceful vacation by the sea! Read reviews about it and find out what to see, what hotel to stay in and what beaches there are at the resort.


Impression of the resort

The island in the picturesque bay of Kvarner is 38 km long and 20 km wide. Krk is famous for its crystal clear waters, comfortable beaches and excellent hotels. The island is ideal for beach activities, diving, eco-tourism, as well as a starting point for trips to Italy and Slovenia. Tourists like picturesque landscapes, dense forests, vineyards and olive groves.

On the island of Krk live 18 thousand people, but in the summer the population increases several times over, due to the tourists. Sunbathing and swimming in the sea by car come families from Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany. Russian-speaking tourists are rare guests.

Coco Sisi: “We stayed in Krk in Croatia, because we came with cats, and almost all hotels and hostels in Croatia allow animals at no extra charge. From Krk you can drive to Slovenia in an hour and then through the mountains to Italy.

Holidays on Krk in Croatia

Krk is famous for its crystal clear water. Photo: Vasilisa_Musina / Depositphotos.com.

Best Hotels

There are plenty of hotels on the island of Krk, but there are virtually no all-inclusive offers. If you want to save money, rent apartments with a kitchen from locals and cook at home. Prices for accommodations within 500 meters of the sea are quite budget – 35-60 € per day. Look for accommodation on Hotelluk. It is more convenient to buy products at the Lidl store in Krk. Learn what the food prices are in Croatia.

The best hotels on the island of Krk, according to tourist reviews:

B&B Villa Vrsar 3* – stylish accommodation in Vrsar, 759 m from Orser beach. In high season a room for two with breakfast costs from 72 €.

Villa Sunce 3* is a Mediterranean villa in the resort of Punat. For double room with breakfast you will pay 94 €.

Boutique Hotel Placa 4* – a comfortable hotel in the town of Krk, 300m from the beach. A room for two with breakfast costs 158 €.

Heritage Forza 4* is a cozy hotel in an old building of the late 19th century in Baška. A double room costs from 193 €.

Luxury Apartments Villa Matea 1 5* – luxury apartments in the resort Malinska, 300 m from the beach Vantacici. Villa for five persons starts at 220 €.

Luxury Hotel Riva 5* – a luxury hotel with a health center near a pebbly beach. Double room costs from 277 €.

Beaches of the island of Krk

Beach holidays are popular on Krk, so there are a lot of people in the season. There are beaches with pebbles and concrete slabs on the shore. To make it easier to swim, steps are made to get down to the water. Completely sandy beaches on the island of Krk is not available, but areas with soft fine sand can be found at many resorts.

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Entrance everywhere is free. Tourists sunbathe on mats, yoga mats and towels. If you need more amenities, rent a lounge chair!

The water is clean and clear. Keep in mind that in the Adriatic Sea, it’s easy to step on a sea urchin in shallow water. Take care of your feet and swim in special beach shoes! At the local market rubber “koralki” sell for 7-9 €.

Igor: “The beach Stara Baska pebble, next to the parking lot. The water in the sea is clean. There are slopes to the water from different apartments. They lead to quite secluded little beaches.

Best beaches on the island of Krk in Croatia

Baska beach, Krk. Photo: Andorado / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

What to see

Take a walk around the main town, which, like the island, is called Krk. In the center there is a 5th-century cathedral, the Frankopan Castle with its round tower, and ancient fortress walls.

Fans of natural wonders go to the cave Biserujka, which was discovered in the mid XIX century. Tourists make excursions there. Near the village of Omisale are the ruins of the Roman fortifications of Fulfinum.

In Malinska resort there is an old church, and in the port there is a beautiful chapel, which was built in the XXI century. The small town Baska is famous for the wonderful view of the mountains, religious monuments, temples and museums.

The fortress town Vrbnik is alive with tourism and winemaking. Take a walk through the narrow streets of the tiny town and taste some wonderful white wine!

Inga: “The pretty town of Baska is very attractive. Lots of people on the beaches and on the streets in the evening. There are lines at the supermarket. There is an aquarium museum.”

Krk sights

Krk Cathedral. Photo: scrisman / depositphotos.com.

Krk National Park

A nature reserve in Middle Dalmatia – the crown jewel of Croatia! The park covers 109 square kilometers in the valley of the Krk River. Tourists come to see the full-flowing waterfalls of Krk, the Franciscan monastery of Visovac and the medieval Orthodox monastery of Krk. There are hiking trails through the area, and an interesting ethnographic museum works next to Skradinski Beech waterfall.

Mmmargona: “Very picturesque place! Swimming in the waterfall! We were lucky with the weather. It’s good to take water and something to eat.”

Krk National Park

Manojlovac Waterfall, Krk National Park. Photo: Michał Z / wikimedia.org / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Holidays with children

There are beaches with a mixture of sand and shells in the resort of Malinska. It’s certainly not the perfect soft sand like in the Emirates, but tiny feet will be comfortable. For a comfortable vacation with small children on the island of Krk we recommend a sandy beach Haludovo. Parents like the shallow entrance to the sea and a large stretch of well-heated shallow water.

n85: “Immediately after entering the island there is a large observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the mainland. If you walk a little further, you can take pictures of the Krk bridge, one of Croatia’s landmarks. We did not risk walking among the heated rocks in the middle of the day with a small child.

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Holidays with children on Krk

Baska beach. Photo: jana_janina / depositphotos.com.

When best to go

The first tourists arrive on the island in May, but the bathing season on Krk starts in June. In summer and early fall, the climate is very comfortable. There is little rain. The air heats up to +25 … +35 ° C, and the sea water reaches +20 … +26 ° C. In July and August in Croatia it’s hot. If you can not stand the summer heat, come to the island of Krk in June or September.

Vzhiiik: “We vacationed in early July. The weather was great, it was +34 … +36 ° C on the street, but the water in the bay was cool for me, about +22 ° C.”.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to the island of Krk

Holidays on the island of Krk in Croatia attracts tourists with beautiful nature, silence and a wonderful warm climate. Its coast is washed by the waters of the clean Adriatic Sea. Small resorts have well-developed infrastructure, and hotel rooms are much cheaper than in neighboring Italy. Beach holidays can be combined with visits to historic towns and castles, guided tours in Croatia and neighboring countries.

Croatia, Krk – review

City of Krk in Croatia! Personal experience, detailed description, lots of photos and pricing.

August 2019, we decided to try an outsider in the world of vacations, not the mass market of Europe, so to speak. Italy, Greece, Spain, France . we have never been there ? But because of the understanding of what the prices of accommodation there can be and how many people there can be, we started looking in the direction of Albania, Croatia and Slovenia. And stopped at the city of Krk in Croatia for reasons:

We were going with cats, and almost all hotels and hostels in Croatia allow pets at no extra charge;

Croatia is washed by the Adriatic Sea, as is Italy from Venice and San Marino;

from Krk you can drive to Slovenia (walk) in 1 hour, and then through the mountains to Italy (also walk);

Krk town itself has historical significance, it was a lot of interesting things, and the citizens are well preserved and keep the central part of town with the fortress, roads, etc.;

prices for housing were noticeably lower than in Italy, which was 2 hours away from Krk.

Let’s start in order .

Visa ?

Croatia is a member of the European Union, but is not a member of the Schengen agreement. Ukrainians having new type passport (with chip) can enter Croatia with no visa! Ukrainians having old style passports (without chip), as well as Russians, need visa.

  • valid residence permit of one of the Schengen countries;
  • Dual or multiple valid uniform Schengen visa (C);
  • Two-entry or multiple-entry valid Schengen visa with territorial restrictions;
  • valid long-term visa (D) issued by one of the Schengen states;
  • double-entry or multiple-entry visa (or valid residence permit) of Bulgaria, the Republic of Cyprus or Romania.

WARNING A Schengen visa gives you the right to be in Croatia, but a Croatian visa does not give you the right to enter the Schengen area!

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Road ?✈

You can get to Krk by car. On the territory of Croatia you have to pay for the road everywhere: drive on a bridge, through a tunnel, on a stretch of private road, etc. About 90% of your journey through Croatia you will buy yourself a ticket for a particular section of the road. In total, these costs can range from 20 to 50 euros. It depends on which side you are coming from.


The city of Krk is located on the peninsula Krk of the same name (Krk town on the peninsula Krk ) and on this peninsula there is Rijeka airport (Google map address Hamec1, 51513, Omišalj, Croatia). From this airport to the city of Krk it takes 28 minutes by bus or car. A very pleasant distance for me ?

Accommodation ?

The best experience !

First of all the price. Prices from 35 to 60 euros per night for a 2-4 bed room, which is at most 500 meters from the beach. A little more detail ?

Early season: May/June 35-40 euros. High season: July/August/First half of September 50-60 euros. End of season: Second half of September/October 30-35 euros. The farther from the beach, the lower these seasonal prices.

Secondly, the quality of housing and animal-friendly policy (you can bring pets). The city resembles a standard seaside village as we have in Ukraine. The village, which is closely adjacent to the city (the historical part), with houses where local people live, and part of the house they rent to tourists. Only in contrast to Ukraine, in Krk a little different level. The hosts have 3-4 storey houses, on each floor at least 3 separate bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own shower and toilet, bed and all the furniture, everything is clean and looks decent. The kitchen is usually shared, one per floor or one per house, the kitchen has a couple of refrigerators, a bunch of nice, unbeaten dishes, a stove or two, microwaves, TV and lots of tables and chairs. Own parking at the house for 2-4 cars. Conditions may vary depending on the size of the house and the owners. There are also standard hotels, they are in the city, in the historical part. We lived in the “village” that surrounds the city. By large, this village is an extension of the city, just more modern buildings. From our house to the beach was a 4-minute walk, to the historic center of the historic city 5 minutes!

Any type of lodging, be it a house, be it a hotel, can be booked through Booking or AirBNB. The local landlords there are great with that. And hotels are even more so.

Here’s a link to the house we stayed in:

In late August 2019, a 2-bed room with all amenities cost us 50 euros/day (4 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes to the historic part of town).

Laughing out loud

Guys, they don’t have sand there! The beaches there consist of concrete slabs, there are stones in the water. But do not panic before time! It’s not so bad to sunbathe on concrete. When I was going there it was hard for me to imagine a beach without sand, but here it is, in front of me, in the flesh, concrete beach and norm, I even liked it. If you take a soft mat, or yoga mat, or pay for a deck chair, the concrete beach has its advantages, and significant. The sand can always hide poo, glass, someone’s uneaten food, cigarette scraps, etc. And the concrete slab is clean, you can see everything on it, no surprises.

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Every 10-20 meters into the water “go” steps, so it was convenient from the concrete slabs to go in and out of the water.

All beaches are public, free, even if there is a hotel, it can not assign the beach area and fence it. The maximum is to put sun beds for their own and the aliens as well, but the aliens will have to pay for a sun bed, about 2 euros for the day.

The first day we lay on the first beach we reached. The second day we walked a little farther and discovered that there might be sand in the water besides rocks, and lots of it! Soft, white, fluffy. So don’t be lazy to walk back and forth on the beach. With sand in the water is much more comfortable to swim and frolic, especially children.

But stones are not a problem either. At the local market you can buy slippers for swimming. They cost about 7-9 euro, they resemble ankle socks with rubberized soles. With them you will not feel uncomfortable swimming in the water with stones.

The water is incredibly beautiful, clean! As in the movies. There are wild beaches. One rocks rocks rocks. But people go there too, there with the stones at once you jump to an unreal depth. Under you is not less than 20 meters deep at once, but the rocky bottom is visible as if it’s here, your hand can reach it.

There’s also a nudist beach. It’s a long walk, about 15 minutes, but we didn’t regret it. It was cool-chic-kasher to swim and sunbathe completely nude.

There are olive groves there too. Unripe olives taste disgusting. It makes you want to vomit?

There are restaurants in town and right on the beaches. The food is oriented to the Italian and German-Austrian audience. Pasta, pizza, wine, beer and sausages on the grill. This explains why hotels in Krk accept pets so easily and at no extra charge. For the Italian pet, whether it’s a cat or woof-woof, as a member of the family, and they would rather change the hotel than leave the pet at home.

P.S. Do not think that all hotels and beaches stink of cats and dogs, no. There for this watch and clean everything very carefully.

For 20 euros for lunch or dinner for two with wine, beer, dessert, and tea with rum (I advise, tea is awesome!). On the beach for 1-2 euros you can buy a cone with 3 balls of Italian ice cream.

In the supermarket, food prices are cheap. For 10 euros you can buy eggs, bread, vegetables for salad, sausage, milk and something for tea and it’s enough for a couple of breakfasts. We had breakfast at the house in the morning, had lunch at the restaurant on the beach. And for dinner we went into town or home again.

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Wonderful, enchanting, magnetically attractive, ancient and clean sho you can walk barefoot. I’m not kidding, I went, and others did, I saw! The historic part of town is an ancient fortress, with high walls that offer a great view of the bay and the beaches below.


A little bit of wikipedia.

Krk is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic. Settlement on this site has been continuous since Roman times, when the Roman city of Curicum was located here. The modern name of the town comes from its Roman name.

The town is inhabited by locals. The city has not been captured by hotels, shopping malls, casinos and clubs, the city has remained unique and original, ancient. But there are still a few souvenir shops, but they fit in very organically.

Romantic lanterns fill the city with warm lighting, the sea air passes over the wall mixed with the aromas of wine, ice cream and Italian cuisine, everywhere you hear cheerful and intoxicating music, people are happy, carefree, without phones in their hands … this is how I remember every night in town?

The city is very pleasant to walk around. In the evening in the restaurants the program begins – live music, performances, dancing. The restaurants are few, it’s better to make a reservation, because in the evening, when everyone comes together in town, there may not be enough space. But after 10 p.m. it’s quiet there, everybody sleeps, it’s hard to find something actively working, the streets are empty, I mean the part of town that is the fortress. Outside the fortress there are nightclubs and casinos, literally go behind the wall and in 10 meters a casino and then a club and another one. Restaurants on the beaches are also open until late. So you can still make it through the night there.

Money ?

Croatia has its own currency, called Kuna. The exchange rate is always better to check online, and then go to the exchanger. There are two types of exchange offices:

They change your euros or dollars exactly at the rate set on that day, which you can check online, but they take some kind of fixed commission for this;

no commission, but the rate is less than the one set on a given day.

From our experience, the best exchangers are in supermarkets near the cash register. They work on the first principle – with a commission. But the amount of commission was not critical at all.

I highly recommend this city, if you go, at least for a week. Otherwise, you just do not have enough time to get enough of this place! Thanks for your attention, will be happy to answer any questions about the city, road or accommodation in the comments.

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