Going to the Maldives cheap: 7 secrets. Review of prices – 2022

Prices for holidays in Maldives.

Unrealistic dream, beautiful and inaccessible, is seen by most tourists holiday in the Maldives, the prices are really high. It seems that vacation in the outer islands can only afford the rich. This myth is debunked by Russian tourists, dared to rest on a budget paradise islands.

About the local currency

The first thing a tourist should know before the trip – what to take money. The official currency is the rufiya, but U.S. dollars are valued here more than the Maldivian money. In hotels, restaurants, tour bureaus, you can safely pay in dollars.

Exchange rate to the ruble is: 4,28 rubles per one rufia. ATMs give out only local currency with a commission of $ 7-10 for any amount. But don’t hurry to fill your pockets with cash. If you have extra rubles, it will be hard to change them into dollars before you leave. Read reviews and take wise advice.

After you arrive, exchange $20-$50. This is enough to buy a ferry ticket and a light snack. If necessary, change a small amount at the hotel, café or store. Acceptable variant – 15,42 Rf for 1 dollar. The most unprofitable rate at the airport.

You can pay with Viza, MastrCard, American Express. However, cash in the Maldives is worth having on hand.

When to go?

Maldives Maldives islands pool water sky lodge hotel girl

© BKD / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

The Maldives welcomes tourists all year round. The high season is in the period from November to April . The cost of a tour at this time will cost at least 100 thousand rubles. For the budget rest it is better to go in the low season – from May to October. Brief rains can hardly scare travelers, but along with the demand goes down the price for tours and airline tickets.

Price hikes are observed in May holidays and in August. The cheapest trip is in June and July. At that time last minute deals are sold, and even luxury resorts become more affordable.

Search for last minute deals on the search engines Onlinetours and Travelata. With the help of these sites you can compare offers from more than 120 tour operators at a time. Read the secrets of finding the best deals on tours.

The cost of tours

How much does a trip from tour operators you can see in the chart below. In the Maldives it is more profitable to buy a tour, which together with the flight includes accommodation, insurance, food.

The tour price affects several factors – season or off-season, distance from the airport, the hotel class, food, room type.

A weekly tour from Moscow with a stay at a 4* hotel will cost :

  • In the low season – from 148 thousand rubles for two people;
  • At high season – from 220 000 rubles
  • Only breakfasts – 148 000 rubles
  • breakfast + dinner – 152 000 rubles
  • lunch + dinner – 160 000 rubles;
  • all-inclusive holiday – 188 000 roubles.

Tour operators rarely offer cheap options. They say wealthy people come to the Maldives and can afford a package price over 250,000 roubles. It makes sense to sit down at the monitor and search the Internet for hot deals. The main thing is to set a clear goal, and the result will not keep you waiting.

The price is for a week’s vacation. You will need money for additional expenses. Even if you are all-inclusive, you have to pay for excursions, water activities, spa treatments, fruits. Independent recreation is cheaper. The exception is luxury hotels.


ocean villa on the water island island maldives sand top

© josepons28 / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

How much is a ticket to the Maldives? Low-cost airlines do not fly here. But you will enjoy the flight on board the most comfortable airliners from Qatar, Etihad or Emirates. Flight prices (roundtrip):

  • Aeroflot direct flight from Moscow – from 37 000 rubles;
  • From St. Petersburg – from 33 000 rubles;
  • Flight with connections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha – from 30 000 rub.

It’s also possible to catch a flight in economy for 25 000 rubles. How much is the cheapest ticket according to Lowest Price Calendar? All you need to do is to choose the date with the lowest price.

The flight from Moscow to Male lasts 9 hours, with a change – 12 hours.

To travel to the Maldives, you need only have a passport. You won’t need a visa for up to 30 days.

Search for cheap tickets on Aviasales and Skyscanner. These services compare prices of all carriers. Learn the secrets of finding the best flights.

Looking for hotel

Relax Maldives hotel palm trees exotic tropics

© SuzyT / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Vacation rentals are a major expense. How much does it cost to stay in the Maldives? First, decide where to settle. Will it be an island resort and a bungalow on the water, or will you prefer a modest cottage next door to the locals. The price difference is enormous. White sand and turquoise water are the same for vacationers.

Maafushi Island: prices, reviews, hotels, beaches

Save money on accommodations by renting from locals with Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.

The cheapest option is to rent a small hostel on a local island. You can spend the night in a tiny room with artificial light for $33 during the peak season. Accommodation near the beach will cost $50 for two. However, the inhabited islands do not resemble the picture from the brochures. In a Muslim country, bikinis and alcohol are banned. You can undress in strictly designated areas, and they are not so much. But the guest houses noticeably save the budget and therefore are in demand. Hotel will cost you 10 times more expensive, especially if it is a five-star. But the comfort and service is guaranteed.

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices from various booking systems (Booking, too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.

Average prices for hotels in Maldives:

  • Standard room for two – from $200 per night;
  • Villa – from $ 300;
  • Bungalow – from $800.

There are no limits to luxury. The most renowned hotels set prices of $1,500 per night. And a luxury hotel under the water, which opened recently, offers rooms from $ 1,950 per night.

Add tourist taxes: service – 10%, VAT – 12%, environmental tax – another 6%, and all per person. And you also need to pay for transfers, food and entertainment.

How much money should I take with me? The law has set a minimum amount of $25 a day or $175 for the week. But appetite comes with food. Surely you want to try the local food, take a diving lesson and go on excursions.


In the country, which is located on the islands, you can move only by air or water. How much money does it cost to get from the airport? Expensive resorts usually provide roundtrip transfers for their guests. Independent tourists will have to adjust to the schedule of public transport.

The cost of travel per person:

  • ferry or speedboat from the airport to the capital city of Male, $1-$5;
  • ferry ticket to the nearest islands – $2-10;
  • High-speed boat ticket, depending on traffic – $30-100;
  • Seaplane flight to the outer islands – $250-700.

Cabs are only in the capital Male and Hulhumale, cost $1-2. On other islands people ride bicycles or walk.


food crab corn seafood lobster meal dinner

© Portokal / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Food prices in the Maldives are obscenely high. It’s good if you live in a resort and eat in all-inclusive restaurants. On the local island tourist can not easily find an institution where you can eat cheap and delicious. In a favorable position are holidaymakers on popular, well-established islands. The competition is high, and prices are lower. The cost of food in the cafeteria of the inexpensive hotel:

  • breakfast – from $5;
  • lunch – $ 10-15;
  • dinner, $7-$10.

Don’t count on special delights in modest establishments. Foodies staying at 5* hotels will be offered a more varied menu and a $150-250 check. A restaurant under the water for dinner with a bottle of wine for two will take $250-300.

Budget tourists buy their groceries at the stores:

When it's better to rest in the Maldives. Weather by Months

It is not recommended to take any liquor with you illegally. Customs will confiscate everything and impose a fine.


boat boat white sand house Maldives hotel palms

© FonthipWard / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

When planning your trip budget, include entertainment in the Maldives, the prices vary even between resorts. For example, snorkeling equipment is free in some places, and in some places, you will be asked for a rental fee of $ 10-20. Swimming with mantas will cost $100. Approximate rates:

  • Diving – $60-$80 for a lesson from an instructor followed by a dive;
  • Rent a mask and snorkel and flippers – from $10;
  • Reef trips for snorkeling – up to $150;
  • Fishing – $60 from a boat and $300 from a boat;
  • swimming with sharks – from $200.

Excursions to nearby resort islands are popular. You pay for the trip ($100 per boat), entrance to the area ($30) and food of your choice ($70-$90).

A popular activity is a photo session on a desert island. The photographer will charge you $200 per hour plus shuttle service to the desired island.

Note to the newlyweds

If you are planning a wedding trip and your budget allows, take a look at the Maldives. The colorful wedding ceremony has become a local tourist brand and includes a standard set of options, from room decorations and musical accompaniment to a romantic dinner and boat ride.

Weddings in the Maldives, priced from $620 to $2,900 and up.


souvenir coconut dishes shell gift

© TuendeBede / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

The week of serene happiness is coming to an end. The final stage of the trip is souvenir shopping. From the Maldives they bring:

  • wooden crockery;
  • products made of coconut shells;
  • coral jewelry;
  • necklaces made of shark teeth;
  • cushions made of coconut fibers;
  • hookahs;
  • shawls of Indian silk.

A family of three spends an average of $200 on souvenirs. Thrifty tourists limit themselves to magnets.

In the end, a budget trip for two without a flight will cost at least $ 700. Adding 2-3 excursions, you will splurge on $1000. Compared to vacationing in resorts, this is inexpensive. There the same amount you will pay for 1-2 nights. In any case, you will enjoy the sea and the beaches and feel a part of a beautiful planet.

Approximate travel budget

As usual in such articles, I give an approximate budget for an independent holiday in the Maldives. The budgets are based on the experiences of other travelers and depending on the style of travel. It is not the final truth, but will help you navigate.

Prices in the Maldives – 2022: how to go cheap? Overview and tips


Let’s run through the price tags on the luxury islands and see if the Maldives is as expensive as they “make it look”.

Maldives beach

Trite, but still: prices in the Maldives can vary greatly. It all depends on the level of comfort you require, from the purpose for which you are going to the islands. Therefore, in this article we will give the minimum rates valid for 2022, and the highest bar is accepted as unattainable.

For now it is easier to fly to the Maldives on your own. And to avoid mistakes when paying with a Russian card:

  • Look for airline tickets on Aviasales
  • hotels-resorts book on Ostrovka. Unfortunately, Maldivian hotels do not work with the only possible option for our cards on Buking


Cheap Maldives tours. Where is the best place to look?

Budget holiday in the Maldives, as a rule, is organized by yourself. And a luxury trip (i.e., to an island resort) can also be considered with a tour operator – experts in the country argue that luxury hotels on the trip are cheaper. Quite generalized borders of the tour package cost – from 150,000 to 1,000,000 rubles for a week of solitude. The amount is made up of several factors: season/season, location from the airport, promotion of the hotel, type of room and meals.

Let us show the dependence on specific figures. Price of the tour to the Maldives with a flight from Moscow to the cool and reliable hotel Cora Cora Maldives (5 stars) for 7 days for two people:

  • in June (low season) – 400 000 rubles
  • In December (high season) – 550 000 rubles

To the question of where to look. Voyages to the same hotels from tour companies are different, so we must go straight to all tour operators. These three aggregators are very convenient in this regard:

They compare available offers and display the best prices for the Maldives for two (with a child/four – according to your preferences) on the selected numbers. The services are used by many travelers and leave detailed reviews about each hotel.

Season for holidays in the Maldives. When is cheaper to go?

When is the best time to go to the Maldives? The ideal dates – they are also the most “robbery” – from November to April. During the high season, the islands are sunny and calm, although some lucky tourists the weather can upset in mid-January. Tropics are like that, unpredictable.

Where to rest in the Maldives. The best islands, beaches and hotels

The cheapest time to fly to the atolls is during the off-season, from May to October. During this time, the rains begin to fall, and demand drops a little, as well as the prices in the Maldives. Do not rush to dismiss this option! Rainfall is brief and more refreshing than annoying, as the humidity increases in the summer.

Among the budget months there are also jumps in prices: in early May airfare from Russia (holidays); in August – trips and hotels (peak vacation). The most low-cost period is June and July. There are burning tours, and some resorts are generous with cool offers like room upgrade or even free transfers.

Flight price to Maldives in 2022

Airline in the Maldives The atolls from above

The average price of a flight Moscow-Maldives-Moscow is 40-45 thousand rubles. Flying Emirates, Turkish Airlines (with a connection) and Aeroflot (direct). Flight time is ≈9 hours one way directly and from 12 hours with a connection.

These same companies often run promotions that drop up to 25,000 per person. By the way, the low-price calendar suggests that in 2022 the minimum cost of a flight to the Maldives without a sale is 30 000 rubles.

Visa for Russians

Visa to the Maldives is not necessary if the duration of the holiday is not more than 90 days. Documents to bring – passport (valid for at least six months at the time of entry), return ticket (required!), hotel reservation. There is no trace of pandemic restrictions.

Hotel prices in the Maldives 2022

Lodging in the Maldives comes in 2 types: hotel-resort and gesthouse. The difference is that the first is located on a separate island, free from outsiders (the famous concept of the island-hotel with a paradise), and the second – on a piece of island inhabited by locals (with not quite a picture of garbage, more restrictions, but also with white sand and turquoise water).

How to rent a place on your own? Now the only option – search engine Ostrovok – it works pretty well in the Maldives (and other countries), and accepts Russian bank cards.

The cost difference between a resort and a guesthouse is huge. Hotels in the Maldives are in the expensive category. In high season, the most “modest” Gangehi Island Resort (5 stars) gives a choice:

  • standard rooms for two from $200 per night.
  • villas from $300
  • Bungalows from $800

And, by Maldivian standards, this resort can not be called top. Real luxury resorts – like 5* W Maldives – set price tag from $1500 NIGHT. Do you feel the scale? .

Villa on the water (Maldives)

Hostels, though, are not so ruthless. In the peak period you can sleep from $33 for 2 people. The key word – to sleep over, because to spend time in a closet with artificial light is not particularly pleasant. Most of them are listed on the island of Maafushi – the most famous, where the Maldivians live. There are better options close to the beach – from $50 (3 * Seven Corals).

I must say that the inhabited islands – this is not a bounty-place with the many photos on the Internet. Rather, it is the “smoker’s Maldives”. There are white sand beaches, but few and prohibited to walk around in bikinis (Muslim country), azure waters and tropical greenery fade because of the garbage, and alcohol is absent in principle. So why are hostels in demand? They are a good way to save the budget, provide more freedom of movement and entertainment. Classic Maldives, with snorkeling and shark-feeding, can be seen on excursions – they are easy to buy from the locals.

A few extra points about accommodation prices:

  • Exorbitant amounts from early November through the end of April. Even more expensive during the Christmas vacations
  • Taxes are not always included in the price, which is +10% service charge, +12% VAT and +$6 per person for the environmental fee
  • Airport to resort island transfers are not included in the total if you book the hotel on your own. Plus $135-650 (depends on distance) per

6 Best Hotels

Which hotel to choose in the Maldives? Decide on the purpose of your trip: for snorkeling a home reef is important, for total relaxation by the ocean a lagoon, and for a vacation with children a convenient location to the airport and appropriate facilities.

We will outline the 6 best hotels in the Maldives with a high rating and highlight their strengths that meet the main demands of tourists. And in the next article you can see the list of 7 new hotels that will open in 2022 (what a luxury, mama dear!).

Maldives: tips on how not to spoil your vacation

The island resort from the cover of magazines and photos on Instagram. There is no other class of rooms here, otherwise like a villa on the water – where from the balcony and directly into the sea! – And privacy is paramount. The island is compact, you can walk up and down, but much nicer to ride a bike. On the plus side and the age of the hotel, it is only 3 years old. Calm (despite the sufficient infrastructure for children), green, there is a reef with fish and its own coconut farm – yes, you will not refuse a fresh coconut yogurt for breakfast.

There are many hotels in the Maldives with a reef, particularly Angaga, although it’s not as impressive here. Among others, this resort is distinguished by a successful combination of the main characteristics: an excellent beach and lagoon without sharp corals, a variety of food (and the emphasis not on seafood, but on meat, which is rare), colorful underwater life and those very villas on the water. According to tourist reviews, the hotel is a good example of value for money.

The place, in its own way, is unique. It is a hotel built on the inhabited island of Hanimadu, but with a hint of seclusion and resort views. So let’s say, inexpensive Maldives, but not at the level of a gesthouse. On private territory – its own beach, where you can splash in a bathing suit, spa and fitness, swimming pool, diving center, take out snorkeling. About the kitchen also positive comments. Of the minuses – the transfer of 45 minutes by plane from Male, the need for covered clothing outside, curious locals nearby.

Angsana embodies the true concept of a bungalow in the Maldives – with its own private corner by the ocean, a palm tree and a hammock. An accessible reef with plenty of coral, powdery sand and a wide lagoon. Here everything is brought to an exemplary level – service, food, rooms, no contact with the guests, but at a corresponding cost.

Experienced travelers are advised to look at prices in the Maldives with this hotel, proven by thousands of our compatriots and cost, in general, democratic. Sun Island – the most Russian resort, large and spacious, and therefore crowded. A normal lagoon is normal, so-so the reef, any entertainments and, certainly, all inclusive.

One of the best for a vacation with children – half an hour by boat from the airport, children’s club with animation, several restaurants with different cuisines, shallow entrance to the water, soft sand. Near the island are two neighboring resorts of the same network, one of them can freely visit (by boat). Not much to do with snorkeling – there is almost no reef. Instead, there are surfing classes, yoga and spa treatments.

The price of food in the Maldives

The cost of food directly depends on where the tourist is staying – in a resort or on a local island.

Hotel menu prices in Maldives Beach in Maldives

Resorts. Interestingly, in the Maldives is not recommended to take “all inclusive” (except – if life without alcohol is not nice). They say it’s a waste, because, for the most part, the food is not particularly diverse, and the liquor – from India. High-quality alcohol only for money (for example, $35-100 for a bottle of wine, $10-20 for a cocktail). More economical will come out the hotel on a half or full board with a separate fee for food or drinks.

Approximate prices in the Maldives for food in resorts for two:

  • Water 1.5 liters – $5
  • Pizza/pasta for lunch – $70-100
  • Dinner without alcohol – $150-200

Of course, the higher the class of the hotel, the higher the cost of the food.

Spa Prices Maldives

Local Islands. A couple of nuances: the food in the Maldives is spicy and does not shine with a wide selection of products used, fruit – expensive, because imported (except coconuts), alco is not sold by the word at all, to cook yourself is unlikely to succeed.

Backpackers eat at local establishments or grab something in stores. Price tags:

  • Salad at a cafe is $5-7.
  • Second course (meat/fish) from $20
  • Juice packet – $2
  • Pack of cookies – $1
  • Water – $1-2
  • Mango, kg – $10-15

Cost of transport

Atolls in Maldives Airplanes (transfer to hotels) in Maldives

Prices for recreation in the Maldives and formed by moving around the country. There are a lot of problems with this: to move between islands is possible only by water or by air.

Hotels-resorts themselves arrange transfer of guests from the airport (by boat or plane, sometimes hydro), and from this there is no way to escape – such are the rules forcing to lay out an average of $ 300 per person. But between local islands (for example, from Hulhumale to Maafushi) it is quite possible to travel on budget – by national boats doni or, in Russian, ferries.

  • Doni/ferry – inexpensive ($1-2) and fairly slow transport
  • Fast boats: you can go anywhere and get there quickly. Cost depends on distance (locally, starting at $20).
  • Local carriers and seaplanes are not affordable, but you must pay.
How much does it cost to vacation in the Maldives - 2022

Dhoni on Maafushi.

Relevant to the “savages.” The island of Maafushi is one of the preferred places to stay in the archipelago. It is chosen by those who need a reasonably priced accommodation in a hostel.

How to get from the airport, if the final destination is the above-mentioned island? From there the ferry leaves from Villingili Ferry Terminal and arrives to Maafushi ($2).

Useful articles:

Prices for entertainment and excursions

Scuba Diving Maldives

When calculating prices in the Maldives, budget for a couple of excursions or activities as well, even despite the promoted idea of a seal holiday. For resorts the cost is steeply different, and if very roughly, manta rafting – from $100, snorkeling gear – free or $10-20.

In the case of an independent tourist, leisure time is a little more fun.

What to do. Scuba or snorkel enthusiasts can head to Maafushi, where the Maafushi Dive School is very popular. Rates should be guided around $60-80 for theory and a dive. Extreme? Then go to the whale sharks. Real swim with the huge fish – that’s a real treat for those who want to tickle their nerves ($ 200 per person).

What to see in the Maldives? There is an excursion to Male, but reviews of it are 50/50. But the trip to the island resorts sells out like crazy. You pay for transport and entrance to the island, plus meals of your choice. For example, from Maafusha to the island Fihalokhi such a trip costs about $100 per boat (typed into a group), $ 30 for each admission to the territory $ 70-90 optional lunch.

Beaches in the Maldives. How much does it cost to get in?

The beaches of the Maldives are something that stirs the imagination of people going on vacation. Surely you too are painting yourself colorful pictures and looking at photos of the beaches of the archipelago. Don’t just limit yourself to sightseeing in Male and scuba diving on Maafushi. Have you seen the glowing beaches? And there are some on Waadhu Atoll, and the spectacle is worth the long drive.

Sandy Beach in Maldives

Which beaches garner the best reviews?

  • The beaches of Fulhadu Island. The island itself is small (250 meters by 2.5 kilometers), on one side of it there are white broad beaches. They have a cool, secluded atmosphere
  • Biado – this tiny island also boasts beautiful beaches. If you try hard, you can find a corner where no one will disturb to enjoy the silence. A special atmosphere creates a riot of tropical greenery near the shoreline. Admission – $30
  • The beaches on Fihalhohi Island are also on the list of attractions to visit. Despite the fact that the island has a lot of tourists, the beaches themselves are quiet, holidaymakers will enjoy a rich coastal fauna – fish, small sharks, turtles, stingrays
  • Great beach and is famous for uninhabited island of Maadhu. The shore and the bottom of the shoal are made of white sand, the ocean opens up about a kilometer from the land. In the shade of the trees you can cook meat, there are arranged places for this. On Maadha regularly organized excursions-picnics (for example, from the neighboring Maafushi), the approximate cost of such an event is about $ 40-50
  • Those who go to the Four Seasons Hotel (Baa Atoll) are very lucky with the beach. Comfortable dry climate, no insects, sandy shallow water, good for recreation with children. If you have chosen a hotel of the same network, but on North Male, the beach will also please you with its cleanliness and grooming. The coast and the bottom are coral crumbs and white sand

Three tips for tourists: how to rest inexpensively in the Maldives?

In conclusion, we would like to give a few pointers. All these are tips for tourists who have been to the Maldives:

  • Monitor flight and hotel prices in the Maldives in 2022 between May and October. Moreover, it is more important to book accommodation, and it is better to do it six months in advance. Cheap flights are more likely to be found a month before the desired date
  • Choose islands where you can rent cheap accommodation, provided that you do not qualify for luxury hotels. Maafushi, Toddu, Rasdu, Male, Mativeri are considered budget islands.
  • Look for establishments “for your own,” and may you be more or less priced for sustenance

Copying of materials is allowed only with a mandatory direct, active and open for indexing a hyperlink to howtrip.ru.

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