Green Canyon: 50 Shades of Green. Our Turkey tour review

Turkey, Green Canyon – review

How many times I was in Turkey, but Green Canyon or Green Canyon remained without attention, this year we just the contrary turned our attention to him, because we were with a small child and picked up not very tedious excursions. Our tour operator offered us a boat ride in the Green Canyon.

The way there from Belek, which is where we stopped on vacation, plus the ascent along the serpentine road took about two hours. But the natural grandeur that we saw, was worth it.

Green Canyon is a reservoir that sits between the mountains, has several springs, and also has an unusually beautiful green water color.

We went on an excursion at the end of April, the weather was warm, but here the weather is variable, when the wind is cold, so you should take a jacket in case of wind, but close to noon on the water was unbearably hot, all certainly tanned, so I advise to bring a cream and towel, and always a hat. In our excursion the drinks were included, but I advise to specify it, because without water you will not last long here, it is better to take a bottle.

So, you go on your boat with a few hours of sailing through the Canyon, eyes diverted and want to photograph every corner.

Views are really beautiful, a combination of water and mountains and green trees, always a very calming effect on people

Perhaps this is why this tour is very easy, the guides do not say anything, do not burden you with information, and just put on music and let you relax, someone is sunbathing, someone shoots, someone just relaxes, enjoying nature

You swim through the entire Canyon, that is, a few hours to make a big circle with stops, swim in all the tunnels, that’s a special charm of this place.

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Where the sun penetrates the least, there is the most amazing shade of water, milky turquoise color

To be honest, I generally saw such a shade of water only in pictures, so it seemed like a fairy tale.

In general the water changes its color every time, depending on the play of sun and shade, just striking the variety of colors

During your tour you will stop for a swim, but at our time of year, not everyone dared to get into the water, the water was of course cold, much colder than the sea, but the guide said that in August, even here, the water is heated and it is a pleasure and a comfortable swim.

Another stop will be made for fishing, which was not a success, because the bait you will be offered only bread, plus there are fry, and the hooks in the rods are very large, well, my husband explained that to me)))

Who is not going to fish you can have a sunbath, a rest from the rocking or take pictures of waterfalls, which I did, for example))))

Another stop will be for lunch, where a large buffet, and you can choose a hot dish of fish, meat or chicken, in addition to this taste lamb on a spit. Drinks are included. Lunch was very good.

After that, satiated, satisfied, bathed, you go to the back, the heat is gone, and it becomes quite comfortable.

One of the funny moments that add to your trip is when you will pass a large boulder, which in the next photo, the captain of your ship will turn on the music from the movie Titanic, make a few beeps, and bypass this boulder you will it to the very close)))) For some reason, this chip is very etched in my memory)))

Despite the stops, to stay this long on the water is difficult, so if you get motion sickness, it is better to have remedies for seasickness, because in the sun this situation will be aggravated. By the second part of the trip most of us have already gone down the canopy

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And at this point you probably pass one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the canyon. It is impossible to miss a sight!

So, your tour is slowly coming to an end, and the road home is ahead.

I definitely recommend visiting this place, it might even be much more romantic on your own. I would go back there again, because it is not only a very beautiful and pleasant place, it is also very atmospheric, where you can relax your mind, soul and body.

Green Canyon: 50 Shades of Green

Telling about our trip to the epic Green Canyon near Side. Where we bought the tour, how the walk goes, what we liked and what we didn’t.

While vacationing in Side, we visited with a tour a wonderful place called the Green Canyon. It is a malachite kingdom among the rugged Taurus Mountains. The water changes shades of green depending on the light, from rich opaque green to azure and even milky turquoise.

Green Canyon is part of the reservoir, which was formed as a result of the construction of the dam. It is considered to be the largest artificial water reservoir in Turkey. Just imagine, its area is about 500 hectares! Where the canyon is wide, calm and peaceful. In the mirror-like smoothness of the quiet water reflect stone islands and pine-covered shores. But in the place where the canyon narrows severely, under the steep cliffs of the gorge you feel like a small and helpless man. In some places the emerald water has flooded the trees, and their skeletons sticking out above the surface are vaguely disturbing. The canyon is so narrow and the mountains so high that even a wide-angle lens cannot capture the whole of this grandiose landscape in one frame. It’s a very beautiful place, very impressive. And other than from the water, these stunning views just can not be seen, so this excursion in Turkey is definitely not worth missing.

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A view of the Green Canyon from the restaurant where the excursionists are having lunch. Lyosha in Green Canyon.

Where did you buy the tour

We bought our excursion to Green Canyon on our favorite service Tripster. We went from Side, but you can go from Antalya, Belek and Alanya. We bought on Tripster because there you can read real tourist reviews and easily choose a good and interesting tour. The prices are lower than those of street sellers, and there is more reliability. In addition, there are unique author’s tours that will show you the country from a new side. I heartily recommend it. The tour costs 35 € per person. Lunch, transfers, drinks and fishing gear are included.

We never take tours from tour operators and hotel guides, because we do not like lies. What nonsense they do not hang on the ears of gullible tourists! Like, to go to the sights and especially to rent a car in Turkey is very dangerous, no one is responsible for you, and the locals are just waiting for an opportunity to rob you. In the era of the pandemic, these scoundrels have invented another trick: allegedly, only buying an excursion from the hotel guide, you can get into a kind of police “base” and get the opportunity to freely walk around the resort and move around the country. And how can they not be ashamed of such a brazen lie? In general, it is better to stay away from these rascals. Learn the truth about the tours in Turkey.

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Green Canyon in Side

Small Canyon.

How was the tour.

We were picked up from the hotel on time and brought by minivan to the start of the tour. By the way, it was funny with the transfer – we were driven alone, because due to the lockdown and a ban on flights with Russia, there were very few tourists in the resorts.

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I started to like the excursion from the first minute. There were only 15 tourists on the boat: three Estonians, four Germans, a couple of Ukrainians, one Turk and a few Russian speakers. And usually there are 100-150 people on these boats at a time. So we could at least play soccer on deck. In general, the cruise was pleasant and quiet.

At first we were shown the Small Canyon. Then we went fishing (only the captain caught fish, so it can’t be excluded that it was a worked out scheme from “The Diamond Hand”). Then we were fed. Well, after that began the most beautiful – a trip through the Grand Canyon. Glad that at this point, we played an epic instrumental music, so that we could imagine themselves as a Viking, sailing among the majestic fjords. And the local scenery really does look like fjords!

After all this beauty the captain made a stop for a swim, but in April the water was still very cold and we only got a tan. Only the hot Estonian girls were brave enough to dive into the cold water. They say the water warms up only in August, and it’s nice to swim in the canyon after the exhausting heat on the coast.

Fishing in Green Canyon. On the upper deck of our boat.

What we liked and didn’t like

Green Canyon (Green Canyon) is a very popular excursion in Turkey. But don’t let its popularity embarrass you. Once you see such beauty, you will just stop noticing your neighbors on the tour!

I liked that during the walk from the contemplation of nature experience different emotions – from amazement at the different shades of water and appeasement to admiration of the scale of rocks and a sense of helplessness in front of them.

Note that this is a walk, not a tour. The guide does not bother with stories and does not load facts, you just enjoy the beautiful views, relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing. Especially cool on the tour in the summer, because you can swim in the canyon.

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The cool thing is that any drinks are included during the outing, not just water. Lunch is not fancy, but you can choose – meat or fish. I advise to take fish.

Also for the walk in the Grand Canyon lucky music – so epic that you feel like a character in the movie “Lord of the Rings” or a Viking. But while cruising through the Little Canyon, the music is poorly chosen. But this is a trifle, and it does not spoil the impression of the walk.

In general, if you are bored with the beach and you’re tired of the heat, I advise you to diversify your holiday trip to a cool and picturesque Green Canyon! Be sure to bring a sweatshirt or cape because it can be chilly, a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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