Hainan holiday costs – 2022. Prices for tours, food, tours.

Beach vacations in Hainan 2022: when to go, hotels, and what to do

Island south of the sea – that’s how the name of one of China’s islands and a popular resort province of Hainan is translated. The coastline of 1500 km with white sand, plantations with bananas, mangoes and coconuts, healing springs, Buddhist temples – it’s a small part of what can pleasantly surprise the island in the South China Sea.

When best to vacation in Hainan

Hainan treats locals and visitors to 300 days of sunshine a year. Subequatorial climate allows you to relax on the beach all year round: the temperature mark in the coldest months (December, January) does not drop below +18 ° C. In July and August the temperature remains high, averaging +29-30 ° C. The water gets as warm as +23-24°C in winter and up to +29°C in summer. The golden season on the island lasts from November to May.

Weather in resorts of China

If we talk about when it’s better to vacation in Hainan, it is recommended to choose the comfortable spring months (March and April) and November. Unfavorable for the trip will be October and June (they have the peak of rainfall), as well as the summer (high temperatures combined with high humidity is difficult to endure).

When you can swim

Best Beaches in Hainan on the map

How to get to the island

Two airports on the island serve international flights: Kamelia Airport in Haikou and Phoenix Airport in Sanya. One can reach Sanya from Moscow for 18-22 thousand rubles with connections in the following cities:

  • The trip time in Novosibirsk, taking into account 3.5-5.5 hour transfers will be 14.5-18 hours;
  • Hangzhou: roundtrip with a 2-hour connection takes 15 hours;
  • Shanghai: waiting time between flights is 4 hours, total flight time is 16.5 hours.

There may also be one-way connections in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Direct charter flights by I Fly, Asur Air take 9.5 hours to Sanya.

  • When searching for air tickets, we advise you to use the calendar from airlines, it saves time and shows all the bargain options.

Tour packages to Hainan in 2022

Recreation on the Chinese island in terms of price can be compared to popular destinations: Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia. The cost of a vacation on Hainan from Moscow in a 4-star hotel will be on average 40-45 thousand, including accommodation and breakfasts for 8-10 days.

With what currency to go on vacation

Going on vacation, it is better to take care of buying the yuan in advance. The best option would be to buy currency in Russia. Neither the dollar nor the euro are legal tender in China. They can be exchanged for local money at the airport, banks and sometimes in hotels. Exchange of not spent yuan is possible only on presentation of the receipt on their purchase.

Not everywhere accept bank cards, so it is recommended to take cash in Hainan.

Language of communication

Hotels, restaurants and other tourist infrastructure are oriented to Russian guests. Russian-speaking guides and restaurant menus in Russian help feel comfortable on vacation. However, locals only speak Chinese. Moving around the island on your own, you need to take with you an Internet translator. In local stores, it will help to explain to the seller what you want to buy.

How much money to take in China - 2022

On vacation tourists often have to use cab services, because it is impossible to rent a car because of the difference in signs and rules. To ensure that the driver does not get the wrong destination, you should give the exact address or show it on the map.

sun loungers

Beach at Dadong Hai Bay

Chinese food and what to try

Restaurant menus include a large number of seafood dishes. There is no shortage of fresh shrimp, crabs, fish, clams and scallops. Lovers of gastronomic exotics try sea urchin and frogs.

Those who do not like seafood can order the popular in Asia “chicken rice”, which is steamed together with meat. The finished dish consists of plates with meat, rice, vegetables and sauce. It should be noted that sauces in China are oily and greasy, which is unusual for the Russian tourist.

Other famous meat dishes are Jaiji Dak (duck meat) and lamb Dongshan. The latter is served with a special soup.

The daily diet of the Chinese includes rice noodles in broth with the addition of roasted peanuts or sesame as well as bamboo slices.

One national dish worth trying is hogo stew, which consists of mushrooms, pieces of beef (or fish), vegetables, and tofu.

Chinese dessert is fresh fruit picked from nearby plantations: lychee, mango, guava, passion fruit, pineapple, etc. They are also used to make freshly squeezed juices.

All varieties of products are on display in the markets. Sea creatures are kept here in aquariums. Visitors can choose a product they like and ask to cook it. For this purpose, there are special pavilions (kitchen) on the territory of the market. When buying take into account that the price is specified for 500 grams of food, and not for 1 kg, as it is usual in Russia.

Tired of exotics tourists can eat in Russian restaurants, of which there are a great many in Hainan.

Hotels in Sanya on the first line

View from Sanya MGM Grand in Yalong Bay

Medical Tours

The island is considered China’s premier health resort. The country invests heavily in the development of medical tourism in Hainan. This is where the greatest number of hospitals and clinics is concentrated.

The most highly skilful doctors work in state medical establishments. Unusually, Chinese doctors have the title of officers and the best medical establishments are called military hospitals, though they admit people from outside the military profession. When contacting a government institution, keep in mind that doctors do not take bribes, so you should not try to thank them in the form of money.

Red Beach in China

The most common diseases that people come to hospitals with are problems with skin, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, as well as urological and oncological diseases.

You should handle with caution when visiting private clinics, because you might fall for the charlatans. Despite the government’s struggle against dishonest doctors, “clinics” open all the time in Hainan with no license and their sole aim is to extort money.

Often travel agencies offer ready-made treatment tours which include accommodation in a hotel and procedures at a nearby medical center. The approximate cost of a seven-day tour for treatment of the gastrointestinal or respiratory system will be 80-90 thousand rubles. It would include a flight, hotel accommodation with breakfasts and a week-long treatment program.

What to do on the island and tours

The main advantage of Hainan – clean sandy beaches and exotic attractions.

During the vacation, we advise to visit:

  • Nantian and Tianyuan hot springs and bathe in fonts with different water temperatures;
  • picturesque parks Deer Turned Your Head and The End of the World Park;
  • Monkey Island, which can be reached by cable car and interact with curious animals;
  • Nanshan Buddhist Center, a beautiful place where Buddhists from all over the world come to visit;
  • The statue of the goddess “Guanyin” made of pure gold and weighing 140 kg, decorated with topaz.

Where to vacation in Hainan

Popular holiday destinations in Hainan are Haikou and Sanya. The provincial capital is inferior to Sanya in terms of beach quality, so most tourists prefer to go to Sanya resorts – Yalunwang, Dadunhai, Sanya Bay.

Dadunhai, opened to tourists in 1988, was the first seaside resort in Sanya. It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Restaurants, bars, and stores are within walking distance of the hotels. The resort is suitable for fans of nightlife, which is simply boiling in Dadunhai.

  • Barry Boutique 5* (stay from 6700 rubles per night);
  • Resort Intime Sanya 5* (from 7200 rub);
  • Likind Resort Sanya 4* (from 6900 rubles), etc.

However, the variety of hotels is suitable for tourists with different income levels. For example, the price of a 3-star hotel per night (with breakfasts) varies from 2,500 to 5,000 rubles.

Note that the beaches of the popular resort are loved not only by tourists, but also by locals, so it is always crowded.

room photo

Barry Boutique Hotel 5 stars

  • Hilton Sanya Resort 5* with water slides, a playground and a mini-club;
  • The Ritz-Carlton 5* with water slides, Uncle Martin’s garden, zoo, playgrounds;
  • MGM Grand Sanya 5* with kids menu, arcade, water rides, animation.

room view

The Ritz-Carlton 5 Stars.

Hainan is a paradise island for a year-round vacation. Here you can not just spend time on the sea coast, but also get acquainted with the culture of an exotic country and undergo treatment at the best clinics.

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Hainan holiday costs – 2022. Prices for tours, food, tours.

How much is a vacation in Hainan? What are the prices of hotels and apartments, how much is the flight to the island? What are the prices of food and products on the island, how much does it cost to eat in cafes and restaurants? What are the prices for travel and car rental? We answer all these questions on Tour Calendar!

How much does it cost to vacation on Hainan Island? (Photo © Cory M. Grenier / flickr.com)

  • Air tickets, hotels – all in one place. Cheapest prices on Yandex.Travel
  • Find interesting vacations. Local excursions on Tripster.
  • Flights from 1045₽ on Aviasales.com.
  • Compare tours from different tour operators on Travelate

The cost of holidays in Hainan depends on the time of year in which you travel . In high season, from October to December and from March to May, the prices of tours, airfare, and accommodations go up, while the rest of the year they go down.

For simplicity you can add zero to the price in yuan, for example 100 yuan will equal 1000 ruble.

Tour prices in Hainan island

The cost of tours on the island of Hainan with a flight from Moscow and accommodation in 3 * and 4 * hotels starts approximately from 70 thousand rubles for 7 days for two persons. Sometimes you can see bargain options – for example, a tour for two for 12 days for only 80 thousand rubles.

If you take a hotel with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), the cost of the tour will increase significantly – for example, such options with accommodation in 5 * hotels will cost from 125000 rubles. We recommend not chasing after the Chinese “all inclusive” and choose a good hotel with breakfasts, and for lunch and dinner you can go to a cafe or restaurant. That and come out a lot cheaper, a bonus you’ll get to know the local colorful cuisine.

The most popular tours to Hainan Island among residents of the Far East with flights from Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Irkutsk. However, keep in mind that because of the low ticket prices from these cities, it may be more advantageous to travel independently without a travel agent.

Choosing a good hotel usually guarantees a good vacation in Hainan (Photo © Alexander Karpenko / flickr.com)

Choosing a good hotel usually guarantees a good holiday in Hainan (Photo © Alexander Karpenko / flickr.com)

Airfare in Hainan

The average cost of round trip airfare from Moscow to the island for one person ranges from 40,000 to 60,000 rubles, sometimes airlines have different promotions and there is an opportunity to buy a ticket for a really good price. Another way to buy an inexpensive ticket to Hainan is to monitor the options during the low season (summer and early fall, and partly in winter).

Hainan is 10 hours away from Moscow by plane (Photo © byeangel / flickr.com)

Hotel prices in Hainan

Accommodation prices in hotels in Hainan have a wide range. For example, you can rent a bed-space in a general hostel for 300-500 rubles. Accommodation in a 4* hotel starts at 1100 rubles, and in a 5* hotel – from 1500 rubles. There are also options for those who like to live in their own apartments – the cost from 500 to 10000 rubles or apart hotels – can reach 40000 rubles and higher.

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What are the prices for tours in Hainan

The activities of travel agencies in Hainan island in 2013 became subject to strict licensing, so now here you will not meet on every corner of the “Wasi” and “Mash”, offering a trip to the sights at low prices. Of course you can save money by buying tours from Chinese operators. But in this case there is often a problem with the language barrier, in Hainan, not only in Russian, few people speak English. If you are not afraid of this, you can save up to 20-30%.

So, how much are usually the excursions with a Russian-speaking guide? Let’s make a brief review of the prices for tours of the island of Hainan:

  • Nantian Thermal Springs – 280 CNY
  • Nanshan Buddhism Center – 350 CNY
  • Monkey Island Reserve – 250 CNY
  • Dragon of Asia Bay (and Butterfly Gorge + Shell Museum) – 250 CNY
  • Park “The End of the World” – 210 CNY

If you want to visit a particular attraction on your own, it only makes sense if it is very close by. Otherwise, it will be much cheaper to go there with an organized tour.

How much does it cost to rent a car

As you probably know by now, our rights do not apply in China, so it is unlikely that you can legally drive a rented car. Of course you can get a Chinese driver’s license, but for a short trip this trouble is unlikely to be unreasonable. A simpler and more appropriate solution would be to rent a car with a private driver. It usually costs 100 to 500 CNY per day plus fuel costs. If you rent a car through a firm, it will cost a little bit more – 300-1000 CNY, plus gasoline.

Video: review of renting a scooter in Hainan without a license

Food in Hainan

Many tourists going to vacation in Hainan refuse the all-inclusive system, because it is too expensive in China. If you are one of them, you will most likely have to buy some food, go to cafes and restaurants. It is a good idea to know in advance how much the food will cost to plan for this item of expenditure. By the way, in Hainan there is not only the traditional local cuisine, you can eat and quite familiar to Europeans dishes, and in general, the food here is very diverse, while for every budget.

Prices for products in stores

  • White bread 500 gr. – 8 CNY
  • Rice, 1 kg. – 7 CNY
  • Milk, 1 l. – 15 CNY
  • 12 Eggs. – 13 CNY
  • Chicken breast, 1 kg. – 18 CNY
  • Cheese local, 1 kg. – 80 CNY
  • Beef (thigh), 1 kg. – 40 CNY
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The cost of fruits and vegetables in Hainan

  • Apples, 1 kg. – 15 CNY
  • Papaya – 7-9 CNY
  • Mango – 5 CNY
  • Mangosteen – 12-15 CNY
  • Guava – 11-12 CNY
  • Bananas, 1 kg. – 8 CNY
  • Oranges, 1 kg. – 11 CNY
  • Tomatoes, 1 kg. – 5 CNY
  • Potatoes, 1 kg. – 5 CNY
  • Onions, 1 kg. – 2.5 CNY
  • Chinese cabbage, 1 piece. – 6 CNY

Prices for alcohol and drinks

  • Water, 1.5 l. – 4 CNY
  • Coca-Cola, 2 liters. – 9 CNY
  • Imported beer, 0.33 l. – 15 CNY
  • Red wine – 200 CNY
  • Local beer, 0.5 l. – 4 CNY

Food prices may vary in different parts of the island. In the stores and markets in Yalunwang you have to pay 10-15% more than in other regions of Hainan.

Video: Where to Eat in Hainan

Cost of Ready Food in Pineapple Mall

  • Peking duck – 0.5 kg 20 CNY
  • Noodles with meat and vegetables CNY 8

Cost of food in restaurants and cafes

  • Fried rice with squid – 26 CNY
  • Pasta with shrimp – 28 CNY
  • Soup – 20 CNY
  • Dumplings with pork – 28 CNY
  • Fried fish – 42 CNY
  • Pork shish kebab 49 CNY

In Hainan you can have a decent meal for 300 rubles or 3000 rubles (Photo © Alpha / flickr.com)

Transport in Hainan

Hainan has excellent transport links. There are two international airports, bus and train services, cabs, bicycle rickshaws, and motor rickshaws. The roads are good, and the main cities on the island are connected by a ring road. There is also a “cable car” in Hainan, which takes you to the Nanwan Monkey Island.

The cost of transportation in Hainan:

  • Train fare – 50 to 100 CNY
  • Bus fare: 2 CNY
  • An average cab ride will cost about 10 CNY for the first 4 km and 1.50 to 2 CNY for the next 4 km.
  • Bicycle rickshaws and motor rickshaws cost CNY 8-9 per seat and 2 km, but you can sometimes get a bargain for less.

How much money to take to Hainan

Based on the above prices and your needs you can calculate the minimum amount you need to take on a trip. If you still have questions, here is an excellent video, which we hope will help you in planning a budget trip to Hainan.

Video: how much money to take on vacation in Hainan

What are the prices for vacations in Hainan?

Find out the latest prices for vacations in Hainan, you can on the leading sites to choose the best tours, excursions and airline tickets.

Remember you can buy tours to Hainan cheaper on Travelata.ru – search trips from hundreds of tour operators! Use our promotional codes AF2000turcalendar for additional discount of 2000 rubles (tours from 100 rub), AF1500turcalendar 1500 rubles (from 80 rub), and AF1000turcalendar 1000 rubles (from 60 rub)!

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