Hanoi: how to get from the airport to the center

How to get from Hanoi Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi?

How much and what is the best way to go from Hanoi Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi? Which way is cheaper and which one is faster? How to get to Hanoi from the airport at night? How to get from the airport to the city center, train and bus stations? Detailed description of all types of public transport with schedules of day and night flights, travel time and ticket price. Car rental and road map of Hanoi Noi Bai Hanoi Airport, as well as reviews and travel tips 2022.

Car map of Hanoi Noi Bai Airport – Hanoi

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport (HAN) – Hanoi – distance, time, gas cost

Distance 33.45 km
Time 30 min
Petrol price 164 р.

Calculating the cost of gasoline

Route options

Via Phạm Văn Đồng, Võ Văn Kiệt 33452.9 1837.1
Via Cầu Nhật Tân, Võ Văn Kiệt 34035.7 1890.3

The love of travel in our family is mutual. After watching “Heads & Tails”, my husband and I decided to go to Vietnam. By the way, it was our first trip abroad, so we are pretty serious about the trip. My husband was engaged in buying tickets, collecting useful and necessary things. But I was given the main task – to study a forum with tourist reviews, how to get to the city of Hanoi, so as not to confuse about the routes upon arrival, and in general, to be confident in their actions. So, now for the most important thing.

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport

The plane landed at Noi Bai International Airport (Noi Bai) which is the only airport in Hanoi. Approximately 45 kilometers between the city center and the airport, so it is not a short drive. It should be noted that the airport is small, so if you are not lucky, you can get in a large crowd of people, queues.

The airport has two terminals:

  • Terminal 1. It is very conveniently located in the old airport building, so you do not need to get to him a couple of kilometers, as it happens in other airports.
  • Terminal 2. The same terminal was opened literally recently, in 2015. Its purpose is to serve international flights.

Just in case, when I was preparing for the trip, I downloaded the schemes of the terminals, so as not to get confused by the banal excitement in a foreign country.

And now about the means of transport to get to Hanoi.

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How to get to Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport

There are several ways to get to the city center:

How to get to Hanoi by bus from Noi Bai Airport (Noi Bai)

This is probably the easiest way in terms of convenience and money. If the traveler saves every penny, this way is fine. But keep in mind that if there is a small child, such a trip can be something on par with anguish. The bus is hot, a lot of people, not the fact that paying money, you will have a place to sit, most likely you will have to stand. The center of Hanoi and the airport are connected by two routes: route number 7 and route number 17. Again, about convenience. Bus stops are located directly on the right side, if you exit the terminal. Therefore it is almost impossible to search for a long time or to confuse the route.

Ticket price

Now for the fare. The ticket price is VND8,000, which is $0.36. However, the price may change if you have bulky luggage. This bypassed us, as we were practically light, with only one large backpack and a small gym travel bag.

Travel time from the airport to Hanoi is about an hour. The advantage is that if for some reason you didn’t make it to the bus, you can wait for the next one. They run every 15 minutes, from 05:00 to 22:00 in the morning. As I mentioned above, there are two routes (#7 and #17). Bus #7 goes to Kim Ma station. And bus #17 goes to the Long Bien station. To get to the bus stop, you have to leave the terminal, pass the minibus stop, walk to the billboard, which will be visible from afar and there is a bus stop The first route goes quite far from the tourist area, so it is best to get on #17.

Just recently, this year, 2016, a new bus was launched that not many people know about yet. It moves under the number 86. It is comfortable enough, designed for 80 passengers, there is even wi-fi, so the time on the road will fly by quickly. The fare on this bus costs 30,000 dong. The fare can only be paid in cash and already when boarding the bus itself. If you have luggage, a special person helps you to bring it, it is not charged. The bus stop is called Ha Noi Central Post Office. Travel time as with a regular bus – about an hour if there is no traffic.

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Where to buy tickets

You can buy tickets for the bus directly on the bus.

Minibus to Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport

Minibus is a transport of the Vietnamese airlines (Hanoi Airport Minibus). However, this method is not as budget-friendly as the first one.

There is no time schedule for minibus departures. In other words, the minibus leaves when it is full and it does not leave until you get the right number of passengers. If you ask me, it is one of the minuses, because when you arrive at the airport you want to go to the place of rest to have a rest from the road.

The final stop of the minibus is the Vietnamese airlines Quang Trung office.

Where to buy tickets

You pay for your ride in cash to the driver. When you get in the minibus, the driver promises to take you to the right place, for example to your hotel if you are a tourist or home if you are back from your trip.

Ticket price

The minibus fare is significantly more than the bus fare, as much as $2. If there is no need to save money, then you can not think about the price of the fare.

How to get a cab to Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport

Cab drivers in Hanoi are no different from cab drivers anywhere else in the world. As soon as you leave the airport, cab drivers immediately beckon you and offer their services. Since the transportation is different for the cab drivers, the price is also different.

Ticket price

Cabs will cost $12, but it may increase if you choose an expensive make of car. The travel time is much less, if it is an hour by bus, here it is 30 minutes and you are already in the center of Hanoi.

How to pay the fare

Before getting into a cab, it is better to fix a price with the cab driver beforehand. Otherwise, enterprising cab drivers can take advantage of a tourist’s naivety and cheat. Once a tourist gets in a cab, the cab driver turns on the meter and can drive by cheating, scoring the kilometer through detours. For the cab driver it’s a profit, for the tourist it’s a loss. You need to tell the cab driver in advance to take a lath road, then you do not risk to be cheated.

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How to get to Hanoi from Noi Bai Airport

In my opinion, this is the most convenient way of all, but not the most budget-friendly. You can book a transfer in advance of your trip. On the website, you can choose the model of the car you want, leave your information (name). When you arrive at the airport shuttle will be waiting in the hands of the driver will be a plate with your name. It remains to get into the shuttle and drive to the right place. You can choose any company for transfer, as long as it is reliable).

The cost of transfer

The cost of transfer depends on the class of the car, the number of people and meeting place. To calculate the price is enough to enter all the data on the site and the price will be calculated automatically.

How to pay for transfer

You can pay online by credit card and there is the option of partial payment. Half of the payment is made immediately, and the other half to the driver upon arrival.

Yes, our trip to Hanoi was a success. As I mentioned, we took a bus, and by the way, we traveled around the city on them as well. The most important thing is to learn everything before the trip, so that then there would be no problems. And of course, if you know English, then it is much easier to negotiate with cab drivers, to communicate with the medical staff at the hotels. I wish you happy travels!

Hanoi Airport in Vietnam and how to get to the city center and resorts

Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport (IATA code HAN) is an important transit point for flights from European countries to South and Southeast Asia. The airport is located 45 kilometers north of the center of the Vietnamese capital, so Top-trips decided to take a closer look at how to get from the airport to your hotel no matter where it is located.

General Information

Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport is the third-largest airport in Vietnam in terms of passenger traffic and is equipped to accommodate all types of modern airliners. In 2016, the airport was ranked among the top thirty in Asia and is now the main hub for Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific.

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Vietnam, Noibai airport

In 2016, Hanoi Airport was ranked among the top thirty airports in Asia

The terminal complex consists of two terminals: T1 for domestic traffic and T2 for international passengers. If the way to the resorts on the coast involves a further flight, then from the terminal T2 you must first get to T1. You can do this by taking the free bus marked T1-T2.

The infrastructure of both terminals is well designed and includes everything you need: recreation areas, cafes, stores. If you are lucky, you can even catch a concert in the terminal T2, which are held there quite often.

The infrastructure of both airport terminals is well developed and includes everything you need

For passengers with long layovers between flights in Terminal T2 there are Sleep Pods – special capsules for sleeping. There are not many of them, however, and the price is “biting”: about 7 euros for one hour (2017). However, next to the airport terminal there is a number of fairly decent hotels, where you can more comfortably pass the time before your flight. Check out their photos, location map, guest reviews, and room reservations here.

Tickets to Hanoi Airport

Many European carriers fly to Hanoi Airport, so finding tickets at a reasonable price is quite realistic. The easiest way to do this is through one of the metasearch engines that compare airline prices in different booking systems. The best findings of users of the popular search engine Aviasales are presented on the calendar of low prices below:

In addition to direct flights to Hanoi Airport, you can also look for tickets through Ho Chi Minh Airport. In some cases it may even be cheaper.

Hanoi Airport on the map

Airport map

Noi Bai Airport schematic

Transportation to Hanoi

Vietnam’s resorts can be reached from Hanoi Airport by local flights, car, train or intercity bus from the train or bus stations in Hanoi. But first you need to get to the city.


Express bus #86 runs regularly from Terminal T2 to the train station. The first bus from Terminal T2 departs at 6:10, the last one at 22:30. The fare at the beginning of 2017 was 30,000 dong (about 1.5 USD).

Express bus from Hanoi airport

Express bus #86 runs from Terminal T2 to the train station in Hanoi

City bus #7 takes you to the Kim Ma bus station, and route #17 takes you to the Long Bien bus station. Buses run from 5:00 to 22:00, ticket price 8,000-9,000 VND (2017), luggage is paid separately. Fare tickets are purchased from the conductor.

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Minibuses from the airport to downtown Hanoi can also be taken by Vietnamese airlines or commercial carriers. The fare and route are better to be negotiated with the driver, they can also take you to the hotel. Minibuses leave the airport filled to capacity, so for those who are going with large luggage, it is not the most convenient option. It is better to take a cab.

You can take Vietnamese Airlines minibuses from the airport to Hanoi city center

Cab and Transfer at Hanoi Airport

Cabs are a great option for those arriving in Noi Bai late at night, traveling with large luggage or traveling with children. You can take a car from the airport to any place in Hanoi.

It is not difficult to find a car: drivers literally attack tourists at the exit of the arrival area. However, do not jump in the first car that comes along: for many years, the municipality of Hanoi unsuccessfully wrestled with the cab drivers, overcharging travelers.

Hanoi airport cab

Cab drivers are literally attacking tourists already at the exit of the arrival zone

It might be more profitable to get a ride with one of the cab companies specialized in airport transfers (for example, KiwiTaxi). The service determines the cost of the trip online, and the fare is known to the passenger before the order is made. This approach to improve the discipline of cab drivers has been successfully tested in Europe and proved itself well in Vietnam.

Moreover, when ordering online you can additionally request child seats in the welcoming car or a car with a roomy luggage compartment.

The driver usually meets the passengers with a sign with their names written on it at the exit of the luggage claim area. In order to avoid confusion, all booking details are also duplicated to the email of future passengers.

Making a reservation through KiwiTaxi is also convenient because you do not have to worry about the cancellation or postponement of the flight. Dispatching cab service independently monitors the arrival board and sends a car just in time.

To learn more about the service, book a car or just to estimate the cost of the trip depending on the destination, please visit this page .

Video from the terminal T2

Photos by: Apro Travel, NORTHERN VIETNAM, Planetolog.ru , Frances Ellen, Hanoi weather, BILL BALO, Vietnam Excursions, booking.com.

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