Holguin, Cuba – 2022. Reviews and tips. Whether to go on vacation?

Reviews about hotels Holguin

Was in January 2019. Flew from Moscow. Very cool! But I don’t know if I’ll risk it again, the flight of 13 hours is something! But for an adventure for the first time – super! Weather kayf! The ocean and the beach – there is no better place! And… Read More!

Vacationed with my family at this hotel in late December 2019 January 2020. + The hotel is very well cared for and the staff was amazingly surprised to see so many people. + Very nice animation. Guest musicians often play. Read more

On fall break in five 2018A great hotel! We chose the ocean specifically! We took off from Sheremetyevo airport, there were some Cubans on board with the tourists. Flew 11 hours, flew through Noovegia, Greenland, Canada, USA, views. Read more

Hi there! We stayed with friends at the beginning of March 2020. We stayed with friends at the beginning of March 2020.

Difficult to write an objective review in our situation, we were the last tourists removed from this hotel due to coronavirus. We watched the gradual closure of the hotel buildings, bars, pools, restaurants. Read more

We had a family of 3 from March 16 to March 25, 2020. The hotel was very well received by our guests. Breakfast at the hotel was really good. Read more

Were at the hotel from 16.03 to 25.03.amazed by the disdainful attitude of staff. We were at the reception area on the 2nd floor. At reception they can yell at you, turn away, do not answer questions until they are satisfied. Read more

Of course once you have seen and bathed in the ocean, all the shortcomings of the hotel disappear. But we were disappointed, the ocean in this place is not the best either. Food is horrible, everything is fried like pimples, animation is there, alcohol. Read more

Food prices in Cuba - 2022. Lobsters for 500₽ and mojitos for 100₽

Great hotel, modern infrastructure, great location, great beach and nice memories of a great vacation. Delicious cocktails and Cuban rum will lift your spirits. I am happy. Read more

I would say at first we were out of season (end of February/ beginning of March), so food and platters were not too scarce.

Full of sadness we were so disappointed with the tour! We went to Varadero a year ago and decided to come back to Cuba to just swim and enjoy the beautiful ocean, but upon arrival we were sadly disappointed with the reefs on the beach, which made us feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooful! Read more

I never thought I would see the light of day or have lunch with my family. A must visit Mexican restaurant where you can go crazy with gastronomic pleasure. Appreciation. Read more

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Breakfast was perfect. We were extremely happy to answer all questions. Read more

Just came back from the hotel. Breakfast was amazing and the staff was amazing. The food is monotonous and you will not go hungry, just sit down and eat. It will not kill you with hunger, but you will be full of rice for the next year. 2. Rooms are “tired”. The rooms are tired, the room is clean and the dining room is dirty, the room has no ventilation. Read more

I decided to write my first review. I am writing on the flight Olgino-Sheremetyevo want to break the review into two components. The first is the carrier Royal Flight and the hotel Playa Costa Verde. Read more

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When best to go to Cuba, the beach season in Cuba is always. It is an axiom. And the main argument for going to Cuba is to get there before the Americans do. Diplomatic relations with the United States have been restored, and if Donald.

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Holguin: tips on vacations

Reviews about holidays in Holguin Cuba

Collected reviews about Holguin, Cuba’s second largest resort region. What tourists write about the weather, hotels and beaches. What excursions and entertainment are recommended. Pros and cons of vacationing in Holguin in 2022.

Check out: How to go to Cuba now – there you will find fresh tourist reviews, pandemic entry conditions, a list of available resorts and tour prices. See also the list of open countries. Below we talk about holidays in Cuba before the pandemic.


Olguin weather reviews.

Because of the tropical climate and warm currents, Cuba is comfortable at any time of year, but it rains more often from May to October. The high humidity and temperature of +30. +32 ° C are poorly tolerated young children, elderly travelers and anyone who suffers from heart and vascular disease.

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According to tourist reviews, the best weather for holidays in Olguin in the dry season, which lasts from November to April.

SvetL: “For the last 4 years we rest on the Atlantic. We are going there again in November. We already dream to get some fun in the Cuban sun.

Irina: “Cuba welcomed us with a scorching sun. It was much hotter in Holguín than in December in Varadero.

Holguin vacation in Cuba

Playa Pesquero (Photo: Gerald Lau / flickr.com)

Olguin hotel reviews

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After Varadero, Holguin is the second most important resort destination on Liberty Island. Holguin is ideal for upscale vacations and romantic getaways. Accommodation here is more expensive than in other Cuban resorts. Most hotels are comfortable 4-5* hotels with all-inclusive meals. There are not so many 3* hotels.

Many positive reviews of tourists received hotels Olguin:

Holguin Vacation Reviews

Photo: Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel 4*.

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Olguin

There are more than 40 beautiful sandy beaches in Olgino. Almost everywhere excellent conditions for recreation with children – the entrance to the water is gentle, and the depth increases gradually. Find out where to vacation with children in Cuba.

The best beach in Holguin – Playa Esmeralda, or “Emerald Coast”, has a length of about a kilometer and is famous for its white sand and crystal clear sea water. Fans of snorkeling and diving love the beautiful coral reef near the beach of Guardalavaca and the picturesque seabed near the beach of Playa Pesquero.

Alla: “The ocean was virtually storm-free, no jellyfish or algae. The beach is also very clean.”

Margarita T: “Guardalavaca Beach has sparse trees, so you can find shade with no problem. Children will be interested to look for shells and see the different animals.

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Reviews about Olguin

Playa Pesquero is the youngest resort in the province (Photo: Gerald Lau / flickr.com)

Holguin Resort on the map of Cuba

Reviews of excursions in Holguin

The Cuban resort is liked by lovers of diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, sea fishing and eco-tourism. During a vacation in Holguin, tourists are advised to go on excursions to the capital city of Havana and the city of Sanyago de Cuba, on the island of Cayo Saetia and in the folk village of Taino. It is interesting to visit the national parks of La Mensura and Bahia de Naranjo. Many people are attracted by the place of archaeological excavations – Chorro de Maita, where medieval necropolises of Indians were found.

According to tourist reviews, there are many attractions in the center of the province, the city of Holguín. Admire the churches of San Isidoro and San Jose and the panorama that opens from the Hill of the Cross – Loma de la Cruz. Go see the famous baria trees in Parque Bariay.

Andrey Lomovtsev: “In Santiago we walked along the pedestrian boulevard, looked at the ice cream queues and empty store counters, went to the rum museum.

What to do in Holguin

The Cuban Capitol (Photo: ashu mathura / flickr.com)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Holguin

Tourists who have been to Holguin in Cuba in past years liked the resort and would like to return here again.

The pros of vacationing in Holguin in 2022, according to reviews of tourists:

  • Russians don’t need a visa to travel for up to 30 days.
  • Lots of all-inclusive hotels.
  • Polite and smiling staff.
  • Rich vegetation.
  • Fresh fruit and seafood.
  • Great sandy beaches.
  • Clean sea water.

Evil Travel Agent: “On the reef, 20-30m from the shore, a huge variety of fish that came in flocks. Be sure to take goggles and masks, there is something to see.”

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Minuses :

  • Tiring flight.
  • It is too hot in the summer because of the humidity.
  • There are mosquitoes.
  • Internet only paid.

Zinaida : “There is no normal Internet, all on cards, but such a country, not a hotel.

Olguin Vacation Reviews

There are many all-inclusive hotels in Holguin. Photo: vitaldrum / Depositphotos.com.

Holguin vacation tips

Bring cash with you. Of currency, it is better to take the euro. Dollars in Cuba change with a large commission.

For those who smoke, we advise to take cigarettes with you. They are expensive in Cuban stores.

The sun in Holguin is very active. Stock up on high-protection cream and wear light cotton clothing with long sleeves.

In modern Cuban hotels, outlets are made to European standards. Some older hotels and the private sector have three-prong plugs that require an “America/Europe” adapter.

Asya Drozd: “In my room, there were only triple-socket outlets. I had to buy a charger for 13 CUC. Take an adapter with you just in case.”

If you want to get to other Cuban cities on your own, we suggest taking the air-conditioned Viazul buses. Travelling by rail is cheaper, but less comfortable.

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