Holiday at Sea in Jordan – 2022: reviews and prices

How to plan a vacation at the sea in Jordan.

Reviews of Short Holidays in Jordan 2020

Jordan – a combination of Arab colors, Christian sanctuaries and a classic beach vacation. We share tips and reviews of tourists about holidays in Jordan: what are the prices of tickets, tours, accommodation, food and entertainment in 2022, how to go with a child, where the best beaches and resorts.

Comfortable warm climate and no visa problems attract many tourists to Jordan in 2022. The country has excellent beaches on the Red Sea and health centers on the Dead Sea coast. Pilgrims and ordinary believers visit the ancient religious shrines, and lovers of culture and nature admire the historical monuments and picturesque landscapes of the Wadi Rum Desert. Those who prefer an active holiday, go snorkelling, diving, horseback riding, four-wheel-drive tours, hot-air ballooning, and paragliding.

Exchange rate: 1 Jordanian dinar (JOD) ≈ 106 RUB.


When to vacation in Jordan

The Kingdom of the Middle East lies in a sharply continental dry subtropical climate. The temperature of the Red and Dead Sea throughout the year does not drop below +21 ° C, and during the summer months the sea warms up to +28 ° C.

In the northern part of the country from late fall to early spring it rains. Jordan is cool in the winter. In January, the temperature stays at around +8 ° C. +14 ° C. In summer, on the contrary, it is very hot: from +31 ° C in the north to +39. +41 ° C in the desert.

According to tourists’ reviews, the best time to rest in Jordan is from April to the end of May, or in the fall – from September to early November. During these months the temperature reaches a comfortable 20. +30 ° C, and the water – about +25 ° C.

Beach vacations in Jordan

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Beach holidays in Jordan

Red Sea. Jordan has only one beach resort on the Red Sea – it is the town of Aqaba. It is surrounded by mountains and is famous for its clear sea and excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling. Aqaba has more sandy beaches in the north and pebbly and rocky beaches in the south. The famous suburb of Tala Bay is not far from the resort.

Holidays in Jordan on the Red Sea are comfortable. The resort has public beaches and beach areas, which belong to the hotels. They all have excellent infrastructure – changing rooms, toilets, showers, and cafes. On the beach in high season, there are lifeguards on duty all the time.

Free public beaches prefer locals, and sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun there is always in short supply. However, the hotel beaches are open to all, and for a small fee you can use umbrellas, sun loungers and other resort amenities.

Holidays in Jordan on the Red Sea

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Dead Sea Jordan Vacation Reviews 2022 - 2022

Dead Sea. According to tourist reviews, good conditions for a beach vacation in Jordan are offered by Dead Sea spa resorts. Beach relaxation at them is easy to combine with therapeutic and recovery procedures. Salts, mud and air saturated with sea vapours heal many ailments.

At the Dead Sea, almost all the beaches are owned by hotels. The only public beach 10 km from the hotel area is Amman Beach. Entrance to it costs $28.

Dead Sea Holidays Jordania

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Jordan tour prices – 2022

Search for last minute tours on Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Do you want to save money? Study our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Prices for holidays to Jordan in 2022 depend on the season. Tours are sold all year round, but they are most expensive in the fall and spring, when the high tourist season comes. According to reviews, holidays in Jordan for 7 days for two will cost more than vacation of the same duration at the resorts of Turkey, Montenegro or Greece.

A one-week stay from Moscow with full board at a 2* hotel costs from 58000 rubles, at a 3* hotel from 62000 rubles, at a 4* hotel from 72 000 rubles and at a 5* hotel from 84 000 rubles. Do you want to save money? Take a tour with breakfast and a week trip for two with a stay at a 1-2* hotel will cost from 55,000 rubles.

Holidays in Jordan “all inclusive” offer many hotels 4-5* in Aqaba and at the Dead Sea, such as the Dead Sea SPA 4*, Marina Plaza Tala Bay 4* and Grand East Hotel 5*. Prices for such tours for two people for 7-8 days start from 74000 rubles.

Ticket prices

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Direct flights to Jordan are organized from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. The flight takes 4-4.5 hours. During the high season a round trip ticket for one person costs from 26000 rubles, and during the low season – from 17000 rubles.

Many airlines offer connecting flights. To Amman or Aqaba fly through Istanbul, Athens, Rome and other cities.

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Everything about Jordan in a few minutes

Prices for lodging

Look for discounted hotels on Hotelluk. Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

Hotels in Aqaba are located both in the city itself and in its resort suburb of Tala Bay . The first line is almost entirely occupied by the most expensive 5 * hotels, and at a small distance are hotels 3-4 *. Rooms overlooking the sea are considered the most prestigious. But since the Red Sea is to the south of the resort, these are the rooms that get hot from the constant sun.

Reviews and comments about Jordan. Leisure tips - 2022

The hotel stock at the Dead Sea is much smaller than in Aqaba, and accommodation there is more expensive. Each hotel has its own developed infrastructure. On its territory there are restaurants, spas and entertainment centers.

When traveling around the country tourists stay not only by the sea. Many hotels and guesthouses are built in the tourist areas of the capital – the old Downtown and modern Abdali . Room in a 1-2* hotel in Amman will cost $20. For an overnight stay at a hotel in Wadi Musa (in Petra) is a little more expensive at $18. In Madaba, a hotel costs $20-$40, and for a double tent in the Wadi Rum desert they ask from $25. In other parts of the country the hotel business is virtually undeveloped.

The cost of Jordanian hotels by the sea during the peak tourist season. The prices are for a double room.

Guesthouses away from the beaches 45$
Houses near the sea 80$
Hotel 1* 40$
Hotel 2* 50$
3* hotel 70$
4* hotel 100$
5* hotel 160$

All Inclusive Holidays in Jordan

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Food prices in cafes and restaurants

When vacationing in Jordan in 2022, a large part of the vacation budget is spent on food. Food prices here cannot be called too high. The cost of street fast food :

  • Freshly squeezed juices and fruit shakes – JOD 1-2;
  • falafel – 0,25-0,5 JOD;
  • shawarma with side dishes – 2-3 JOD;
  • shish kebab or kebab – 7-10 JOD;
  • whole grilled chicken with side dishes – 5 JOD.

Breakfast for two in a café costs 4-6 JOD, lunch costs 5-8 JOD, and dinner in an inexpensive restaurant excluding alcoholic beverages costs 20-25 JOD. According to Jordanian tradition, when diners order a main course, they get free pita bread, several appetizers and salads to go with it.

Prices for vacations in Jordan

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Prices in Jordanian grocery stores:

  • lamb, 1 kg – 10 JOD;
  • beef, 1 kg – 6-7 JOD;
  • fish, 1 kg – 5-6 JOD;
  • potatoes, 1 kg – 0,8-0,9 JOD;
  • apples, 1 kg – 1,5 JOD;
  • bananas, 1 kg – 1,5 JOD;
  • citrus fruits – 1-1,3 JOD;
  • butter, 0,1 kg – 1,4 JOD;
  • milk, 1 l – 1,5 JOD;
  • local beer – 1,5-2,2 JOD;
  • local wine – 11-15 JOD;
  • aniseed vodka arak – 7-8 JOD;
  • whiskey – 8-11 JOD.

Prices for products depend on the place of purchase. They are higher in tourist areas of the country.

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Prices for holidays on the Red Sea in Jordan

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Prices for excursions and entertainment

Beach holidays in Jordan are good to diversify with excursions. According to tourist reviews, it is not necessary to take all excursions in a row. It is convenient to travel around Amman on your own. A trip by shuttle from the capital to Petra costs $15, to the Dead Sea – $10, and bus to Irbid – only $2. Many people like to visit the “Pompeii of the East” – the ancient city of Jarash, which is only an hour’s drive from Amman.

When is the best time to rest in Jordan? Weather and Seasons by Month

From Aqaba to Petra you can take a shuttle bus – $7. You can also take a cab, but it is much more expensive. Drivers charge $70 for a ride to Petra, and from $115 for a round-trip cab with a wait in Petra. A bus ticket between Amman and Aqaba costs $11.

Tours and excursions are very popular while vacationing in Jordan in 2022 :

  • from Aqaba to Petra and Wadi Rum – $190;
  • Diving – $ 45-70;
  • tour of Jordan’s holy sites with a visit to the place of baptism, Mount Nebo and the city of mosaics Madaba – $170;
  • Jarash tour – $80;
  • Excursion to Jerusalem from Aqaba – $180.

Excursions in Jordan

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While still free, you can still tour the Shobak Castle and Hammam, the ruins of Pella and Um Al Jemal. Prices to visit popular attractions :

  • The citadel in Amman with a museum – $4.2;
  • Ajloun Castle – $2;
  • Roman theater in Amman – $1,4;
  • El Karak Castle with museum – $2,8;
  • Aqaba Castle with museum – $4;
  • Archaeological Park and Museum in Madaba – $4.2;
  • Roman ruins in Jarash, $14.1.

Look for interesting tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Map of sights in Jordan

To save while vacationing in Jordan, tourists often buy a JordanPass e-ticket . It includes over 40 places of interest in the country, including Petra, the Wadi Rum Desert, ancient castles, museums, ruins of ancient buildings and archaeological sites. The ticket does not include Jordan’s popular pilgrimage sites.

A JordanPass with a one-day visit to Petra costs $99, with two days in Petra it’s $106 and for three days it’s $113. With active travel it pays for itself fairly quickly.

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Holidays with children in Jordan

Holidays with children by the sea in Jordan are popular at any time of year. Beaches of Jordan are clean and well-groomed, the water entrance is gentle, and there is no algae anywhere. The dry climate and healthy sea air is especially good for children, who often catch colds and suffer from allergies. However, children under 5 years of age are not recommended to swim in the Dead Sea.

Most parents choose an all-inclusive vacation. In 4-5* hotels you can count on cribs and shallow pools. Hotel restaurants have special menus and high chairs. All 5* Jordanian hotels and many 4* hotels have kids clubs.

With older children it is interesting to go on excursions to the desert. During vacations with children it is worth seeing the ancient city of Petra hidden in the mountains and the Wadi Rum desert, the Biblical city of Madaba and the Ajlun wildlife park.

Holidays with kids in Jordan

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Jordan vacation tips and reviews

Experienced travelers advise not to forget about safety precautions :

  • To avoid poisoning and catching intestinal infections, drink only bottled water, eat vegetables that have been heat-treated and well-cooked meat.
  • When swimming in the Dead Sea, protect your eyes from splashing. It is best to use goggles.
  • The Red Sea can cut your feet with sharp corals, so wear beach slippers. Beware of jellyfish and poisonous fish.
  • In the desert, scorpions and snakes are dangerous. Also, do not plan a visit to the desert areas in the middle of the day, as it is very hot at that time.
Reviews and comments about Jordan. Leisure tips - 2022

Holidays in Jordan

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According to tourist reviews, vacationing in Jordan in 2022 has many pluses :

  • The locals are very friendly and approachable. They are always ready to show the way, even if they do not understand a foreign language well.
  • The staff at almost all hotels speaks English.
  • There is a constant breeze along the coast in Aqaba, so the heat is easier to bear than on the Red Sea coast in Egypt.

Prices for vacations in Jordan

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Disadvantages :

  • Holidays in Jordan are quite expensive.
  • Credit cards are only accepted in large hotels and stores. In the interior of the kingdom you have to pay only in cash.
  • On the beaches there are strict Muslim traditions regarding women’s clothing. If you want to rest in a more relaxed atmosphere and swim in a bikini, stay at the Tala Bay Resort near Aqaba.

To go or not to go to Jordan, everyone decides for himself. Share your opinions and travel reviews in the comments of our review!

Hotel reviews in Jordan

Location Minuses : disgusting staff, dirty rooms, dirty towels, poor service, to hotel guests near the entrance to the hotel do not give a pass cab drivers. Read more

The pool closed early and the staff at check in (men) were reluctant to deal with some of the difficulties encountered. Read more

Quality and comfortable hotel. Everything is close by, reception has tickets and shuttle service to probably the best beach in Aqaba. Conservative plumbing, clean rooms. Inexpensive and quality laundry facilities. There is a terrific. Read more

I stayed in the middle of August 2022I booked directly through a call to the hotel as it is not possible to pay by card or leave their details on the website. The booking department booked me a room with no guarantee. Read more

Convenient location near the entrance to Petra, there is a kettle, tea, mosquito net, the room is large. breakfast is miserable What did not like : breakfast. Read more

I liked the beach very much, very clean, good contingent, very suitable for family holidays.Everywhere lifgard and constantly cleaned.Most of all pleased with the Activity on the beach, thanks to the girls spetsialno. Read more

We stayed from 25.07.22 to 03.08.22. The hotel is not bad for its 4. The hotel is good value for money and our staff will help us get the best out of it. The hotel has. Read more

When is the best time to rest in Jordan? Weather and Seasons by Month

Excellent hotel. Very well worth the price and the quality of service. Relaxing professional massage and attentive staff. The rooms modern design. Everything is comfortable and clean. The kitchen is very good. Read more

I liked only a good dinner What was not to like : I had to wait for my room for about 1 hour. I was not allowed on the property for 20 minutes because they said my reservation was missing. Read more

Great hotel. High level of hospitality. We arrived at 10am and checked in immediately. There are three different rooms at the hotel. Rooms were clean and tidy. The room was huge with a kitchen. Towel and toiletries. Read more

Went for a day to bathe in the dead sea. The hotel has a fairly large secured parking lot where we left our swallow. At the entrance was met by a security guard and inspected our luggage and bags at the hotel. Read more

We stayed at this hotel with 4 people, 2 couples. I can say this is one of the best hotels I have been to. My boyfriends and I are very picky but there is nothing to complain about.) The hotel is very beautiful and the location is great. Read more

Thank you so much to all the staff at the hotel “Ramada hotel”. The breakfast is perfect. Read more

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