Holiday in Krasnaya Polyana in the summer of 2022 – an honest review and tips

Sochi – Red Glade – Review

Krasnaya Polyana. Visiting the three main resorts. Tips on how best to get, what to see, how to spend the day. Some interesting facts about the resort and many, many photos

Hello, fans of travel and outdoor activities!

This year, I spontaneously decided to spend May holidays in Sochi. For vacation there were only 3 days and I wanted to have time to see as many beautiful places as possible. Usually, when I come to a new city, I plan the route, choosing the places I absolutely must visit. But this time I did without this. It was clear from the start that there was no point in going very far, so I set myself up for long walks around Sochi and promenades by the sea.

But to be in Sochi and not to visit Krasnaya Polyana – is something quite inexcusable. Therefore, one of the three days I set aside to visit this resort.

How to get from Sochi?

There are several options.

✔ Bus. Budget, but it takes a long time. In addition, because of traffic jams you can spend for road several hours. That’s why it’s not the best option…

✔ “Lastochka”. The high-speed train. It is fast, not expensive, but not very convenient. First, those who do not live near DZh station, will need to get there, and second, the train takes only one of the resorts, and then you have to use the same bus.

✔ Excursion. I found out about this variant when I was already in Sochi, studying the timetable of the electric trains. I clicked on the advertising link and found myself on the website, where it was possible to order an excursion which included a visit to all three resorts and the Olympic Park.

I sincerely advise everyone to go to the Glade with the tour. In addition to convenient transportation and the opportunity to see all three main locations, you will learn more about the history of the resort, get acquainted with Sochi (on the way guide told us a lot of interesting facts about the city), and see the Olympic Park. Well, the cost of the tour is much cheaper than a trip to “Lastochka,” and the experience is much more.

Until 2014, Krasnaya Polyana was a regular little village, occasionally visited by few tourists. It was only after the Winter Olympics that it became a mega-popular resort, attracting about 150,000-170,000 people per season.

On the way up the mountain there is Akhshtyr gorge-canyon and famous spa-park. At the beginning of May the weather did not dispose too much to jumping, and due to the fog the visibility was not good, but nevertheless we were able to estimate the scale of “ship” rocks.

Berendeyevo the kingdom of waterfalls near Lazarevskiy

There are 3 resorts in Krasnaya Polyana, or rather 4 resorts

Krasnaya Polyana

Until 2019 Gorky Gorod

is located in the foothills of the Main Caucasus Range.

+It is located at 540 meters above sea level.

Krasnaya Polyana is a full-fledged city, where the tourist season lasts all year long.

At the entrance there is the famous Casino, impressing by its scale, and in the evening also by the beautiful lighting, emphasizing its size.

I could not pass by, I was very interested in how the casino looked like “from the inside”. I did not play, and there was no time, but I appreciated what was inside.

At the entrance to the casino is a retro car waiting for its owner. Casino holds some kind of competition, for which he is the grand prize.

Well then a number of all kinds of hotels, restaurants, cafes and stores.

At the mark of Polyana 540 is a five-star hotel “Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana”, a four-star hotel “Courtyard Marriott Sochi Krasnaya Polyana” and “Apartments Krasnaya Polyana 540” with a total room stock of 2,000 rooms.

Krasnaya Polyana also boasts the famous Novikov Cheese Factory, a branch of the Oven establishment, Harats Pab, and a place with the original and memorable name of Stopochnaya.

On the street there are special stands with directions of the main places.

And magnolias and hydrangeas are blooming everywhere.

The main place on the Glade is of course the cable car. Near the point of departure were a lot of people – both those who have already arrived and those just starting their journey.

And of course, the main symbols of 2014 Winter Olympics are situated there.

Well, in the center of Polyana is placed a small fairground, where you can buy souvenirs or drink hot coffee with oriental sweets or mulled wine.

Nowadays Krasnaya Polyana is a place with perfect cobblestone roads, clean streets and many places for pleasant pastime. And it is difficult to imagine that only 8 years ago only about 800 families lived here, and only one central road was asphalted.

In addition to the main street in Polyana, there are other streets. This is a private sector with comfortable small and very large houses, which are mainly rented.

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Well, in order not to get lost in the numerous hotels, winding paths and turns there are maps of the location of houses. It is very convenient, because without them it would be difficult to navigate in the courtyards of buildings.

There is a lot to do at Krasnaya Polyana, even if you do not plan to ride the cable car. I got there on a foggy and rainy day, but even so I had a wonderful time.

Onward we go. And then the next resort is Rosa Khutor.

At +560 meters above sea level.

Here the architecture of the buildings is more aristocratic, reminiscent of the buildings in Italy, Spain and southern France. It is more expensive to stay here than in Krasnaya Polyana, so the resort is designed for a wealthier audience.

There are also small hotels and townhouses, restaurants, cafes and take-away food outlets.

On May 1, Rosa Khutor kicked off a running competition, so the main square was strewn with colorful flags and banners.

There is also a ropeway station. And in between skiing you can walk along the embankment of the river Mzymta, drink a cup of coffee in one of the cafes with a beautiful view and take memorable photos against the mountains.

Rosa Square – the main square of the mountain resort Rosa Khutor. Well, and the famous town hall with a clock was seen by everyone visiting the souvenir stores.

I really liked the original benches, where you can relax in good weather. In the rain, of course, we did not sit on them.

The third resort. GAZPROM resort.

The oldest resort in Krasnaya Polyana, one of the first to offer guests a European level of skiing in Russia. The latest technology is used here. For example, even if the level of natural snow allows skiing, artificial snow is preferred here, as it provides better grip on skis.

Also at the Gazprom resort are often held official business government meetings, and the official residence of the president is also located here. Many people confuse it with his dacha, but according to our guide, this assumption is wrong.

The Gazprom resort is remarkable for its observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains and the lower resorts. You can get to the platform by climbing on the roof of the Galaktika shopping center.

From the top there is a very beautiful view of the mountains and the roofs of the houses, made in the same style.

Old Krasnaya Polyana Road: our review, tips, photos, how to get there

At the exit of the mall there is a small area with points with souvenirs and delicious food. Even in the rain there were people sitting at tables under the roofs. It’s a very cozy place.

You can move between the resorts with the help of public transport. Comfortable small buses go quite often, the schedule is posted at the stops.

At two resorts – Polyana and Rosa Khutor quite often concerts of stars of the national pop art are held. At Rosa, a large concert hall was built at the expense of Gregory Leps, previously it was the main venue of the resorts. But later, the spacious concert hall Red was erected at Krasnaya Polyana, and most concerts moved there. For the May holidays, Sochi was expecting a lot of artists. I would have loved to see Basta perform, but unfortunately, time did not allow me to stay. We will wait for his arrival to our city.

Since we did not stay in hotels, I can’t tell you the cost of living here. But as for entertainment and food I will tell more.

The cable car. This is the main source of costs. Tickets for the ropeway are expensive. On average it is 2300 – 2900 rubles. There are some variants in arrival at the highest point of the mountains, with the possibility of visiting a waterfall, with an excursion to the deer or husky, with a ride on a tubing. Depending on the chosen path and will form the cost.

In rainy or foggy weather to ride on the ropeway is pointless, the beautiful views still can not enjoy. Hence, the best time to visit Krasnaya Polyana is on warm sunny days.

Food. The prices for food plus or minus are the same as in Sochi. The average bill per person is 1000 rubles without alcohol – it’s a salad, hot meal and a small snack. You can grab a bite at small places in the street – it’s even more atmospheric than eating in a cafe. Coffee is 150 – 200 rubles at average, dessert 250 – 300 rubles, mulled wine 200 – 300 rubles, shawarma or sandwich 300 – 350 rubles.

Krasnaya Polyana – a place that must be visited while you are in Sochi. Of course, it is better to go there on a clear day to be able to enjoy the views, but on a rainy day in May a walk around the village was great. Despite the fogs, the scenery is still very impressive.

Rest with tents on the Sea of Azov: in campsites and in the wilderness

It is necessary to go to Polyana first of all for the ropeways and downhill skiing. If you plan to do neither of these things, then there is no point in spending the whole day at the resort. But to see the place that has become so popular after the Olympic Games, I think it is still worth it. I liked our tour very much. And I did not regret spending one day of my little vacation in this beautiful place!

What else can you see in Sochi?

The face of the city – the famous commercial seaport with its exquisite architecture in the style of the Stalin Empire, a large pier with fashionable yachts, cozy cafes and restaurants and beautiful views from the main building.

The most central street of Sochi – Navaginskaya. A place for walks and rest among sypresses, palm trees, magnolias and tropical flowers.

Rest in Krasnaya Polyana in the summer of 2022: where to go and what to see

Krasnaya Polyana is called Russian Switzerland for the beauty of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and the cleanest air. Summer here can be just as interesting as on the Black Sea coast, to reload and to top up the bank of impressions.

There is also something to do in Krasnaya Polyana in summer. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Here, in the mountains, at one of the most popular Russian resorts, guests can enjoy cable cars, many hiking trails, an ethnopark, and much more. Despite the fact that the sea is far away, beach entertainment is available in Krasnaya Polyana. You can choose both quiet and active rest, even with elements of extreme – for example, rafting on the river. Summer in Krasnaya Polyana is almost guaranteed hot weather and clear skies. However, please note that in the peak tourist season, prices here are the highest in the year.

On jeeps to the sights in June

In early summer, all the mountain roads are already dry, so the time comes for jeeping, mototours and walks on quad bikes. You can combine business with pleasure: get acquainted with the sights around Krasnaya Polyana and experience the exhilaration of an unusual way of traveling. And it is even better if you are going to reach a destination by cross-country roads.

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It is possible to reach distant sights by jeep. Photo: Sergey Shakhidzhanyan

If tourists wish, experienced instructors will teach them how to ride on special vehicles. You can also bring your own car. For those who prefer a quiet and environmentally friendly walks, the trips on horseback will be suitable.

Ski Resort Rosa Khutor

“Rosa Khutor” is the ideal place for Christmas vacations. Winter holidays here every year becomes more popular, so the tickets for December 2022 is better to buy in late summer early fall. Resort “Rosa Khutor” – ski slopes of varying difficulty: from children’s and green to black, 30 elevators that bring to the station 2320 meters above sea level, steep hotels, ice palaces, slides for tubing and sledding.

Descend into the gloom of the caves in July

In hot July the coolness of the underground will come in handy. There are a lot of caves near Krasnaya Polyana, but tourists are allowed to visit them. Some of them can even swim in the cool water of unique underground reservoirs.

On a hot July day you can take a tour in the underground. Photo:

The guided caves are equipped with stairs, scaffolding and lighting, and the walks are safe, including for children. Among the most popular caves are, for example, Akhshtyrskaya cave. There are more extreme underground caves – it is better to go there with a guide: often there is no light. It is worth remembering that, going to the cave, it is necessary to choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes and take into account the temperature difference on the surface and underground.

Refresh yourself on rafting in August

August is a great time to raft down a mountain river on inflatable watercraft or ride a catamaran. Guests at Krasnaya Polyana are offered options for water tourism of varying complexity. There are family routes, but allowed to participate only children from seven years and older. Under the supervision of an instructor at such a refreshing walk can be charged with positive emotions and get a lot of vivid impressions. Moreover, the rivers offer beautiful views of the mountains and forests of Krasnaya Polyana.

August is a perfect time for river rafting. Photo: Timur KHANOV

Rafting is considered safe, but only if you follow the rules. Equally important is to choose an experienced guide. Prices for such tours start at 1000 rubles per person per hour.

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