Holidays in Agadir 2022: reviews, prices, beaches

Agadir – the capital of beach tourism and surfing

Reviews of Agadir

“The white city” in southwestern Morocco is a tourist paradise! We tell you how to vacation in Agadir. Learn about tourist reviews, prices in 2022, features of Moroccan beaches and attractions.


The look of the resort.

African Morocco has excellent cities for recreation and informative excursions – Rabat, Casablanca and El Jadida, but seaside Agadir is considered the tourist mecca of the ancient country.

The resort has a hill on which you can see the illuminated at night Arabic inscription “Allah. Homeland. King.” This is the success of the people of Morocco – they believe sacredly in God, love their country and appreciate the king.

In Berber, the name “Agadir” means “wall” or “fort”. The history of the city began in the Middle Ages with a small fishing village. In 1505, a Portuguese trading post appeared there, and then a fort was built on top of the hill. In the 18th century Agadir was razed to the ground by a massive earthquake.

In 1960, the misfortune was repeated. In 15 seconds, no trace of the buildings were left. The following year, by the will of King Mohammed V, 2 km from the epicenter of the earthquake a major reconstruction was carried out, and the city was restored.

Modern Agadir has many hotels, stores, restaurants and markets. From here it is convenient to go on excursions to the Sahara, oases and other Moroccan cities.

How much does it cost to travel to Agadir?

A view of the city of Agadir. Photo: megastocker /

Tourists’ impressions of the resort

Agadir is famous for its wide sandy beaches, wonderful mild climate and wonderful waves for surfing. At the height of winter the thermometer does not drop below +20 ° C, and in summer does not rise above +29 ° C. Ideal weather for anyone who is not ready for strong cold and does not like the exhausting heat. Tourists from Russia swim at any time of year.

Tamila Osipova: “It was the best vacation of my life. Crazy beautiful town, wonderful friendly people, clean ocean and beach. A huge variety of fruits and delicious food. Was there 14 days, will definitely fly to rest again. If you want to see the beautiful nature, unusual for the European traditions, then by all means fly to Morocco. The desert will not leave anyone indifferent. National dishes such as tagine and couscous will be on your list of favorites.

Tourism reviews of Agadir

Agadir is famous for its wide sandy beaches, beautiful mild climate and wonderful waves for surfing. Photo: yuli_superson /

Prices in Agadir

How much does it cost to go on vacation? According to tourist reviews, the prices in Agadir in 2022 are quite budget-friendly. A double room in a 1-2* hotel or gesthouse costs from $45, a 3* hotel from $57, a 4* hotel from $111, and a 5* hotel from $123. Look for hotels in Agadir on Hotelluk.

The average price of a cab ride around town is $2.2. A liter of gasoline in Morocco costs $1.1.

Food is inexpensive. Big Mac set at McDonald’s is $5.7. The average check for two at a budget restaurant is $8-9, and you’ll pay $36-40 for a dinner with alcohol.

Vladimir Razumovsky: “There are a lot of retail shops in the city. They sell mostly leather slippers, handbags, purses, wallets, belts, leather hats, all kinds of wood jewelry, chains, necklaces, metal dishes, and all kinds of small souvenirs. Prices must be haggled over with the sellers. Alcoholic beverages and beer are sold in special stores, the prices are fixed. Popular local light beer “Casablanca” in cans and bottles, as well as light natural wines in bottles of 0,75 liters at a price of 60 dirhams. I haven’t seen any strong drinks made in Morocco.

Food Prices in Morocco - 2022

What prices in Agadir

There are a lot of shopping stalls in the city. They sell mostly leather slippers, handbags, purses, wallets, belts, leather hats, all kinds of wooden jewelry, chains, necklaces, metal dishes and all kinds of small souvenirs. Photo: eunikas /


The resort’s sandy coastline stretches in a smooth arc for nearly 12 km. The beaches are free, wide and have a gentle entrance to the water. Agadir is a resort in southwestern Morocco, on the Atlantic Ocean, so it is almost always windy and waves. Water is 3-4 ° C cooler than the Mediterranean Sea. At the height of summer, the temperature on the coast does not rise above +22 … +23 ° C.

Africa remains Africa! From 11:00 am to 17:00 pm, the sun is heating up the sand. It’s better to swim and sunbathe in the morning or closer to evening.

According to tourists, the best beaches are to the north of the resort, between Agadir and Essaouira. Usually wishing to swim enough, but in 2021, because of the pandemic, the beaches of Morocco were rather empty.

Irina: “Great wide, very long beach. Soft sand. On weekends a lot of locals come and play soccer. It’s great to walk along the water’s edge.”

Best beaches in Agadir

Taghazout beach in Agadir. Photo: / @louishansel.

What to see

The ruins of the old Kasbah fortress remain at the top of the hill, and tourists enjoy going up there to see Agadir. The long stone wall and gate offer a beautiful view of the ocean, and it’s nice to watch the sunset from here.

We suggest checking out the picturesque open-air museum, Berber Corner. There are artisan shops selling Moroccan rugs, jewelry and other popular souvenirs.

According to reviews, holidaymakers in Agadir like sightseeing tours of the resort lasting 3-3.5 hours. They cost $57. Also popular are horse and camel rides along the coast for $ 30, tours to the Berber village Imuzzer for $ 60, the national park of Souss-Massa – $ 60 and Marrakech – $ 65.

Alexandra: “In one day we learned not only the history of the city, but Morocco as a whole, visited the center, drank tea according to all the rules on the modern waterfront, visited a local pastry shop, learned where in town they sell great fresh juices and even traded in the market for the famous babushi.

The ruins of the old fortress of Kasbah.

Holidays with kids

Agadir has excellent beaches with fine sand, gentle entrance to the water and a large selection of comfortable hotels. If it were not for the waves, the Moroccan resort could be considered an ideal place to vacation with children.

The seaside town is not the most expensive and very quiet. The child will be interesting to walk along the coast, look at the beautiful landscapes around Agadir, ride a camel, see African handicrafts and the real desert.

But if you like entertainment, this resort in Morocco will disappoint. Apart from the crocodile park, there are no rides or dolphinariums. A small water park is only 27 km from Agadir.

Weather and seasons in Morocco by month. When to go on holiday?

Holidays with kids in Agadir

The seaside town is not the most expensive and very quiet. Photo: alkir_dep /

Is it worth the trip

Not a bad infrastructure for recreation makes Agadir one of the main tourist centers of Morocco. Here you can get acquainted with the amazing African world, colorful traditions and hospitable locals – Moors and Berbers.

Agadir is good for beach entertainment, relaxed atmosphere and scenic nature. Winds on the Atlantic attract surfers to this resort. Beginners surf all year round, and connoisseurs of big waves come from October to March.

According to reviews of tourists in 2021, the main disadvantage of Agadir is poverty. Poverty in Morocco is immediately apparent. The disadvantages also include the ebb and flow, the cool water and the small number of attractions. For everything interesting you have to go on excursions.

Holidays in Agadir

A good infrastructure for recreation makes Agadir one of the main tourist centers of Morocco. Photo: Curioso_Travel_Photography /

Agadir travel guide


Agadir is a city in Morocco located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the administrative center of the region, a beach resort and far from the smallest city in the country.

Like any resort, Agadir has its pros and cons, some people may like the holiday in Agadir, and some may not. Let’s start, of course, with the pros.

Pros of vacationing in Agadir

The first and main advantage of Agadir is a well-developed infrastructure for recreationBecause Agadir is one of the best and most popular resorts in Morocco.

There you will find Clean sandy beaches and cool ocean water.

Agadir is great for a beach holiday, but note that the ocean water is almost always colder than the sea. Agadir is no exception, the water on its coast is by no means warm, but rather cool or invigorating. In fact, the hottest summer months (July-August), the water temperature does not exceed 22-23 degrees (compared to 26-27 degrees in the Mediterranean Sea resorts).

How to get there?


Agadir is often called the resort capital of Morocco. And for good reason, because here are the best beaches in the country, an excellent infrastructure and ideal conditions for surfing. It may not always be easy to get to Agadir, but it is well worth the trip.

Flights to Agadir

During the high season, charter flights fly from Moscow to Agadir Al-Massir Airport. There are no direct scheduled flights. The best option is to fly to Agadir with a connection in Casablanca with the airline Royal Air Magos. The prices in this case are the most pleasant, the connection is not always convenient. You can also get to Agadir via Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris or Copenhagen. But this is not the end of the adventure: unfortunately, there is no direct bus service between Agadir and the airport. Therefore, you will either have to book a transfer, or take a cab, or take a bus with a change in the city of Inzegan.

Flights to Marrakech

Marrakech is located 270 kilometers from Agadir. The cheapest way to Marrakesh from Moscow is by Vueling Airlines via Barcelona. You can get from Marrakech to Agadir by buying a plane ticket, renting a car, booking a cab or buying bus tickets. Buses take 4 hours and you can get there in about 50 minutes by plane.

Morocco: What to see

Flights to Casablanca

Another option, though not optimal at all, is to fly to Casablanca. Yes, the price of the ticket will be… read more

Food & Drink


As we begin to talk about cafes and restaurants in Agadir, I would like to pay a little attention to Moroccan cuisine.

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. This is because Morocco was at the crossroads of different trade routes, so the national cuisine has absorbed quite different culinary traditions. One can notice the influence of the Mediterranean, African, Arab, Berber, Jewish and Middle Eastern traditions in the Moroccan cuisine.

Main ingredients

Most Moroccan dishes are prepared from vegetables, fruits, different types of cereals, meat, fish, seafood, and numerous spices. Very tasty and Moroccan desserts, which in many ways resemble the oriental sweets.

National dishes

The most famous and popular dishes of Morocco are tagine and couscous.

Couscous is a cereal that is cooked in a special way, which has several dozen different variations.

Tajine is a meat stew, one of the main dishes of the meal.

Meals in Agadir

The hotels in Agadir offer a wide variety of types of food. For those who do not like to visit the local cafes and restaurants, preferring to stay in the hotel, we can recommend all-inclusive hotels in Agadir – there are about 15 options available for booking.

There are hotels, offering half board – breakfast and dinner, they are also about a dozen and a half.

But most of the hotels offer breakfast and dinner.

What can I see in Agadir?


The most popular beach resort of Morocco, Agadir attracts both locals and foreigners. Unfortunately, the original old buildings in Agadir is practically no more – almost all of them were destroyed by a strong earthquake. Almost all of the attractions of Agadir are new, but its waterfront, beaches and modern buildings are so good that only a very ardent history buff will be disappointed here.

The Fortress of the Kasbah of Oufella

Built more than five hundred years ago, the Casbah Fortress originally looked like a small castle, which later expanded and became a neighborhood in Agadir. All that can be seen now is the wall of the castle, which is stretched along the hill, as it was destroyed in a very large earthquake. It is nevertheless very attractive to tourists because of the panoramic views it provides of the wide beaches of Agadir, the local bay, the town itself and the Atlas Mountains in the distance. The fortress wall is especially beautiful at night thanks to its beautiful lighting. The fortress is located near the port and is free to enter.

Qsal al Bahr Fortress

Xal al Bahr Fortress is located on the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean and was built in the very early 16th century by the Portuguese to protect the port. The fortress itself is quadrangular, with towers on the perimeter. There is also a prison tower and ancient cannons. The views from the fortress to the medina and the coast are also very nice. The castle can be visited from 8:30 am to noon and from 2:30 pm to 6 pm. The entrance fee is 10 Moroccan… read in full

The fortress of Agadir Oufla, the Swiss neighborhood, the mosque of Mohammed 5, the argan oil cooperative, the Souk El Head market

Holidays in Morocco - 2022: prices, tips and tourist reviews

During the walk you will have the opportunity to get to know better the character of this kind animal and enjoy the beautiful nature and views of the surroundings of Agadir.

The Moroccan hammam is a steam bath where you will relax, steam and get ready for a peeling treatment with black Beldi soap.

Weather in Agadir by month:

beaches in Agadir

We went to Morocco together with my girlfriend, we planned the route by bus, booked hotels and riads ourselves.

Crazy right? Two girls alone in Africa. Morocco is a secular state, tourists are safe there!

So our Route: Casablanca – Fez – Marrakech – Agadir – Essaouira – Casablanca here I will tell you about the beaches of Agadir.

We went to Agadir for 4 days to relax from the exciting and colorful journey through Africa, to bask in the warm sand and finally swim in the ocean. We booked a regular city hotel 5 minutes from the beach. Hotels here cater to all tastes and wallets, from budget to luhari, like Clubmed, located directly on the beach.

The municipal beach in Agadir.

In November, the heat in Agadir is usually on the wane, and the air temperature averages +26+28 degrees, but we were luckier than +30+32. But there is a BUT! In the beginning I wrote that Morocco is a secular state, and it was, until the beach part of the holiday.On the city beach just some kind of tin, like a tourist town and a swimsuit on the beach there will not surprise anyone, but you just can not pass, all need to get acquainted, take pictures sneakily, well just a circus with monkeys what a!

In the evening in Agadir, you can walk down the promenade next to the beach and take a ride on the rides.

Beach Holiday in December in Morocco

Agadir is the southernmost city in Morocco. We flew here by an inexpensive low-cost low-cost flight from Poland. It was our first meeting with the ocean! Unfortunately, expectations slightly exceeded reality. Yes, in December it is warm and sunny. Yes, the oriental color and endless beach. The ocean. But the water is cold! True, the ocean water is 19-22 degrees almost all year round. In December it was 19, and in the hottest months (July-August) – 22. But the uninitiated tourists are not always aware of this! We, for example, were not told! And we were hoping that we would come, as in Egypt, in December in the heat, will splash in the warm water. I can say unequivocally: Morocco in winter is not a beach holiday.

We had a great time here: we went to the Sahara to sleep in a Berber camp, eat freshly caught and grilled fish right on the beach, swim in the ocean and learn to surf. We also ate local fruits, dates and sweets. We were lost in the vast expanses of bazaars and medinas. It was cool, active and unusual. But it was not a beach vacation, as you understand.

As for me, there is nothing to do in this town for more than two days. Of course, it has the biggest beach in the whole country, to which the locals go with pleasure. But it did not inspire me. I prefer small compact bays. You can find them in Taghazout, a small village not far from Agadir. Once a surfing village, it’s now a welcoming place for young people from all over the world. There are not as many locals here as in Agadir, great beaches and there are new hotels. In Agadir itself, as.

On your own in Morocco: travel itinerary

Snow White Agadir

I went to Morocco with some doubts: for some reason I thought it was a country of deserts and uneducated people. What did I get in the end? Of the African continent, Morocco is strikingly different. First of all, the open ocean – it’s never really hot, at night it’s so frankly cool. However, it burned us – me and my mom – even in the morning haze. Because of the ocean, everyone who is interested in outdoor activities hangs out here – the ocean is almost never calm, even three-year-olds are surfing. Second, the residents. Endless colonization – by the British, the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese – have left a mark on both the appearance and the manner of Berbers and Arabs. I have the feeling that there is an absolute mix, most of the inhabitants have light or light brown eyes and brown or light brown, but not black hair. Tall, well-built men, women walk in European clothing – jeans, shirts, blouses, skirts, some cover their heads with scarves, some with their heads open. Completely closed saw only in the center of Marakkesh once. Third, a widespread enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle. In the morning and in the evening on the promenade and on the beach running hundreds of people, the surf is wide, and the beach 10 km. On the seafront there are training machines, even the elderly women do exercises there. It is the same with soccer. On weekends the beach is a succession of soccer fields on the sand, everybody plays, girls, boys, women, old men and women, babies. On weekdays, the beach is full of people.

How much does a vacation in Agadir cost? September 2017.

Tour for two people for 11 days half a pension, flew from Moscow to the city of Agadir, where we rested afterwards. The cost of the tour was 85 thousand rubles.

We took a tour in Agadir where we went on vacation for about 85 thousand rubles. I would recommend our guide Muhammed, he was a young black-haired guy, and he spoke Russian well. We took a two day tour to Marrakech, cost with hotel accommodation $130 for two.

It is difficult to find grocery stores in the tourist area, you have to go into the residential area of the city. The prices for products are comparable with in Russia, in some places even lower, especially for fruit and local wine. A bottle of wine costs 250-300 rubles, the same wine in our stores later was seen at a price of 700 rubles. For big stops for products it is better to go to the local counterpart of Ashan, the local will tell you the name of this store at once.

A trip to a cafe for two will cost 600-900 rubles (two second courses or two salads with drinks).

I advise to take a cab, all the cars have meters. The average cost of a ride around town was 100-150 rubles. The important thing is that the taxi takes no more than three passengers.

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