Holidays in Antalya with children – 2022. Best hotels and beaches

Holiday in Antalya with children

Rest with children in Antalya

Antalya is a convenient resort for holidays with children and an ideal choice for your first family trip to Turkey. Learn from tourist reviews where the best beaches, how to choose a good hotel and what to do with a child.


Is Antalya suitable for children

Antalya is a well-kept and beautiful resort in Turkey. Parents like the proximity to the airport, a warm climate, a large selection of hotels for family holidays, clean sandy and pebbly beaches, lots of entertainment and attractions. In this city, it’s easy to rest on a trip and on your own.

Egor: “In terms of recreation with children Antalya can rightly be called one of the best Turkish resorts. There are not just good but ideal conditions. The Turks themselves call Antalya the Turkish Riviera.

Holidays in Antalya with children

The port of Antalya is a pleasant walk! You can take a tour there.

When to go

The sun shines over the Antalya coast for more than 300 days a year. The beach season on the Turkish Riviera lasts a long time – from May to the end of October. It is hard for kids to stand the summer heat and stuffiness, so with preschoolers is better to rest in late spring – early summer or early autumn. It’s not too hot at that time, and the sea water is quite comfortable +24 … +26 °С.

Michael: “We vacation in Antalya with the whole family often. The weather is not changeable, which is very good. In August, the air temperature during the day reached +30 ° C, and at night +27 ° C. Humidity is, but it is minimal. The sea is warm, the water temperature is +26 ° C. There was no wind or precipitation during our vacation.

When to have a rest with children in Antalya

Beach season on the Turkish Riviera lasts long – from May to late October. Antalya. Photo: Mike_fleming / / CC BY-SA 2.0.

The best beaches for children

There are many different beaches in Antalya. For a child, the best option is sand or fine pebbles with a gentle entrance to the water. This is the coastline in the area of Lara. Tourists with children will find a wide shore, large areas of heated shallow water, playgrounds and a park.

Supermiha56: “The beach of Konyalta is suitable for recreation, including children. Along the beach there is a nice embankment, but it is somewhat “bare” in the sense that there are not many trees and you can hardly find shelter from the sun in their shadow. But the paths are nice and well-maintained.

CHESLAVTT: “Lara Beach is a municipal free sandy beach. The area is large, so the sea and the beach are more or less free. The entrance to the sea is gentle and the water is very clear. There is a park next to the beach. In the park you can freely settle for recreation – put a tent, lay a rug, there are barbecues for shashliks, benches and tables for gatherings.

Beaches for kids in Antalya

The beach in Konyalta is suitable for recreation, including for children. Photo: enginakyurt /

Best hotels for children

Hotels in Antalya for holidays with children solve a lot of problems. With all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about food. Animators are engaged in leisure and entertain the child, and a large green area is a great place for walks. Hotels 4-5* stars usually have shallow pools, play corners and other infrastructure for a comfortable holiday for the whole family on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Look for tours to Antalya on Travelate and Online Tours.

The best 5* hotels in Antalya for holidays with children, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

    – Hotel on the beach in Lara with good food, for a relaxing vacation with the whole family. – Hotel with very good reviews in Lara. – Hotel with good food, children’s animation and spa. – With a water park and children’s activities.

Families who are not ready to shell out a lot of money for a respectable holiday, stay in apartments or rent private apartments. According to reviews of tourists, a good holiday in Antalya with children – in apartment hotels on the first line from the sea. In the summer of 2022, spacious rooms with a kitchen cost $ 50-70 per day.

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Tati: “The hotel AKKA Antedon has an excellent children’s club with a good team of animators. A large and warm pool, a Hamam and a sauna. A great option for a vacation with a small child. The best thing about the hotel is the area, big, beautiful, well-groomed. Here your child will run on the grass with a ball and breathe the sea air. The food in the restaurant is tasty, there is a lot to choose from, but without extravagances, we were satisfied with everything”.

Best hotels for children in Antalya

In hotels 4-5 stars usually have shallow pools. Photo: greg_rosenke /


In hotels 4-5* stars there are no problems with nutrition. Restaurants provide a separate children’s menu, there are high chairs and kitchen corners, in which parents can prepare baby formula. Be sure to clarify all the nuances about baby food before you book the hotel! Find out about the best restaurants in Antalya.

If you are planning to stay at a hotel without food, you will not go hungry! There are many cafes in Antalya, where you can eat tasty, hearty and inexpensive. Most establishments have menus in Russian. The cuisine is mainly Turkish and European, and there is always something to feed a child.

Daniel: “The Delphin Palace hotel has a refrigerator with baby food, but it had pureed vegetables in it. They brought mashed fruit and yogurt to our table at our request (when you ask, say you want bebelac – it’s a local Nutricia). There was fresh yogurt in the fridge, too.”

Holidays in Antalya with children

A restaurant street with umbrellas in downtown Antalya.

What to do

Antalya is suitable for holidays with preschoolers and school-age children, because it is easy to find entertainment not only in the hotels themselves, but also in the city. The Aqualand and Dedeman water parks, the Balon Park and Aktur Park attractions are fun for the whole family. Visit the aquarium, zoo and Sandland sand sculptures.

Older children should see interesting museums, excavation sites and natural attractions. For schoolchildren we recommend a trip to the Karain Cave, the ancient cities of Perge, Aspendos and Phaselis. The child will be delighted by rafting on the mountain river Kepchugay and the beautiful nature of Turkey in the national park “Canyon Köprülü”.

Eugene: “Spent two weeks in Antalya with my son of six. We traveled around the resort, visited the water park, the amusement park, the dolphinarium, the aquarium. I had the most vivid impressions”.

Holidays in Antalya with children

Roman baths of Fazelis. You can walk around the ruins in peace.

Is it worth the trip?

Keep in mind that Antalya is a large and lively city in Turkey. Quiet places for walks with a baby should be sought. Older children, on the contrary, are happy with the fun atmosphere and noisy entertainment of the resort. The beaches in the hotels that are next to each other can vary greatly. Before booking be sure to clarify what the beach at the hotel and whether it is convenient for bathing children.

Holiday in Antalya with children – beach season 2022

Antalya is considered the best resort in Turkey for holidays with children in 2022. Developed infrastructure on the beaches and in the city, sandy and pebbly beaches have the distinction of “Blue Flag”. Vacationing by the sea with a child can be even in spring or autumn. The city is the cleanest and well-groomed in the country. Virtually all hotels are oriented precisely at family holidays. In the city and surroundings are many attractions and entertainment venues.

Coast of Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya for holidays with children – 2022

Antalya Resort is one of the main touristic centers in Turkey. Antalya has a rich history, modern beach areas and a lot of entertainment, not only in the hotels, but in the city. Vacation with children in Antalya will give a lot of positive emotions and impressions. The resort is ideal not only for beach leisure, but also for visiting the many attractions, museums and entertainment venues.

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Where to stay in Antalya with children

Hotels in Antalya are rightly considered the best for a holiday in 2022 with a child: the highest quality service and luxurious conditions. A full range of services for holidays with children are provided by most 5* hotels. Kids are provided with baby cribs, play rooms, clubs and playgrounds, small water parks and exciting animation programs.

Topkapi Palace Hotel, Antalya

Hotel Topkapi Palace (all inclusive) – RECOMMENDED

The food system can be different, but as a rule, it is “all inclusive”, including a children’s menu. At the same time, when choosing a hotel, it is worth checking whether they have a dietary menu. Another important point is the hotel’s beach. Many status hotels are far from the sea, but guests are taken to the beach with a free shuttle. Again, keep in mind the peculiarities of each area of the resort.

Konyaalti .

This is the western area of the resort, famous for its wide and long pebble beaches, almost all of which have Blue Flag awards and breathtaking views of the mountain ranges. The beaches are free, well equipped, with wooden decking for easy movement. Although I would not advise resting there with small children, as the depth increases very quickly.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach

In Konyaalti there is Akdeniz University, a lot of different kinds of clinics, Migros shopping center, the Luna Park and Dolphinarium, the water park and Beach Park with lots of bars, restaurants and cafes. Akdeniz Boulevard has the main district buildings and hotels. The area is dominated by small hotels, pensions and apartments.

The Lara district is located to the east of Antalya, just 10 km from the airport and features fine sandy beaches. The buildings there are mostly low, a lot of parks with children’s playgrounds and a promenade. There are three lines of excellent hotels on the coast of Lara.

Lara in August

To the east of the beach with the same name of the district, there is a beautiful place – the Duden waterfall, flowing into the sea. For small vacationers, the beaches of the area are ideal: fine sand and the most convenient entrance to the sea. There are many comfortable 5* hotels, with the best conditions for family holidays. Less status hotels are also enough, but they are preferred by older people who want silence.


The resort is young, modern, located on the outskirts of Antalya, 20 km from the airport in the delta of the river Aksu. There you will not find any cheap hotels, only 5* and with unusual architecture. Most of them are focused on holidays with children in Antalya and offer a variety of entertainment throughout the day. The beach in the area is sandy, very wide with a gentle entrance and fine pebbles in the sea.

Nearby is a walkway with restaurants, cafes and stores that connects Lara and Aksu-Kunda. Although if you do not like the huge number of tourists, this area is unlikely to suit you. At the same time in the vicinity there are many good, but quieter resorts. For example, the villages: Tekirova, Chamyuva and Geynyuk, located in the vicinity of Kemer. Most expensive resort of Turkey – Belek also will please the lack of crowds.

Best hotels for families with children – 2022

Below I have compiled a list of the most popular and suitable hotels for holidays with children in Antalya in 2022. I hope you can find the perfect one for you.

Family vacations 2022.

Most couples with children prefer a vacation with children in Antalya because of its proximity to the airport, gorgeous sandy beaches and excellent infrastructure. The resort is very beautiful, clean with a lot of cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and other facilities that contribute to the most comfortable holiday in 2022.

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Holidays with kids in Antalya

Every year in the city there are more and more places where you can have a great time with the whole family. But do not forget that the resort is very noisy, with infants there are not many places where you can fully enjoy the silence. But for children of preschool and school age, the entertainment is more than enough – it’s a zoo, playgrounds, hiking in the mountains or to the many attractions.

Luxurious service in all-inclusive hotels will provide almost carefree entertainment. Excellent animation programs, the availability of special children’s menus and plenty of places for walks in the green areas.

When to go on holiday in Antalya with children

Summer in Antalya is long, in May the beach season opens. But even if your vacation will be in the middle of autumn, you can fully enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea and great weather.

Experienced tourists recommend visiting the resort with young children in May, June or September. During this period, there is a very low chance of precipitation, the sea is well warmed up, and the air temperature is suitable for children’s bodies.

For excursions in April and October are more suitable. The probability of rain increases, but the main advantage of the low season – low prices in first-class hotels. There is a greater choice of rooms and the service remains at the highest level.

Climate and weather

Thanks to the Taurus Mountains, which protect the resort from cold winds, the climate in Antalya is Mediterranean, subtropical. Holidays are possible even in April and November. But along with high temperatures, high humidity prevails here, so the summer heat does not abate even late in the evening. Already in May you can sunbathe, the temperature at the beginning of the month is about +20 °, and rises to +26 ° in the end.

Summer in Antalya

Summer in Antalya

In June the temperature is about +30 °, in July and August the thermometer will show from +34 ° to +43 °. In September it is not so hot, in the range of 27 °. In May there may still be rain, and from June to September their probability is reduced to zero. October is still warm, but there may be precipitation. From November to March it is cool outside, in the range of +10° and heavy rains. In April, precipitation is rare and temperatures begin to rise.

Water temperature in the sea

Interesting fact: the beach season in Antalya starts very early, and the bathing season is almost a month later. In April, the sea is still cold at about +18 °. In early May within +20 °, by the end of the month even children can swim. The Mediterranean sea heats up to +24°. From July to the end of September the water is heated to +26 °, in October the sea is still warm enough, the temperature does not fall below +23 °.

What to do in Antalya with children

There are a lot of options for family entertainment at the resort. Therefore, the question of how to spend time with a child in 2022 is not a problem at all. In the hotels, every night entertain with animation programs.

A great option would be to visit the water park “Aqualand” with an unusual design, a lot of different slides and fun pools for young tourists. There are rides for all ages. Also on the territory of the water park operates dolphinarium. “Aqualand” works from May to the second week of October, so even if you go in the spring or fall, there will be something to do.

Water park “Aqualand”.

In the evening, open rides “Aktur Park”, with numerous carousels, extreme entertainment in the form of free-fall towers and roller coasters. Half of the 40 attractions of the park is designed for small children. Adults have a good time in the scare or laugh room, the movie theater, on the Ferris wheel or in the game room.

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“Aktur Park.

Another good option is the entertainment center “Balon Park”, on three floors there are inflatable slides, a maze, trampolines, climbing wall and a hall with various slot machines. Most shopping centers also have great playgrounds. Deepo” has its own karting center where both adults and children will have a great time.

Balon Park

Balon Park

For an educational activity it is worth visiting the Antalya Oceanarium, with the longest underwater tunnel and a close up look at the large sea creatures. There you can also surprise your child with a real snowball at the Snow World center and even go sledding and play snowballs.

Oceanarium in Antalya in August

The Oceanarium in Antalya

Antalya Zoo is located in a forest park area. There is a small contact section with small animals. On the territory is not hot, there is a pleasant coolness, there is a picnic area, so you can spend time there at least all day.

During the summer and fall months, the Sandland sand sculpture complex opens at the resort. Each new season’s theme for the sand sculptures is always different. Hollywood movie characters, mythical heroes and even incredible palaces can decorate the shore. There is a separate area for children where they can show their talents in all their glory.



With young children, you can just relax on the hotel’s playground. Many hotel complexes provide free entertainment programs, educational games and discos.

Beaches and Sea

Almost all beaches in Antalya have been awarded the Blue Flag, both municipal and hotel. The entire Mediterranean coast is impeccably clean and well maintained. Paid beaches are few, almost all with free admission, but additional services and entertainment are paid for by the price list.

Antalya Beach

According to most tourists, the best children’s sandy beaches are in the area of Lara. The sea is shallow, very clean with a comfortable entrance to the water. There is a huge park and many playgrounds nearby.

Lara Beach in Antalya

Lara Beach

Despite all the charms, holidays with children on the beaches of Antalya, has a few features that are worth knowing. Resort areas differ in topography, so it is not always possible to pick the right option. In the west of the resort, the beaches are wide enough, but pebble, and the sea, even at the shore, is deep.

On the eastern side of the beach areas are sandy, the entrance to the sea is gentle, but some parts of the coast are surrounded by rocks. Therefore, you have to go down stairs to the sea. In some areas, the entrance to the water is from the pier. Considering these nuances while booking a hotel, find out what beach is nearby.

Beach in Antalya 000

At the height of the tourist season, it is problematic to find a beach with a small number of vacationers. There are a lot of people everywhere. As a rule, in summer the sea is quiet, small ripples are sometimes observed in the afternoon.

Interesting places and attractions in Antalya

Most children are happy to go on excursions in Antalya. Right on the streets of the city are many historical sites. The ancient city of Kaleici amazes with amazing buildings. Particular attention deserves the “Hadrian’s Gate” and the Clock Tower. The most interesting thing is that the gate is older than the tower itself by as much as XVII century.

Hadrian’s Gate

In the ancient city of Perge you can find out more about the ancient history of Antalya. The ruins look just amazing: carved columns, arches, and perfectly preserved tombstones. There are a lot of ancient towns in the vicinity of the resort, for example in Belek – Aspendos, in Kemer – Fazelis. Many ancient buildings have survived in Side. If you decide to walk with a child in these historic places, then the trip is better to go in the spring or fall. When it is not so hot.

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In summer you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Antalya. The exhibition is located in several halls, it can be seen not only old coins, but also objects of clothing. For children there is a separate hall representing the life of Turkey many centuries ago.

A toy museum is also worth a trip for the youngest travelers. Exhibits in the form of dolls, soldiers and so on, you can find absolutely incredible exhibits. If you are a supporter of natural attractions, it is worth visiting the waterfalls: Upper and Lower Duden, Managavt or Kurshunlu.

Duden waterfall

Everyone who prefers active rest should go to the river Kepruchai, for rafting. The route is not complicated, not only a beginner, but even a child can cope with it. The rafting is supervised by an instructor. The river flows in the national park “Keprulu Canyon”, a great opportunity to hide from the heat and just enjoy the incredibly beautiful exotic nature.

Köprülü Canyon

Köprühlü Canyon

The Karain Cave is another interesting site about 30 km from Antalya with the ancient people’s camps. Today the cave is not only a sightseeing place but also a museum of Anatolian civilizations. Various objects found during the cave excavations are preserved there.

Karain Cave

Karain Cave

I recommend looking for excursions in Antalya on these services:

How to get to Antalya

Getting to the resort is not difficult if you fly a package tour. For how to get there on your own, see and read below. For a short vacation, I recommend flying by charter on a package tour. If the tour you chose does not have a transfer to the hotel, use Kiwi Taxi (cheaper than a regular cab).

The resort’s airport is 10 km from the central area. You can easily get to the hotel by one of the suitable ways. The beach area of Lara is 10 km from the airport, Konyaalti is 18 km, and Aksu-Kundu is 20 km. Tourists traveling on vacation with children to Antalya are met by travel agents and taken to the hotel. If you are traveling on your own, you can choose from the following options.

Bus from the airport

You can get to the Antalya bus station from the airport by bus #600 or with Havaş carriers. You can buy tickets at the ticket booths at the public transport stops. You will get to the center on bus 202, and there you should change to the Dolmus, which goes to the resort areas of the city. The stop is behind the cab stand. From the airport bus leaves at half-hour intervals, from 7:45 to 23:30.

Car Hire

You can rent a car in any country, a list of car rentals can be found at the link below.

By cab

One of the fastest and most convenient options, but expensive. The parking lot is near the exit, there is a person who speaks Russian. He will tell you how to get there and you need to ask him if the cab will take you to the hotel. Some taxis only go as far as the dolmush stop. The Antalya website has information about public rail and sea transport. But if you are going on vacation with children, these options are unlikely to work for you.

More on the topic:

If you choose the right hotel and area of Antalya, a vacation with children will bring real pleasure. The best beaches, quality service, warm sea and a lot of entertainment – the main advantages of the resort. Unforgettable and safe holiday to all in 2022!

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