Holidays in Goa – 2022: tips, reviews, beach reviews

Beach vacations in Goa – 2022: prices, reviews, when to go

Goa is a small state located on the west coast of India. A place where you lose your sense of time, tear up return plane tickets and burn passports. It’s a place of endless beaches, amazing sunsets and welcoming people.

If you are traveling to India on your own, we advise you to exchange your money for the local currency beforehand. The exchange rate at the airport is not the most profitable, but for extreme situations will do. At the exit of the airport of Dabolim village (Goa International Airport) – there is an official stand to order a cab. Prices for the trip are acceptable, you can safely call.

Now, take a deep breath and go outside. You will be greeted by smiling Hindus, each of them will consider it their duty to touch your hand and offer you a cab or help with the luggage. They literally surround you in a ring, but of course they do nothing wrong. Calmly step aside and wait for your cab (after a couple of minutes they will lose interest in you). Or better yet, wait for him in the airport building – so you shield yourself from the first stress.

Prices for holidays in Goa 2022

India – a country of amazing contrasts and smells. For the first time you will smell it, coming down the plane: curry, spices, some spices – you can not define exactly. In the evenings, India smells of burning garbage: the locals build small fires in the yards and burn everything they have accumulated during the day.

And no matter how many reviews you read about holidays in Goa for 2022, it will always not be enough to understand and experience the whole flavor.

Reviews of holidays in Goa

How much do airline tickets cost?

If you’re planning a vacation to Goa in 2022, look now for round-trip airfare from Moscow. And remember, the earlier you start planning your vacation, the cheaper it will cost you.

You can get to Goa – Dabolim airport by charter flight and by scheduled airlines with connections. Charter flights fly only during the season (October – May) . If you decide to vacation in Goa at other times, you can get only with connections.

You can find a cheap ticket for Moscow-Dabolim-Moscow flight online. Sometimes tour operators sell the tickets separately from the tour, we advise you to visit a travel agency in your city.

The cost of a charter ticket Moscow-Goa depends on the date, duration and airline. On average a one-way ticket will cost from $350. If you buy a round trip ticket at once, they will give you a discount.

We recommend using Aviasales. The aggregator searches among all airlines and picks the best priced flights.

The price for an air ticket to Goa from Moscow will be about 23 thousand rubles. For example, the flight from October 12th to 26th on the route Moscow – Dabolim – Moscow by Qatar Airlines with 1 connection at Doha airport will cost 32 214 rubles.

Cheap rent a house near the sea

Best Hotels in Goa by Reviews and Prices

Well-known “all inclusive” system is not so popular. This is due to the fact that it is almost impossible to sit in one place in Goa. So lunch and dinner every time will take place outside the hotel. In addition, the food in India is very cheap, but about this a little later.

If you are looking for all-inclusive hotels in Goa on the first line, it may be difficult to find accommodation. The fact is that the hotels do not offer all-inclusive meals to independent tourists. At most you can find – included breakfasts, lunches and dinners (without drinks).

But nothing is ever possible and of course on site you can almost certainly arrange for an “all inclusive” meal.

Prices for hotels in Goa:

The best hotels in Goa 5 stars according to tourist reviews are in the South of the state – South Goa. This resort is considered more elite than North Goa, although you can find good 5-star hotels there as well.

All good options for holidays near the sea, we advise to book a direct link on

  • Hotel Heritage Village Club 4* – located on the 1st line of Arossim Beach in South Goa. Spacious and green area, large pool, Indian restaurants and bars, meditation rooms. Currency exchange and much more awaits the guests of this hotel. Spacious rooms with TV and sea views, decorated in a modern, classic style, will appeal to your taste. You can walk to the town of Kansaulim, where you can buy souvenirs or have dinner in a cafe.

A 2-week vacation for two on a breakfast basis will cost 89,411 rubles.

When to rest in Goa

  • Bogmallo Beach Resort 5*, located on Bogmallo Beach in South Goa.

The hotel offers: a swimming pool, a gym and as many as 4 restaurants. You can choose a room in the main building or stay in small houses on the territory – chalets.

The room rate for two people in chalets is 91,144 RUB, including breakfasts and dinners.

Best hotels in Goa for vacations with children

  • The Golden Crown Hotel & Spa 4 * – is located on the most famous beach in South Goa – Colva Beach. Just a 5 minute walk to the beach. Modern and spacious rooms, a pool with sun loungers, a restaurant, a spa and much more awaits guests of this hotel. One of the few complexes where it is possible to eat all inclusive. But as mentioned earlier, independent travelers will not be able to book such an option in advance. Breakfast is buffet style, which is a rarity for a holiday in India.
Where is the best place to rest in Goa? An overview of resorts

The cost of a 2-week stay with breakfast will be 65,470 rubles.

Prices for an all inclusive holiday in Goa

  • Alila Diwa Goa Hotel 5* all inclusive. Located in South Goa, Gonsua is considered one of the best in its category. It is in high demand among fans of comfortable rest. It offers: a huge area of the hotel, library, spa, all-day restaurant, bars, rooms with marble floors and air conditioning. Complimentary toiletries and bathrobe. According to tourist reviews, this is the best hotel in Goa for holidays with children.

The price for a 2 weeks stay at the hotel with breakfast will be 378 065 rubles.

Hotel Prices in Goa

Prices for lodging in Goa

If you want to rent accommodation in Goa cheap on the beach, then we advise you to consider the selected proposals. And indeed, accommodation prices in Goa are considered the most affordable for a beach holiday.

    – Guest house just 600 meters from the beach Candolim.

Do not expect the supernatural from the “gestas” – this economical accommodation option is in demand among young people. But you don’t have to sit in a “gesta”. In Candolim – a huge number of stores, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants. You can walk to the neighboring beaches – Baga and Calangute, which will impress you with its crowds. Candolim, compared to Baga, is considered a quieter place.

Please note that this “hostel” does not provide food and there is no kitchen. You will have to have breakfast in a cafe on the grounds, or at any other place.

The price for a 2-week stay for two starts at 14 763 rubles.

Sea Pearl Guesthouse

    – Garden View Guesthouse is located in Saligao in the North District. It is only 3.3 km to the bustling disco known town of Calangute. Please note, breakfast is included in the price. But don’t underestimate the typical Indian breakfast, which usually includes 2 toasts with butter and jam, masala tea or coffee. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. Do not expect much from the room: bed, bedside table, fan and bathroom. Air-conditioned rooms are almost never found in “gestas”. Keep this in mind when planning a vacation in Goa 2022.

The price for renting accommodation is the main advantage of the accommodation. Two weeks of vacation in Goa will cost two tourists 19,256 rubles.

Sabina Guest House

Prices for tours to Goa in 2022

Unlike other destinations, the prices for tours to Goa in 2022 are cheaper than planning a trip on your own.

This is due to the fact that accommodation in India is inexpensive. And the main cost of the trip is just a charter flight, the cost of which is regulated by tour operators. If the tours are not well bought, they reduce the price so that for 2 weeks you can go for only 15,000 rubles. True, it will be 2-star “gest house”, but this proposal does not become less tempting.

Charter flights begin to fly from October to May.

We recommend to look at the prices of tours to Goa from Moscow from all tour operators on or The searchers look for the best vacation deals without a surcharge.

  • One of the cheapest options turned out to be a tour to a 2-star hotel Lobos Inn. Located 550 meters from the beach Kavelossim Beach on the south coast of Goa. Offers accommodation in a standard room, without air conditioning and without meals.

The cost of the tour is 68 864 rubles for two people. The price includes: airfare Moscow-Goa-Moscow, group transfer, hotel and medical insurance.

Travel costs to India from Moscow

By the way, in India there is no official category of stars, the information on different sites may be different.

  • Two-week tour in Goa to the already familiar Bogmallo Beach Resort (its description above). For two adults and breakfast, accommodation in a deluxe room costs 121,727 rubles.

If you have breakfasts and dinners, the price is 140 719 rubles. The price already includes: flight, transfer, hotel, meals of choice and insurance.

Accommodation on the first line with its own beach in India

  • Deluxe Hotel Alila Diwa Goa 5*. Here you can find out the prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Goa. When you buy a trip from a tour operator, you are given the opportunity to choose in this hotel type of food, such as “All inclusive”. It is quite possible that specifically on this option, the tour operator has an exclusive contract that allows you to sell tours “all inclusive”.

Prices in Goa

Prices for food in Goa and catering

There are no problems with cafes and restaurants in the state. Located literally at every step and offering a taste of traditional cuisine, will surprise and delight you with their pleasant prices. Hotel cafes will have higher prices than those on the street. But in any case you will not go hungry.

The average cost of dinner at a cafe is $2.5-3. A dinner for two with drinks costs $10-$15.

Fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat are sold at local markets. In reviews tourists are often advised to bargain. As much as you can bargain for, that’s how much you can buy.

A visit to the Juice Centers is a must. For only $1.5-2, you can taste freshly squeezed juice from strange fruits, berries, and even vegetables. It’s not hard to find a jus center – every village has one.

What to bring from India - prices for gifts and souvenirs

Transportation Fees

The state has left-hand traffic and many Russian tourists can be difficult to rearrange, as well as the roads are very narrow. Therefore, the most profitable means of transportation is considered a “bike”. This word refers to all types of two-wheeled vehicles, from mopeds to sports motorcycles.

We do not recommend the first day to rent a bike or a car. Try to get used to the local traffic first. It is very difficult here, there are no such rules.

  • Rule 1. Honk! Inform others about your movement.
  • Rule #2. The cow is the queen of the road! In India, the cow is considered a sacred animal, which is why they are free and belong to no one. Very often they use the road as a place to walk or rest. Deal with it and either stand in traffic or go around.

For car rental in Goa, the prices do not bite and are available to any wallet. It’s enough to go to a hotel or special rental services. The cost of renting a car will depend on the ability to haggle and the duration of the trip. The average rental is $20-25/day.

  • For scooters prices are much lower – 3-5$/day. 1 liter of gasoline costs about $1 and is sold not only at gas stations, but also in regular grocery stores in bottles.
  • A cab ride will depend on your ability to haggle, and on average will cost $3-3.5.
  • For public transportation the price is fixed and depends on the distance of the trip. For example if you need to travel about 200 km, you will pay 3.5-4$.

Holiday in India on the Beach with Kids

Do I need a visa to Goa for Russians?

Visa to Goa for Russians is arranged in advance through the electronic version. The cost of a visa to India for 30 days will be $10 during the low season (April to June). High season (from July to the end of March) – $25. The paperwork is $40. You can get a visa online or at the consulate in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If you decide to buy a trip, the tour operator can help you with registration. It remains to bring the necessary documents to the travel agency. The deadline to receive the document is 3 working days.

To get a visa requires a package of documents:

  • Valid foreign passport (valid not less than 6 months from the end of the trip);
  • A copy of pages of internal passport;
  • A filled out visa application form;
  • Two color photos;
  • Proof of purpose of visit to Goa: tourist ticket or hotel booking confirmation;
  • Return tickets;
  • Proof of sufficient funds to stay in the country (your bank statement, certificate of employment and so on).

When is the best time to vacation in Goa?

The resort is characterized by the concept of seasonality and nonseasonality, so the question “When to go to Goa to rest the best” is asked by many travelers.

The season starts in October . Then the first charter flights begin to fly in the direction, hotels open to receive tourists. The season lasts until the end of May . Then the weather becomes hard to bear, high humidity and stuffiness.

The best time for a holiday is from October to March.

Weather by Months

Air temperature by month Air temperature by day and night by month Water temperature Average daily hours of sunshine Number of rainy days

From June to September begins the rainy season: hotels and stores close.

Tips for tourists on vacation

  • Drink bottled water only;
  • Bargain: in cabs, at markets, souvenir shops and on the beach, car rental services.
  • Do not offend the local cows – for that you can even be imprisoned for several days;
  • Never get into a conflict (fight) with a Hindu – this also threatens a stricter punishment, restriction of freedom with possible deportation from the country;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before eating;
  • Do not leave valuables and money in the hotel. Put them in the safe.
  • Tipping in this country will be appreciated by everyone: from the maid to the cab driver.


How to save money on your trip? Working tipsters!

  • We recommend searching for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all the hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
  • Advantageous to insure your health and life while traveling will help service TRIPINSURANCE, the search engine shows the results of all major insurance companies. You need to choose only the most favourable option, but we advise you not to save on your health!
  • Airfare? We advise you to use AVIASALES, it is still the no.1 search engine among independent travelers.

My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

Holidays in GOA: reviews, photos, tips, what tourists need to know

All about vacationing in Goa in 2022! Tourist reviews, pros and cons. Prices for tours, hotels, food. The best resorts and beaches. Useful tips.

Excursions in Goa - 2022: prices, descriptions, reviews

India accepts tourists from Russia, but the conditions of entry are too complicated, so no one goes there. There are direct scheduled flights to Delhi, charters to Goa and sold tours – from 50,000 ₽ for two for 10 nights. The article provides pre-dedicated prices for trips and airfare. Information about flights and other aspects of holidays in India may not be up to date now, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries to choose an alternative vacation destination.

Goa is the smallest, most Europeanized and most touristy state in India. After a holiday in Goa, some imbued with eternal love, some even go to live, and some more do not be lured by the gingerbread. We will tell you everything you need to know about a holiday in Goa, and you decide whether to go there or not.

Exchange rate: 1 Indian rupee (INR) ≈ 1 RUB.

Reviews about Dabolim Airport

“It’s basically like everywhere else, standard border procedures. Then all the people began to take buses. And here is more interesting… All the elderly, respectable and overweight were taken to the South. And all younger, but bruised after an active drinking in the plane – in the Northern direction… And here the direction speaks for itself….”.

“…We were quickly released from the airport, someone was caught by clingy porters who demanded 150 rupees for their services (not bad money by local standards)…”.


Many tourists go to Goa for recovery with the help of Indian medicine.

Ayurvedic folk medicine centers are located in almost every major hotel in the state and offer such services:

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

Cuisine and Food Reviews

“I came back from there, not with an addiction to cannabis, which I feared, but with an addiction to the delicious food there.

“I would not agree that the food is spicy. At our beach all prepared very tasty and not spicy, even two children have not once complained about the spiciness. Here at the excursion to the botanical garden really prepared strictly national and almost inedible food, except for rice and bananas could not eat anything!”

“The medicine of prime necessity in Goa is mesim, a pill for overeating, or simply, for gluttony. I am not saying that it is safe to eat everywhere in India. The main rule we learned from this trip is: “you have to know the places! And since we had someone to tell us, every meal was a belly feast.”

“With the question of where to eat, there is absolutely no problem in Goa, because both on the beaches and in the city there are a lot of different cafes and restaurants. Food is inexpensive and tasty, we tried almost all the dishes in the favorite cafe.”

Excursion vacation

Excursion holidays are not too common in Goa. Most tourists come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Nevertheless, to diversify the beach activities will help excursions to the most interesting places in Goa. Old Goa is famous for its architecture leading up to the discovery of the area by the Portuguese colonizers.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

Their legacy is represented by numerous Catholic churches and cathedrals, including:

  • St. Catherine’s Cathedral;
  • the Church of St. Francis of Assisi;
  • The Basilica of Merciful Jesus temple complex;
  • The Church of St. Caetano.

Other famous sites in Goa are the fortifications:

  • Fort Chapora;
  • Aguada Fort;
  • Fort Corjum;
  • Yashwantgad Fort.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

The beauty of Goa’s flora and fauna can be seen in such places as:

  • Kotigao Reserve;
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Reserve;
  • Bandla Reserve;
  • Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary;
  • ornithological ;
  • Dudhsagar waterfall;
  • spice plantations.

Beach Reviews.

Its big plus is its sand. Such a pleasant to the touch of sand, I’ve never seen anywhere else. And all thanks to the fact that the grains of his sand, so small that the sand begins to resemble powdered sugar. In different light, it seems almost white, then golden.

“Arguments for”: A clean white beach. Very private and quiet. No crowded tourist crowds, no hawkers. Very good place if you want the relaxation of peace and quiet. Cons: The seas are a little rough, although if you are adventurous you can enjoy the surf.”

Hotel Reviews

“After reading reviews, we opted for The Leela Goa Hotel 5*. On many travel sites, this hotel takes the honorable first place among the hotels of South Goa. Even periodically, in the stories, came up with the information that this hotel is one of the 100 best coastal hotels in the world! Immediately I can say that according to my feelings the hotel is really nice, but do not expect anything supernatural from it. The funny thing is that the beach hotels we have vacationed in before were every bit as good, but did not have such a high title and rating.”

“The staff is very friendly, diligent. Shy))).”

“The hotel was nice and clean. We liked the pool. Service could have been better.”

About shopping

“What you can buy as souvenirs: elephants of all sorts and not expensive from 200 to 1000 rupees, trousers-150 rupees, Ali Baba pants from 200 rupees, tunics short-200 rupees, linas also. Ayurvedic cosmetics also inexpensive, toothpaste very good and very cheap, T-shirts with symbols of India bought for 150 rupees, silk scarves for 150 rupees.”

“It’s worth a visit to Saturday night market. You can buy with good discounts (at least 50%) if you bargain =) plus there are performances of different genres. I liked it very much!

The season in Goa: when it's best to go on holiday. Weather by month

Russians about Goans

“I really disliked their “Indian” English in Goa. But that was only until I came across a kind of “Chinese” English in Singapore. Since then I like everything in Goa.

“Indians are quite clean. They can walk around barefoot, but they will, dressed in impeccably clean and ironed clothes.”

“What I liked about the Indians was the attitude, no one will touch you or hurt you, all the rape stories seem unreal. Even getting to a trance party at night, and it was all on the beach, left just thrilled, a DJ from London played, it’s a must hear. “

“Indians are very fond of children, and even at the airport the faces of people in camouflage warmed at the sight of a child.”

Transportation Reviews

“There is no problem with cabs in Goa. The prices are the same near the hotel and on the road. It is better to negotiate with a cab driver for the way there and back. It’s cheaper that way. The cab driver will wait for you for 2-3 hours.”

“You can take a scooter with no problem, but the traffic is left-handed, you have to remember that. Plus, the locals run around like crazy. If you’re not scared, go ahead on a scooter, it’s very convenient!”

“Traffic in Goa is left-handed, the rules are practically non-existent. Seeing this chaos from the cab window made me a little sad, and my desire to take a bike faded. The traffic consists mostly of scooters and motorcycles. Everyone cuts each other off, cutting into the slightest gap, overtaking oncoming traffic, ignoring the markings (which are not common). The roads are mostly narrow, a bus or TATA truck looks like elephants on a narrow path. There are no priority signs.”

How to get there

Initially, to get to Goa, you need to get to India. You can do this by plane to Delhi, Mumbai or by taking a direct flight to Dabolim airport, near the state capital. The direct flight takes about 7 hours, but getting to the resort that way can be problematic.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

Tickets for these flights are almost non-existent in the regions and are only available during the holiday season. The ticket price during this period is 30 thousand rubles round trip. During low tourist season the price would be around 45-100 thousand rubles.

It will be much easier to fly to Mumbai and Delhi with one or more connections. Such a flight will cost 25-40 thousand rubles and take 3 – 5 hours. If you want to fly to Goa, you have to use local modes of transport.

  • Tivim;
  • Karmali;
  • Magdaon.

When buying a ticket, it is important to pay attention to the presence of these stops in the route of the vehicle.

Russians about the Russians in Goa

“If the whole village looks at you in a miniskirt / shorts and with cleavage up to the navel and continuously signal from every car, then make no mistake that you are admired and/or envied, you are judged and not respected as a woman, you are already devalued, and you are just an available sexual object. Going out in the city or a major population center, cover up a little – there are beautiful and comfortable clothes made of pure cotton that are not hot. And remember, Goa is not on the list of sex tourism capitals.”

“Personally, my compatriots on vacation do not bother me, although sometimes you can distinguish Russians by their manner of behavior. But exactly as much as the others. Italians are always noisy and loudly gesticulating company. Fat Americans are always in dirty, muddy T-shirts. The English are almost always drunk, not our guys at all. The Japanese are quiet and in formation. And always with specific photo and video equipment. The Chinese sniff their noses loudly and spit at every corner. Germans quietly hate everyone around them and love only themselves… Well, are Russians the only ones with their own distinctive characteristics?”

“You think for nothing that all Russian tourists are the way you describe them… There are many cultured people among us who respect the people of other countries, their culture and customs. Just, when choosing a place to rest, you have to understand that if you go to the cheapest place, it is often going to the contingent about which you have told. I this year I also vacationed in the Southern GOA, and in that hotel half of the guests were also from Russia. But we did not see a single unpleasant incident during our vacation. All Russians behaved very decently, I did not see any of them drunk, and the hotel staff had a very benevolent attitude towards Russians.”

General Information

Goa is one of the states of India and is located in the southwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Earlier this area belonged to Portugal and was considered a colony. Now Goa is one of the most famous vacation spots in the world. The capital of Goa is Panaji, but the largest population center is Vasco da Gama.

In terms of area and population Goa is considered the smallest in the country. The size of the territory slightly exceeds 3,700 km2. According to the census of 2022 there were 3.1406 million people in the state. The currency is Indian rupee.

10 best hotels in South and North Goa 3, 4, 5 stars

Territorially, the state is divided into South and North, each of which consists of six districts or talukas. Despite belonging to Goa to India, the official language is a dialect of Kokrani. The second most widely spoken language is Marakhti. Goa is washed by the Arabian Sea, which belongs to the Indian Ocean.

To Goa with a child

“That Goa is dirty and full of contamination like the rest of India is nonsense and nonsense. There is dirt in the cities, for example in Mapse in the market. Although I go there for groceries with the baby up to several times a week, and nothing. Here, as they say, it’s up to each his own way. In North Goa, and even more so in South Goa, everything has long been adapted for tourists, including those traveling with children, as well as for pregnant women about to give birth in Goa. There are plenty of children of all ages and nationalities.”

“At one of the breakfasts, there was a year-old blond, bare-footed miracle with a string of pearls around her neck running around the cafe and the adjoining grounds. They come with their ‘ponytails’ to Goa six months, in season, to the ocean, fresh air… I saw the faces of these children, they are happy!”

Tour Prices

The cost of tours to Goa depends on the time of the planned vacation. At the height of the tourist season from November to March, prices range from $750 to $900. The most expensive tours are in January – about $ 1000. During the rainy season, prices drop to about $400-$500.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

Holidays in Goa will be to the taste of any tourist. Clean sandy beaches, loud parties and an extensive program of excursions can help you enjoy the atmosphere of Goa and get into its spirit.

Article design: Oleg Lozinsky

Weather Reviews

“In terms of the weather in India is wonderful, because with the scorching sun in the city and near the beach is a lot of greenery, so even during the day you can walk down the street painlessly, but headgear is still better to have with you and when you go even for a five-minute walk to wear sunscreen. It is very easy to breathe, there is no stuffiness. And at night the temperature drops from 35 to 18-20 – so it’s comfortable to sleep. (January)

“What really pleased me was the weather. I was in Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and everywhere else for me personally it was difficult to endure the high humidity and thus the heat. In Goa in the evening was just great, as at us in the Crimea at the end of August. The day after 15-00, you could safely lie on the beach, without fear of “burn. (November)

“About mosquitoes – everywhere in restaurants there are fumitoxes in the legs. I have not been bitten by a single mosquito, although I am usually all bitten. In the room, there were none at all. True, we never opened the windows.

When to go

It is best to go to Goa from late November to late February. This season is considered the most successful for a beach holiday. During this period, the weather is warm and pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the sun and swim in the ocean.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

In October, the monsoons lose their strength, the sea is calm and clear. There is virtually no wind and the rainfall is less than 5 days per month. In November, the hot season begins and lasts until the end of February. In March, the weather is still warm, but the wind increases significantly, provoking the appearance of storms.

Despite this, many tourists stay in Goa until May before the rainy season, which lasts until early October. During this period, it is better not to come here, as rainfall can fall incessantly for days, so the opportunity for a good rest is almost non-existent.

Do not miss our most popular topic: The Persian Gulf. Where is it on the world map, countries.

About the Ocean.

“There are no “creepers” in the ocean during daylight hours. There is no algae, and there are none at low tide either. I call the Arabian Sea an ocean, because it behaves like an ocean, not a sea. You can’t swim there if you’re not a swimmer. It’s dangerous. It’s very much sucked in by the departing wave. That’s why you have to have the bottom under your feet.”

“That’s where the ocean is really good. Fine sand, the bottom is flat (even for me, which is bad on the water), the tides in the full moon are powerful in energy, flooding the coastal cafes (sheks). That’s when you start to enjoy the rest!”


The latitudes of Goa are influenced by a subequatorial climate. The dry and wet periods here have a clear division. Between October and May is hot weather with high temperatures and humidity, which reaches 70-75%.

Holidays on the island of Goa in India. Reviews and tips, best places with kids, independent tourists. South, North.

In June it’s monsoon time, bringing cool and heavy rains. The air warms up to 25-28°C, and the rainfall lasts 13 to 27 days a month. The driest season is in winter – December, January and February. During this time, there is virtually no rainfall of any kind. Ocean water temperature rarely drops below 28 ° C, making Goa takes tourists all year round.

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