Holidays in Jamaica – 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons

Hotel reviews for Jamaica

My room was very well located, very close to the airport, close to stores and cafes. I did not know about the other rooms. I don’t know about the other rooms, we lived in the new block on the second floor. Read more

I did not know about the other rooms in the hotel. I did not think we would have much of a difference due to our room layout. I did not think there was ever an accommodation at this hotel. The hotel is fully booked on weekends. The hotel is very well located. Read more .

Overall, the hotel was excellent. We liked it! The hotel is very well located, but we would have liked to have mosquito nets and windows with openings as not everyone needs air conditioning. We had a coffee bar. It was really good. Go to for more info.

The hotel was in a rundown area and very clean, nicely furnished. Service is at the same level. Photos attached, as well as a photo of dinner, cost $38 USD. The review should be at least 200 characters long. Read more

Spotlights and their place in the interior Shops that specialize in lighting fixtures offer an extensive range of products. You can choose lighting fixtures for all tastes. Many of them. Read more

We came to this expensive hotel during the renovation of the restaurants and the price for a week was only 1300CAD.Now 14 days is $4020.The hotel is cool, the rooms are huge.Everything would have been fine, but for the holiday dinner of the day. Read more

Stayed for two weeks in February.Our room was across the street from the beach.We booked a room with a king size bed but we had two twin beds.Room was clean, linens. Read more

Very nice hotel! When you arrive at the airport you are greeted by the hotel staff with a hotel sign and led to the lounge. You can have juice and beer there. Then they take you to the transfer to the hotel. All of this is free. Staff. Read more

I would have loved to have stayed at this hotel since my arrival. Read more

This hotel is like an oasis in Ocho Rios! Everything is very clean. The hotel is modern with a beautiful view of the sea. The area of the hotel is big enough that they even play weddings here. There is a restaurant with a good selection and variety. Read more

Large in size, comfortable, comfortable, clean room with good air conditioning. Two beaches, one very shallow for kids, the second which is in the cove, more suitable for swimming because Read more

Breakfast was good. Coffee was very good. The hotel is very well located, the reception desk is very clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. What we didn’t like : The staff, more than restrained. Communicating in a business style. The pool is just for show. Read more

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Jamaica Vacation Reviews

Vacations 18+ in the Caribbean Adult only for fun-loving people in the Caribbean There is a growing demand for hotels for adults in the world. It can be quite decent hotels that just don’t accept underage children for.

16 best tourist attractions in Jamaica The island of Jamaica, known as the home of reggae music, has a nice array of natural treasures and an ineffable African flavor. Here are just a few of the island’s treasures: golden beaches, overgrown.

World’s Worst Tourist Advice “Don’t waste your money on bottled water! I just drank tap water and I feel great!” says the weirdo from the next room in the Kathmandu hostel. Then yours.



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Jamaica vacations: tips and prices

vacations in jamaica

Plan your vacation in Jamaica! When and where is the best time to go? What are the prices in 2022? What can I do on the island? What are written in the reviews of tourists? Read our review and tips.

Every year, sunny Jamaica receives more and more tourists. On this island in the Caribbean Sea, the air temperature is comfortable all year round. Even a difficult flight can not make Russians give up the desire to bask in turquoise sea water and listen to rhythmic music.


When is the holiday season in Jamaica. Weather by month.

You can vacation on the island with a humid tropical climate all year round: the temperature is +25 ° C in winter and +30 ° C in summer, the average annual temperature of the water in the Caribbean Sea is +24 ° C and +28 ° C in summer.

There are two distinctive seasons in Jamaica – summer, when it’s hot and humid, and winter, when it’s dry and cool. In May, June, September and October the island is in low season: high humidity, heavy rains, and since September also hurricanes.

In July and August, the rainy season temporarily takes a pause: the air temperature is +30. 32 ° C, downpours may occur, but not as often and of a shorter duration than at the beginning of summer. In September, the hurricane season begins, which rages in the Caribbean until the end of the fall.

Northern winds blow in December-February, bringing coolness to the island: +25°C during the day and +20°C at night. There is practically no rain. During this time, Jamaica is visited by tourists who do not like the intense heat.

March is the windiest and coldest month of the year and April is already getting warmer and the rainy season is approaching.

Jamaica vacation season

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Where best to vacation in Jamaica

The main beach area is along Jamaica’s northern coast, where the coastline is protected by coral reefs. The most popular resorts in Jamaica, according to tourists’ reviews are Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

Negril is considered one of the cleanest resorts in the world. It is famous for its beaches – nearly 11 km of white sand – as well as reefs and coves. Negril has good conditions for diving. The Long Bay area is considered elite, expensive hotels are located here, and the West End is preferred by liberal youth. The only unpleasantness mentioned by tourists is pesky mosquitoes. In the evening without a special agent against mosquitoes on the beach is better not to appear.

Montego Bay is famous for its luxury hotels, bars, old mansions and duty-free stores. There’s plenty of nightlife and plenty of sporting opportunities. There’s a national marine park where you can dive, fish or just relax.

Ocho Rios is a modern resort on the shores of Discovery Bay, built on the site of fishing villages. Its main highlight is the picturesque nature. It is surrounded by dense tropical forests, beautiful beaches and cascading waterfalls, which carry their waters into the Caribbean Sea.

Port Antonio is a cozy town with beautiful mansions and picturesque views. According to tourists, for a quiet and relaxing holiday is worth the trip to this resort of Jamaica. In Port Antonio, the best places for surfing, there is also the famous Blue Lagoon.

vacation in Jamaica reviews

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Jamaica vacation prices – 2022

Jamaica Vacation Prices.

The most expensive thing about vacationing in Jamaica is the flight . In off season (May, June, September) the cost of tickets from Moscow to Kingstown starts at 41000 rubles (round trip) – this is the lowest price available at the moment. During high season tickets cost from 48000 rubles. Flights to Montego Bay from Moscow start at 47000 rubles. We recommend searching for tickets on the Aviasails search engine – that way you will find the most inexpensive ones. Also read the instruction on how to look for low-cost airline tickets.

Another major expense during a vacation in Jamaica is hotel accommodation. In 2022, prices are as follows: a night in a hostel costs from $15, a standard double room in a budget hotel at the resort during high season – from about $40-45. For those who want to live comfortably, here are the prices for a holiday in Montego Bay: a room at a 3* hotel – from $75 and above, 4* – from $ 200, 5* – from $ 300 per night. However, budget travelers are better to rest in Negril, where prices are slightly lower. Looking for hotels is recommended on, he finds the best price, comparing offers in all popular booking systems. Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you are going to vacation in Jamaica during the high season.

Want to save money? Avoid vacationing in Jamaica during the spring break in March, as prices go up by 25% at that time.

Jamaica Tour Prices in 2022

Jamaica tours can’t be called low prices: vacation during high season (for example, in July and August) for 7 nights with departure from Moscow costs from 200 thousand rubles for two, for 11 nights – from 230 thousand rubles, for 14 nights – from 260 thousand rubles. “All Inclusive” costs from 300 thousand.

During the low season, in May and June for example, the prices for the tours drop, and the tour can be purchased from 150 thousand rubles for 7 nights, from 170 thousand rubles for 10-11 nights and from 250 thousand rubles for 14 nights.

How to buy a last minute tour? You can compare the prices of all popular tour operators and choose the best option with the help of Level.Travel and Travelate services. We also recommend studying 7 rules of online search for cheap tours.

rest in Jamaica prices

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Entertainment in Jamaica

Jamaica is a musical country, reggae rumbles from morning till night on all the beaches and discos here. Every year in large cities are held music festivals. But people come to Jamaica for more than just a beach holiday and nightlife.

The island’s nature is extremely picturesque. Tourists go scuba diving, surfing, sail the sea, walk along rivers, conquer mountain peaks and explore karst caves. Visiting the famous Blue Mountains, you can look at the coffee plantations, where one of the best types of coffee in the world – Blue Mountain.

Very popular tours to Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, where you can admire the ancient architecture, visit the Bob Marley Museum, thanks to which Jamaican reggae became popular all over the world. Or visit the old Appleton Winery and taste the signature Jamaican rum.

Holidays with children in Jamaica

Jamaica has hotels with children’s animation, attractions, water parks and European cafes. For example, the Grand Palladium in Elgin Town. Children can ride a camel or a horse, swim with dolphins, watch sharks and rays, and take a walk along the river with their parents. However, the main contingent of holidaymakers on the island are curious young people and lovers. Difficulty of a flight and high prices in Jamaica do not attract holidaymakers with children.

In addition, many people associate Jamaica with reggae, free love and drugs. In some public places, children are not even allowed, and in terms of safety Jamaica – not the best place in the world. Free movement around the island is fraught with adventure, although in the resort area there is nothing to fear, there are vigilant guards.

Jamaica beach vacation

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Jamaica vacation reviews and travel tips

Reviews of holidays in Jamaica are mostly enthusiastic: tourists pay tribute to the luxurious beaches, good cuisine and beautiful nature. There are also minuses – the local population is never in a hurry, so the service in cafes and other public places is often the same slow.

There are many duty-free stores and stalls on the island. According to tourist reviews, for small purchases during the holidays in Jamaica is better to have American dollars in small denominations. Practice shows that a $50 bill can create chaos, and the change is problematic to get even with the twenties.

Speaking of shopping. Young people often go to Jamaica for new experiences, which can lead to unfortunate consequences. The local rule of “grass – not a drug” only works for the natives, foreign tourists are not among them.

As for freedom of movement, car rental is common in Jamaica, but given the manner of driving the locals and the lack of good roads are hardly worth wasting your time and nerves on such trips. It is better to use a cab and not go anywhere alone. Crime in the country is quite high, and outside the resort, no one guarantees anything anymore.

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