Holidays in Mui Ne – 2022. Prices. Our review. Is it worth the trip?

How much money to take on vacation in Mui Ne: prices 2022

What is Mui Ne? It is a popular resort village for holidays in Vietnam. More precisely, a piece of a larger resort town of Phan Thiet (Phan Thiet), a chain of resorts that are located one after another. The advantage is given to low-rise buildings. Hotels and hotels in Mui Ne are located almost beside the sea.

Today Mui Ne – this is a paradise for kite surfers and surfers, the mecca of water sports enthusiasts.

Tours and packages

We recommend comparing prices on the websites: Travelata or Level.Travel. The cost of the tour includes: airfare, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.

Prices for hotels, villas, apartments and houses for rent

We recommend renting accommodation on safe websites:

    – The world’s leading hotel rentals – compare hotel rates at 70 booking agencies

Apartments with two bedrooms, located in the complex Ocean Vista. Price per month: from $1,100 in low season. Total utility bills, with an average of – $ 40-100 dollars. In the high season from $ 1300, in the holidays – more expensive. Possible daily rent.

Dining .

Details about the popular cafes and restaurants of Mui Ne are described in a separate article.

Cafes for local people. Here you can try a variety of national and everyday Vietnamese food: Pho soup, rice, noodles, pancakes, springrolls and iced tea. Here Pho Ga is $1-1.5, rice with seafood is $1.2.

Note. Minus – vendors do not understand English, and the menu is often – missing.

Diners with complex dinners. These places often serve food to those who have been living in Mui Ne for a long time. The price of such lunch: $ 1-1,5.

Family cafes. Such establishments are located in Vietnamese houses, on the first floor. Such cafes are owned by a family, where the cook is an adult, and the children moonlight as waiters. The menu is in English and sometimes in “broken” Russian. The dishes are mostly Vietnamese cuisine. Prices: A large portion of rice with seafood in such places costs 150 rubles and banana pancake with chocolate – 90 rubles.

Advice! We advise to pay attention to the cafe “Mui Ne Hills”, very tasty and generous.

Also, the local food can be eaten in the macashnikh. A popular dish there, are baguettes with toppings. The price for a baguette is 45-75 rubles.

And delicious potato pancakes with sprouts of wheat and seafood, you can taste in the morning, in the market – Ham Thien. The price of such breakfast will be 45 rubles.

Delicious! The Vietnamese sell cane juice with or without ice. The price of such a drink – 15-30 rubles, it is very refreshing and has a rich taste.


Fish restaurants. The most popular place to eat fish is BoKe in Mui Ne.

Synopsis! What is BoQe? It’s a part of the promenade along the sea where, outdoors, there are tables and benches with tables. And at the entrance are aquariums with fresh seafood and fish. Visitors choose their dinner and the chefs, right there on the grill, cook it.

Specialty restaurants that specialize in cooking sea fish: Areca Restaurant. Located across from Muong Thanh Mui Ne Hotel. They serve garlic snapper, barracuda, perch and other species.

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Hotel restaurants. The menu is in English and Russian. The quality of service is the same as in Europe. The choice of dishes – from Vietnamese, European to Russian. A huge plus is that there is no need to go anywhere. A drawback is the prices. Higher than in regular cafes.

The best restaurants in Mui Ne:

  • Ganesh is a restaurant of Indian cuisine. Cooks delicious, despite the rather high price.
  • Cafe “Uzbek” – Uzbek and Russian cuisine.
  • Ararat” restaurant – excellent shashlik of lamb. Prices are above average.
  • El Latino – Mexican cuisine.
  • Chillout café – Pastas and burritos.
  • Joe’s Cafe and Deja Vu – European cuisine. There is live music and the price is quite high.

All markets of Mui Ne with prices, assortment and location we described in detail in a separate article.

Ham Tien Market – go to the market, the best way, in the morning, because, by noon, most of the stalls are closed. In the morning you can also try the local food, flatbread, and fresh seafood at this market. There is a huge selection of everything here. Prices can be knocked down two or three times. There is an opportunity to enjoy the local color and rhythm of life.

There is also a small market in Muine Hills. Here you can eat in the morning, buy fresh fruit and seafood. It is open until nine to eleven p.m., on different days differently. You can buy alcohol, beer, something to eat, and household items there.


In the markets described above, you can buy fresh fruit for a reasonable price.

Important! There are not so many stores where you can buy fruit. And it is best to buy exactly at the markets.

Here are some examples of prices:

  • Mango – 75 rubles.
  • Mangosteen – 248 rubles
  • Durian – 149 rubles
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Alcohol and drinks

Lovers of quality draught beer are advised to go to Louisiana Brewery or Birfest. Or go to Salina restaurant. Beer can also be bought to go. A liter costs from 70 to 110 thousand dong.

In Mui Ne, inexpensive alcohol, can be found in fairly inconspicuous stores-angars from Hotel Vinh Suong and beyond.

For example:

  • Dalat wine – 248 rubles, for a bottle of 0.75
  • JIM BEAM 870 whisky – 994 rubles, for a bottle of 0.75
  • Jack Daniels Whisky 1,242 – 1,491 rubles
  • Red Label Whisky 994 rubles
  • Rum 298 rubles
  • Excursions


Excursions in 609 cities around the world: offers interesting and fascinating tours from locals and guides in 609 cities.

Jeep tour: white dunes, lotus lake, red canyon, fairy brook.

Price includes: open car, four hours, with driver. Not included: individual expenses; ATV rides; ostrich rides. What to bring: sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Taku Mountain (reclining Buddha statue) + crocodile farm + Binh Chao mineral springs.

Price includes: transfers, Russian-speaking guide, all entry tickets, lunch with dishes from crocodile and ostrich, mud, bathing in the mineral springs, feeding the crocodiles. Not included: individual expenses. What to bring. Swimsuits; sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Vinpearl Amusement Island. Nha Trang City.

Included: transfers; Russian speaking guide; ticket to Vinpearl. Not included: meals on the island; individual expenses. Worth bringing swimsuits and comfortable shoes.

Excursion to famous Saigon.

Includes: transfers; guide; entrance fees; lunch. Not included: own expenses. Bring: hats, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes.

Excursion to “Vietnamese Paris” – the famous mountainous Dalat.

Price: from $25 per person.

The price includes: transfers, guide, entrance tickets, lunch with wine “Dalat”. Not included: riding elephants, ostriches; electric sleigh (VND 60,000); personal expenses. Bring: light sweatshirt; clothes covering shoulders and knees (to enter the temple).

Excursion to Baolok town, Dambri waterfalls.

Excursion to the delta of the Mekong River.


On average, the price for a massage in Mui Ne and Nha Trang, ranges from $5 to $20.

Where you can get a massage:

  • Salons and massage parlors at hotels. The service is good, often working girls of Slavic appearance. However, the price in such places is higher than in the salons, located separately from the hotels.
  • Salons and massages of class luxury. Prices here start at $25 for a procedure.
  • Street or beach masseurs. It is better not to go to them. The price is certainly very low, but it is unlikely that apart from a pleasant stroking and tapping you can get anything.


  • BoHo. Store exclusive clothing made of natural fabrics. The price of such clothes, from about $45.
  • JNS. Store for men.
  • KI-NO concept. Avant-garde modern clothing for men and women.
  • Bambou. This is a French clothing brand. All natural. Regular clothing: VND 450,000 – 800,000. Women’s luxury: 400,000 – 1,500,000 VND.
Which is the best way to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang: by bus or by plane?

Tickets for trains, buses, ferries, charters

12Go.Asia provides online reservations for all types of transportation on one platform, in Southeast Asia and Oceania.


This type of fare, with meters, is found all the time in Mui Ne. The cost of landing, on average, about 50 cents.

The cost per kilometer is 12,000 dong. In general, just for a few dollars, you can get to any part of the village.

Moto-taxi .

This is a popular mode of transport throughout Vietnam.

The cost of the trip, usually can be about 50 cents per kilometer. And at night, drivers tend to ask for 12,000-15,000 VND.

Buses .

The cheapest option. Phan Thiet to Mui Ne village, runs number one and number nine. It is not necessary to look for a stop. It is just worth raising your hand and you will be picked up, on demand.

The fare through the tourist area is about 10 dong.

Renting bikes

The most convenient and mobile type of transportation. But it is also more expensive than others. Renting a bike is easy. Usually there are bikes with signs near travel agencies, hotels, repair stores or stores. But in some places, rentals may be offered right on the street.

The price for rental depends on the period for which you need the bike. It also depends on its technical condition. Or depending on the season and the city. On average, the price per day is from $3 to $10. Large motorcycles cost from $15 per day and more. And maxi-scooters, you can rent for $7 to $8 and up.

How much money is optimal to take in Mui Ne?

For your information! The currency exchange rate in the country is fairly stable and does not change dramatically for the last 5 years. In order to quickly convert VND to rubles you should know that 1000 VND = 2.94 Rubles, so 100,000 VND = 100 * 2.94 Rubles = 294 Rubles.

For a week

For two tourists, on average, a stay in Mui Ne costs about $450 (29,000 rubles).

For a month

If you want to visit Mui Ne for two people, on average it’s better to take between $750 and $800.

Important: Flight prices from Moscow to Nha Trang are cheaper in September, and from December to April – on the contrary, more expensive. This period is the cheapest in the entire Vietnam.

Reviews of hotels in Mui Ne

We stayed with my husband in October 2017. Good not a big hotel. solid relaxation, without excesses. For recreation there is everything: a great pool, 1 line, breakfasts are the same type, but you will not go hungry. The breakfast was the same type of breakfast, but you will not go hungry. Read more

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Breakfast was very poor! The food is not good! Water used for tea tastes brackish. Read more

Great hotel, with a good area. We lived in a bungalow, 30-40 meters from the beach. The room, great, especially the bathroom. The cleaning is good. We had no complaints about the beach either. Places and sun beds were enough always. The prices are at. Read more

My dream came true. I am in Mui Ne. The expectation of a very long drive from the airport Cam Ranh to the hotel is not justified. The journey went smoothly with only one stop. The hotel is very nice. Lots of Russian people. Read more

We stayed with my husband in this hotel at the end of October 2017. The staff is very friendly, welcoming. There were a few early excursions, no problem prepared lunch boxes for the road quite decent (in comparison. Read more

Were at the hotel from December 19 to 30, 2019. I do not know how it will be after the pandemic, I hope the level will not fall. Although there is nothing to fall))) all that is described in previous reviews confirm. We are not picky. Read more

We did not have any problems with the decor and the layout. Nice design, super! Would recommend you to friends. Read more

We arrived at 5 am, took 6 hours to get to the hotel and had a stop at the coffee shop. The room was large and spacious. The hotel is on the beach and the rooms overlook the sea. Read more

Despite the coronavirus, the opportunity to come again to beautiful Vietnam, and it turned out that the quarantine is in this hotel, and we were here before. And wanted to write a review on old footsteps. We stayed. Read more

Best place in Mui Ne to stay with family, kids and friends. Polite staff – manager and chef are Russian. European cuisine is very parodic. You can bring your own seafood, great barbecue, you can. Read more

For the first time in my life, faced with the need to spend the vacations alone, I, with the professional assistance of “Anex Tour” was in “Little Paris. It was not by chance that I chose a holiday in Mui Ne: I was in need. Read more

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The hotel is one of the best in the area. The villas are not very numerous and they are evenly divided over the territory, a quiet quiet place. The pool is clean and picturesque, there are almost always few people and you can swim in peace. Read more

We stayed at the hotel over the New Year vacations. At first sight the hotel is gorgeous. Located on the beach and very well maintained, the staff water all day collecting fallen leaves etc. At first glance the hotel is gorgeous, very well maintained, staff are there all day long to collect fallen leaves, etc. Read more

Paradise in Mui Ne. Gentle hostess – my deepest gratitude and respect to her, helpful staff, Russian speaking manager. We stayed in a villa, everything was fine. There were problems with the plumbing, but. Read more

Went to the hotel in October 2019, family, husband,me and son. Loved the hotel very much. Located on the beach, there is a swimming pool and not a big well maintained area. We lived in a bungalow, near the pool. Breakfasts. Read more

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