Holidays in Nice by sea in 2022: reviews, prices, beaches

Independent travel to Nice – prices and budget of the trip in 2022

Nice is the ideal place for lovers of beach holidays and European architecture . When you come to this city, you can arrange a real vacation for yourself, which includes a lazy lying on the beach, and walks through interesting museums, and even active recreation.

The cost of a day of such a trip to Nice is not insignificant – $64.00. This money would be enough for a great hostel or budget hotel, meals in cafes, travel by public transport and a few paid excursions. The price of airfare is not included here. We will talk about it in more detail later.

Leisure time in Nice

Everyone associates Nice with the sea, beach and sun . Therefore, the first thing the tourist goes to the beach. They come in public and private. However, all of them are pebble and not too wide (up to 40 meters). It is worth noting that both public and private beaches are clean and well maintained. The difference is in amenities. If you choose a public beach, then be prepared for the lack of cabins for changing. Some beaches are equipped with a special entrance for people with disabilities (for example, Centenaire and Carras ). By the way, in the territory of the former is also no smoking .

A favorite beach among tourists is Beau Rivage, which is located near the waterfront of the United States. If you need such facilities as a deck chair or an umbrella, then it is worth to go to private beaches. Just be aware that they are not free and you will have to pay for the services from $10.00 to $ 30.00 . For Russian-speaking travelers are great beaches Ruhl, Lido and Hi Beach, the staff that speak Russian. Private beaches are open schedule from 9 am to 7-8 pm. While the public – around the clock.

Do you like active rest? In Nice you will find it! The most popular water activity is scuba diving. Near the shores of the Côte d’Azur, there are many interesting places to do so. There is even a reef with a statue of the Virgin Mary . However, the best place for diving is the Bay of Villefranche . At the bottom there is a sunken airplane. The cost of a dive – from 30.00 $ .

Surfing is another popular form of recreation. In Nice, he do not only in the sea, but also, for example, on the lake St. Croix . Do not know how to stand on a board? Not a problem! For such cases were invented surf bikes with seats, pedals, and even a steering wheel.

There is a more relaxing vacation – sea or lake fishing . You can catch trout, pike, tuna or swordfish. The organizers take into account your wishes and offer the best places for fishing. The price will depend on how many fish you catch.

In addition to the beaches there are more European places in this city, so let’s start our journey through historical Nice from the center – the Old Town. What is interesting – all the houses and narrow streets are made in the Italian style rather than French. This is due to the fact that nearby Italy had a major influence on Nice. My advice is to go first to the Palace of Justice and the Palace of Rusca. The first was built as a neoclassical courthouse, and the second was first a barracks, then a monastery, and is now a court in the city of Nice. On the square between the palaces on weekends spend exhibitions of local craftsmen, you can buy interesting souvenirs and memorabilia . Nearby is the Chapel of Mercy, do not forget to look there.

Where to next? Then along Rue de la Poissonnerie and Rue Benoît Bunico, head for Rossetti Square to see the Sainte Repartie, the patron saint of the city. There aren’t many special sights, but the beauty of the little streets and bright little houses will seduce you. If you’ve admired it enough, you walk to Castle Hill via Rue Rossetti and the steep staircase. There was once a castle here that served as protection against pirates, but over time it was destroyed and people descended the hill to the coast and settled there. By the way, you can now get down from here with the help of an elevator. For 1 euro you will quickly find yourself on the waterfront of the United States. There you can turn off into the Old City streets, where you will meet the Opera de Nice, and walk down Rue Saint-François de Paule to the Jardin Albert I. There are green palm trees, rose bushes and interesting art objects.

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This is only part of the interesting places in Nice. I tried to give you a comfortable and fascinating route. Other attractions to visit if you want and possible are the Church of Our Lady of the Franciscan monastery, the Matisse Museum for lovers of the beautiful, the expensive neighborhood Cimieux and the Museum of Modern Art .

All your movements around the city can be facilitated by purchasing a ticket on the Hop-on Hop-off bus.. There is also the option of walk with a guideYou can also take a walk with a guide, who will tell you fascinating details and legends about each place.

Nice is not only famous for architecture and the Old Town, so I suggest you a couple of other interesting activities that will make your vacation unforgettable:

  1. What’s the sea without a cruise? Take a cruise a cruise to the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer and see the coastline of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, where celebrities love to relax, the colorful bay of Baie des Anges, and of course the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Another option Cruise to St. Tropez. It is one of the most atmospheric towns on the Côte d’Azur. Here you will see small houses, the famous Provençal market and many beautiful streets.
  3. Do not miss the opportunity see Monaco! The magic of the Monte Carlo Casino, the Cathedral, the circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix, even a tour of a perfume factory, is a trip you’ll remember for a long time!
  4. What vacation without a party? The nightlife in Nice As in other seaside towns, the nightlife in Nice is in full swing. You can go to any bar on your own or take advantage of the option to visit four of the city’s most interesting nightlife spots and get discount on drinks!

Admission tickets to most of Nice’s museums and attractions range from $6.00 to $20.00 . Prices for excursions, cruises and other entertainment of this kind range from $20.00 to $80.00 .

When and how much better to go to Nice?

Nice is primarily a summer resort, so if you want a beach holiday, the best time is July, August and September. During these months the air temperature reaches 30 degrees and the water temperature reaches 25 degrees.

This does not mean that at other times of the year you should not go here. In winter, Nice is also beautiful. Every February in this city on the Côte d’Azur takes place a carnival . Colorful shows, colorful costumes, fun and joy – just a small part of this festival of life.

Go to Nice for at least 5-7 days if you want to get enough sun and swim. In order to get acquainted with the city and its architecture enough and 2 days.

Food in Nice – what to choose and how much does it cost?

Nice is a seaside town and seafood is a must for most dishes. Residents and tourists of this city prefer light dishes: soups, salads, vegetable stews, so, being here, try ratatouille and Mesclun herb salad.

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Prices in Nice – restaurants and cafes

Lunch or dinner in a regular cafe will cost you $17.70, with wine or beer more expensive.

Prices in Nice cafes and restaurants
Lunch at a budget café 17,70 $
Dinner at a restaurant for two 70,80 $
Big Mac Menu at McDonalds 9,50 $
Craft beer on tap 0.5 8,30 $
Imported beer 0.33 7,10 $
Cappuccino 4,40 $
Coke or Pepsi 0.33 3,50 $
Bottle of water 0.33 2,80 $

The calling card of Nice is Nicoise salad, which is known outside the city and country. It includes anchovies, artichokes, tuna, local black olives and other interesting ingredients. This dish is worth a try.

Be sure to stop by Fenocchio’s to try their signature ice cream . You’ll be surprised at the abundance of flavors. Here, in addition to the standard flavors, you’ll find flavors like lavender, jasmine, olives, rosemary, or even beer!

Food Prices in Nice

Groceries in the stores are also not cheap. However, if you cook on your own, you can still save money.

Prices in supermarkets
Milk 1 liter. 1,50 $
White bread 1,50 $
Eggs 12 pcs. 4,00 $
Local cheese 1 kg. 24,80 $
Chicken fillet 1 kg. 14,90 $
Apples 1 kg. 3,20 $
Bananas 1 kg. 2,50 $
Bottle of water 1,5 1,00 $
Wine (regular) 9,40 $
Craft beer 0.5 2,90 $
Imported beer 0.33 7,10 $
Pack of Marlboros 11,80 $

How to get to Nice from Ukraine

You can buy tickets for a direct flight It is possible to buy tickets for direct flights from Kiev to Nice. Their average cost is $265.00 round trip. Of course you can save money and choose a connecting flight. In that case the round-trip tickets from Kiev will cost $360.00.

There is another option. It will suit those who want to see Paris before having a beach vacation in Nice. A direct flight from Kiev to the French capital costs $1,431,00. Then you can get from Paris to Nice by bus or train. The bus . is not a very convenient option, because the road can take from 13 to 17 hours, but it costs from 20,00 $ and more. By train More expensive – 55,00 $, but also faster – only 6 hours .

Transportation in Nice

How to get from the airport to Nice?

The airport is only 7 kilometers from the city center. There are several valid ways to get to Nice:

1. City bus

You need to take lines 52, 59 and 70. You will travel about 1 hour and you can buy a ticket from the driver for $1.49 . You will need to get off at one of these stops: Station J.C. Bermond, Trésorerie .

If you decide to go by it, take #99 and #98. They go twice as fast, so in half an hour you will be in the center of the city. Tickets for the bus are more expensive – $ 5.96 .

First you need to get to the train station. Buses number 1A, 1B, and 200 can take you there. The fare is $2.48 . The train will take 20 minutes to get there, but with the whole trip you will be at the Central Station in 30-35 minutes.

4. Private transfer

Booking a personal transfer You can order private transfer in advance. You will be awaited at the airport with a sign with your name on it. In addition, they will help you with your luggage and quickly take you to the declared place. The price of airport transfer is from $35.00 .

Public transport in Nice: how to use it and how much it costs

Nice, like the rest of France, has a very elaborate transportation system. There are streetcars and buses. The latter, by the way, also go to nearby cities like Monaco and Cannes. Everywhere there is a single ticket with the possibility to change within 74 minutes after activation.

Buses in Nice stop only at the request of the passenger, take this into account when using the transport.

What ticket options are available?

  • one trip, $1.49
  • ten trips – $9.93
  • one day unlimited – $4.97
  • weekly unlimited – $14.90
  • monthly unlimited – $47.68
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Single-use tickets can be purchased from the driver or vending machines at streetcar stops. Single-use tickets are available at some vending machines and special agencies. To learn more about prices and routes, go to official website.

Remember that if you don’t have a ticket and you don’t validate it, you could be fined up to $49.66!

Alternatives to public transport in Nice

Public transport in Nice is easy to substitute. For example, you can rent bicycle. It will cost from $20.00 per day. Another option is to rent a scooter for $55.00 or a motorcycle for $65.00 .

Also in Nice you can rent a car. It is convenient for traveling together or as a family. The cost of renting – from $ 75.00 per day. By the way, a liter of gasoline costs $ 1.80 .

How much does it cost to rent a hotel or apartment in Nice?

As you might have guessed, accommodation in Nice is expensive. The French Côte d’Azur has always been famous for expensive accommodation, so finding a hostel is sometimes very difficult. The average price of a good hostel is $25.00 per night, the minimum is from $20.00 .

  • Hôtel Ozz by Happyculture is both a hostel and a hotel. You can choose the right room for the right price. The building is a 15-minute walk to the beach and less than 10 minutes to the Promenade des Anglais. A good continental breakfast is included.
  • Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel is located in the heart of Nice. The old town and beaches are only 200 meters away. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and stores around. The hostel even has its own fitness center, which guests can use for free.
  • Antares hostel is a favorite stopping place for young people. The hostel is located almost in the center of the city, close to a supermarket, a restaurant with Chinese food and many other attractions. In the morning they offer breakfast with toast and tea, and after 6 p.m. you are treated to a delicious wine.

Hotels in Nice come in different price ranges, but mostly start at $60.00 . A good room will cost from $120.00 a night. Yes, a vacation at this resort is not cheap. There is also the option of apartments. The average price is $100.00 .

  • Hotel Villa La Tour is one of the few hotels in Nice located in the old town. Its highlight is that it is housed in a monastery, built three centuries ago. The interior design is made in a cozy antique style with baldachins on the beds and lots of flowers.
  • Hotel 66 Nice is the perfect place for both leisure and business trips, as there is a separate business center. An incredible and delicious breakfast is served in the morning and free soft drinks are offered all day long. The nearest bus stop is just a 3-minute walk and the train station is 1 minute away.
  • Nice Riviera Sweet Home is an authentic place with a real home atmosphere . The owner of the hotel is a French woman who does everything to make you feel at home. There is even a communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. Great choice and value for money.

In Nice you can also rent an apartment. The cost of a month to rent a studio apartment in the city center – $ 1,028.00, in other areas – $ 841.00 .

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Nice – the resort of aristocrats

Holidays in Nice

Nice is synonymous with luxurious vacations and a life of leisure. Learn about the city’s impressions of tourists, prices in 2022, beaches and attractions of the most important resort on the Côte d’Azur.

France welcomes tourists from the Russian Federation. For convenience, we give pre-dedicated prices for trips and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, please check official resources. Take a look at the list of open countries.


The look of the resort

Nice is famous for its fashionable hotels, chic shopping, pleasant vacations by the sea, historical sights, interesting museums and the famous bazaar, where on Mondays they sell antiques and on other days – fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. In Nice there is beauty everywhere, a riot of colors and smells. The viewpoints offer amazing views of greenery and sun-drenched coastline.

Polis on the Mediterranean Sea was founded by the ancient Greeks. At the time of Queen Victoria the French aristocrats loved to stay on the Côte d’Azur. The tradition continues today – Nice is full of luxurious hotels and gourmet restaurants.

In Nice it is easy to get around, easy to take public transportation and pleasant to walk. The urban space is arranged simply – for people, so it’s cozy.

How to have an inexpensive vacation in Nice

Nice is chock-full of luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Photo: / @lazargugleta.

Tourists’ impressions of the resort

Almost all tourists really like Nice – the resort falls in love at first sight with a unique light atmosphere, a romantic halo of holiday life, mild climate and stunning water color.

And Nice is also very conveniently located, and it is convenient to drive along the Cote d’Azur and the Ligurian coast of Italy.

Lyudmila Danilova: “I have never seen such a concentration of cast-iron lace anywhere before! Balcony railings and grids (from tiny at the French windows to majestically encircling luxurious mansions and profitable houses), big and small, complex and simple, ancient and relatively modern – it is amazing! And also Nice surprised the possibility of hiding, sheltering, “going into the shade” to remain one-on-one with what’s inside. It’s like a busy street, but you turn into an alley and there’s no one there.”

Tourist reviews of Nice

Victor Hugo Boulevard in Nice. Photo: sesambrotchen /

Prices in Nice

Prices for holidays in Nice are high. A modest double room in a hostel costs 30-35 €, and in a 3* hotel – 45-50 €. To stay in royal suites of ABA Luxury B&B – Place Masséna 5*, even in low season you must pay from 230 € per night. Look for tours to Nice on Travelate, hotels on Hotelluk.

Express buses from the airport to the city take 6 €, cabs to the center of the resort cost 30 €, and city bus fares are 1.5 €. An L’OpenTour Bus ticket costs 22 € for a day and 25 € for two days.

If the hotel does not have its own recreation area by the sea, tourists go swimming at municipal and paid beaches. In Nice, admission to a paid beach costs 13-35 €. Aquashouses sell for 10 €. An hour boat ride on the sea will cost 25 €.

Food in restaurants is also not cheap. Average bill for two at fast-food places is 18-22 €, 28-35 € in a cheap café and 40-60 € in a normal restaurant. Prices for meals in fashionable establishments will not surprise only tourists with a fat wallet.

Saving in Nice is difficult, but if you want to spend less money, buy ready-made food in large chain stores, like Casino. There it is many times cheaper than lunch in a restaurant.

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Ekaterina_Mokk: “The prices, of course, are a load of crap. We ordered fresh orange juice for our child for 5 €, pizza for 15 € and wine for 30 €. In total 50 € (3500 RUR). Several thousand rubles for three items in the check.

How much does it cost to vacation in Nice

Evening Nice. Photo: lazargugleta /


Beaches of the Cote d’Azur are pebbly. The edges are not sharp, but in the middle of the day the pebbles get very hot in the sun. It’s more comfortable to swim in aqua shoes! You can enter the municipal beaches for free and the private beaches are fenced off. The water entrance is shallow and the depth starts close to the shore.

The city free beach with pebbles and cobblestones stretches next to the famous English promenade. This is not the cleanest place for recreation at sea, so tourists prefer the more decent paid beaches. There are about two dozen such beaches near the historic part of town.

If you like sand, go to the beach at Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the outskirts of Nice. You can easily get there in 20 minutes by bus 100.

When you land at Nice airport, the first thing you see is a long beach that runs along the Côte d’Azur. Of course, your first desire is to swim in the sea of incredible color. The feeling when you walk on such large stones is not the most pleasant. When you go into the water – the pebbles are smaller. Your feet are getting used to it, they’re adapting. Then you remember that this is the Cote d’Azur, the south of France and Nice. You relax and enjoy your vacation.

Beaches in Nice

The beach in Nice. Photo: _johnjase /

What to see

Resort Nice is already an attraction in itself. Vacationers delight in the monuments of the Old Town, the Cathedral of Saint-Repard, the Palais Valroz, the Chapel of Mercy, Charles Felix Square and other architectural masterpieces of the resort. Extremely good seaside promenade – the picturesque Promenade des Anglais. The stylish street with old mansions, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants stretches along the coast for 6 km.

During the holidays in Nice tourists from Russia gladly visit the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Alexandra, as well as the graves of famous compatriots in the Russian cemetery Cocade.

According to reviews, from Nice are popular excursions in Russian to Monaco and Cannes. They cost 65-69 €. A trip to the Cote d’Azur is more expensive – 109 €, and you can get to the lavender fields of Provence for 140 €.

What to see in Nice

The monument is located on the “Place des Fountains”, in the heart of Nice. Photo: chriscurry92 /

Holidays with children

In Nice, the beaches are pebbly, there are no stretches of shallow water, so parents with little ones prefer more beach-friendly resorts. With school-age children, it’s fun to go to the Florian factory to see how the famous sweets are made, visit the historical museum, and take a trip to the picturesque surroundings of Nice.

Worth the trip

Nice is a great resort for the affluent and young. Families with children should choose less posh and quieter places with nice beaches and shallow entrance to the sea, such as Juan-les-Pins or Saint-Tropez.

A whole vacation in Nice is expensive, but a visit of 1-3 days is affordable to everyone. If you want to see the resort capital of the French Côte d’Azur, come on a tour and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Nice!

Tourist reviews of Nice

A whole vacation in Nice is expensive, but a visit for 1-3 days is accessible to everyone. Photo: nickpage /

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