Holidays in Seychelles – 2022. Prices, reviews and tips

Holidays in Seychelles – 2022. Prices, reviews, tips

In this material we will consider all the necessary information for a vacation in the Seychelles in 2022, prices for all-inclusive hotels, trips, airfare. Learn what to see on excursions, reviews of tourists, tips on how to get there. Choose a good hotel “all inclusive” on the beach and the best beaches for recreation with children.

Tips for your holidays in the Seychelles?

Seychelles is considered one of the best resorts with a unique landscape, flora and fauna. Many exotic birds, sea creatures create a unique atmosphere, and the hospitality of the local population makes a pleasant holiday.

In addition, it is absolutely safe, there are no poisonous insects and reptiles. A beach Seychelles are considered the best in the world, thanks to clean water, white sand and gentle sun.

The islands are an island nation in East Africa and are located in the Indian Ocean next to Sri Lanka. Diving with the coral reef tour program is in great demand, a unique dive will leave the emotions of any tourist for a long time after the holidays in the Seychelles.

In the Seychelles can vacation all year round, and the month of the trip is recommended to choose on the basis of what recreation more preferable to the tourist – a passive beach or active.

This resort is considered the most romantic, secluded, but at the same time well-developed, with everything you need for a tourist. Seychelles are often chosen for weddings and honeymoons.

There are not a lot of people and you can spend the whole day on a paradise beach, one-on-one with his or her significant other. A true paradise for lovers.

The nature of these islands is so unique that it finds no similar. In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean you can see rare species of marine life.

The hallmark of this resort are the beaches themselves, the beautiful landscape and coastline, natural bays, comfortable gentle slopes, coconut palms right on the beaches, warm clear water.

What to see in Seychelles?

There are few attractions in Seychelles, they are mostly natural, but there are also cultural.

Among the cultural attractions are:

  • Clock Tower;
  • The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception;
  • The Royal Gardens;
  • the history museum;
  • Michael Adams Art Studio;
  • Craftsman’s Village;
  • sanctuary;
  • a tea factory.

They are all located in the capital, Victoria, on the island of Mahe.

The other islands also have attractions, but they are natural, they are:

  • National Park – on the island of Praslin;

National Park on Praslin Island

  • Botanical Garden – on the island of St. Anna;

What to see in Seychelles

  • the beaches themselves, which are on every island, each of them unique and unrepeatable.

Seychelles beaches for vacations with children

Holidays in the Seychelles in 2022 is considered one of the most expensive compared to other resorts, but it suits absolutely everyone: couples with children, older people, solo wandering travelers looking for harmony and just big companies.

How to get to Seychelles from Moscow?

There are flights with and without connections. If you choose with a connection, it will allow you to save a little on the cost of the ticket. Flights are operated by airlines:

Transfers are made in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Frankfurt, Paris. The cost of the ticket depends on the date and time, on flights with a connection will cost from 35 thousand rubles per ticket.

To get to the Seychelles from Moscow you can use direct flights operated by Air Seychelles, in addition, during the May holidays and New Year’s Eve additional charter flights are added. The cost from 49 thousand rubles per ticket.

  • Find a plane ticket to the Seychelles:
  • from the island of Mahe to the island of Praslin – make a 15-minute flight by plane from the airport by domestic flight;
  • from Mahe to La Digue island – a 15-minute flight;
  • from Praslin to La Digue – a 20-minute ferry.
  • To Alphonse Island – 1 hour by plane;
  • To Deniz Island – 35 minutes by plane;
  • North Island – 20 minutes by helicopter;
  • to St. Anna Island – by boat about 10 minutes and from the pier by a transfer booked by the hotel for its visitors about 10 minutes;
  • To the island of Silhouette – by boat about 30 minutes.
When is the best time to go to the Seychelles. Weather by Months and Seasons

The cost of airfare on domestic airlines from 40 to 70 dollars.

Weather in Seychelles, when is better to rest?

When best to go on vacation in the Seychelles? Let’s look at the climatic features for the trip and learn about the ideal conditions that will help not only to lounge on the beach, but also to see the sights without too many problems for health.

The weather of this resort is great for beach holidays all year round, but it still varies from month to month and has its own characteristics. May, October and November are said to be the best times to stay. But also other months are not without their charms:

  • April – great for sea diving;
  • May – perfect for a beach holiday;
  • June – comfortable month, but storms are possible;
  • July – the temperature goes down and is about 22-23 degrees above zero;
  • August – the biggest waves, the perfect month for surfers;
  • September – the waves are less, there are beach lovers, passive recreation.

The best months for recreation with children and older people are considered May, October and November.

Seychelles weather chart by month:

Air temperature by day and night by month Water temperature Rainfall

When to go on vacation?

Seychelles reviews

But where to vacation in Seychelles with children is the best? It is recommended to stay on an island with a more developed infrastructure, such as the island of Mahe – it’s the largest of all, here is the capital and all the related facilities. Praslin Island and La Ding Island are convenient for family holidays.

Tour to rest in Seychelles on an all-inclusive system – a great option for couples with a child. In this case, the trip is fully planned, there is no need to worry about food, excursions, transfers and so on.

Guides and management are responsible for quality and safety, it is the safest way to travel. The financial side is already fixed and there are no unforeseen expenses, which in turn is also convenient. Enough to take extra money for souvenirs and other purchases at will.

To choose a vacation on the tour you can at

Rest in Seychelles, prices

Holiday in the Seychelles is considered quite expensive, but still if you are reasonable, you can make it more affordable. To do this, you need to choose flights with a connection, they are cheaper. The best tickets by price and departure dates can be found on Aviasales .

But you can also save money on accommodations, despite the fact that here, most hotels are five-star and are therefore expensive, you can rent private detached bungalows for a more reasonable price.

In addition, the cost of accommodation also depends on the chosen island, it varies and varies markedly. For example, on some private gated islands, which are oriented to well-to-do people, the price is quite high. And on the other very loyal.

Prices 2022 to vacation in the Seychelles will be about two tourists from 299000 to 480000 rubles.

Best hotels in Seychelles and prices

Let’s move on to the placement of the islands, where the whole family can stay, the pictures alone are worth it.

Food Prices in Seychelles - 2022

Hotels in Seychelles 5 stars:

  • Hilton Seychelles Labriz – from 17000 thousand rubles per day;

hilton seychelles labriz resort spa 5 seychelles

  • Four Seasons Seychelles 5 * – from 50 000 thousand rubles per day;

four seasons resort seychelles reviews

  • Le Meridien Fisherman’s – from 20 000 thousand rubles per day.

le meridien fisherman

Hotels in Seychelles are all inclusive:
  • Ephelia Resort 5* all-inclusive hotel will be from 255000 thousand rubles for 7 days;

constance ephelia resort 5 on the map

  • hotel Lemuria Resort 5* – from 320 000 thousand rubles for 7 days;

lemuria resort de praslin

  • the hotel Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie – from 50000 thousand rubles for 7 days.

le domaine de l

Hotels in Seychelles for vacations with children:
  • Maia Luxury Resort – from 70 000 thousand rubles for 10 days for a family;

maia luxury resort and spa mahe seychelles

  • Kempinski Seychelles – from 310000 thousand rubles for 10 days per family;

kempinski seychelles resort baie lazare on mahe

  • AVANI Seychelles Barbarons – from 110000 thousand rubles for 7 days per family.

vani seychelles barbarons resort spa 4

You can also rent a house in Seychelles cheap. This can be a private small house from the owner, will cost about 500000 thousand rubles for 7 days, usually for 3-4 people.

Another option is a small private hotels: Le Relax Hotel – from 60 thousand rubles for 7 days; Driftwood Anse Royale – from 56 thousand rubles for 7 days.

Prices for food and meals

Meals in the Dominican Islands, you can not only eat in the hotels, there is an opportunity to buy products on their own in markets or stores, as well as order food in coffees and restaurants.

The exchange rate of the Seychelles rupiah to the ruble varies and is approximately: 1 rupiah = 4.64 Russian rubles.

The average bill in local cafes ranges from 300 to 500 rupees (this includes rice, fish dish, vegetables, and a drink).

The average bill at a restaurant will be from 2000 rupees (seafood, a light snack, wine, dessert).

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive? Check out Tripadvisor’s rating of the best restaurants based on reviews of vacationers, where you will also find information on prices and addresses of establishments.

The cost of products in the local store:

  • fish – from 60 rupees per kg;
  • bread – 15 rupees;
  • Eggs – 40 rupees;
  • Sausage from 50 rupees;
  • condensed milk, 25 rupees;
  • Vegetables, Rs. 30-80;
  • rice – 30 rupees;
  • chicken from Rs. 85;
  • bananas, Rs. 40;
  • Bottled water, 20 rupees.

The cost of any foodstuffs in the local market is a little cheaper and roughly amounts to:

  • bread – Rs. 12;
  • Rice, 25 rupees;
  • Eggs, 37 rupees;
  • chicken, 80 rupees;
  • vegetables from 20 rupees;
  • Bottled water – 17 rupees.

Best beaches in Seychelles

  • Beau Wallon – perfect in every way, wide coastline, clean white sand, clear water. This is a great place to relax with children, it is convenient for passive and active.
  • Anse Intendance is the best beach for surfing, known for huge waves, as well as turquoise clear water and striking beauty. It is best suited for active tourists.
  • Anse Louie is a secluded place for a romantic vacation, features a very diverse coral reef, rocky terrain and gentle sunshine. The sprawling crown of trees will allow a great time in the shade and enjoy the nature of the island.
  • Be Laser is a great beach for families, where you can bask in the sun and swim. The shoreline is comfortable and suitable for younger visitors. And you can sit under the palm trees for a picnic, as well as snorkeling and looking at sea fish.
  • Port Lone is one of the best beaches for children, the shore is gentle and comfortable. It has unique flora and fauna, and there is a national reserve to visit.
  • Anse Royal is an excellent beach with a developed infrastructure, where you can enjoy great seafood and drinks. It is also surrounded by a coral reef, which makes swimming completely safe.
  • Anse Forbans is a very comfortable place for swimming with a gentle safe bottom, which is suitable for both adults and children. The soft snow-white sand is great for passive recreation.
When is the best time to go to the Seychelles. Weather by Months and Seasons

The most common marine entertainment in Seychelles – scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, sea fishing, underwater hunting, walks on boats and yachts.

Holidays in Seychelles in 2022 – it is an opportunity to have a great time, to enjoy the unique nature of the islands, to discover a new world. And also to relax on the white sand and swim in the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Cheap accommodation in Seychelles

Tourist reviews on vacation

Tourists especially note the luxurious beaches, saying that the Seychelles – a real paradise on earth.

Abundance of marine entertainment and natural attractions, hospitality of the local population and excellent service. “Fabulous islands where anything is possible.

The cuisine is full of the best seafood, which is cooked according to a special recipe, with the addition of aromatic spices. “Stunning cuisine, amazing taste, nothing like it anywhere else.

Beautiful hotels, with excellent service. “Great place to stay as a family, comfortable, convenient and safe.”

Holidays in Seychelles, all inclusive

How to save money on your trip? Working tiphacks!

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My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

All about vacations in the Seychelles.

Reviews about rest in Seychelles

We tell you about the peculiarities of holidays in the Seychelles in 2022. Learn about the weather, beaches, tour prices, tickets, hotels, food and entertainment. How do they celebrate weddings on the islands? Can I save money when I travel?

Exchange rate: 1 Seychelles rupee (SCR) ≈ 5 RUB.

Search for last minute trips on Level.Travel and Travelata services – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.


When is the holiday season in Seychelles

Thanks to the warm tropical climate, Seychelles is pleasant to vacation all year round. The weather is good, and there are no sudden changes in temperature. The sea water is heated to +26. +28 ° C, and the average air temperature is +25. +32 ° C and humidity of 80%.

Tourists come to the tropical islands in any month. However, according to reviews, the best time for recreation in the Seychelles is considered the dry season from June to September and the quiet off-season – May and October. Least of all holidaymakers during the wet season – from November to April.

Weather in Seychelles by month:

t air, ° C t air, ° C Rainy days
January 30 28 11
February 31 28,5 8
March 31,5 29 7
April 32 30 7
May 31,3 29,5 8
June 30 27,5 5
July 29,5 26,5 2
August 28,5 26,5 4
September 29 27 7
October 30 28 8
November 30,5 28,5 10
December 30,5 28,5 13

Seychelles map of beaches

Best Beaches and Islands

On the island of Mahe is the most popular beach Beau Vallon . It is 3 km long and is covered with white soft sand. Along the coast stretches a chain of stores, cafes, and several diving centers. According to reviews, it is a good place for family holidays in Seychelles and water sports.

Food Prices in Seychelles - 2022

Surfers love Anse Intendance, a beach in the southwest of Mahé. The coast in this part of the island is not enclosed by a coral reef, so large waves and storms are formed. Picturesque and comfortable beach on the island of La Digue – Anse Cocos, and on the island of Praslin – Anse Lazio .

The most expensive beach for the rest of the Seychelles is scattered on a small island of Fregat. Service here is affordable only for very wealthy tourists. Along the beach strip grows a forest, the shade of which saves resorts from the heat.

Holidays in Seychelles

Beach Grand Anse. Photo: @mece /

Beaches of the island of Mahe.

A complete guide to the beaches of the Seychelles islands

Seychelles tour prices in 2022

How much does it cost to vacation in the Seychelles? For the 2022 season, tour prices are high. A trip for two people lasting 10 days with departure from Moscow and accommodation in a 2* hotel will cost 158 thousand rubles. A tour with accommodation in a 3* hotel will cost 160 thousand rubles, in a 4* hotel – 178 thousand rubles, and in a 5* hotel – 183 thousand rubles.

The all inclusive program on the islands is only offered at 4* and 5* hotels, but there are few of them. Prices for an “all inclusive” vacation in Seychelles in 2022 are prohibitively high – from 340 thousand rubles in the high season for 7 days. Tours with meals “full board” are cheaper, but still expensive – from 200 thousand rubles in 4 * and 5 * hotels.

Not surprisingly, most tourists choose accommodation without meals, with breakfasts or stay at hotels with the option of “meals to the room”.

Hotel Prices

Look for discounted hotels on Hotellook. Here are the top hotel search rules.

Holidays in the Seychelles are not for everyone. Hotel prices are 2-2.5 times higher than in the resorts of the Mediterranean or Egypt.

The cost of standard room for two in the high season in popular resorts, in $:

Victoria Mahe La Digue Praslin Frigate Island
Guesthouse 100 90 115 100
Hotel 2* 115 100 130 120
Hotel 3* 140 140 200 140
4* Hotel 260 250 300 200
Hotel 5* 350 350 550

Ticket Prices

Cheap tickets are easy to find on Aviasales – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Holidays in Seychelles in 2022 turns out to be costly not only because of expensive accommodation, but also because of high flight prices. During the peak season air tickets from Moscow to the island of Mahe and back for one person cost from 36 thousand rubles. For flight to the island of Praslin pay even more expensive – from 39 thousand rubles.

Food prices in Seychelles in 2022

The average bill for breakfast and lunch in a budget cafe for two is 600 SCR. For this money tourists are served a meat or fish dish with rice, vegetables and a drink. For dinner at a cheap restaurant, excluding the cost of alcohol, pay 1200-2000 SCR. A big mac set at McDonald’s costs SCR 210. Room service for a couple of sandwiches, two bowls of soup and drinks is 500-700 SCR.

Food prices in Seychelles in 2022:

  • A portion of freshly cooked fish from street vendors – 50-60 SCR;
  • octopus salad – 60-100 SCR;
  • main course at a restaurant – 300-500 SCR;
  • pizza – 160 SCR;
  • coconut nougat – 80-100 SCR;
  • cup of cappuccino – 50 SCR;
  • a glass of wine – 150-200 SCR;
  • coca-cola, 0,33 l – 20 SCR;
  • ice-cream – 15-20 SCR.
Where to stay in the Seychelles: resorts and beaches

Food in Seychelles is expensive because only a small part of the island nation’s land is suitable for agriculture. Buying at markets is a little more profitable. Prices of products in stores in Seychelles:

  • bread – 12-15 SCR;
  • rice, 1 kg – 25 SCR;
  • a packet of macaroni – 12 SCR;
  • eggs – 40 SCR;
  • evaporated milk – 25 SCR;
  • milk, 1 l – 30 SCR;
  • yogurt – 7 SCR;
  • fish, 1 kg – from 60 SCR;
  • cheese, 1 kg – 196 SCR;
  • sausage, 1 kg – from 50 SCR;
  • chicken, 1 kg – 85 SCR;
  • vegetables, 1 kg – 30-80 SCR;
  • potatoes – 25-30 SCR;
  • bananas – 40 SCR;
  • papaya, 1 kg – 50 SCR;
  • lime, 1 kg – 35-40 SCR;
  • coffee can, 0,2 kg – from 100 SCR;
  • bottled water – 20 SCR.

Prices for alcohol in Seychelles:

  • local beer, 0.5 l – 20-30 SCR;
  • imported beer, 0,33 l – 30-40 SCR;
  • a bottle of wine – from 100 SCR;
  • rum – 300 SCR;
  • whisky – 550 SCR.

At the fish market. Photo: / SeyBrew island beer. Photo: yashima / / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Prices for tours and entertainment

Entertainment programs are offered in travel agencies and directly in the hotels. According to reviews, during holidays in Seychelles tourists enjoy evening cruises, going on sea fishing and neighboring islands. Vacationers are in demand:

  • Mahe bus tour – 780 STC;
  • Air trip to Bird Island – 3600 STC;
  • St. Anne’s Marine National Park – 1,320 STC;
  • Praslin island ferry – 1700 STC.

Those partial to outdoor activities choose:

  • sea safari – 1700 STC;
  • fishing for half a day – 7,700 STC;
  • helicopter flight over the islands – from 5000 SCR.

Snorkeling and diving . Holidays in Seychelles can not be imagined without diving. According to reviews, snorkeling is slightly inferior to the Maldives, but the islands and picturesque coral reefs are considered among the best places in the world for divers. Visibility exceeds 30 meters, the ocean is home to over 900 species of fish and fifty varieties of coral.

Annual monsoons affect the quality and transparency of the water, so during the wet season, diving in the Seychelles is almost impossible. The best time for diving is April, May and the first half of fall.

The most popular diving sites in Seychelles are Aldabra, Silhouette and the shark spot “Marianna” near the island of La Digue. Divers also like Dragon’s Teeth, Blanchiseusse, Malgache Bank, Recife Island and the underwater rocks of Trompeuse and Biter.

The best snorkeling spots in Seychelles, according to reviews, are Sainte Anne National Marine Park, Anse Sunset Beach and the wave-protected Anse Royale Beach on Mahé.

Approximate prices for snorkeling and diving in Seychelles in 2022:

  • individual dives – 850 SCR;
  • package of 5 dives – 3900 SCR;
  • night diving – 1000 SCR;
  • Half-day boat rental for snorkeling – 7000 SCR.

Wedding and honeymoon in Seychelles

Tropical islands are great for weddings and romantic getaways for two. You can choose a symbolic wedding or a formal registration. Newlyweds like celebrations with exotic flowers on the beach, romantic candlelight dinner, live concerts under palm trees and pleasant spa treatments.

Newlyweds prefer to stay in small hotels on the coast, where there are no large crowds. Many choose cozy gesthouses near picturesque beaches.

Prices. An offsite wedding ceremony or wedding in a hotel costs from 60 thousand rubles. The price depends on the venue, hotel, date and included services.

Prices for vacations in Seychelles

Almost every picturesque beach on the planet is accompanied by a local wedding agent (Picture: Pexels /

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