Holidays in the Crimea in July 2022. Weather and prices

The Crimea in July 2022: where best to go

Recreation in the Crimea in July is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure. And this season is in full swing, and the beach vacation is very well supplemented by an extensive cultural program. Let’s find out what July will be like in 2022, where are the best beaches, where is the warmest sea in the Crimea in July and what events are waiting for tourists.

Weather in the Crimea in July

July is a month of perfect weather. Days are hot, but the air is dry and unhumid, the temperature can reach 28 … +30 ° C during the day and +25 … +26 ° C in the evening. The sea warms up to +24 … +25 °C, you can swim comfortably even at a relative distance from the shore. Local vegetables and fruits ripen, the lodgings in July fly like hotcakes. Prices for housing vary: you can rent a house inexpensively for a large company near the outskirts of some resort, and you can find a luxury and quite expensive apartment in the center or on the first line.

In the Crimea in July is better to rest on the eastern coast of the peninsula, in the vicinity of Kerch and Theodosia. Here the water in the sea is the warmest (up to +27 ° C). The southern coast of the Crimea (Sudak, Gaspra, Yalta, Foros) is cooler by a couple of degrees. The western coast – Mezhvodnoe, Saki, Sevastopol, Evpatoria – gives vacationers a pleasant even for children water temperature +25 … +26 ° C.

July and August in the Crimea is the time of short and warm showers. Thunderstorm clouds usually bypass Evpatoria and Sevastopol, and in Alushta and Yalta there may be night showers. They refresh and nourish the vegetation, which blooms particularly exuberantly in summer. In Crimea in July lavender blooms. In early July the violet color fills the surroundings of Bakhchisaray and Belogorsk districts. In the end of July lilies and lilacs, delicate flowers of bright orange, take their place. The end of summer is the perfect time for the most beautiful photo shoots against the backdrop of lavender fields.


Where better to go:

Crimea in July with children

Holidays with children in the Crimea in July – the opportunity to pamper the kids with local fruits and berries. Already in late June, fall from the branches of the first tender apricots, in late July they are replaced by later and juicier varieties. At full speed and everywhere sold peaches, delicious and healthy figs, juicy nectarines, fragrant Crimean apples. By the end of the month you can catch a ripe plum, the first southern melons and watermelons, as well as the Crimean grapes. And berries, raspberries and strawberries, we will not talk about – in this regard, the trip even in August will be a success.

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The cost of fruits and berries depends on the place where they are sold: the closer to the beach and the sea, the more expensive they are. The best choice and the most successful bargaining is waiting for you in the central market of every Crimean city. Crimea July 2022 – what prices are waiting for tourists? The great advantage of the peninsula – democratic prices and their almost imperceptible increase. It does not exceed the average Russian inflation, so all the seasonal fluctuations are perceived without great shock.

Where to go with children in July? Waits young guests Crimean resorts and popular children’s resort Evpatoria. Beaches there sandy, the entrance to the sea is flat, the depth increases slowly. Throughout the resort dispersed sanatoriums, which can take a course of preventive treatment, which is especially important for frequently ill children. You can go to Feodosia, which also created conditions for family holidays. There are parks with amusements, and in nearby Koktebel open water park, one of the best on the coast. You can easily endure the July heat in Yalta or Alushta. The beaches there are pebble – they do not bloom even in the hottest heat.

Numerous reviews of tourists confirm that in July the Crimea is just great. The sea, the air, the nature, fruits and vegetables – you should go and see it all with your own eyes. Let you do not be afraid of the road. By plane you can get to Simferopol just a couple of hours, tickets are available even in high season. Way to the Crimea from St. Petersburg, Moscow or other cities in the European part of the country by car in July will be a little longer than in low season. The reasons are quite clear – the traffic jams and the number of those who want to see the sea.

Where to relax in the Crimea in July: 6 major festivals

The Crimea in July – there are concerts, festivals and other events, for the sake of which special tours are organized from other cities. Let’s tell you about the most important events of this year.

Rest in Sudak - 2022. Prices and our review

Lavender Festival in Alushta

July in the Crimea will be purple, because at the beginning of the month, from 7 to 9 July in Alushta is “Lavender Festival”. Today it is hard to believe, but fragrant plant brought to the Crimea from the Mediterranean Sea. The enthusiasts planted lavender bushes by hand. She willingly took root and to this day delights the guests of the peninsula with its bright colors and unusual flavor.

The program includes field trips, a photo shoot, a tea party, a food market and a lot of music.

Meeting place: the embankment of Alushta, from 9 am until late at night.

Extreme Crimea

From July 15 to 25 the fans of modern music, sports and active lifestyle will gather in the village Olenevka on the Tarkhankut peninsula. There are several music stages, quests, game-center, flash mobs, beach cinema, children’s animation and more than 30 areas for sports – all this is Extreme festival. Headliners of the festival are Dana Sokolova, “Dragni” band and Bogachi. Book accommodation in Olenevka (Crimea) right now to be in the center of the event.

Meeting point: Cape Tarkhankut, Olenevka village.

Genoese helmet

This is an international knight festival, which takes place every weekend in the second half of July in Sudak. Nearly a thousand people take part in the spectacular events: mass battles, parades, tournaments and contests. The festival will be a great visual aid not only for school kids, but for younger ones as well. Nearby there is the City of Craftsmen, where you can try your hand at medieval crafts and handicrafts.

Holidays in the Crimea in July 2022: prices for tours, weather, fruits, best resorts

July in the Crimea 2022 – peak tourist season. On popular resorts places on beaches becomes less and less and the prices grow. The weather is very hot and sunny. The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are warmed up to comfortable temperatures. Below you will find answers to the most popular questions. Including: “How much is the tour?”, “What fruits ripen in July?” and “Where to have an inexpensive vacation?”.

West Coast of the Crimea (wild beach)

The West Coast of the Crimea (wild beach)

Air and Sea Temperatures in the Crimea in July

The temperature indexes differ depending on the region. It’s a bit hotter on the South Coast, but the sea is warmer there. The average monthly air temperature is about +29 °, the water +24 – 25 °. The highest temperatures are in mid and late July. Many tourists enjoy warm evenings and nights.

Livadia Palace

Fruits of the Crimea in July

In mid-summer, almost all resorts in the Crimea please the abundance of cherries, different varieties. Beginning in the second week of the month there are tender, juicy peaches. The first season of ripening figs by mid-July is coming to an end. Those who go in the first decade of the month will still be lucky to enjoy this magnificent, useful fruit.

Abundant apricots, but the prices of cultivated varieties are high. What can not be said about the popular “Dichka”. Tasty, sweet and inexpensive apricot. And at the beginning of July appears cherry plum, and by the end of the month and plum. There is a lot of fruit in the Crimea in July, but be careful: many of them are imported.

Fruits of the Crimea

Crimea fruits.

Tours in July 2022 in the Crimea.

I never buy tours in travel agencies. I consider it unprofitable and time-consuming. I prefer to use online services. This approach allows you to save effort, time, and most importantly, money.

There are several popular aggregator sites, offering vacation packages to the Crimea at a nice price. In this article I will not describe the process of acquiring a favorable tour. Below will be a link to the instructions. Voyage to July 2022 you can buy from 20 thousand rubles.

Important: tours to the Crimea in July are expensive. If you want to save money – buy tours in advance or look for last minute tours, which are sold 1 – 3 days before departure.

Search for a tour on


Tourists who like calm, quiet and inexpensive vacation prefer Shelkino. The air temperature in July stays at about +27 degrees and the water at +25 degrees. It’s a perfect place for camping. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the vicinity. Cape Kazantip, a natural reserve, is especially attractive.

And among all the beaches in Shchelkino there is a beach in the village Mysovoye that you’d prefer to have a rest with kids. The coastal strip is almost limitless, the coverage – a nice sand of shells. The depth increases slowly. One, but essential lack – no shade. Entertainments enough, for all tastes. It is possible to take part in excursion or sea walk.

Beach in Shelkino

Koktebel .

Koktebel has long been popular with tourists. There is the famous mountain Kara-Dag, an amazing cape Chameleon. In addition to natural places worthy of attention, the resort is famous for a huge number of recreational activities. Family people with babies in the first place try to visit the water park “Koktebel”.

Koktebel beaches

In general, infrastructure in Koktebel is well developed. There are all conditions for a comfortable, interesting and active pastime. Many are attracted by the absence of crowds on the beaches. Although in recent years, the number of holidaymakers is increasing.

Weather and seasons in the Crimea by months. When is the best time to relax?

Alushta .

Alushta is one of the most popular resorts on the peninsula. It attracts by the accessible prices, the variety of variants of spending the leisure time, numerous sights. Comfortable beaches. Everyone, regardless of status, gender, and age will find something to their liking there. Especially popular are:


The resort is beautiful, comfortable, interesting in every way. Numerous excursion programs fascinate.


The famous Vorontsov Palace and Park has been the main trademark of Alupka for centuries. At the same time, few people know that the world-famous Ai-Petri Mountain is also located in the vicinity of the resort. The city has low prices for everything, including accommodation, food, and entertainment. If you’re going on vacation in Alupka, I recommend visiting a local natural attraction – a waterfall Uchan-Su. Of course this is not all entertainment. The city organizes a mass of excursions, entertainment events.

Parking lot near Uchan-Su waterfall

Near Uchan-Su waterfall there is a parking lot.

Laspi Bay in the Foros Village

If you prefer to have a rest in the wild in 2022, you’ll visit quiet and comfortable places like the Laspi Bay, Foros and Kacha. There are incredible beautiful nature, clean air and a lot of natural attractions that just takes your breath away.

By the way, there is an amazing tent camp in Laspi with affordable prices, equipped with everything you need for comfort. Nearby is a great beach. The water is always clean and warm. There are not many people, so you will not experience discomfort for sure. In these places you can often see divers. We as a family had a rest “savage” here. For those who like comfort I recommend apart-hotel “Dream Cove”. See photos below.

Dream Cove in Laspi - a great place for recreation

To learn about prices and book a room in the “Cove of Dreams” is possible here.

Accommodation in Foros

Saki has become more and more popular every year since the muds of Saki Lake were recognized as therapeutic. The main mass of tourists go to the resort with the sole purpose – to improve their health. But this does not mean that there are no entertainments or attractions. Places recommended to visit:

As for the question of accommodation, the options are also more than enough. In incredible demand is the chic recreation base “Priboy”, spread over a huge territory. The base has everything from numerous hotels, inns, cafes, restaurants. Before numerous entertainments, own beaches. My wife and I stayed there last year. Loved it very much.

Ticket prices to the Crimea - 2022. When is cheaper to fly

Water park “Banana Republic”.


Evpatoria is in high demand among couples with children. Although rest at the resort can hardly be called budget. Beaches Evpatoria comfortable, perfectly equipped, provide everything you need for an active, exciting pastime. By the way, if you belong to the number of naturists, and prefer to swim, sunbathe “nude”, I advise to take a closer look at the beach “Sunny Paradise”.

Beach “Azure Coast” in Evpatoria

The landscaped area, with cultured people will give a real pleasure. Popular tourist sites in Evpatoria:

Lake Donuzlav (Popovka and Mirny)

The settlement of Mirny, as well as the lake Donuzlav itself, has long been of great interest to tourists. First of all it is famous for its beaches, studded with fine, snow-white sand. For this they are often called the “Maldives of Crimea. Leisure options in Popovka and Mirny are plenty. Of course, there aren’t as many options as at the major resorts, but you won’t get bored. These places are considered the best for family vacations with children.

Donuzlav Lake

Donuzlav Lake Hotels on the Donuzlav Spit (Mirny)

Feodosia, Beregovoye, Primorsky

Feodosia is certainly a popular resort, but tourists who want to save money on vacation, prefer to stay in the above-mentioned settlements. The most popular of them by right is the settlement. Beregovoye. Famous settlement thanks to the chic beach “Club 117”. An excellent place for a fascinating, comfortable, fun and interesting beach vacation. Some services are expensive, but for such a level of service is normal.

Golden Beach in Feodosia

TOK Golden beach, stretched from Feodosia to Primorsky.

By the way, the village also became famous for Primorsky beach, only, not the city, and stretching from Feodosia. He is spacious, quiet, calm. There is enough space for everyone.

Black Sea

Black Sea is also popular. Thanks to affordable prices on housing, and not crowded beaches. A little less than 30 km from the village is a unique attraction of these places – the underwater “Alley of Chiefs.

Central beach of the Black Sea

Of course, this is not all the resorts of the Crimea, where you can rest inexpensively in July 2022. I have presented the most popular destinations, and you decide: where to go to the sea. Now you have the basic information, I hope it will help you make your choice. All have a great vacation!

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