Holidays in Tunisia with children – 2022. Best hotels. Prices. Reviews

Best hotels in Tunisia for your holidays with children

Top 30 hotels for holidays with children out of 524 in Tunisia. Ranked based on 12691 reviews and ratings from tourists.

“We vacationed in the hotel in May with my family. Convenient location of the hotel, in the evening there is somewhere to walk. Loved everything, green and spacious area of the hotel, ch. “

“Good evening, first time in Tunisia, a very long time to choose a hotel, monitored reviews, advice and decided to opt for PHENICIA, and did not regret it. “

“The best hotel :) food, drinks, staff, rooms :) just nothing to pick on :) ️️️We stayed here for 6 nights, everything was great. Restor. “

“Loved the hotel. The room was clean and cozy. The sea was warm , though there were a couple of jellyfish and seaweed. But overall, the sea was clean. The food was good, and there was a lot of variety. Breakfast was on the menu. “

“Holidaying with a friend in El Borge. We like everything – turquoise warm sea, clean beach, clean hotel, great room and super animation. The food is excellent. “

“Just flew in from the hotel, and want to express gratitude to all the hotel staff for making our vacation not forget.The room was very good with updates. “

“I am very happy to be at this particular hotel. The animation is just the best, the guys are very talented, do not let us get bored, entertain all day, spend and. “

“Holidaying not the first time already in this hotel, and we will be back again. The hotel has wonderful animation (Chief Midu does the best shows) Marlo, Speedy, Larry, Mira, Diego and M. “

“Were in early October, the six of us . The hotel is not new but very clean, they are constantly updating things. Tunisia was closed so there were very few vacationers. “

“Friendly staff, great animators, delicious food, two large pools (children’s in general top, nowhere else have not seen such, with slides and different times. “

“I am delighted with the island of Djerba and of course the hotel Vincci Helios Beach, which was very pleased and liked the warm welcome , good service. “

“We vacationed in this hotel from July 5 to 19, for the third time. This year we were pleasantly surprised by the service and compliance with all sanitary norms. Guests at the hotel . “

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“Loved everything, liked the hotel, the animation is super. Especially the animator Zuba)) I was here for the first time, and was impressed that there is a lot of fun, friendly . “

“Vacationed from the end of August to September 11, two weeks with a girlfriend and children.On arrival were greeted with cocktails,managers at the reception are very polite,understanding. “

“Were with family, loved everything! Were pleasantly surprised that there are Russian-speaking animators for the kids. Different groups from 3 to 6 years under the guidance of . “

“Tunisia. I could not imagine that this trip and the country so I will remember. I will tell you right away, you have to come here for at least 2 weeks to prochu. “

“Express our gratitude to the hotel staff. I would like to note that everyone is very friendly and polite, so it creates an atmosphere of good rest and. “

“We vacationed at the hotel from June 13-27, 2021. Me and two children (6 and 10 years old). Those reading this review, please keep in mind that the vacation was in covid. “

“First time in Tunisia.Welcomed by the kindness of both the local people and the service staff of the hotel “Le Soleil Bella Vista”. The hotel is very clean . “

“Well entertained adults and children good service all very polite and understanding good dance program kids never get bored choir. “

“Thank you Belle Azur for our stay in Hammamet for 21 days, special thanks to the hotel staff, who were always happy to help and to the Biblioglobus guides. “

“We stayed at the Sentido Bellevue Park Hotel from 19.07 to 02.08.21.The amazement began as soon as we walked into the hotel – it is beautiful in itself and that, . “

“Vacationed from June 16 to 23.One minus: We were brought in late at night and the front desk was impossible to get to. There were locals crowded around the front desk who wanted . “

“Good hotel. Breakfast was lovely with a variety of wines, beer, soft drinks, and liquor on the beach. Food was excellent with a wide choice of meals. “

“Had a holiday at the end of August in this hotel with children. I stayed at this hotel at the end of August and the food was great with lots of different things to do and drink. Several pools, big slides. There were enough beds for everyone. “

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“Super animators,always keep in a good mood Always responsive.Food is good.Large water park,for adults and children,in general recreation for all. “

“This is not our first time in Tunisia, we noticed this hotel on our last trip. Arrived early enough, we thought we would have to wait. but no, immediately under. “

“The hotel attracts the location (first line), excellent cuisine (fish, meat, a variety of ripe fruit and magical desserts), rousing animat. “

“Vacationed with friends in August. The hotel is clean, fun animators, great food. The hotel staff is corrupt, always goes out of their way to help. “

“For a long time looking for a holiday destination, went through a sea of options, but we decided, based on the reviews, to stop in Tunisia in this hotel.And I will tell you, did not miscalculate nis. “

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Holidays in Tunisia with children

tunisia vacation with children

Where to vacation in Tunisia with children? What hotel is better to choose? What do I need to know the nuances? Reviews and tips for tourists, as well as a selection of the best hotels for family holidays (including with young children).

Tunisia is a popular Mediterranean resort with long sandy beaches and African exoticism. A short flight, affordable prices and no visa requirements make this destination popular for family vacations. Let’s find out where to have a good holiday in Tunisia with children?

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Features of vacations in Tunisia with children

Family vacation in Tunisia has a lot of advantages: spacious sandy beaches without an admixture of pebbles and a lot of entertainment for children and adults. Some hotels offer strollers for rent and special furniture for recreation with infants, equipped with playgrounds and water slides. Most hotels have well-kept green areas, pleasing to the eye and giving a saving shade in the heat of the hours.

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The climate in Tunisia is dry, and even the summer heat by the sea is easily tolerated. Most beaches are municipal, you do not have to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas, as a rule. Servicing staff friendly and helpful, but the problem of communication exists – in a turn more French than English, and Russian-speaking staff is not enough.

There is no special children’s menu in the hotels, all local cuisine is rather heavy for a child’s stomach, but it is possible to feed a child – there are always pancakes, yoghurt or an omelette, if necessary, you can order vegetable puree. But baby food for children under 1-1,5 years is better to take with you.

A serious problem is often an outdated room stock in the hotels. Tourists write in their reviews about the furniture, which is in disrepair, the lack of a safe, faulty outlets and problems with air conditioning. If the hotel staff is high-skilled, then all the shortcomings are fixed quickly, otherwise all of the above problems remain unsolved. Therefore, choosing a hotel, it is advisable to pay attention to the reviews of people who stayed here, even a large number of stars at the hotel does not guarantee impeccable service.

We also recommend to read our review of food prices in Tunisia. There you will also find recommendations, which dishes you should definitely try.

holiday in tunisia with children where to go

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When to go

Despite the fact that Tunisia is an African state, the beach season here is short: tourists arrive en masse in June and leave in September. In May the weather is often capricious, with winds and rains. In sunny weather you can swim, but only adults, without a heated pool, a vacation with a child in May is better not to plan.

When better to vacation in Tunisia with children? Not bad in June: daytime +29 ° C, water +21. +22°С. July and August are hot and crowded, +30 . +A lot of jellyfish and algae come ashore. The real velvet season in September – it’s pleasantly warm during the day, and the water has finally warmed up to +26 ° C over the summer.

The best resorts in Tunisia for holidays with children

One of the best resorts in Tunisia for a holiday with children is the island of Djerba – it is particularly suitable for those who plan a quiet beach vacation. Clean sandy beaches of the north-eastern part of the island opens the season in May. It rains less often here compared to other resorts, and all water activities are developed. Reviews of Djerba →

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Where to go in Tunisia with older children? You can choose the large resorts of Hammamet or Sousse. There are good hotels with mini-clubs, water slides and water parks, rooms are equipped with cribs and high chairs. In Sousse and Hammamet there are amusement parks, zoos, botanical gardens and go-carts.

In Sousse – a rope park and an ice cream palace, in Hammamet – a large amusement park, stylized as the ancient Carthage, with a huge area and a lot of attractions. A 20-minute drive from the city is a large zoo, which gathered more than 400 species of animals and birds of the African continent. There you can also ride camels and ponies.

tunis resorts for vacations with children

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Best hotels in Tunisia for holidays with children in 2022

Tourist infrastructure in Tunisia is only developing, but even now there, despite the small number of resorts, there are many hotels designed for recreation with both toddlers and older children. However, Tunisian hotels have their own characteristics, so we advise you to carefully read the reviews. Our editorial staff has selected several hotels for holidays with children in Tunisia, which, according to tourist reviews, are the best.

If you are traveling on your own, we recommend searching for hotels at – it will help you find the cheapest price. Do not know how to use it? Read the article on how to book a hotel inexpensively.

If you prefer to vacation with a travel package, we recommend searching for the last minute offers at Travelata and Level.Travel – they compare the offers from 120 tour operators, and therefore are able to find the perfect option. It is possible to buy a trip online, which is very convenient. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Caribbean World Djerba 4*.

What do kids love? Water parks! In order not to pay every time for entrance tickets to the water park, we advise to pick up a hotel with slides in Tunisia – such a vacation is sure to please children. The hotel Caribbean World Djerba also has a children’s menu, a playground and a mini club. Especially tourists in reviews note the animators – according to holidaymakers, the programs are very interesting. The hotel is located on the first line, food – “all inclusive”. Reviews are good, the rating is high – 8,3 out of 10.

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Iberostar Royal El Mansour 5*

Want an unforgettable holiday in Tunisia with children, so that everything was of the highest order and you do not need to take care of anything? In that case choose a 5-star luxury hotel Iberostar Royal El Mansour. Reviews at the hotel are excellent. For children there is a special playground, entertainment program, mini-club, swimming pool, children’s menu.

Palm Azur 4*

Among the best hotels in Tunisia for holidays with children working on an “all inclusive” system is a 4-star Palm Azur. It is suitable especially for family holidays. Here tourists like green area and good animation, as well as friendly staff (many speak Russian). Food is excellent, for breakfast they serve freshies. A small minus – not a very good Wi-Fi, but this suffers from many hotels.

Dar Khayam 3*

3-star hotel Dar Khayam, according to reviews of tourists, is quite consistent with its stars. This is a good option for those who want to relax in Tunisia with children in comfort, but do not want to overpay. The hotel is located on 1 line and has an excellent beach, which praised all tourists. The food system is “all inclusive”. The area is green, there are three pools, it is allowed to use the infrastructure of the neighboring hotel.

Reviews and tips from tourists

Tunisia is often put on a par with Egypt and Turkey, but, judging by the reviews of tourists, this is wrong. The level of service and animation in Tunisia is still inferior to Turkey, the children’s animation is not everywhere. But the sea, according to experienced travelers, warmer and more beautiful in Egypt, in Tunisia, the underwater world is rather poor. In addition, the sea in Tunisia is subject to storms, and the shore often blows a lot of seaweed.

As for reviews on the rest, they are quite contradictory. Most complaints are associated with room service and sluggishness of the staff, so the choice of a good hotel in Tunisia – this is a priority for people who are going on holiday with children. But the ancient mosques, Berber dwellings and walks on camels are appreciated by both children and adults, as well as a fascinating trip to the shooting locations of the legendary Hollywood blockbuster “Star Wars”.

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