Holidays in Turkey with children – 2022. Best resorts and hotels

20 best hotels in Turkey for holidays with kids

The best hotels in Turkey for holidays with children can be found at any of the resorts of Antalya or the Aegean coast. All-inclusive meals, first line on a sandy beach, a water park with slides and free accommodation for the child – this is the basic set of wishes for almost every parent who chooses a holiday with children in Turkey.

The country has long earned the glory of the family resort. In addition to the convenient frequency of departures from any city in Russia and the CIS, a short flight and a comfortable climate, a special note is played by a rich infrastructure of hotels. The best hotels in Turkey organize entertaining leisure clubs for children, festivals and discos, build slides and come up with a healthy menu. Some of them took care of even the smallest, offering mothers sterilizers and bottle warmers, potties, high chairs, cribs, bathtubs, and even a nanny, baby monitor and Russian-speaking chefs.

Going to a popular family hotel, you can be sure that your child will not be bored and will find a fun company. Another reason for the popularity of good Turkish hotels and their children’s clubs – the presence of Russian-speaking animators and teachers, as well as the ability to leave the child for a while and do their own thing.

The most popular hotels in Belek and Side, then go resorts of Kemer and Alanya. When choosing a hotel with a child should also take into account the characteristics of regions, such as beaches. Belek and Side are often characterized by a sandy strip, Kemer – pebble beaches, and Alanya – the mixed type of coverage and the frequent presence of the sea slabs. To learn more about the resorts of Turkey, including the reviews of tourists on Tourister. Ru.

Ela Quality Resort Belek 5*

Location: Iskele Mevkii Belek-Serik/Antalya, 07500 Belek, Turkey (on map)

Number: 583 rooms.

Beach: First line.

Location: Belek.

The hotel is located on the first line of Belek and has 200 meters of sandy beach with a gentle approach to the water. Decorated with vegetation and fancy pool, the hotel territory is surrounded by forest and green golf courses. Accommodation is in pool houses and rooms in the main building. The distance from Antalya Airport is only 33 km.

A wide range of services are available for parents with children:

  • children’s restaurant and menu;
  • children’s theme club, aimed at learning trades (runs in summer)
  • clubs, games and creativity rooms for children of different ages;
  • outdoor children’s playgrounds;
  • several pools 40 cm deep – an indoor pool with four slides and a couple of outdoor pools;
  • for the youngest children – a playroom with the necessary attributes, such as changing tables, heated meals, strollers, etc.;
  • babysitting services (paid);
  • children’s bathrobes, slippers and shampoo on arrival.
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Most often, guests praise the spacious sandy beach, well-groomed area and the convenience of recreation with children of all ages. The negative points in the reviews of tourists are more subjective, as they relate to different sides of the hotel.

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Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa 5*

Location: Sahil Mahallesi Mimar Sinan Caddesi Boğazkent/Belek, 7500 Belek, Turkey (on map)

Hotel room: 724 rooms.

Beach: First line.

Location: Belek.

Alva Donna Exclusive is located near Belek in Bogazkent, right next to a sandy-pebbly beach, stretching for 300 meters.

In addition to guests, 11 buildings in the same architectural style has 11 restaurants and 11 cafes and bars. Rather compact area accommodates 9 swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, including heated in winter, water slides for adults and children.

For children in the hotels work:

  • mini-club for kids from 4 to 12 years old with creative activities and holidays, rooms for daytime sleep (works in the summer season);
  • Daytime and evening animation, mini-disco;
  • Playgrounds in the building and outdoors;
  • two outdoor pools with slides of different sizes, saltwater pool on the beach, heated indoor pool;
  • toddlers – high chairs, cribs, blender and microwave for cooking, potty, strollers (on deposit), babysitter (additional service);
  • children’s menu and baby food in jars are provided.

Parents note the availability of a children’s table and jarred food, but half of them are happy, the other half are not. The very existence of a mini-club and children’s pool belong to the positive features of the hotels, although there are reviews describing the insufficiently warm water in the latter. Other minuses relate to the condition of the rooms and the presence of pebbles in the surf zone of the sandy beach.

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Otium Family Eco Club 5*

Location: Titreyengol Mevki Antalya, 07330 Side, Turkey (on map)

Number: 428 rooms.

Beach: 2-3 lines.

Location: Side, Titreyengol.

The name of the hotel gives a hint of its family orientation. It is located 7 km from Side in Titreingel in a park area on the lake of the same name. The sandy and pebble beach is 600 m away and the path runs along the park zone and the lake. In the main building there are rooms suitable for families with children.

Infrastructure for children’s leisure:

  • a large children’s club “World of Childhood” with shows and activities (games, contests, creative workshops, movie theater);
  • one indoor heated and four outdoor children’s pools;
  • outdoor playgrounds with lighting and shading;
  • restaurant with children’s menu;
  • disco evening for the youngest children;
  • Swimming and tennis lessons (free of charge, by appointment);
  • for babies – bedroom, playroom (for 0-4 years), pool in the shade, heated food corner, potty, free laundry baby up to 5 kg per week, babysitter (fee).
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Despite some remoteness from the sea and censures for everyday things (some rooms, internet, lack of anything), the hotel gets good reviews just for the children’s concept of rest and food, as well as a cozy green area.

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Holiday in Turkey with children

What resort to choose for a holiday with children and in which hotel to stay.

You know the reasons to go on holiday with children in Turkey: excellent service, all inclusive, fun animation, comfortable hotels, beautiful beaches, beautiful nature, ancient heritage and entertaining tours. Now let’s find out when and where it’s better to go on vacation.

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When it is better to go with children to Turkey

If you are going solely for a relaxing holiday on the beach and comfortable swimming, then in late May you can come to Antalya and Alanya – the water is already warm enough. And here at the resorts of the Aegean Sea (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye) water is really warm only in late June.

In general, I advise with children to come to Turkey to rest in June and September – early October when there is no strong heat, and the sea is warm, about +25 ° C.

July and August are too hot for a holiday not only with children, but also for all tourists. The air temperature at some resorts can be above +40 ° C. Read more about when it’s better to rest in Turkey.

It’s worth going to Turkey in winter to stay in excellent hotels or go skiing inexpensively. For a holiday with children, I advise to choose hotels with heated pools.

Where to go on holiday in Turkey with children

In Antalya you can swim already at the end of May.

The best resorts in Turkey for recreation with children

We toured all the popular resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and can say with confidence: almost every resort in Turkey is suitable for a holiday with children. It is more important to choose a comfortable hotel, but more about that below. Here I will talk about the main resorts and how they are suitable for a family vacation.

Antalya is very convenient for living and vacationing with children, even babies. The airport is close by and it is easy to get to Antalya. In the center of the resort there are many cafes, stores and pharmacies. Full of children’s entertainment and curious sights, a large selection of excursions. Find out what to see in Antalya and how to vacation with children in Antalya.

The beaches in Antalya are not only sandy, there are rocky and pebbly. Most hotels are all inclusive. Some are small, but there are also with a huge area with its own water park – we lived in one of them. Read our review of Antalya.

Oludeniz: reviews of tourists and vacation prices - 2022

Belek is a young resort, built on a plain with eucalyptus and coniferous trees. It is close to Antalya, so it is not a long drive from the airport. It is a quiet place for the well-to-do. For children there is a luxurious amusement park, The Land of Legends. All beaches in Belek are sandy and well-equipped, most hotels have 5 * and are located on the first line – just perfect for a holiday in Turkey with children. Read about holidays with children in Belek and reviews of tourists about Belek.

Side is chosen by those who prefer a quiet, inexpensive vacation. The resort is only an hour’s drive from Antalya, so it’s not a long drive from the airport. In Side there are big comfortable hotels and gentle wide beaches, so there are often Europeans with children. We liked it in Side: we lived in the quiet Sorgun in the countryside, and in the center of the resort we came to walk around the ancient ruins. With children I advise to settle in the green suburbs. Read about holidays with children in Side.

Alanya is a pleasant resort, where you can have a very inexpensive vacation with children. The beaches of Alanya are gentle, but often pebbly or sandy-pebbly. The resort is developed, and life in it boils. A lot of interesting excursions and attractions. The main drawback of the resort is its remoteness from the airport, the way from Antalya took us more than two hours. Read about holidays with children in Alanya and our review of Alanya.

Marmaris is considered a youth resort, its center is always noisy and lively, especially at night. Families with children strongly advise to choose the suburbs Icmeler and Turunç: it’s quiet and peaceful, and what a beautiful nature, clear water, beautiful beaches and fresh air with a pine scent! To find tours to Turunç and Icmeler, click on the link below to open “hotels on the map”. Read our review of Marmaris.

Kemer is not usually recommended for holidays with children because of the pebble beaches, but actually right in the center of the resort there is an excellent sandy beach Moonlight Park. Also in the suburbs of Kirishe, Chamyuva, Chiraly and Tekirova are good club hotels with large areas and water parks, but the beaches are pebble, sometimes with a mixture of sand. Read about holidays with children in Kemer and our review of Kemer.

Bodrum is famous for chic club and family hotels – with children is better to stay in them and choose a meal “all inclusive”. The city itself is noisy, but charming. There are quiet villages nearby, such as Bitez, Torba and Gumbet, which are suitable for a quiet holiday with children. Read about holidays in Bodrum.

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Kusadasi is good for a holiday with children, because there is a mild climate, the beautiful ruins of Ephesus nearby and as three water parks. The beaches in the center are not very good, so I advise to swim in the Ladies Beach and the National Park Dilek. The hotel is better to choose near the shore, otherwise you’ll be tortured to climb the hill. Read about holidays in Kusadasi.

Ölüdeniz – the most beautiful sea, a great beach and chic nature. The whole family will love it! It is better to stay in all-inclusive hotels, because it is not cheap to eat in Oludeniz, or in a neighboring Fethiye, a quiet resort with a predominantly private sector. It’s nice to live in a house or apartment a normal life, mimicking the locals: walk around the resort, cooking on their own, to travel to nearby attractions. Read about holidays in Oludeniz.

Map of resorts and beaches for holidays with children in Turkey

Along the promenade of Icmeler there are such attractive houses. The picturesque bay of Oludeniz.

Good hotels for vacations with kids

We chose several all-inclusive hotels in Turkey suitable for a family vacation in 2022. They have good reviews and high ratings. They are all located on 1 or 2 lines. For more hotels with modern equipment and new furniture, see the selection about new hotels in Turkey.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom 5*.

Expensive, but attractive family hotel in Belek for those who want to please children and himself to plunge into the world of childhood. The rooms are colorful, there is a playstation and a projector. Well-educated staff, excellent animators. But the most important thing is that the guests of the hotel can visit the famous Land Of Legends Luna Park and use the infrastructure of Rixos Premium Belek hotel including the beach without any limits. Please check at the time of booking whether the Land Of Legends Luna Park is open, because without it all the charm of the hotel is lost.

Hotels for children in Turkey

The Land Of Legends Waterpark. Photo:

Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5*

We vacationed in this hotel and were very satisfied: classic rooms, cozy green area, delicious food. The hotel is a little tired, but for its price everything is on par. It has a large water park, which not every hotel in Antalya can boast. The hotel has a large water park, which not every hotel in Antalya can boast of. There is a shuttle bus, but it is no problem to walk to them.

Hotel Aska Lara Resort 5*. The hotel is always quiet, as the animation and music are concentrated in the water park and on the beach. The water slides in Aska Lara are loved not only by children, but also by their dads.

What to see in Bodrum: our top 8 places

Bosphorus Sorgun 5*

In this hotel, too, we rested and think that it is excellent for a holiday in Turkey with children. There are good animators, children’s club, water slides and lots of seals. The food is delicious, and there is seafood. The hotel is stylish, looks like a giant honeycomb and a spaceship at the same time. It is located in the village of Titrengöl, which is part of Side. Nearby there is a pine park and a lake. Along the river there are jogging and bicycle paths. The sandy beach can be reached on foot in a couple of minutes, or by electric car. Antique Side can be reached by bus, whose stop is right in front of the hotel.

Where to go on holiday in Turkey with children

Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel 5* and its swimming pools.

DoubleTree by Hilton Bodrum Isil Club Resort 5*

Cute hotel with a high rating in Bodrum, namely in the village of Torba. Very quiet and peaceful. For children there is animation, mini club, mini disco, game room and swimming pool. The beach is clean, sandy and pebbly.

Hotels for children in Turkey

View from the sea at DoubleTree by Hilton Bodrum Isil Club Resort 5*. Photo:

Garden Resort Bergamot 4*.

Inexpensive hotel in Kemer for family holidays. The hotel has its own beach, a large green area. A beautiful view of the sea and the Taurus mountains. The baths are situated in the pools, one of them is in the relax zone, surrounded by an orange grove, the noise of the animation does not reach there. By the way, the animation, according to reviews, is of the highest level. Children are given increased attention. To go into the sea, it is better to have slippers. To the beach 1.5 km, but there is a free bus.

Hotels for children in Turkey

View of the territory of the Garden Resort Bergamot 4*. Photo:

Tips for choosing a hotel

For a holiday in Turkey with children, it is better to choose club-type hotels. They have interesting animation, quality food and “all inclusive”. On the territory there are always pools with water slides and playgrounds. And if there is a water park, that’s totally cool!

“All-inclusive” is ideal for a beach vacation or if the kids are too young.

Book hotels with high ratings and good reviews.

A hotel with up to 150 vacationers will be optimal in terms of noise and quality of service.

If you have a small child, choose a hotel not too far from the airport – for example, in Antalya, Side or Kemer.

If you are an independent tourist, look for hotels on Hotelluk. Read the article-tutorial on how to book a hotel in Turkey and how to go on vacation on your own.

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