Holidays near Moscow in winter 2021-2022

Rest in the Moscow region in winter 2022-2023: where to go and what to see

In winter, it is interesting to visit ancient estates and museum complexes in the Moscow region. Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

Frosty weather is good for walks in a snow-covered forest, skiing and having fun on ice slides. Dreaming of getting away from the capital for a couple or three days? We will tell you how to spend your holidays in the Moscow region in winter 2022-2023 in an interesting way.

When to go




What to do near Moscow in winter

Ski resorts, extreme parks and tourist complexes which are comfortable for winter holidays are located very close to the Moscow Region. People come here to walk along the picturesque outskirts, build a snow fortress with children and relax in a hot bathhouse. In winter it is interesting to visit the nurseries and ancient manor houses in the suburbs. If you are planning an overnight stay, keep in mind that the highest prices in Moscow region hotels and guest houses are on New Year and winter vacations.

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Dog sledding and yurt viewing in December

Make a real holiday with the pony-tailed inhabitants of the Russian Alaska Husky Village. Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and Samoyed dogs live in Baranovo near Moscow. You will be told about the features of northern sled dogs, will be shown goats, sheep, chickens and geese.

You can take part in mini-expeditions on dog sledging of 1, 4, 17 and 40 km. Travel routes are laid along the picturesque countryside in the Ruzsky district of the Moscow region.

Mini-expeditions on dog sledges pass through very beautiful places. Photo:

A unique open-air ethnographic project in the Sergiev Posad district near Moscow presents the dwellings of nomadic peoples. The territory of the ethnopark is divided into three courtyards – Mongolian, Turkic and Northern camp. Here stands the largest in our country yurt with a diameter of 15 meters.

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Tourists are introduced to authentic nomadic dwellings, traditions and way of life. You can see Nenets tents, Chukchi yaranga, Mongolian and Turkic yurts, have a delicious lunch at ethno-café. Feeding Kalmyk two-humped camels, Mongolian yaks, deer and other animals in the zoo is a special pleasure.

Interesting places near Moscow

Museum-reserve “Borodino Field

Ascension Davidovskaya desert

Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve

Have fun in a tubing park and learn the history of the Christmas toy in January

To go down the slopes with the whole family, come to the large tubing park. The winter entertainment center is located near the village of Elagino, a 10-minute drive from Naro-Fominsk. This is one of the best places in Moscow region, where you can go snowboarding, skiing, tubing and snowmobiling, rent a warm gazebo and learn how to safely descend from an experienced instructor. Elagino has a snow park, tubing track with the length of 400 meters and a ski slope of 350 meters. There is a café with a panoramic view of the slope.

In the winter entertainment center you can go snowboarding, skiing and, of course, tubing. Photo:

There is a museum near Moscow, where the atmosphere of a winter holiday can be felt all year round. In the fabulous “Klinskoye Podvorye” hold theatrical tours and show collections of antique Christmas tree decorations. You will see how glassblowers blow and artists paint glass Christmas toys. At the master class, adults and children can paint their own balloon and take it away. The museum is located in Klin, at Staroyamskaya Street, 4.

The world’s only museum of Bogorodskaya toy.

The history of the Bogorodsky craft has more than 500 years. Today Bogorodskaya woodcarving factory continues the folk traditions. The assortment includes the famous hens (these were played as far back as Pushkin’s time), a man and a bear with hammers, as well as dolls, young ladies and other characters. In the local museum, the only one in the world, is fully represented the history of folk crafts.

Go winter fishing in February

In the cold season in the suburbs of Moscow is good biting perch, crucian carp, pike, ruff, pike perch, eel, tench, ide, bream and roach. At the fishponds catch trout, carp, whitefish, nelma and silver carp. Fans of winter fishing gladly go to the Mozhaiskoye, Ozerninskoye and Ruzskoye reservoirs, to the river Klyazma and to the lakes near Shatura.

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There are a large number of fishing bases near Moscow. Photo: Sergey KUROCHKIN

You can take buddies who know about ice fishing, and together go to the reservoir near Moscow with homemade equipment. To fish in comfort is best at the fishing base. It is convenient to come here with the whole family.

Where and how to rest in the Moscow region in winter

Winter vacations in the Moscow region.

Do you want to have an interesting and fun few days out of town? We tell you about popular places to have a rest in Moscow region in winter 2021-2022. Find out what to do during your vacation and how much vacation bases, houses, cottages and hotels cost.

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What to do and what to see in the Moscow suburbs in winter

After the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the outskirts of Moscow seem a real paradise. This is why many people prefer to get away from the overcrowded streets and spend the New Year and the Old Year in the company of their friends. The feast and fireworks display is wonderfully complemented by a hot sauna, festive programs and walks in the snow-covered forest.

There are plenty of activities for those who love outdoor activities – Moscow region in winter has a lot of ski resorts, complexes and extreme parks: “Volen”, “Iksha”, “Yakhroma”, “Sorochany”, “Freestyle” and others.

Holidays in winter with children in the Moscow region is very good! Build a tall snow fortress, go sledging, lay a track on the picturesque outskirts and spend a pleasant day at the skating rink. With older children, go on excursions to museums and farms, visit zoos, nurseries and menageries. In the winter months, guests are welcome at the “Elk Island” biostation, the Falconry Museum, the “Russian Ostrich” zoo, the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, the “Sparrows” bird park, the Sokolovo and Gorki zoos, and the Otrada amusement park.

Holidays with children in the Moscow region: 10 hotels with a pool and all inclusive

Map of the Moscow region with ski resorts, zoos and kennels

Recreation bases in the Moscow region in winter

In the most beautiful places, not far from Moscow, built country clubs, park-hotels and eco-housing, which are not at all like the boring boarding houses of Soviet times. In the modern recreation bases tourists spend the whole day in nature, take part in interesting entertainment programs and at the same time do not refuse the usual urban comforts.

A helpful selection:

Country Resort Hotel

Not far from the station “Verbilki” of Savelovskaya railroad, 80 km from the Moscow Ring Road, there is a cozy family hotel. It stands on the bank of the Dubna River, surrounded by centuries-old coniferous forests. The country complex has a spa center, a swimming pool, a sauna and a steam bath. Parents and children enjoy spending time in the mini-zoo and watching camels, tundra wolves, spotted deer, donkeys and horses. Learn about the best hotels near Moscow for holidays with children.

The hotel offers an “all-inclusive” holiday in the Moscow region – buffet with European and Russian cuisine, there is also a menu. A double room costs from 3900 rubles per day.

The main hotel building in the evening lights. Photo: Country Resort Hotel. A large indoor pool at the hotel. Photo: Country Resort Hotel.

Park Hotel Orlovsky.

A good all-inclusive winter vacation – in a park hotel in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region, just 13 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Beautiful buildings are decorated in pseudo-Russian style, the cottages are furnished with wooden furniture.

The hotel has its own spa center, swimming pool, hammam, salt room and fitness room. The restaurant “PetRushka” cooks delicious dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. In winter, vacationers go skiing, tubing and skating. For children there’s a game room and a mini zoo, as well as animators. A room for two people costs from 8000 rubles. Learn about the best hotels near Moscow with a warm pool.

Winter recreation bases:

On the territory of the park-hotel. Photo: Photo:

Art Manor Veretievo.

If you want to spend a winter vacation in an unusual place in the Moscow region, come for a weekend in a stylish manor Veretievo. It is located on the territory of a former health camp, 17 km from Dubna, and is decorated with a warm nostalgia for pioneer childhood. On the territory there are modern wooden cottages with the original rooms “Pioneer House”, “House of counselors”, “Taiga cottages”, “Ashki”.

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Go for a walk in the woods, have a campfire, swim in the bathhouse and take pictures of animals on the mini-farm. During winter vacations, the resort organizes festive programs – evenings near the fireplace with mulled wine, competitions, dances, and driving from slides. Double standard room costs from 3000 rubles per day.

Photo: Art Manor Veretievo. Russian sauna in the manor. Photo: Art Manor Veretievo.

Boarding house “Sokolov Desert”.

Want to relax in the suburbs in winter inexpensive? Spend a weekend in a pleasant pension, which is located 10 km from the city of Stupino. The pine forest on the banks of the Oka is very quiet and the air is especially fresh. Take a walk on foot or go skiing in the vicinity and you will be surprised how many traces hares, squirrels and foxes leave along the white-track.

Vacationers are accommodated in a hotel and cottages. On the territory there is a sauna with a font, bar, restaurant, mini-market, conference room and a game room with billiards, table tennis and darts. A standard room for two will cost 2200 rubles. Guests are offered three meals a day – from 900 rubles.

Inexpensive winter vacations in Moscow region

The skating rink on the territory of the boarding house. Photo: Sokolova Pustyn.

Fishing club Litvinovo.

Do you like winter fishing? An excellent holiday in the Moscow region in the winter for anglers – at the country base in the village of Litvinovo. It stands near two picturesque lakes, 30 km from the capital. In the cold season there are good bites for trout, white amur, carp, crucian carp, perch and catfish.

A two-bed wooden cottage with its own bathroom, toilet, cooking utensils, microwave oven and refrigerator costs 3,400 rubles. For 250 rubles tourists are fed a hearty breakfast. A nice bonus – vacationers get free and unlimited fishing!

Cottages on the territory of the club. Photo: Dining room. Photo:

Where to go for a weekend in the Moscow region

Holiday House “Boyarskaya manor.

Near the spacious Yakhromskoye reservoir, in the Dmitrovsky district of Moscow region a world of fabulous recreation awaits tourists. In the village with the cheerful name Svistukha there is a modern hotel complex, part of which is decorated in the traditional Russian style, and the other part looks like an Alpine chalet.

In winter, vacationers swim in the warm pool, enjoy spa treatments, massages and baths, go horseback riding, mountain skiing and quad biking. Entertainment programs include festive meals in the Russian style, folk festivities and excursions to historical places of Dmitrov.

The cooks of the Boyarsky estate cook from farm products and treat guests with delicious pastries, homemade morsels and pickles. Be sure to try the signature borscht, which is served in black bread. A double standard room with breakfast costs 3,500 rubles.

Russian bathhouse on the territory of the holiday home. Photo: Photo:

Eco-hotel “Konovalovo”.

According to tourist reviews, one of the best options for recreation in winter in the Moscow region is a vacation on a modern agro-farm. Exactly such a place is located 120 km from the city, in Shakhovsky district of the Moscow region. The comfortable hotel is built on the shore of a small lake and is surrounded by fruit trees. It has hotel rooms and cottages, a healing jade bath, children’s and sports grounds, and even a small chapel.

Come as a family and see how the farm produces natural milk. Specially for tourists there are master classes for milking cows. In addition, guests are taught to make delicate Adygean cheese and bake bread.

During your vacation, try fresh quail eggs and herbal tea with honey, breathe in the crystal-clear air, enjoy delicious artesian water and white snow. At the hotel there is a mini-zoo, and next to the picturesque Path of Health. Active recreation lovers can skate, ski and learn to ride a horse.

A double room costs 2800 rubles.

A helpful selection:

A jade bath is heated in a jade bathhouse. Photo: Cottage with a glass veranda. Photo: Eco-hotel “Konovalovo”.

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