Honestly about Adler! Reviews for recreation 2022

Honestly about Adler! Reviews for recreation 2022

It is possible to bathe where the Olympic objects – there the transparent sea. I want to write about the cab – here the triple rate, the prices are off the scale. I was 4 times at a concert in Sirius, it is impossible to get out of there. Cab drivers come up and call the price – 3,000, or 500 per person. And go to the resort town, the site hangs – goes reset call. Bus 51 passes a bit without even stopping. Passed 4. About food. Not poisoned, but in cafe Malachite on Prosveshchenie Street, and nearby, too, the cafe – all very well use chemical additives – the stomach and gallbladder aggravated. A shashlik on the beach (near cafe Barracuda) – a separate song, too well fertilized with preservatives. Stink on the streets of Kurgorodok and you can see how the open pipes and directly stink flows into the sea.

It is the most terrible vacation in our life! We are a large family, and this year at random we went to Adler, simply because the plane to get only in Sochi. I could not even suppose that it could be so awful in a resort place! First of all it is PURPLE VAN (this word is chosen correctly) sea! This is outrageous! There is such a smell of sewage in Adler itself! This is unacceptable! Straight down a huge pipe in the sea, and you can see how THIS is all G. flow into the sea! Everybody is sick! We have already been sick on the second day! Very strongly! Ambulance called twice! It was necessary even to pay (6 thousand. With the person.) Since free simply does not cope. The doctor from the ambulance said that in a day comes to 1000 calls, and all with diarrhea and vomiting! There is filth everywhere! Houses are stacked so close together, this is the first time I’ve seen this! DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Totally agree! If you want to bathe in drains instead of in the sea-you have to go to Adler. There is no clean beach, rubbish flows directly into the sea! On the second day of rest have got down all family 4 persons, the younger daughter had to do 3 drips on paid ambulance, and it as wrote above 6000 with the person! Our vacation was ruined! Prices are expensive, dirt and anti-sanitation throughout Adler! Where is the city government? Shame and shame on us for this outrage.

I do not recommend it was here for the first time, I will not go again. My first impressions: horrible noise on the roads, cars that are always snooping and the ambulance and police with blinkers every 3 minutes add noise, crickets screaming loudly in the trees, I first thought it was noise that scares away birds, crosswalks are very far from each other, you wind kilometers, pump your feet)), the sea stinks (apparently there is no sewage treatment plants). A separate story with excursions, having taken and having paid for excursion prepare, that in the bus with you will pull down still in addition money, for example

There are no words, only feelings! This is not a resort – it’s hell. Who will fly here I will dissuade anyone. Local inhabitants have explained, that in the sea do not bathe, that all ditches flow down in the sea. Children got sick on the 4th day put in the hospital, missed the plane. How we wanted to finally get away from there, the prices on the beach are not unreasonably high, the child was bitten by mosquitoes. The beach is stony but the stones are very big, it is not nice to go in, you can break your legs, and to lie on such stones as not nice, in general, this is our last vacation in this tepid resort of Sochi. Prices on the beach space. We wanted to improve health and it turned out that we left as invalids, it took us half a year to recover after the resort. The only thing I liked was Sochi Park.

Rotovirus and anti-sanitation in the resorts of Sochi This review is for those who are thinking to go to rest at the resorts of Sochi! Think about it 100 times! Especially with children! Unsanitary at every corner! Sewage is poured into the sea! Sewage treatment plants either do not exist or do not work! Toilets on beaches is not present, is in cafe, but cost on 40 rbl. All defecate in the sea! Rotovirus rampant! Many burping people. One swimming in the sea and 5 days in the room, with diarrhea, vomiting and fever. But not a word about the infection, everyone keeps quiet. Terrible! We will never come here again!

Thermal springs of Adygea. Prices for recreation centers - 2022

Good afternoon, this is my first time in Adler. Many garbage,dirt and it’s the center.Bomzhi in the transition, the stench is on the whole transition from them.Where is the city administration? All tolls are paid for and somehow not equipped.Traffic, run like towers, pedestrians are not yielding.No one else will come.You have to think for yourself.

I wonder if it’s 2022 this year, the age of technology, the internet and reviews, and people still can not use it wisely. Well, if you first went to Adler, why have not gathered all the information? What normal person in the summer in a high season will go to the railway station? And the beach is clear there, narrow, with breakwaters, sewage drains. It is even impossible to pass by there, not to mention to bathe. But no, people are torn to go there, and even with children. Really it is impossible to settle down in less populous place, yes not the center, but the sea is cleaner, to people it is less, etc.

Rest in the Russian south Had a rest with the child from July, 11 till July, 23. Certainly, after rest abroad, rest in the Russian south, is stress. All very expensively, money simply flies away. For children, too, there are many temptations. Lived on Medovaya Street, the conditions are good, of minuses overground passage through Lenina, several times a day, tires a little. That liked the nature. The eye pleases with flowering trees and exotic plants. Unfortunately, there is very little trash almost all over the area. We did not pass by the rotovirus, the child was sick for two days. I wanted .

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach.

Have fallen ill all on the second day, from pleasant excursions, on it everything, dining rooms expensive and not tasty cook, more none (((.

Disgusting! The most terrible vacation! Disgusting! Worst vacation ever! Our sea is not intended for swimming, unless you are not a walrus of course … the sea is cold, 1 time dipped and fell ill. The prices are very expensive, rent a deck chair on the beach-400 rubles a day, swings-300 rubles per HOUR. To relax around as in Turkey, namely to lie on the chaise longue, eating on the beach, a minimum of 200 000 for two people for 10 days. And plus flight. And remember, the sea is cold. The workers on the beach and in relatively inexpensive cafes are aggressive. You want good service, prepare 300 000. Yes even if 500 000, the sea still remains cold and dirty. I’m at the sea now and I dream about going to work… To sum up, you should go to our south only to those who like cold water and boorish service. If you are not from their number, just waste time, money, and the main thing health and nerves!

But . There is Abkhazia next door (Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos) on the same Black Sea, but with very clear azure water! The nature of Abkhazia is a fairy tale.

With this: “Our sea is not meant for swimming. the sea is cold. the sea is cold. “Absolutely not agree: we (and all holidaymakers in Gagra simultaneously with us), not being “walruses”, swam (almost without leaving the sea) in the Black Sea all 9 days in the second decade of June 2022: the weather – excellent, t sea +22 +25! If for you such t sea is cold, then for you – in hotels with heated pools: the choice is in Adler, and in Gagra.

PS. t sea depends on natural phenomena (as you know), not man.

The beaches are horrible, the sewage is poured directly into the sea, there is vomit on the sidewalks and crossings, a lot of people get infections, there are no sewage treatment plants. They just siphon money out of tourists.

I totally agree! The sewage is poured directly into the sea, on the second day the whole family got rotavirus, the sea stinks of feces, they lived in a hotel for 270000 grand for 2 weeks, they took their money after 3 days and went to Sochi where the locals bathe on a clean beach.

Adler is a cheap alternative to Sochi

Reviews about rest in Adler

Adler is a cheap alternative to Sochi, and it gets scolded by most of the reviewers. In this review, I detail the pros and cons of the resort, the prices in Adler in 2022, give advice and tips on when to go and what to do on vacation.

    – Private sector in Adler. – Hotels and hotels in Adler. – tours to Adler.
Rest in the private sector Golubitskaya: prices for accommodation - 2022


Adler, Sirius, Imeretinka: how to sort out

Adler is a resort area in the south of Big Sochi. It used to stretch from Kudepsta to Abkhazia and include the Olympic Park and Imeretinskaya Bay, but now its border ends at the river Mzymta. All that is beyond it to Abkhazia is the new village Sirius, which was formed in 2020. It also includes the Imereti Bay resort and Olympic facilities. However, people still call this entire area Adler, and some do not bother and just say that they are vacationing in Sochi.

In this article I will talk about the center of Adler. If you are interested in the Olympic venues and the bay, then you need to read about the Imereti resort.

This is what the promenade in Imereti Bay looks like. The villas of the Arfa Park Hotel are on the right, and you can see the Fisht Stadium in the distance.

How does the resort look like

Old Adler is incredibly green, just like Sochi. Cypresses, palm trees, plane trees and oleanders grow in the streets, so there is plenty of shade and coolness.

Like almost all southern resorts in Russia, Adler is built up with typical guest houses, hotels, cafes and stores. It’s not pretty, but due to the huge amount of greenery in the village is cozy. It is also convenient to stay here because all the necessary infrastructure is available and housing is concentrated by the sea – to the beach no more than a 10 minute walk.

There is no remarkable architecture and there is nothing to admire. Have remained only a pair-troy pre-revolutionary buildings, there are parks of rest and Quay – about it I shall write more in detail below.

The quay has reminded Sochi: it is narrow and almost without shade, and along it endless stalls with clothes, souvenirs and beer continuously stretch. Even at the end of October in some places it was crowded, besides, every now and then children on scooters tried to sweep us off our feet. What was going on here in summer!

The old Adler is incredibly green, just like Sochi – there are cypresses, palm trees, plane trees, oleanders, so there is enough shade and coolness. This is how one of the streets leading to the sea looks like. The promenade is narrow and almost no shade.

Housing prices in Adler in 2022

Everyone knows that Adler is a budget Sochi. This is true, the prices here are lower. The private sector reigns in Adler: guest houses, mini-hotels, apartments and apartments. On the houses you can see ads for rent. There are few 3* and 4* hotels in the village, and 5* are already only in the Imeretinskaya Bay.

Prices for holidays in Adler in mid-summer 2022 (room for two / three per day):

The simplest accommodation without amenities from 1 000 ₽
Guest house with amenities From 1,800 ₽
Decent guest houses From 3,000 ₽
Apartments by the Sea from 4,000 ₽
3* Hotel by the Sea from 4,000 ₽
4* hotel by the sea from 10,000 ₽

If you want to save money, settle further from the beach. Also, prices for hotels and tours fall by half at the end of the season or during the off-season. You can stay by the sea in a 4* hotel in winter with chic!

Attention: one common disadvantage of hotels in the center of Adler – in them you hear the noise of aircraft taking off and going to land. Also do not advise to settle for the railway station. According to reviews from vacationers, in this area of Adler due to road and railroad tracks is difficult to get to the sea, and to go to the beach is only possible through the station.

During our large-scale audit of resorts in southern Russia, we found that local hoteliers often cheat vacationers by buying positive reviews on travel sites, including Bucking. So read the reviews carefully before booking, especially the negative ones – they will tell you a lot of interesting things. Also see how their hosts respond to criticism: if they are rude, sarcastic, and hit on the tourist, then feel free to pass by. We always advise to book accommodation in advance, rather than look for it on the spot, otherwise you will get a mediocre option, and even overpay.

Look for hotels on the service Hotelluk – it will be more reliable and profitable, because he is looking for discounts on different sites. Learn how to book a hotel cheaper.

Look for accommodation in the private sector at bed and breakfast.ru – it’s a convenient and reliable service with real photos and reviews of tourists. You may rent an apartment, a room, or a house there directly from the owners. Do not think you can easily rent an accommodation when you arrive at the station, as they usually offer overpriced apartments in uncomfortable areas with minimum amenities. Book your accommodation 2-3 months before your trip.

Krasnodar airport : how to get there

Profitable to buy a trip to Adler can be on Travelate – it is a reliable and convenient online store, where we buy our own tours for your vacation. Learn how to buy tours cheaper.

Oksana : “Wonderful location of the hotel “Coral Adlercourt”: proximity to the sea, Dolphinarium and Oceanarium. A variety of food for every taste, there is a diet room. A huge swimming pool with sea water.

Anna : “In “Flamingo” frontal view of the pool and the sea, heated outdoor pool overlooking the sea, jacuzzi, sauna, delicious and varied breakfast.

Svetlana : “Hotel Medovaya is a great place to relax. A very beautiful courtyard, a large swimming pool.”

Recreation in Adler

Some guest houses and hotels are right by the sea. For example, on the right is the hotel “Flamingo”.

Food prices in 2022

Judging by our experience and reviews of tourists, to eat on vacation in Adler in 2022 can be quite inexpensive. The resort has many dining rooms, cafes and restaurants with adequate prices.

You can eat in a diner for 150-300 ₽ per person, in a cafe for 400-800 ₽, and in a restaurant from 1000 ₽. On the waterfront, they sell hot cakes, salty fish and beer for 100 ₽, cocktails for 250 ₽ and waffles filled with ice cream and fruit for 300 ₽.

According to the reviews of holidaymakers, you can eat well in the cafe “Parmesan”, “Vstrecha”, “Hinkali Dancing”, “Udacha”, “Chili”. We ordered a great pizza from “Dodo” and “Sicilia” – they bake great everywhere. An inexpensive fish restaurant with a fresh catch is “At the Fisherman’s”.

Tasty and inexpensive in the dining room “Melgos”, but it hides in the alleys of the Central Market. Ask locals! Other good places to eat are “Khleb & Sol”, “Ratatuy”, and “Patisson”.

There is a great choice of establishments in Mandarin shopping center, but the prices there are like in Moscow’s mid-range establishments. However, you can still get an inexpensive snack at “McDonald’s” or KFC.

Prices for products in chain stores are a little bit overpriced. You can buy cheap fruits, vegetables and churchela at the market if you come to the closing time – sellers haggle well.

Beaches and sea in Adler

The coast is covered with medium and coarse pebbles mixed with sand, sometimes there are sandy areas. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but stony. We advise to swim in aqua shoes, if you have sensitive feet.

The depth increases smoothly, but quickly, so watch out for small children and do not swim during the storm. From the waves the beaches are protected from the piers breakwaters, from which the locals fish, and the kids jump into the sea.

In the season on the beaches a lot of people, so be morally prepared for this. For comfortable rest there is everything: shady awnings, paid deck chairs, arbors-bungalows, toilets and locker rooms. However, not all beaches tourists are not enough toilets and changing rooms, so the queues are formed.

Prices in 2022 at the beach “Chaika” in Adler (on different segments of the beach prices differ slightly):

  • shower and changing room – free of charge,
  • umbrella – 100 ₽,
  • beach chair – 250 ₽,
  • swings – 1000 ₽,
  • tent with two sun beds – 1500 ₽.

For a ride on a catamaran in Adler they ask 300 ₽ per hour, parasailing costs 4,200 ₽, and a ride on a jet ski costs 1,000 ₽ for 7 minutes.

The coolest but most expensive beach is Vinograd Beach by the Mandarin mall. There plays a nice lounge, there are nice bungalows (4000 ₽ per day) and there is a pool.

The main complaint of vacationers to Adler beaches is pollution, stench and infections. I read a lot of bad reviews, where tourists blame the resort administration and hosts of guest houses for draining sewage directly into the sea, because of which many people get rotavirus or norovirus in the south. As far as I know, there is really a problem with drains, but the drains are deep-water, moreover, they go through treatment facilities.

We walked the entire waterfront in the center, approached the sea many times, and everywhere was pretty clean. No stench, no floating feces, only occasionally we noticed cigarette butts, wrappers and natural debris among the pebbles. Probably just didn’t get to the places where it smells. I think many tourists mistake storm drains for sewage. After the rains and when the snow melts in the mountains, the water does get muddy.

Imeretinskaya cove : recreation reviews and prices - 2022

Leksa: “Every 300 meters into the sea sewage is poured, often with a disgusting smell, to me it is unacceptable.

Guestfreeman: “The main minus, which crosses everything is the stench of the sewage in the area of the beach. It starts in the evening and stops by morning.”

This is what the coast of Adler looks like. Just look at how clear the water is! Most of the beaches in Adler are pebbly, but there are also areas mixed with sand. For example, sand prevails near Kirov street. And here is one of those suspicious streams, which tourists take for a sewage outlet.

How not to catch an infection at sea

Intestinal infections are a really big problem for southern resorts. Rotavirus and norovirus are more often caught by children and become seriously ill, but adults also suffer from it. Be sure to pack a medical kit on vacation and do not forget the MHI policy. Young children should always be vaccinated against rotavirus.

In order not to catch an intestinal infection in the Black Sea (in fact at any sea, even abroad), you must follow the basic rules of hygiene:

  • Do not swallow seawater.
  • Thoroughly wash fruits, vegetables and hands before eating. Wash with running water or bottled water, not in the sea!
  • Drink bottled or boiled water.
  • Do not buy food from street vendors.
  • Do not take perishable goods to the beach.
  • If you cook yourself, watch for hygiene and well cook and fry products.
  • Make sure children do not put stones, sand, earth, and dirty hands in their mouths.

Excursions and Entertainment

Adler is not remarkable for anything. There is nothing curious for admirers of architecture here: only an old railway station, a newly built church of Holy Spirit, lighthouse, building of a port point on the quay and pre-revolutionary terracotta building of musical school on Kirova, 26.

You can take a walk at the resort along the waterfront, in small public gardens and in the park of culture and recreation. If you like beautiful parks and plants, we advise to go to the arboretum – Sochi and “Southern Cultures”.

Tourists like to walk in the mall “Mandarin” – there are many cafes, restaurants and entertainment. For example, there is a karaoke, an indoor swimming pool, a night club and a billiard room. In general it is not a shopping center in the usual sense, because there are very few clothes stores. Rather, it is a place of rest with entertainment and recreational areas.

If you want to have active rest, rent a jet-ski, try parasailing – a flight on the parachute which is attached by a cable to the boat, have a ride on “bananas”, catamarans and yachts. Swim in the open sea and look for dolphins.

With a child go to the aquarium, water park “Amphibius”, a terrarium, a monkey nursery. But it is much more interesting to take your children to the attractions at “Sochi Park” in the Imeretinskaya Bay. Find out how to rest in Adler with children.

In general, all the most interesting things are concentrated not in Old Adler, but outside of it. According to reviews, vacationers usually take excursions or go on their own to “Skypark”, Krasnaya Polyana, the Olympic Park, Sochi and Abkhazia – these are the most attractive places for tourists.

Lily : “We went on an excursion to Krasnaya Polyana. We were lucky to have a guide. A comfortable bus, 50 passengers, including those with small children, a new federal highway paved among the mountains for the Olympics, no serpentines. Read more about the tour →

A gazebo on the grounds of the Church of the Holy Spirit. “House of Fear” in the Park of Culture and Recreation. This park has many attractions for children.

When it is better to go

Adler has a warm subtropical climate. The beach season lasts from May to late September to early October, but it is comfortable to swim from mid-June. In mid-June in the daytime +25 … +28 ° C, and the temperature of the sea water is about +23 ° C. In July and August it gets hot +30 … +35 ° C in the shade. Because of the full calm and high humidity the heat is felt stronger, but the sea is very comfortable +26 … +27 ° C. Find out if you should go to Adler and Sochi in summer.

In the velvet season, I advise to come with small children, elderly tourists and those who can’t stand the heat. All September in Adler is warm: the air is heated to +25 ° C and the sea to +23 … 25 ° C..

Honestly about Nebug. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

We were in Adler at the end of October, and even then it was still very warm. I wore a dress and a hat, because my head felt very hot without it. But a cool breeze was already blowing, which reminded me of the end of the beach season. Despite this, the tourists were sunbathing and even swimming.

Nika: “The weather in June was almost perfect, the only two times it rained. The rest of the days were almost always sunny”.

Lorena Mil: “Holidays in September. Weather was fine, absolutely summer. The sea is warm, there are not so many people as in high season, therefore the prices are lower than in summer.

Recreation in Adler for children

The beach season ends in late October, but some people are still swimming.

8 reasons to relax in Adler

According to reviews of vacationers, Adler is not a bad alternative to expensive Sochi. Here are the arguments for tourists to rest in Adler in 2022:

  1. Warm mild climate and a long season. Even in winter it’s nice to relax here.
  2. The resort is very green – it’s not parched steppes of some Kuchugur.
  3. The prices in Adler are lower than in Sochi.
  4. Many cafes, dining rooms, restaurants and stores.
  5. Beaches equipped with all the necessary infrastructure.
  6. Convenient location: from the resort is easy to go to Sochi, Imeretinskaya Bay, Krasnaya Polyana and Abkhazia.
  7. You can reach the resort by any means – by plane, train or car.
  8. Many interesting excursions in Sochi.

Brad Pitt: “I remember Adler for its mind-blowing nature! I don’t know what kind of vegetation is in heaven, but if there is a paradise on earth, it’s Abkhazia and Sochi.”

Recreation in Adler

In late October in Adler you can quite safely get a beautiful golden tan, because the sun is already not as active.

9 reasons not to have a rest in Adler.

Our investigation in Adler revealed the following violations:

  1. Not everyone likes high humidity.
  2. In summer, there are prolonged showers, and after them – interruptions with light.
  3. Most hotels are inexpensive guest houses, so do not expect perfect service and living conditions.
  4. In summer tourists often catch rotavirus and norovirus.
  5. In the season, the beaches and the promenade are crowded. The promenade is narrow and without shade.
  6. Many cannot walk on the coarse pebbles without aqua shoes. Without a sun lounger on it is also uncomfortable. If you do not like pebbles, read where in the Krasnodar region there are sandy beaches.
  7. Annoying cab drivers, sellers of excursions and photos with animals.
  8. Tourists complain about the plums in the sea and the smell on the beaches, but we did not notice anything like that.
  9. Some people are bothered by the noise from planes and discos until two in the morning. Choose a hotel with noise isolation!

Kohl: “I couldn’t live there just for the climate. I would languish of boredom. And in summer – from inadequate crowd of tourists. For some reason, it’s on our coast, the most wacky guests who, when they come abroad, behave very differently. Would I advise to go to Adler? NO, never and under no circumstances. For what? To see “Sirius”? To bathe in the muddy sea? If I go, I should go straight to Abkhazia, and it’s better not to put off my passports and fly away.

Beach holidays in Adler

Even at the end of October there are quite a lot of tourists on the beaches of Adler.

Conclusions: is it worth to rest in Adler.

Rest in Adler causes delight only for unsophisticated vacationers. If you are used to foreign resorts, most likely, after one trip, you no longer want to see it. It’s not that it’s somehow bad there, no. In comparison with many small southern resorts like Shepsie or Dzhubga here is much better, but there are disadvantages – about them read above.

If you want to rest in the south of Russia, but feel almost like abroad, choose Imeretinskaya Bay – there is a completely different atmosphere. The resort has many excellent 3-5* hotels and good restaurants, a long promenade and in general everything is nice, without “sovok”.

For beach recreation I would not go to Adler, but as a transit point for travelling around Big Sochi it is very convenient. I think, it would be nice to stay in Adler during the low or velvet season when there are not so many tourists, prices are lower and the weather is comfortable. At this time, you can travel around the region and see a lot of beautiful places.

Beach holidays in Adler

Attention! Mass invasion of sup-boards on the beaches of Adler.

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