Honestly about Agoy. Holiday reviews and prices – 2022

Agoy, Krasnodar Krai, Russia – reviews

I went to Agoy in late June 2021. A long time to choose a place to relax with his family. The criteria for choosing a place to stay: Clean sea, scarcity of people, mountains, or any attraction nearby.

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The village of Agoi is located on the Black Sea in the Krasnodar region at the mouth of the river Agoi. Not far from Tuapse, just 9 km. Agoi is separated from Tuapse by a pass. The area around is mostly hilly, mountainous. The mountains are not high, entirely covered with dense forest.

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Hi all! I like our resorts very much – I must have traveled all over Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea. Someone likes to go abroad, and I like it here, and the more that in our south, there are places where you can really have a good rest.

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Hello all! Quite recently we have returned from vacation on our Black Sea coast. We traveled together with my husband and my son who is 2,5 years old. I will write a few words about our vacation. We chose the vacation spot on the Yandex card by following criteria: Not far from Dzhubga, because.

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On my annual vacation at the Black Sea coast I’ve been to the village of Agoi in Tuapse region. Attracted me there by beautiful nature and a convenient transport connection.

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Hi all, on the eve of vacation season I would like to tell you about my wonderful vacation I had last year in a not very popular and for me personally wonderful place – settlement Agoi of Tuapsinsky region. A little bit of geography.

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Good day to you, dear reader and vacationer! Since now the political situation in the world is unstable, many residents of our vast country for various reasons choose to rest in the resorts of the Krasnodar region.

The summer of 2016 came, and we seriously thought about where to go on vacation in your own car. The choice fell on the Krasnodar region, in which we had never been and never heard anything, but in general we decided to take a chance.

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We had a rest in Agoi (Tuapse region) in 2016. It took a long time to choose where to go on vacation with a child, so that the sea is cleaner and the noise is less. Originally planned to stop in Nebug, but then for some reasons (I will write below) have left in Aghoi. Our trip was by car. We went from Novosibirsk to Nizhny Novgorod.

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To all hello! I want to tell to you about a place-it is item Agoi of the Krasnodar territory! Located he is near Tuapse, about 20 minutes away by bus. When I got there for the first time I realized that now every year I will rest only there! The sea is amazingly clear!

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So, a few words about Aghoy and how we got there. Earlier, I wrote about my tremulous attitude to Tuapse city irecommend.rucontentne-sovsem-kurortnyi-gorod-s-ne-kurortnymi-tsenami-sekretnye-mesta-foto .

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Good afternoon all, Today I would like to write a review of a small and cozy town in the Krasnodar region called Goryachy Klyuch. That’s three times I have been here and I have gradually formed my own view of it.

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It was my very first trip to the sea, I had nothing to compare it with, so I liked everything! I was only 15 years old, I met a girl from the next room. We with it in the evenings went to discos in the children’s camp next door.

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Rest in Kabardinka 2019! Is it worth to go here, what we liked and what not. About the sea, beaches, food, entertainment and infections

Hello everyone, I want to share with you my impressions about rest in the village of Kabardinka. Kabardinka is a resort village located among the mountains on the shore of the Tsemess Bay of the Black Sea. The distance from Moscow is 1530km on the M4-Don highway.

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In this review I would like to talk about Lake Abrau, which can be found in Abrau-Dyurso. This beautiful place, which has become the birthplace of the famous sparkling wine, an area for cultural tourism and not only, this lake with an unreal water color, located right in the mountains.

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Suddenly we wanted to just take it easy and get in the car and go wherever our eyes look at, closer to the sea. Before we did not have to rest on the Azov coast, only on the Black Sea. Why not diversify and get new experiences. It’s been said and done.

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(Hello there!) A couple of days ago I came back from the village Golubitskaya, which is located near Anapa in the Krasnodar region. I want to write about my opinion right away, while memories are still fresh, and I can soberly assess all aspects, the pros and cons, the pros and cons.

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Hello, dear readers! Well hello, dear volcano TIZDAR, already the 3rd time we come to you! And for the 3rd time I am lost at the entrance: where am I, where did I get, and where to run? In the memory of where something is, nothing at all. For the territory of a complex very large.

Aghoi: tips for recreation

Holidays in Agoi

Among the resorts of the Tuapse region Agoi – less promoted. Read reviews for 2021 about the picturesque place of rest on the Black Sea. Find out if it’s worth going on vacation in 2022. What attracts and repels tourists?


Impressions of the resort.

The quiet village in the valley of the river Agoy is surrounded by beautiful green mountains. Agoy is not as popular as its neighbor, Tuapse. Tourists come less, so there are not so many people on the beach, the sea is clean, and the prices for housing are not inflated to the sky. Vacationers have found the only drawback – the road that passes through Aghoy, very noisy. Choose lodging away from the highway!

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Olsha and Evgeny: “Clean water in the sea and a fairly large beach. The settlement is quiet and cozy, with picturesque nature, a lot of greenery. For entertainment, you can go for 200 rubles by cab to Nebug. A perfect place for a family vacation with kids.

Anna: “What an amazing sea! Water is clear, warm, warm, snorkeling with masks – not swam! The beach and the water are clean, compared with Lazarevskoe and Sochi.

Is it expensive to have a rest in 2022?

Aghoi belongs to the budget resorts of the Krasnodar region. A lunch for two in the dining room will cost 500-700 rubles. Prices for water entertainment start at 400 rubles. At the peak of the season, a double room with private bathroom and air conditioning costs from 1200 rubles. For more comfortable options you’ll pay 1400-2000 rubles. Search for lodging at Hotelluk and Suteluk.

Ekaterina: “If you’re going to Russia, I’d recommend it only there. For that kind of money it’s unbelievable how cool it was.

Irina Aleksandrovna: “Near “Pyaterochka” there is a store of local Tuapse sausages, very tasty and fresh. On the way to the beach – a small cozy market, where you will be offered souvenirs, small things, fruit, homemade wine and chacha.

The best hotels of Agoy

The sea and the beaches in Agoy

The beach of the village is 1 km long and 40 m wide, covered with coarse and medium pebbles, the entrance to the water is shallow. The depth does not begin immediately, which is very pleasant for parents with small children. According to reviews for 2021, there is almost no litter on the beach of Agoy, even during the peak season there is enough room for everyone. Changing rooms are free, and you have to pay for showers and toilets.

On the beach are arranged attractions for children. Adults ride on jet skis and “bananas”. Rental of a deck chair under a tent costs 50 rubles per hour and 300 rubles for the whole day.

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Pavel: “The beach is pebble, the sea is clean, very quiet in the morning, you can meet occasionally small harmless jellyfishes, a colorful underwater world.

Panorama of the beach in Agoy

What to do

Set of attractions in a small resort is quite solid – water attractions, sea fishing, excursions, riding quad bikes and jeeps, horseback riding tours. There is a dive center “Dagona” on the beach, and there is a noisy foam disco. Many enjoy hiking through the surrounding forests and mountain spurs.

According to reviews of holidaymakers for 2021, boat trips to the beautiful Kiseleva rock, where scenes for the movie “Diamond Arm” were filmed, are popular in Agoy. Tourists willingly go to waterfalls in the valleys of Shakhe and Ashe and on bus tours of the sights of Abkhazia. If you want a noisy party – from Agoi not far to the resorts of Nebug and Tuapse!

Tatusha007: “All the entertainment is on the beach. You can take a ride on a “banana” and “tablet”. There are trampolines, ride a paraglider. In the settlement there are no other entertainments. But near in Nebug – dolphinarium and aquapark”.

Tourism reviews for Agoi

Rock Kiseleva. Photo: 23vladimir / wikimedia.org.

Rest with children

When choosing accommodation for a holiday with a child, consider that the private sector in Agoi is remote from the sea. Boarding houses and hotels are closer to the beaches. Camping areas are located at the entrance to the village from the side of Dzhubga.

Not far from the resort, in a small mountain village of Aguy-Shapsug hosts tourists ostrich farm and Adyg ethno-door “Nart”. A great entertainment for children and adults in the open air is the rope park “The Lost World”, which is located on the Agoy Pass.

Svetlana: “We went to Kiseleva rock with children, to the dolphinarium in Nebug, took a jeep ride to waterfalls, and we also went to a safari park in Gelendzhik. Everywhere we liked it very much. We had wonderful impressions”.

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When it’s better to go

According to the reviews, it’s nice to stay in the village of Agoi from mid-April to early October. The swimming season starts in May, but the water gets warm for long swims only in mid-June. The warmest Black Sea is from July to September +25 … +27 ° C.

Summers in Agoi are hot! Not everyone can easily cope with the heat and stuffiness, so many tourists praise vacation at the resort in early fall.

Eugene: “In the velvet season, the air during the day is +25 ° C to +28 ° C, the sun is warm, but does not burn, as in the peak of summer. After 6 pm, a coolness already descends from the mountains.

Holidays in Agoi

The sea at Agoy. Photo: Maxim Ulitin / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Is it worth going to Agoy in 2022

The Tuapse region of Krasnodar Krai has a warm maritime climate. Although this is where the Russian subtropics originate, the humidity in Agoi is much lower than in the resorts of Greater Sochi. In the Black Sea village is good to rest with children and tourists in age. Young people will be more interesting at the neighboring resort – Nebug.

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