Honestly about Ashe. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Ashe: tips on vacation

Reviews of tourists about Asha

A small seaside village near the mouth of the river Ashe of the same name is liked by connoisseurs of silence and beautiful nature. What are the pros and cons of rest in Ashe in 2022? Find out from the reviews of tourists!


Impressions of the resort

A picturesque resort in 10 minutes from Lazarevsky is loved for its compact size and cozy atmosphere. In Asha everything is at your fingertips! Tourists like the fact that the village has all the necessary infrastructure, and even in the high season vacationers are few. The disadvantages of Ashe are the railroad along the sea and the hilly terrain. To parents with small children and having a rest in the age ascents and descents are given not easily!

I like here, there are not many people and it is possible to go inexpensively to mountains. Children don’t like it, because there are no attractions and entertainment. The mountain river Ashe flows in the settlement. On the one hand – very beautiful, on the other hand – all mud from the mountains flows into the sea, muddy it and it is impossible to bathe. There are a lot of stray dogs”.

sizova1205: “We didn’t like it in Ashe, we moved out the next day. While you reach the sea, you can go crazy, there are only descents and rises. It’s very boring there”.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

Lodging in Asha is not more expensive than in other seaside settlements of Krasnodar region. In the summer of 2022 a double room with private bathroom costs from 1200 rubles per day. More comfortable rooms in boarding houses and hotels 3* will cost 2300-3000 rubles. Search for lodging in Asha on Hotelluk and Suto.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, food prices in Asha do not differ from other Black Sea resorts. There is only one pharmacy, but you can buy all the necessary medicines. Look for groceries in small stores, and fruits and vegetables – in a small market and shops. The prices are not overpriced. If you need a supermarket, you’ll have to go to Lazarevskoe. Souvenirs we advise to buy on the market.

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skylinetmk: “We came to the village and found a two-room room for 3000 rubles. Two rooms, a shower in one of the rooms, a nice balcony, a TV in each room (very convenient, since children do want to watch their channels), a refrigerator and cabinets for clothes. There are only two dining rooms, but the choice of food is sufficient. The prices are basically the same as in Lazarevskoe.

Room in the guest house “Avesta”

Best hotels Ashe

What sea and beaches

Along the coast in Ashe is a railroad, but, according to reviews, it does not interfere with recreation. For the passage to the sea under the bed made an underground passage. On both sides of the river mouth Ashe spread out beaches of campsites. To the spacious Central Beach is easy to reach by Repin and Goristaya Streets. It is 170 m long and 30-35 m wide.

All beaches of the resort are pebbly, and the pebbles are coarse, so it is more convenient to swim in aqua-shoes. The beach has everything you need for a comfortable rest. If you don’t want to sunbathe on a towel, you can rent a deck chair! The sea water is clean, but after the rains due to runoff from the river the sea becomes muddy.

Tanya: “The beach with a coarse pebble, mixed with fine. I could not walk at all, until we bought special rubber slippers for 200-250 rubles. Beach “Star” is equipped with awnings, there are deckchairs for 250 rubles. You can wash yourself after bathing in the sea”.

Panorama of the wild autocamping beach

What to do

In Asha, as in other resorts of Krasnodar region, there are many water amusements – paragliding, jet skis, “bananas” and “tubing”. Vacationers like to ride jeeps along the river valley, to fish in the trout farm “Gorge Kopibge” and on the lake in the aul Khadzhiko. According to reviews for 2021, excursions to Shapsug and Psydakh waterfalls, to the Witches Cave and to Abkhazia are popular in Asha.

Krasnodar airport : how to get there

For entertainment tourists take trains and shuttle buses to Lazarevskoye or Sochi. The trip to Lazarevsky by “Lastochka” takes only 7 minutes and costs 35 rubles.

There are a lot of sellers of excursions in the market. You can go to many places: Sochi, waterfalls, jeeping, honey and wine tasting.

Angelica: “You can swim in the Ashe River. The river can be different: cold and warmer, stormy and not too. The current there is strong. There are places among stones where you can sit like in a Jacuzzi. There are safe, lined with stones, pools for kids.

Reviews about Asha

Rafting on the river Mzymta. Photo: Skikevich Igor / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Holidays with children

When choosing accommodation, take into account that Ashe is built on hills. Walking with preschoolers is not convenient everywhere. With older children we advise to see the dolmens around the village and go to the water park and dolphinarium in Lazarevskoye.

Yulia: “We’ve been vacationing in Asha for the third year, it’s a very good place for a family vacation. The sea, the river – everything is nearby. The nature”.

Anastasia: “Children were delighted when they saw the sea for the first time. It is very clean here, and even in depth you can see the bottom. The children built castles on the shore. Salty water works wonders – a runny nose of children disappeared somewhere for all days of rest”.

Leisure in Asha, Lazarevskoe

Shallow water on the river Psezuapse, Lazarevskoye. Photo: ru.wikimedia.org / Vissarion.

When is the best time to go

The beach season in Asha lasts from May until the end of October. In June and early autumn at the resort rest those who poorly tolerate the summer heat and stuffiness. In July and August the Black Sea coast is hot. The daytime air temperature rises to +30. +33 ° C, and the sea water is heated to +26. +27°С. It is very comfortable for swimming!

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Is it worth to go to Ashe?

A small Black Sea resort is not a bad place for a relaxing vacation by the sea in 2022. Ashe is loved for its good infrastructure, clean sea and free beaches. In this settlement there are no such crowds of tourists as in Lazarevskoe. The main drawback of Ashe – hilly terrain. If you rent accommodation in the far end, the road to the sea and back can be very tedious.

mikkk: “Great beach, the sea is clean, there is entertainment. There are a lot of places to eat for a reasonable amount of money, starting with homemade soup and ending with a kebab. The locals are very hospitable”.

Ashe (Lazarevsky district), Krasnodar region – reviews

Ashe is a small resort village, which I had the opportunity to visit while staying in a quiet place Vodopadnoye. It is located two kilometers from our vacation and it was not difficult for us to come here on foot, the railroad runs through it, so it is easy to get to it from afar. And we chose to reach it by the beach.

Mirabilis avatar

Good health to you! I want to share my impressions from my vacation in Ashe. It’s untouched by civilization island on the Black Sea coast. If you like loud music, bright illumination, brand clothing and so on, you are not welcome here.

I want to share my impressions about rest on the Black Sea. The choice of a rest place was not difficult, I wanted to have a rest not expensive and at the same time comfortably enough, and such place has found. The village Ashe, district of Sochi, 7 km from Lazarevsky, at a small railway station is this small village.

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Hello, dears! The Sea of Azov. Muds, volcanoes, blue clay, red sands, shells, lotuses. And a quiet rest. I had a rest in the village Za Rodina in the guest house Tatyana, Krasnaya 14 str. About the guest house and a lot of photos of all sorts – the sea, lotuses, room, bus schedule!

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Hello. studying the internet in search of “where to go from Krasnodar for a couple of days,” I decided for myself, that this fall, 2020 my family and I will visit Guamsky Gorge. Why am I so impressed with the great pictures and the tumultuous emotions of those people who have been in these places.

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Shapshugskaya Shambala. The workshop of dolmens. Anomalous zone and a place of power. Is it true what they say about this place? Or is it a banal tourist trick?

I must say, we are fans of everything mysterious and mystical. Hearing “a place of power” is enough, and we rush for the life-giving grace. Unless, of course, it is all trampled by enchanted esotericists.

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Who will rest in Dederkoe suit, and who definitely should not come? Why am I unlikely to come back, though rest is very happy? All in detail in my response! Dederkoi in July and August 2022! Let’s go.

Hello all! If you come to read my review, it means you are planning your summer vacation! Congratulations! By chance in the summer of 2022 our choice suddenly fell on the village Dederkoi, we purposefully went to the hotel “Chaika”, having read many good reviews about it, and it so happened that…

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