Honestly about Dagomys. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Reviews about Dagomys

Is it worth the trip to Dagomys? Honest reviews about Dagomys. The most vivid impressions of tourists on vacation in Dagomys.

Reviews on Dagomys

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport communication is.

Reviews about guesthouses in Dagomys

1.5 Alexander and Olga Fesenko SPS Primorsky District. We like the fact that your hotel is in a very quiet, nice place and not far from the sea. Friendly staff, good cuisine, cozy rooms – these are the main pluses of the hotel! Also a beautiful courtyard with a swimming pool (no minuses))). Thank you for a pleasant stay at the sea! B3/1 MORTANOVA LARISA.ARKHANGELSK! This is the first time we stay in Belaya Volna Hotel. Staff are polite and attentive. The room is big enough and has everything you need! Thanks to everyone at the hotel! B2/4 Elena and Volodya EFREMOV, St. Petersburg. For four years we have been coming to Belaya Volya with great pleasure – this wonderful oasis of greenery, water and comfort, created by the hands of remarkable people. It is a beautiful, clean and quiet place where you are always welcomed and expected, the rooms are improved, updated and cleaned regularly. We would like to keep moving forward. We will definitely come back to this wonderful place. 3/5 Stepanenko Maxim and Stockholm The first time we came to Dagomys! Went to the White Wave Hotel by chance and immediately liked the architecture of the hotel. Nice rooms, new furniture. Friendly and open-minded staff. Rest went perfectly! we are leaving here with a smile on his face! We will definitely come back to see YOU! 3/7Irina and Evgeny! Great hotel. We are very happy that we stayed at this particular hotel. Everything was excellent! The pool in the courtyard just won us over…the rooms are great! The friendly staff left an amazing impression. The kitchen exceeded our expectations! The girls cooked very tasty, just like at home. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WELCOME AND THE ATTITUDE. We are very grateful for everything. We will recommend YOU to everyone! With love, IRINA and EVGENY. It is not the first time we stay at the hotel Belaya Volna and we have always been pleased with the friendly and attentive staff. The hotel is next to the sea, nice swimming pool, all amenities! Thanks to this wonderful hotel for the warm welcome, for a wonderful vacation. B2/5 Philatova Zinaida and Maxim Nadym. We don’t have any problems with the equipment. We have been staying at Belaya Volna for three years in a row. I like the fact that you can order a room several months in advance, while staying at home, over the Internet. Rooms are clean and comfortable at home every day! The children enjoyed swimming in the pool. Thanks for the good work and a good rest! Regards Zinaida. 2/4 Obukhovy Eduard and Evgeniya Tula We came here on the advice of our parents. They had a good stay here in 2012 and were very happy with it. We booked the room in advance online from home. It is very well located, very nice and peaceful. Our room was very clean and the cleaning service was on a daily basis which we would not normally see in a 5 star hotel abroad. The same optimal ratio of price and quality if in the future will happen to rest be sure to come to YOU. 2/2 Lazareva Ludmila and Sergey Kirov Hotel chosen via the Internet, all wishes have been taken into account, which pleased. The rooms and the area reign t cosiness, it certainly contributes to the responsible work of the staff, which is huge thanks. The impression of rest only positive, thank you very much everyoneA hostess Gayane hotel we wish you prosperity. WITH RESPECT. 4/4 Antipova Elena It’s our first time in your hotel. We really liked this cozy place where everything is green, colorful, beautiful yard with a pool.

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The service of the staff is excellent. In a word we are very satisfied, and with good mood we leave, but will definitely come next year to you. B2/1 Afanasievs Victor and Inna We stayed at the White Wave Hotel. We were pleasantly surprised with service and care: everything is clean, well washed and linen is changed regularly. We were particularly pleased with the dining room with excellent cuisine – delicious and not expensive. Nice and homely atmosphere. We wish you success and further development. 2/9 Olga Alexandrovna Beznebeeva Dear Gayane, I came to visit you on a business trip. I felt at home after a long trip to your hotel. I was warmly welcomed at reception, offered a room and saw that it was clean. In the morning as I was leaving I was greeted by smiling maids. In the evenings I enjoyed the beautiful swimming pool and the atmosphere around him. Definitely will come to you already have a family vacation. B2/4 Kalatukhina Julia I came to you on the recommendation of the tour. Agency of Budyonovsk. When we arrived, we were well met. All kindly explained, showed rooms to choose from. We liked everything in the room cleanliness and facilities, and a beautiful courtyard with a beautiful swimming pool. EARLY Yulia. B2/3 Vladimir and Natalia Sushkov came to you to rest, the room was excellent, comfortable and with all amenities…The food in the hotel is very tasty… And in general your hotel is very comfortable to stay. We will definitely recommend it to our friends. Thanks for the rest. 2/2 Valery Vychigin Krasnodar My friends and I have stayed at your hotel for 4 days. Loved the relative nearness to the sea. Staff was friendly and made us feel welcome. Especially liked how Marina and Bogdan received us in the kitchen and fed us very tasty. I can also mention the pool in the yard and the availability of internet! BEST REGARDS VALERY. B2/5 Vinohodova Elena Dear Gayane we are very grateful to YOU for a good rest, for good service. Your hotel is very nice, cozy and beautiful. We have a good room with all amenities. I can also say that your staff is wonderful! They are clean all the time. Thank you so much Marina and Bogdan. We will definitely be back! 1 / 2 The Nazaroffs, Oryol Oblast Livny. Our family is not in Dagomys for the first time. We liked the hotel on the site and decided to stay there. The photos match the reality. Everything is just fine: staff, comfort, beautiful surroundings, excellent rooms, all the amenities for recreation. Pleasantly surprised room cleaning every day. At the first opportunity will come to rest here again. We will recommend the hotel to our friends good luck to you. WITH RESPECT THE FAMILY NAZAROVOV.

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We stayed here in 2011 and 2012. Hotel “Victoria” has a very convenient location. The center of the village, near mini-bakery, where they cook Ossetian pies, souvlachnaya, grocery market, “Magnet” etc. To go to the sea along the street Armavir 10-15 minutes. One minus – leaving the hotel gates, you are almost on the road. And the traffic is quite lively, especially during rush hour. There is a swimming pool on the territory of the hotel. It is quite deep and wide. It is quite possible for adults to swim. For children there is plenty of room. The pool has plastic furniture and umbrellas, sun loungers. There is a parking lot. The kitchen is for self-cooking – you can borrow dishes from the hostess. There is a separate area for barbecue. Brazier available, skewers also gives hostess. Rooms are small, but quite comfortable. In the room air conditioner, bed, chair, coffee table, bedside table, TV, kettle, bar with “hangers” instead of the closet, a bathroom. The bathroom has a basin for hand washing. Room cleaning for 10 days stay was not made, only on the balcony swept the floor. The linen, apparently, is changed on demand. On the floor dryer, a plastic table and chairs per room, a refrigerator for 2 rooms. With the shuttle service is a problem. Although many sites said – that this hotel has such a service, and besides free. The first time we politely refused in advance – saying that the car is needed for other purposes, and to meet us at the owner will not have time. The second time, the “meeter” stupidly overslept. Although, as agreed in booking, we called him and warned of his arrival in advance, indicating the time of arrival, train number and number of cars. So we had to take a cab from Loo. About other services – there is an ironing board, iron. Common to all. On request – gives the hostess. The attitude of staff – friendly, unobtrusive. That for us personally was a big plus. And of the staff there – one hostess Aza, a nice, kind woman. At our hotel there was more than one family with children. The main attraction for children at the hotel was the pool. There is no playground or sports equipment. Plus you have to be very careful and watchful when crossing the road from the hotel with kids. The pros and cons of this place of rest are obvious. The main and most important points I have described. For two, husband and wife, the vacation spot is definitely suitable. We liked it mostly because of the location of the hotel and the attitude of the hostess. A very nice woman. And the pool, of course. Not many hotels in Dagomys can offer this service.

Honestly about Khosta! Holiday reviews - 2022

We stayed at Juliet’s at the end of June 2012. In general we liked it, but not all. To the sea too far. If a quick step, 20 minutes. But a quick step does not work, a lot of souvenir stores on the road. If want, that was closer to the sea, choose the houses on street Armavir, approximately from the middle. Any entertainments do not wait, they are not present. The only thing on the seafront near the restaurant “Chernomor” are dances every night, but there are very few young people. We liked the house where we lived. It’s nice and clean. Rooms are as advertised, with the exception of minor flaws, such as a broken shower. But it was fixed within a day. Rooms are all without a balcony. If you want to live comfortably, choose rooms on the first floor. They all overlook the large kitchen, which is very convenient. The kitchen is well equipped, clean, plenty of dishes. As such, the territory of the house does not have, all built up. Near the house there are places to relax with tables. There is no place for parking. Near the house are “Magnet”, pharmacy, market, stores. Near the house is the main route, so a bit noisy. The owners are good people, but a special welcome, we did not feel. Regarding the meeting and seeing you off to the station. Us met in Loo, as agreed. And here back got to us, we politely refused. With children and things it was very difficult. It has left negative impression. We liked the sea in Dagomys, it was very clean. Wide pebble beach, if you walk a little to the side, the beach with very fine pebbles, which is good for children. The beach is well equipped, deck chairs, arbors, but all for a fee. There is no litter. Holidaymakers very little, all enough room. On the waterfront there are cafes, restaurants and canteens. Have tried to eat in dining rooms, inexpensive, but cook bad, we did not like it. If you want peace and quiet, clean sea, then you’re in Dagomys. This is a place for a quiet beach holiday with children. If you want a fun vacation in Dagomys, come with a big company and amuse yourself. Comment from the owner of the place: Good afternoon. We treat all our vacationers with respect and awe. My daughters had a session, so we could not take you away.

Dagomys: vacation tips

Learn about Sochi’s closest neighbor, Dagomys! We collected reviews of vacationers about the resort and learned the prices for summer 2022. First-hand information about the sea, beaches, prices and recreation with children.

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Impressions of the resort.

The resort microdistrict is a half-hour drive from Sochi. In Dagomys there is no hustle and bustle and city noise. A wonderful place for lovers of a quiet holiday by the sea! In addition to the elegant arboretum park resort “Dagomys”, other attractions at the resort itself is not. For all the interesting you have to go to Sochi.

The green neighborhood has a good infrastructure, but the impression spoils solid construction. The recreationists say that Dagomys is being built so rapidly that in 10 years it will turn into a full-fledged city.

Albert: “The nature is amazing, as if you get into a blooming fairy tale, a lot of greenery, everything is well-groomed, well, very beautiful. My wife was delighted”.

In Dagomys there is no place for vanity and city noise. Photo: DmitryVorona / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is it expensive to relax.

There are many grocery stores in Dagomys, and Magnit and Pyaterochka supermarkets operate. Competition does not allow prices to skyrocket. In summer, products at the resort are more expensive than in ordinary Russian cities, but cheaper than in Sochi.

In Dagomys it is easy to find accommodations for all tastes and wallets. Prices for rooms in guesthouses and hotels are 5-10% lower than in the center of Sochi. Look for accommodations in Dagomys on Hotelluk and Suteluk.

You will pay for beach entertainments, as well as on all the Black Sea coast. Rent a sunbed for 150 rubles, a sun umbrella for 100 rubles, rent a catamaran for 200 rubles, and a ride on the “banana” for 300-350 rubles.

Nadin-SO: “Cafes, canteens a sufficient number, prices affordable, the food is very tasty!

What sea and beaches

According to reviews of vacationers, the sea in Dagomys is a little cleaner than in Sochi. Here there are fewer sewage drains, and the utilities are better at looking after the coast. Garbage along the sea is cleaned every day.

Wide and clean pebble beaches stretch for more than a kilometer. The city beach is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest by the sea. In summer it is not overcrowded. Even in July and August you can easily find a place in the sun. Even freer on the wild beach of Dagomys, where nudists love to come.

The third, closed beach belongs to the recreational complex “Dagomys” 4 *. This is a great place to relax with children, but you have to pay to enter at 200 rubles per person. The hotel guests use the beach for free.

Ofra: “The sea greeted us with cleanliness and half-empty beach. Clean and clear! But soon the tourists arrived. Literally the first week of July. Very intrusive guys with megaphones that offer rides on bananas, boats and so on. It smells like gasoline.”

Panorama of the beach in Dagomys

What to do

The resort has good conditions for diving. Not far from Dagomys at the bottom of the Black Sea there are two sunken ships. Underwater you can see colorful fish, crabs, seaweed and jellyfish. There is no diving club of its own in Dagomys. If you want to snorkel, go to a diving center in Sochi or Loo.

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According to reviews of holidaymakers, from Dagomys popular excursions to the tea plantation in Uch-Dere, the Olympic facilities of Sochi, to the Samshit waterfalls and picturesque rapids and lakes “Dagomysskie troughs”.

Many tourists prefer to have fun in Sochi. The buses and buses to the city run at 15-20 minute intervals. It would seem that it’s not difficult to get there, but in high season the public transport is overcrowded. Young people are not bothered by it, but for parents with small children and older tourists such trips are inconvenient. Buses and shuttles don’t run at night. From the late walk to Dagomys you have to get by cab.

Tourist Reviews for Dagomys

Evil Squidward: “The main plus is transport accessibility to the center of Sochi, which can be reached in 10 minutes by train, or by shuttle bus in 25-30 minutes. You can go to Sochi every day for a walk and back in the same way quickly by train.

Tea plantations in Dagomys. Photo: Andrzej Wolinski / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Holidays with children

The main attractions for young tourists are near the seafront of the resort. These are inflatable slides, rides, merry-go-rounds, the Underwater World game maze, air hockey, a small 5D movie theater and an electric car rental. The nearest water park is in the resort village of Loo.

Dasha: “In general I recommend this place for quiet rest with children for those who want clean sea, fresh mountain air and Kuban products. Those who want entertainment, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants on the shore. And all kinds of sea and land excursions”.

Children on the beach in Dagomys. Photo: DmitryVorona / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

When it’s better to go

The beach season lasts from May to October. It’s most comfortable to relax in June and September, when the sun is not so hot. In July and August in Dagomys comes a lot of people. The temperature rises to +30°С during the day, and the high humidity increases the feeling of heat. Find out when to vacation in Sochi.

Hotel reviews for Dagomys

Polubox73: “We went on vacation with my family in October, during the Velvet season. The weather favored us. The temperature was up to +27°С. The sea was also warm, about +21 ° C. So we had several dips. Therefore we managed to swim a few times”.

The beach in Dagomys in the high season. Photo: DmitryVorona / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is it worth going to Dagomys?

The advantages of vacationing in Dagomys in 2022 are more than the disadvantages! There are good beaches, clean sea, a lot of greenery, a calm and measured rhythm of life, and vacationers are many times less than in Sochi.

The main drawback – the resort has no attractions! To pass it far and wide you can in one day. Dagomys is a place for beach lovers. From home to the beach, and from the sea to the hotel. And so in a circle. There’s no other entertainment.

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