Honestly about Golovinka. Reviews and prices for recreation – 2022

Golovinka: vacation tips


People come to the settlement on the Black Sea coast to look at the old tulip tree and beautiful waterfalls in the valley of the Shakhe River. Learn from the reviews of tourists, whether it is worth to rest in Golovinka in 2022 and what the resort has pros and cons.


Impressions of the resort

Golovinka is located at the mouth of one of the largest rivers of the Black Sea coast – Shakhe, exactly in the middle between Sochi and Lazarevsky. It is here that the popular excursion route “33 waterfalls” runs. Thousands of tourists pass through the village to admire the picturesque cascades and relict forests.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, the resort is loved for its comfortable pebble beach and picturesque green surroundings.

Golovinka is not a bad place to rest in the private sector. In addition to rooms, apartments and turnkey houses, the choice of housing is great! Visitors are treated by sanatorium “Azure Coast”, guest houses, mini-hotels, recreation centers, and in the vicinity of the village – campsites for autotourists.

Valya: “Golovinka village is for those who prefer a quieter holiday. Inexpensive, not crowded, clean sea and enough entertainment. If you want variety, you can go to Lazarevskoye or Sochi. Electric trains and buses go according to schedule quite often.

Olga: “I liked the cleanest sea, smooth entrance, dolphins (!) – you can see them from the beach, spaciousness and cleanliness on the beach. Along the coastline stretches the railroad. Accommodation is rented right from the edge of the platform! How to sleep there at night – a big question.

Is it expensive to have a vacation?

During the high season of 2022 a place in a double room of Lazurny bereg sanatorium costs from 3600 rubles per day without treatment. Prices for a double room with its own bathroom in hotels and guest houses start at 1500 rubles. You will be offered a place to live at 1 km from the beach for this price. Double room in a 3* hotel with a pool near the sea will cost about 3500 rubles. Look for lodging in Golovinka at Hotelluk and Suto.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, food in Golovinka costs the same as in other resorts in the Krasnodar region. You can dine at a budget canteen for two for 550-700 rubles.

Alexx1969: “Before that we were in Adler for two years. There was a lot of noise, the sea was not so clean, and it was much more expensive. Meals in canteens, there are several in Golovinka. We ate in all of them, and we liked it everywhere – it was delicious and quite reasonably priced”.

Best hotels in Golovinka

What sea and beaches in Golovinka

In the area of Golovinka along the sea is the railroad. The village beach stretches from the north of the mouth of the Shakhe for 700 meters. The shore width of 30 to 60 meters is covered with medium and fine pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle and safe for children. Water is clean, but after the rains, the river carries debris into the sea.

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South of the mouth of the Shah is sand and pebble beach resort. It is 350 meters long and 10 to 30 meters wide. At the exit of the beach is a small market and stores with resort products.

According to reviews for 2021, in Golovinka there is no such pandemonium, as on the beaches in the city of Sochi. Vacationers can rent deck chairs, eat in cafes and have fun at the water attractions.

Olga: “The sea is cleanest, in the season you can see the dolphins, swim up close, the feeling is inexpressible. The beach pebble. A place for a deck chair, an umbrella and company can be found at any time.

Panorama of the beach in Golovinka

What to do

According to reviews, sea walks and amateur diving are popular in Golovinka. Fans of fishing go on boats to the open sea, catch from the shore and in the trout farm, which is located in the valley of the Shakhe River. As in other resorts on the Black Sea coast, wishing to ride quad bikes. Tourists like excursions to “33 waterfalls”, to the Adyghe aul Tkhagapsh, Prokhladny Canyon in Zubovaya Shchelya, to picturesque waterfalls in Yakornaya Shchelya and to Abkhazia.

Lydia Naumova: “Age-old tulip tree blooms in spring, but the power and beauty is impressive. I advise to see”.


33 waterfalls in the Dzhegosh tract (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Tanya Dedyukhina)

Holidays with children

According to reviews of holidaymakers in 2021, Golovinka – a great option for family vacation. The resort’s beaches are suitable for children, and the village has a place to go for a walk. Go with your child to the famous tulip tree and look at the monument to the Decembrists. Ride the whole family on a catamaran! For entertainment parents with children go to Sochi or Lazarevskoye.

Alexander: “It’s a place for kids and parents. No smoking, no drunks, no noise. Great aromatic air, silence and peace. In the guest house “Castle by the Sea” new pools and playgrounds for children, water park with slides and animation better than Turkey.”

When to go

Golovinka is located in the center of the resort area of Big Sochi. The village has a subtropical climate. Beach season lasts from May to October, but most tourists rest in July and August. At this time the temperature rises to +30 ° C, and sea water – up to +26 … +27 ° C. The humidity is high, so even near the beach it is hot and stuffy.

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The weather in Golovinka is more comfortable in June and September. In early summer and autumn in the village like to vacation parents with children and elderly tourists. Find out when to rest in Sochi.

Mirage: “In September we were magically lucky with the weather! Only twice it rained in Golovinka. At night! All our 10 days were sunny”.

Hotel reviews for Golovinka

There are 1-2 rainy days every month during the season. Photo: persona_non_data / unsplash.com.

Is it worth going to Golovinka in 2022

According to reviews, in 2022 in Golovinka will be comfortable to rest for couples, parents with children and tourists in age. The village has a wide range of housing, good infrastructure and good pebble beaches. There is a lot of competition between the private sector, so the prices of guest houses, food and tours are not sky-high.

Nearby there is a beautiful valley of the mountain river, orchards, chestnut and beech forests. The main disadvantage of the resort – the railroad, which runs directly along the beach.

Reviews about Golovinka

Is it worth going to Golovinka? Honest reviews about Golovinka. The most vivid impressions of tourists about rest in Golovinka.

Reviews on Golovinka

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport connections are.

Reviews about guest houses in Golovinka

We stayed with a child (2 years old) and his parents. Upon arrival we were given rooms according to the reservation and even on the floor that we asked. Checked in immediately. The room was large and bright, had a windowed wall and a sofa which could be pulled out so the child could sleep without fear that she would fall. We had 8 or 10 towels for 3 people, we did not even use all of them in 8 days. The beds and mattresses with pillows were comfortable. Our room functioned well and there were no problems. We had a cooler on the floor so that it was possible to drink hot drinks at any time. Food liked it. During eight days the menu was not repeated once, tasty and varied, nobody was hungry. We should add that all vegetables and fruits were fresh, direct from beds. Our room was cleaned on request, but we didn’t ask for one, we did it ourselves once and that’s it, personally it did not bother me. We have had many vacations in our country and they never cleaned without request, in the south it is so established and we just have to put up with it. The pool is lovely, you forget about the time, and the entire area is clean and tidy. In the evenings my daughter would play on the playground with great pleasure. The staff were very friendly. Noted the time to the sea, themselves reached for 5 minutes, with a child for 10, although we took just in case the stroller. So she lingered all the time on the balcony. The beach spacious, if from the center of a little pass to the left, in some places sandy. The beach was free, after breakfast, no hurry came and always lay by the sea. The beach is clean, there are garbage cans everywhere and the garbage is regularly cleaned. The sea was very clean. I would recommend this hotel to everyone. And I want to say thank you very much for the wonderful stay!

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Holidays in the guest house “Zlata” from 23.07.2017 to 05.08.2017 three moms with children (6 years, 6 years, 11 and 15 years) in two 3-bed rooms (+additional place) without amenities. Rooms are clean cozy, have everything you need (closet, bedside tables, balcony with dryer, air conditioning, wi-fi). Had a great stay with us and love the soft pledges (bought the same upon arrival home). Hot water was always in the shower. There were no lines, everyone had time to wash. Sinks were separate, very convenient. We cooked ourselves. There was a table, fridge, cabinet for us separately. The kitchen had everything we needed, there were enough dishes for everyone. All with pleasure ate in the open air. The area is clean, green, well-groomed, it is nice to stay. Children had things to do: small children had a roundabout and jumped on a trampoline bed (we were delighted), teenagers played board games in the arbor. Stores, market, souvenirs all nearby. The sea is a stone’s throw away is a huge plus. It is possible with a cup of coffee to leave in the morning. Kids often forgot to swim circle – 3 minutes and the problem is solved. Nearby is a railroad line, even with an open balcony we slept just fine. We would like to say separately about Natalya and Igor. They are hospitable, responsive, sociable, accommodating people who make you want to come back. Thank you so much! We were very lucky to stay at the guest house “Zlata”. Cozy place in our beloved Golovinka. So did not want to leave. Often we remember and we miss you very much. We hope we did not throw many coins into the polar bear at the entrance for nothing and we will come back to you by all means. Valentina, Olga, Natalia, Artem, Kirill, Lera and Lisa – Arzamas (Nizhniy Novgorod).

We stayed with Svetlana Vladimirovna in early September 2010. For a long time we were thinking, choosing where to go, reading reviews. Stopped at the guest house “At the Captain” and did not regret it. I liked it very much. And we liked it all, and there were many of us: 5 adults and two children. Rooms were clean, with new furniture and air conditioning. Cozy patio with a lawn and sun beds. Eat here in the same place. There is a dining room-terrace on the territory of the guest house. Svetlana Vladimirovna cooks, finger-licking. When we read the reviews, we did not believe it. Now we confirm, very, very tasty. And every day new dishes. We especially remember the pea soup with smoked meat, hodgepodge, and compote, of course. Separate thanks want to say Svetlana and her family for hospitality, comfort and pleasant home atmosphere, having a good rest and a great mood. Now about the sea and entertainment a few words. To the sea slowly walk from the guest house to go 10 minutes in a straight line. The sea is clean, the beach is wide and clean. Entertainment, of course, not very much in Golovinka. But if you want you can find something to do. On the beach there are skis, scooter, banana, catamarans. It is possible to go to Lazarevskoe – 30 minutes: aquaparks, cafes, discos. In “AquaLoo” – 20 minutes, in Sochi – 1 hour. Here there is plenty of entertainment. And then go back to Golovinka, roast kebabs on the beach, chat with friends and enjoy the beauty of the starry sky and the noise of the sea. So very much we all liked it. To all recommend it. Come to Svetlana Vladimirovna, you will not regret it.

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Reviews about hotels in Golovinka

Always vacationing in Bulgaria, this summer we decided to relax on our Black Sea. We chose the hotel L’amore, because it is located on the first line of the sea. The hotel is new, the rooms are large, modern design. Very high quality bed linen and towels. The rooms were always kept in perfect order. We had a full set of towels changed constantly and the hotel was a pleasant surprise to see toiletries, hair dryer and safe. The hotel area adjacent to the beach is a small arboretum with many exotic plants. The large heated and backlit pool helped us in the heat of the day. It was nice to relax by the pool in comfortable modern lounge chairs under the crown of an exotic Feihua tree. Breakfast – buffet – was more than enough. Lunch and dinner were ordered at the bar, the prices pleased. Chef Constantine pleased with everything. He, by the way, can prepare a dish to your order, something that is not on the menu. We rested with my husband without children, but the children who lived in this hotel, we did not bother, because the area has a playground with a slide, swings, gazebos, and other beautiful places with benches, where it is nice to be and take unforgettable photos. We had a luxurious dinner with candles and tables by the sea. The proximity of the sea is stunning, as well as the view from the window of their extraordinary sunsets. We could not even imagine that we were so lucky with the hotel. We wish everyone to relax in comfort on the beach in a clean and quiet resort village Golovinka.

Reviews about the private sector in Golovinka

I vacationed with Sergei and Olga alone, without children, two years in a row, in 2019 and 2020. The hosts are friendly and welcoming, they try for their guests. We have become friends and socialize regardless of the time of year. The kitchen is spacious, outside, which is important in the heat. I personally am happy with everything in it. I bought products at “Magnit” and “Pyatyorochka”, they are not far from each other. The room has everything you need: a bed, shower, toilet, air conditioner, TV, what else do you need to relax after swimming in the sea? In a court yard there is both a gazebo and a barbecue, so if you want you can fry a shashlik or listen to cicadas with a cup of coffee. The road to the sea at me occupied 6-7 minutes, back of 9, maybe more, as in mountain. About 9 minutes I can say for sure, because once on the beach I started chatting on WhatsApp, walking, writing, reading, laughing, in general, not in a hurry. And thanks to this I was then able to keep track of the time I spent on the way home. All in all, I am happy with my vacation, I recommend this address, you will not regret it.

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I want to share with you my impressions of rest in Golovinka. It was cool. The sea is near, and that’s just super, especially in the heat. The hosts Olga and Sergey were very hospitable, polite and cheerful. The house has everything we need. The kitchen was large and spacious. The kitchen is large and spacious, the rooms are air conditioned, clean and comfortable. If there is something to buy quickly from the products, no need to go anywhere: all the stores are nearby. Price and quality you will appreciate.

Rested with her husband in Golovinka, a quiet, comfortable place. Blagouroenie housing, there is a summer kitchen, you can always cook food. Parking for cars, good, hospitable hosts. Clean, cozy, a lot of greenery, silence – everything you need for recreation. The sea is nearby, the water is clean and warm. It was a good holiday. Thanks to the hosts for the rest, we plan to come again.

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