Honestly about holidays in Tunisia – 2022! Reviews and tips for tourists

Holiday tips in Tunisia.

Reviews of tourists on holidays in Tunisia

White sand, date palms, hot African sun, wide beaches and comfortable all-inclusive hotels have earned Tunisia the love of tourists. According to reviews, this country is also attractive special color of the East, beautiful landscapes, ancient monuments and ruins. Russians like it because of the low prices and visa-free regime. Let’s see what tourists think about holidays in Tunisia!

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The best time to rest in Tunisia

When is the best time to holiday in Tunisia in 2022? According to tourist reviews, thanks to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, you can come all year round. Even in winter, when the sea water is too cold for bathing, Tunisia is visited by lovers of windsurfing and sightseeing tourism.

Lovers of sandy beaches advise to go rest until late spring, because during the May holidays the water is still not warm enough. Holidays in Tunisia in the last decade of May and in June most tourists like already. At this time the coast is not too hot, and in the evenings there is a pleasant coolness.

According to feedback from tourists to holiday in Tunisia in July and August should go only to those who can tolerate the summer heat well and are not afraid of high prices. Families with young children will be too hot. Also note that during the peak tourist season, the resorts are filled to capacity.

The autumn months are chosen by parents with children, the elderly and those resorts for whom the health condition contraindicates too hot climate. According to feedback from tourists, especially nice holiday in Tunisia begins in mid-September and lasts until the end of November. Then the weather on the coast deteriorates, and the cold season sets in. The sea storms, it becomes cold for swimming, and only fans of windsurfing and lovers of going to the Sahara come to rest in Tunisia.

Reviews of Tunisia

Kairouan is a city in Tunisia, the holiest city for Muslims in the Maghreb. Photo: Haythem Gataa / unsplash.com.

Reviews of tourists about the resorts

The southern coast of the country and the island of Djerba like beach lovers by the sea. True, the prices on the island are a little higher than on the mainland, and this affects the cost of travel.

A quiet holiday on the beaches waiting for those who choose to vacation in Tunisia in 2022, the resort of Mahdia. They come here for swimming in the sea, sunbathing and thalassotherapy treatment. Fans of active recreation have to go beyond the resort.

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According to tourist reviews, those who want a luxury and comfortable holiday in Tunisia, should stop in Sousse. Most local hotels are 3* and 4*, although there are some excellent 5* hotels, which take guests on an all-inclusive basis. Sousse is known as a place for democratic and youth recreation. It can be noisy and fun not only during the day, but also at night.

Hammamet, according to reviews of tourists, is suitable for a respectable holiday in Tunisia in 2022. Buried in the green city there are many 5 * all inclusive hotels, ready to fulfill any whims of guests. As in Sousse, there is an excellent tourist infrastructure – entertainment centers, stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Monastir is the place to go for both fans of a comfortable city vacation and connoisseurs of hotel holidays by the sea. The fact is that this resort is divided into two parts – the city and the coastal village Skanes, located away from it. Hotel stock in Monastir itself is a bit outdated, and tourists can only stay in hotels 3 * or 4 *. But in Skanes there are already good five-star hotels.

Reviews of Tunisian beaches

Beach in Hammamet. Photo: Sek Keung Lo / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0.

Tunisian Resorts on the map

Hotel reviews for Tunisia

Tunisian hotels are certified by international standards, so you can not be afraid of unexpected surprises. For family vacations, tourists usually choose 4-5* hotels, because with children they spend most of their time in the hotel.

Most of Tunisian hotels 4* and 5* are on the front line from the sea and have their own beach area and swimming pools. Every major hotel has an open sandy area for playing petanque. It is very popular with the French and the former French colonies, so it caught on in Tunisia.

According to reviews from tourists, 5* all-inclusive hotels are very popular for holidays in Tunisia:

    – on Jebra. – on Jebra. – in Hammamet. – in Hammamet. – in Mahdia. – in Sousse. – in Sousse.

Reviews of prices for holidays in Tunisia

Exchange rate: 1 Tunisian dinar (TND) ≈ 18 rubles.

In reviews of holidays in Tunisia, tourists note that the prices of many goods and services are quite low. Compared with Turkey, Tunisian resorts have lower prices for alcohol, souvenirs and gifts. However, the cost of tours and entertainment, such as riding quad bikes or “bananas” is slightly higher. According to feedback from tourists, in the southern part of Tunisia and the island of Djerba recreation prices are lower than in Sousse, Hammamet and the capital.

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Food in Tunisia is not expensive. In 2022, the average bill for lunch or dinner for two, without drinks is 40-50 dinars. Since all-inclusive meals are common in Tunisian hotels, there are few cheap cafes in tourist areas – they are only where Tunisians live and work themselves.

In Tunisia, vegetables and fruits are inexpensive. Bananas cost from 2,5 to 3,5 TND, weighted dates – from 6 to 12 TND, grapes – from 1 to 4 TND and pomegranates – only 1-2,5 TND. In supermarkets you can buy cheap milk and dairy products, bread, nuts and fish. In stores at hotels and tourist areas in Tunisia, food prices are high. If you want to save money, buy food and drinks and small shops for locals and supermarkets.

A cab fare is 450 mils, and a 1 km ride is 500 mils, which is half a dinar. This is about 1.5 times cheaper than in Moscow.

Reviews of tourists about the prices on holidays in Tunisia

Crabs, crayfish, lobsters, clams are abundant in Tunisia. Photo: picoftasty / unsplash.com.

Reviews of holidays with children

Among other countries in Africa, Tunisia is the most suitable for holidays with children. The youngest vacationers love the warm sea and clean white sand, zoos and amusement parks. School children get a lot of pleasure riding camels, quad bike safaris in the desert, boat rides on a pirate ship and excursions to the ruins of ancient cities.

According to feedback from tourists, holidays in Tunisia with children has a lot of advantages:

  • To fly to the country is not long: just over 4 hours from Moscow – the child does not have time to get bored and tired.
  • No need to get a visa for a vacation.
  • In Tunisia, it’s easy to buy an all-inclusive tour. Hotels that operate under this system, offer children’s pools, animation, babysitting services and children’s clubs, as well as a separate menu for children.
  • Tunisian resorts have excellent sandy beaches. It is easy to swim here, and there are many places along the coast where a child can play with the sand.
  • Diapers, baby food and other necessary items for children are easy to buy in pharmacies and large supermarkets, such as Carrefour or Magasin General.

The best time for a holiday with children in Tunisia is considered June, as well as the period from mid-September to late October, when there is no exhausting heat. What resort to choose in 2022? Most families stay on the island of Djerba, in Monastir and Mahdia. Some like the democratic Sousse, and the resort Hammamet more often chosen for a vacation with school-age children.

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Holiday with children in Tunisia

The best time for a holiday with children in Tunisia is in June, as well as the period from mid-September to late October, when there is no exhausting heat. Photo: komisarenko.yandex.ru / Depositphotos.com.

Tips for tourists on holidays in Tunisia in 2022

Here are some tips for tourists who are going on holiday in Tunisia in 2022:

  1. Do not be afraid of language problems! In all major resorts, except for the state French, locals speak English quite well.
  2. We do not recommend drinking tap water. Use bottled water from a store for drinking and fruit washing.
  3. Tunisians tend to haggle, so do not hesitate to knock down the price and ask sellers for discounts.
  4. Although Tunisians are friendly to tourists and are willing to appreciate foreign culture and traditions, don’t wear shorts and swimsuits outside the beaches.
  5. Tips are not customary in Tunisian resorts. However, it is appropriate to give a small gratuity to the porter, cab driver or hotel maid. In restaurants and cafes tips are left at the discretion of the customer. Sometimes at a rate of 10% they are included in the bill.
  6. Be careful when crossing the roads. There are few traffic lights at resorts, and drivers often ignore the rules of the road.
  7. To avoid problems at the border when leaving the country, when buying silver jewelry or rugs, be sure to ask the seller for a receipt.
  8. Sellers do not take euros and dollars, or agree to take at an unfavorable rate, so you have to change the money. There is no problem with it: you can exchange it in hotels, banks or exchange offices. The exchange rate is fixed.

At any resort may cause minor problems, but, as a rule, they can be easily solved. Try not to get burnt in the sun and observe the basic rules of safety, and a holiday in Tunisia will be remembered only on the bright side!

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Reviews about holiday resorts in Tunisia

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A tourist’s note: safety tips In general, the world is not dangerous and does not carry a threat. On the contrary. There are, of course, unsafe places and people, but you can come across such, even in your own city. And besides, they are in the minority. In fact.

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