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Marmaris: a recipe for a great vacation

Holidays in Turkey in Marmaris

Marmaris is atypical Turkey! They do not come here for the usual all-inclusive, but for an amazing fusion of Greece and Turkey, unbridled fun and leisure. We love the resort, and I’ll tell you why.

We prepared this guide with the support of Tripster, a service of unusual excursions. There we easily found experienced guides who helped make our vacation in Turkey vivid and had an incredible experience from the locals. Thank you Tripster for the experience!


Impressions of the resort.

As the theater begins with a hanger, so Marmaris begins with the scenic road to the resort. We left the highway and soon found ourselves on a picturesque road lined with pine trees. On the way we kept coming across signs about the famous pine honey that can be tasted only here. The honey really is delicious!

Since we arrived in Marmaris in the midst of the lockdown, the resort was quiet and deserted, although in the pre-coastal times it was famous just for its party atmosphere. Completely empty streets, occasional strolling locals on the waterfront, lonely yachts in the sea. And all this is surrounded by blue-green mountains, shrouded in a haze. Extraordinarily picturesque! Due to the fact that the mountains are closed by a ring, the resort is a chamber, despite the length of the coast.

And what a cozy Old town it is! The blue and white houses with beautiful doors, inviting cafes, seals sleeping in flower pots, a fortress, a forest of masts in the harbor – isn’t it Spain or Greece? If you miss Europe, come to Marmaris!

As you have understood, the resort is sure to please the romantics. Also in reviews of holidays in Marmaris tourists praise the sandy beaches, excellent diving sites and colorful indoor market. Lovers of antiquity love the medieval fortress, and young people love the vibrant party atmosphere and drive of nightclubs and discos.

Read what reviews tourists leave about rest in Marmaris:

Natalia Balyakina: “Marmaris is really another Turkey. This is not a place for a relaxing vacation and early sleep. Coming to Marmaris, anyone sheds 15-20 years at once and immerses with everyone else in the endless atmosphere of the holiday.”

Happy: “The main plus of this resort is the mild climate. There is no wild summer heat and humidity. The city is very green and blooming. Marmaris is located on the coast of a beautiful bay, surrounded on all sides by mountains, hills and pine forests.

The mountains around Marmaris harbor are very beautiful. The promenade in Marmaris is long and landscaped. Kotik has taken the shape of a flower pot.

How to get to Marmaris

The nearest airport to Marmaris is Dalaman. See ticket prices on Aviasales.

Most tourists fly into Marmaris on a package deal, and transfer to the hotel is already included in the price – it’s most convenient.

If you are an independent tourist, look for HAVAS and Muttas buses at the airport, which will take you to the Marmaris bus station in 1.5 hours. The ticket price is 15 liras. If you want more comfort, book a cab or an individual transfer. We book transfers in Turkey at three websites: Intui.travel, Gettransfer.com or Kiwitaxi.ru. We compare prices for a certain date and choose the most convenient and inexpensive one. With an individual transfer you can save a few hours of vacation, especially on the last day of vacation not to leave for the airport too early.

Turkey in February 2022. Weather and temperature. Holiday Prices.

We came to Marmaris from Fethiye in a rented car, as we had been traveling around Turkey for quite a long time. We rented a car in Antalya from Localrent. Read more about car hire in Turkey.

Travel reviews for Marmaris

The first thing we saw in Marmaris and what impressed us was a closed bay with yachts.

Which hotels to stay at

Marmaris is the largest resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Most hotels are located along the waterfront, within walking distance of discos, nightclubs and bars. We did not want to be in the thick of things, so we settled in a quiet suburb of Marmaris – Ichmelere, in the hotel Club Arya. From there you can go to Marmaris by dolmush, cab or boat.

Club hotels with large territories are located on the outskirts of the resort – in Icmeler, Turunç and Hisaronyu villages. According to reviews for 2021 and 2022, these places are chosen for a quiet family vacation in Marmaris.

Check out what all-inclusive hotels in Marmaris tourists consider the best (all but one on line 1):

    – A good hotel for a family vacation, there are water slides. – hotel with an excellent price-quality ratio, food for 5+, but it is on the 2 line. – The adults only 16+ concept hotel is in the center of the resort, but there are no noisy establishments nearby. – The hotel has a large pool and green area, which are rare in the center of Marmaris. – A hotel for youth recreation in the center of the resort.

Look for a hotel in advance on Hotelluk. So you can choose the best accommodation according to the reviews of tourists. Tours also buy online at services Travelata and Level.Travel – they will find the most profitable trip, plus you can read reviews on the sites.

Every year in Turkey, new resort hotels are opened. If you like to live in rooms with modern technology and new furniture, in rooms where no one has been before you – then you urgently need to read about new hotels in Turkey.

Conclusion: book a hotel in advance, and buy cheap tickets at proven online services. If you want to party, stay in the center of Marmaris, and for a quiet vacation choose hotels in Ichmelere or Turunch.

Our hotel is Club Arya in Icmeler. There are some nice houses on the seafront in Icmeler.

Where to swim in Marmaris

The water in the center of Marmaris is ordinary and did not impress us, but in Icmeler and Turunç the color and transparency of the water caused a great delight! I don’t like swimming and sunbathing, but even I felt like taking a dip in this wonderful water. Not for nothing do tourists prefer to vacation in the suburbs. We too were seduced by the blue water and bathed only there.

The beaches of Marmaris and its suburbs are some of the best in Turkey. Although almost all the beaches in Turkey can be said the same, I have not seen outright bad ones. The beaches in Marmaris and Turunç are sandy and pebbly, but in Ichmelere there is a soft fine sand, sometimes with a mix of stones. Read about the best beaches in Marmaris.

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Since Marmaris, Icmeler and Turunç are in enclosed bays, there are almost no big waves. Basically, the water with a quiet whisper licks the shore, so you can safely swim with small children.

According to tourists’ reviews, there are sea urchins in the sea near Marmaris, but we have not met them. Be careful and watch your feet or swim in aqua shoes.

Conclusion: You should go to Icmeler and Turunç for clean sea and soft sand and leave Marmaris for shopping and entertainment.

See what tourists say about the beaches and the sea in Marmaris:

Nastasia: “The sea is very warm and calm, as the beach is in the bay. It’s a great place for diving. The entrance to the sea is gentle, with small fish swimming underfoot, just a miracle! The beach is sandy. It’s perfect to relax with kids.

The beach in Ichmelere. One half is sandy, the other half has small stones. The beach in Turunç is sandy and pebbly. At the entrance to the water there are large pebbles, so it is better to swim in aqua shoes. But thanks to the stones, the water is the cleanest here! The central beach of Marmaris is sandy and pebbly. The sand prevails.

Is it expensive to stay in Marmaris?

Marmaris is considered the most affordable resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Tourists write that it is a little more expensive than Antalya or Kemer, but cheaper than Bodrum. Not for nothing a lot of young people gather here. :) However, we are special differences in the prices of food, hotels and tours with other resorts in Turkey have not noticed. Everywhere you can adjust the rest according to your budget!

What to see

Marmaris is not the city where people come for the sights. For this purpose, Antalya and Alanya are more suitable. You can swim and sunbathe in Marmaris, make friends in bars and night clubs on Bar Street, go on excursions to Aegean islands or to more remote places, such as Pamukkale.

However, the inquisitive traveler still has something to see. We walked around the Old Town, climbed the medieval fortress, admired the yachts, went to Turunç and even saw the restored amphitheater, where the performances and concerts are held now.

In general, Marmaris is famous for its bays Hisaroni and Gekova, but all this beauty can be seen only on a boat trip – which you can read about below. Also from the resort it is convenient to visit Dalyan and Lycian tombs – also with a tour.

Conclusion: Marmaris is not rich in sights, but there are beautiful bays and islands that are worth to be visited with excursions. Of the beautiful in the resort – just the old town, a fortress and a yacht marina.

Travel reviews for Marmaris

The old town, which reminded me of Greece and Andalusia, was a pleasant surprise for me.

Where to buy tours

Just come to the marina and you’re guaranteed to get a dozen suggestions for walks to Cleopatra Island! But if you want quality excursions, look for them on the proven Tripster service – there are unique author tours that will show the country from a new angle. From Marmaris there are tours to Cleopatra Island, Pamukkale, Saklikent Gorge, Istanbul, as well as ATV trips.

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We on Tripster took a boat excursion to Dalyan: caught blue crabs, admired the caretta-caretta turtles, bathed in mineral springs and admired the Lycian tombs in the rocks.

Victoria about the Pamukkale tour: “Alyona is a super guide. I even booked a second tour where she will be a guide. Thank you very much, she helped me when I felt bad. All the stories were to the point, no water. All questions were answered. Very impressed by Lake Cleopatra (I think that’s the name), I want more.

Maria about the tour in Dalyan: “The tour is mega cool! We spent almost the whole time on the boat! We got soaked in medicinal mud and played with local dogs) The scenery is amazing) The Lycian tombs are amazing! Caught blue crabs and even managed to see Caretta turtles) It was really cool).

Worth the trip with kids

In reviews, tourists write that Marmaris is a good place to stay with children. Pleasant climate, good sandy beaches, easy entrance to the sea, free playgrounds – in general, excellent conditions for a family vacation. But from the description it looks like small suburbs of Icmeler and Turunç, not the party center of Marmaris.

The beach in Marmaris is sandy and pebbly and not so beautiful. But there is a well-developed infrastructure, stores, a few Migros supermarkets and all sorts of entertainment, such as the Atlantis water park. And in the Point Center shopping center there is a room with slot machines and amusement rides.

Conclusion: I think that it is better to stay in Ichmelere or Turunç for parents with children, because there is no noise, playgrounds, pools, big area, excellent beaches and clean sea, “all inclusive”.

Inga: “We had a holiday with two children in Marmaris. We didn’t have any acclimatisation of the children. We can not acclimatize the children, the local climate was very good because of the low humidity, and the heat was not very bad, especially by the sea. We visited the water park, but the water in the pools was invigorating, so we didn’t stay there long.

When it is better to come

The reviews of tourists point out that Marmaris has especially pleasant climate – even in July and August there is no such exhausting heat as in Antalya. This is because at this time the humidity is only 40-45%, so it is easy to breathe.

We vacationed in Marmaris in the second half of May: the weather is pleasant, and the water is already warm enough, and Lyosha willingly took a bath. The water temperature is a subjective matter, and for many tourists in May, it is still cold to swim.

According to reviews, the warmest water is in August and September. Look reviews of other tourists:

Anna: “We chose August for the trip and did not miss it. Not a single rainy day, the air temperature +32. The temperature of the air was +32 °C and the water +27 °C. There were almost no waves in the bay. I couldn’t think of a better place to have a beach holiday.



Our verdict

Although Marmaris is called a youth resort in Turkey, the rest here will appeal to parents with children and older tourists. Even introverts like us felt comfortable. Everyone has a choice! If you want to party until morning, welcome to the city center, closer to the famous Bar Street. If you want silence and relaxation, book a hotel in the satellite villages.

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Marmaris is a beautiful and well-groomed resort, with a European flair. With white yachts, green mountains, pine scents and beautiful houses. But even more than Marmaris itself, we liked its small suburbs – Icmeler and Turunç. There flows a really resort and measured life, you can freeze there and enjoy the moment.

The only two disadvantages of a vacation in Marmaris are that it is far away from the airport and there are not many cultural and historical sites.

We advise to visit Marmaris at least once – it is another Turkey. You will love it!


  1. Look for bargain tours on Travellata and Level.Travel, and discounted hotels on Hotelluk.
  2. Choose Icmeler or Turunç for quiet or family holidays and the center of Marmaris for partying, entertainment, nightlife and shopping.
  3. For the purest sea and soft sand, too, go to Icmeler and Turunç.
  4. Look for the most inspiring experiences on the service of unusual excursions Tripster.
  5. Be sure to take a boat trip around the bays and islands.
  6. For the most comfortable beach vacation, choose August and September.

Happy: “I visited Turkey for the first time for real, lived a little life with the people of this city, felt its color. I recommend you too, leave the Antalya olive and go on a little trip to amazing Marmaris. Walk, ride bicycles, go to the sea, breathe in the fragrance of flowers and pine needles. The nature around you will not disappoint!”

Read our reviews of other resorts:


Isn’t Icmeler very nice?

Marmaris Hotel Reviews

Very nice hotel, buried in greenery and lots of pine trees. Very friendly and helpful staff. Abundant and delicious food. And of course, very clean sea.Separately, I want to mention the spa area. At the reception. Read more

We stayed in Turunc resort from 19.08-2.09.22. It was a fantastic place to come back to. The staff and location are the main strengths of the hotel. The hotel is in a bay surrounded by mountains. The area itself. Read more at

The large area, the first beach, and the proximity of Marmaris is the key to a good holiday. We had a holiday with my girlfriend, knowledge of English will be good for you. We did not expect premium service, did not have any illusions about it. Read more

The time we spent at this hotel was really happy and relaxing. The location near the sea, the swimming pool, and the lack of children were definitely big pluses. The big pluses are. Read more

A very interesting , I would say pompous() place. Good, friendly staff. Quite tasty and varied food. Lovely view of the sea from the balcony in the room and from the cafe. Some technical problems. Read more

The author of the review did not give a detailed description of the stay at the hotel. I want to share my impressions of the hotel in more detail. Read more

The hotel is a 3+, so it is a 3. Good location. Food is very budget-friendly, for the undemanding. Room service every day, make your bed and that’s it (despite a decent tip). You will not get more soap. Read more

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The room is small but everything you need is there. Did not like the glass door to the toilet – does not close tightly, not a good idea. Bathroom has tins of shampoo which can be replenished as required. The breakfast bar is very poorly fitted and does not have any russian channels. Read more

1. The staff are friendly and very helpful. Special thanks to the manager Aidana at reception, quickly and quickly helped to solve all problems. 2. Great location of the hotel, great view of the lagoon. Read more

Reception has 2 people working in shifts. The one in the morning is a wonderful polite employee, but at night…we arrived at 3am, wrote to the hotel in advance that there would be overnight check in, everything was confirmed. Read more

Location is good and close to busy streets and not noisy. Beach is close but not very comfortable. Cons : Charged extra 6 euros per day for air conditioning. Read more

I would like to share my experiences during my stay in the hotel (room 136).Beautiful hotel, new, very well decorated, beautiful design. The staff are wonderful, friendly and always smiling. Rooms are nice, new and clean. Read more

The hotel is located near the sea, although it does not have its own beach, but for a drink or an ice cream you will always take a sun lounger and an umbrella . To the sea 2min. The hotel itself is conceived as beautiful, comfortable, but lacks order in everything. This is a nice hotel.

I liked the hotel very much, friendly and understanding staff, all the facilities and comfort, superb(. ) cuisine and quiet location. The hotel is very well located, very clean and cosy. Read more

We specifically booked a superior room to have a view of the sea. We stayed on the lower floor overlooking the bushes and the noise from the busy road right behind the balcony. There were 5 other rooms free on booking. Read more

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