How much does it cost to go on vacation to Turkey. Our spending and prices 2022.

How much money to take to Turkey in 2022

How much money to take to Turkey – 2022? Let’s calculate the budget for the trip for different categories of tourists. In the most popular foreign country for Russians can spend from $0 to $1000.

Since 25.08-10.09 action with a cashback of 20% for tours in Russia. You need to register your MIR card and book a tour at Level.Travel (promotional code for 1500 ₽ when buying from 70,000 ₽ – LT-SEPT-RU1) or Travelata (promotional code for 1000 ₽ when buying from 60,000 ₽ – AF1000travelinka). Tour is more profitable, because this way you get cashback for everything – flight, hotel, transfer.

On average, tourists spend $200-300 a week on excursions and souvenirs. That’s taking into account the fact that the hotel will be “all inclusive” and you won’t have to go to café-restaurants every day.

In 2022, prices in Turkey began to rise sharply for entrance to attractions, food and clothing. All due to the fact that the lira is depreciating heavily. We have already completely renewed the prices in this year’s article. And there was a new increase on July 1, 2022.

  • Take a MIR card to Turkey (preferably from several banks, as glitches are possible).
  • Some cash dollars or euros (if you can buy in Russia). Withdraw dollars or euros from the MIR card in Turkey is impossible.
  • Just in case some rubles. You can exchange them for liras at Antalya airport (the exchange rate is bad, but it’s just as a backup).
  • Book and pay in advance with Visa and Mastercard, if necessary:
      – You can make a reservation for airport transfers here. Pay with Russian cards, as the site is Russian, but the service is provided in Turkey.
    • Tripster and Sputnik8 are tours in Turkey for those who are ready to plan their leisure time in advance. They accept any Russian card. – Here we book car rentals and pay with Visa and Mastercard.
    • AFIN500travelinka – 500 rubles discount on tours of 40.000 rub.
    • AF1000travelinka – 1000 rub. discount on tours or hotels from 60 000 rub. – 2000 rub discount for tours to Turkey from 100 000 rub.

    Tour prices in Turkey – 2022

    Turkey – the absolute leader of foreign destinations on package tours . Use the services of a tour operator here is much more profitable than to organize an independent travel.

    Why is it so? First, a charter flight costs a lot less than a regular flight. Secondly, tour operators are not afraid that they will not sell tours (Turkey is always in demand!), Therefore do not hesitate to buy whole packs of rooms in hotels. Third, so historically it was formed that all the major tour operators are “Turkish roots. Therefore Turkey will always be the country number 1 for our tourists value for money.

    If you want to spend less money in Turkey, choose the tour “all inclusive”. It will be more expensive by 3000-10000 rubles than with breakfast, but it will still be more convenient and profitable than going to the restaurant or cafe every day. Proven over the years. You can find tours online at Travelata and Level.Travel sites.

    All-inclusive tours to Turkey can be bought from 15,140 rubles at the beginning and end of the tourist season. The average cost for a tour for a week from Moscow to the hotel “5 stars” is 32.350 rubles per person. For example, an all-inclusive tour to the Justiniano Club Park Conti 5* in Alanya will cost from 21.356 rubles/person, and to the Radisson Blu Conference Hotel 5* in Istanbul from 23.564 rubles/person.

    The high class hotels are much more expensive. These are chains of Turkish hotels Rixos, Alva Donna, Barut, Papillon. Even in low season it is difficult to find tours to these hotels cheaper than 55,000 rubles per person, and in summer the prices go up by 50-100%. One of our favorite hotels Rixos Sungate 5* costs for a week minimum 69.450 rubles/person, Rixos Premium Belek 5* from 84.420 rubles/person, Alva Donna Exclusive 5* from 49.450 rubles/person, Papillon Ayscha 5* from 54.120 rubles/person. In our fastidious opinion, these are the best hotels in Turkey.

    There are always cheap last minute tours to Turkey, departing in 1-3 days. Exceptions are New Year’s and May holidays, school vacations. Visa is not necessary, so if you are not tied to dates, you can vacation in Turkey very cheaply.

    Goya Beach Club

    Goya Beach Club


    The main airports in Turkey for Russian tourists are Antalya, Gazipasha (Alanya), Bodrum (Milas) and Istanbul. On average independent tourists spend 15.000 – 20.000 RUB for airfare in the high season and about 10.000 RUB in the low season. But it is amazing that for the same price you can buy a package tour that includes not only flights but also accommodation, food, transfers and insurance.

    Budget tickets can be found in Antalya and Istanbul, and our Russian low-cost airline “Pobeda” flies to Gazipasha.

    • Destination Date must be no greater than 30.

    flights to Antalya cost from 11.350 rubles, to Alanya from 9.382 rubles, to Istanbul from 12.458 rubles, to Bodrum from 17.620 rubles. All variants from Moscow RT (round trip, i.e. return trip). It’s possible to buy cheap tickets in low season.

    White in White

    Ferries to Turkey

    Perhaps the most exotic way to Turkey is by water. In 2022, there are ferries to Turkey from Sochi. The ticket on the liner Astoria Grande for 8 days with 4 meals a day and soft drinks costs from 88,480 rubles. For this price you get a place in a two- or three-meter cabin without a window. Itinerary Sochi – Istanbul – Bozcaada – Sinop – Sochi. The ticket for a cabin with a porthole costs from 109.760 rubles and for a cabin with a balcony – 177.520 rubles. Click here to see details and available tickets.


    You can rent a car at the airport. You can pay with any Russian car. The price for a day starts from 500 TL. Attentive staff, when accepting the car show scratches, leave recommendations for driving in local conditions. Cars are equipped with a jack, spare tire, first aid kit, emergency sign.

    If you do not want to drive, you can order individual transfer from the airport. This is very useful, especially when traveling with small children. It is worth once a try individual transfer, and then go to a group no longer want to. You can place your order and pay by Russian card here.

    In Turkey it is convenient to travel by bus and dolmusha, there are good connections between the resorts and within the cities. It used to be advantageous to pay by bank card on city buses. But now that Mastercard and Visa do not work, you have to pay in cash. Fare prices have increased by 108% over the year. For example, a fare around Side and Manavgat costs 10-14 TL. How much money do you need in Turkey to ride public transport? 10 euros is enough for you.

    Transportation card in Alanya

    The transport card in Alanya

    How much money do you need to take on excursions in Turkey

    The average price of excursions in Turkey is $45-60 . For this cost you will be picked up from the hotel, taken to different attractions and will be told something. In time it takes 6-10 hours. View all the prices for tours in Turkey, you can on Tripster and Sputnik .

    Here you can find group and individual tours starting at $15. For example in Kemer you can take a boat trip on a pirate yacht for 17 €, in Alanya you can go rafting on the mountain river in the canyon of Köprülü for 18 € (a very nice and inexpensive trip!), rafting from Side costs the same, visit the Nature Reserve Dalyan from Marmaris for 25 €. These are all group excursions where you will be accompanied by a team of the same tourists.

    More expensive will cost individual trips, but if you divide the cost for a company of 4-6 people, you can go quite inexpensive, and at the same time, in a narrow circle. For example, a trip to the ancient Antalya costs 120 € (with a personal guide for 4 people), in Alanya an individual gastronomic tour costs 44 € (and that for the company of up to 6 people!), a walk in the ancient Side, the waterfall Manavgat and Kuliye Mosque – 155 €, a trip to the mountains from Kemer – 127 €.

    Of the expensive excursions in Turkey – a trip to Northern Cyprus 300 €, to Cappadocia 100 €, to Istanbul by plane 150 €, to Israel by plane 200 €. Depending on how many excursions you take, prepare to spend 50-300$ per person.

    Dim tea river.

    Attractions .

    You can visit the sights of Turkey on your own within one resort. For example, in Alanya the entrance to the fortress is free, you only have to pay to get inside the Red Tower or the museum. Ticket to the Red Tower, Shipyard and Damlatas Cave costs 12 TL each in 2022, in all three attractions you can buy a “single ticket” for 23 TL. A cable car ticket to Alanya costs 39 TL round trip, and for 3,65 TL you can get to the top of the fortress by bus number 4.

    You can also see the ancient city of Side for free. You can get there by dolmush or shuttle bus. For an extra fee you can visit the amphitheater and the museum. You can see the waterfall of Manavgat for 6.5 TL. Out of season you can enter for free.

    You can walk along the beautiful promenade and see Cleopatra beach for free. On the waterfront you can buy a boat ride for $15-20 with drinks and foam disco included. And in Side on the seafront you can take an hour boat trip even for 3-5 €.

    A ticket to the theme park Land of Legends in Antalya costs 70 $, you can visit the Aquarium of Antalya with a transfer for 50 $, buy a ticket to water park Atlantis in Marmaris from 12 $, spend two hours in a Turkish hamam in Alanya for 18 $. How much money should I take to go sightseeing alone in Turkey? You’ll need 50-100 euros.

    Author of article in Alanya

    The author of the article in Alanya

    How much money to bring to Turkey for food

    Turkish cuisine with lots of meat and vegetables, hearty and tasty. The quality of food here is high, a lot of locally produced products. Cafes and restaurants are widespread in Turkey, where locals go, but for some reason only men. The cheapest cafes, where they do not sell alcohol (içkisiz), here you can order a hearty three-course lunch for 18-35 TL. Prices are much higher at the resorts. Of the cheap food, kebabs, burgers and pizza are common.

    Unfortunately, at all-inclusive hotels you won’t get even 10% of Turkish food. The whole cuisine is adapted for tourists. So for the real Turkish food you have to go to local restaurants. Prices in cafes and restaurants in Turkey are lower than in Moscow. For example tea 2 TL, Turkish coffee 5 TL, water 1-3 TL, Coca Cola 3-7 TL. An English breakfast will cost 15-20 TL, lunch 40-60 TL, salad 10-25 TL, a hot meal 18-30 TL.

    Beloved Alanya

    A standard “Turkish” breakfast (kahvaltı) is bread and butter, cottage cheese, olives, boiled egg and a few slices of tomato and cucumber. Turks are very fond of breakfast and often invite friends or relatives for a Big Breakfast on Sundays. They often go to cafes where you can order a “Turkish” breakfast for 10 liras.

    Kebabs are not always available to take away. Here you can order them in a cafe with tables and chairs. Turkish kebabs are wrapped in durum, a local tortilla-like flatbread. The kebab costs 10 TL. In Turkey, they sell sandwiches – a slice of baguette with various fillings (most often with lamb offal or fish). In coastal towns you can try deep-fried mussels (midye tawa) and midye dolmas (mussels stuffed with rice, pine nuts and chilli). Street carts sell pilav nohutla (chickpea pilaf) and roasted chestnuts. Pide – flat, pizza-like bread stuffed with various toppings. It comes in kasharli or peynirli (with cheese), jumurtali (with egg), kamili (with minced meat), and sujuklu (with sausage). A pide costs from 7 TL. You can also eat our usual manty in Turkey, served with yogurt, spices and pepper oil.

    There are different types of public places. Restaurants serve meat dishes (izgara yemek) à la carte. Shashlik houses (Kebapcıs) traditionally specialize in kebabs, the menu is small – salad, yogurt and a few desserts. There are cafes with a big menu – soups, all kinds of kebabs, kefte (meatballs), lahmajun (flat pizza with spicy minced meat) and pide. There are canteens (lokanta) that sell pre-cooked food that is kept warm. Here you can also find sulu emek, a hearty meat or vegetable stew. There are restaurants that serve only soups, çorbacı. A lunch at a fish restaurant will cost from 100 TL without drinks. How much money should I take to eat in Turkey if you’re not all-inclusive? Approximately 20-50 euros per day.


    In the markets in Turkey you can buy products very cheap . For example ripe cherries 2.5-7 TL, tomatoes 1.5-3 TL, cucumbers 1.5-3 TL, 4 pieces of corn 5 TL, watermelon 1 TL, melon 1.5 TL, a bunch of greens 1.5 TL, potatoes 1 TL. How much money should I take in Turkey to buy food at the market and cook by myself? 10 to 30 euros a day.

    Turkey Alanya Market

    How much money to take in Turkey for alcohol

    If you are not all-inclusive and you buy alcohol in a store in Turkey, local beer costs 14 TL, pomegranate and blackberry wine 36-50 TL, whiskey 1 liter 100-350 TL. A popular alcohol among locals is raki (anise vodka), a 0.7 liter bottle costs 70 TL. Also to the Turkish flavor can be attributed boza. Not everyone will like this drink made from fermented grains, but the locals drink with pleasure, especially in winter. It costs up to 10 TL.


    Every hotel and street in Turkey has a hamam . As they say in the ads, you should definitely go to the hamam at the beginning of your vacation for an even tan. In general, many tourists make sure to include the hamam in their “cultural program”.

    The average cost in Turkey is $ 20-30, but it depends on the insolence of the Turks and the services included. For example to go to a good Turkish hamam in Marmaris for $ 20, in Alanya also for $ 20. Get a complex of health treatments in Alanya can be for $ 30. To spend 2 hours in the hamam in Side is possible for $ 21, with a massage for $ 25. There is no point in going more than once, if only for a massage. An hour massage costs from $20 to $150.

    The sightseeing platform “I love Alanya”.

    • The fare by bus is 7 euros.
    • Sightseeing 30 euros
    • Hamam 20 euros
    • Take home presents 50 euros
    • 2 tours 100 euro
    • Hamam 20 euros
    • Massage 5 sessions 100 euros
    • Take home presents 50 euros

    How much money do I need in Turkey not to deny myself anything? You need 500-600 euros a week.


    We spent $500 for 2 people for 2 weeks, the hotel was all inclusive. We took excursions to Cappadocia ($ 70 each), a climb up the Tahtali Mountain (also 70 dollars), a hamam (20 dollars), and we spent the rest on wine, oil, souvenirs and clothes. We brought home a whole suitcase.

    We took a car in Turkey, two adults and a 4 year old child. In 3 days we drove around the neighboring resorts and all the attractions. We don’t like to drive far. It took us $100 for the car, another $40 for gas. This is still more profitable than taking tours from a tour operator.

    I do not take more than 150-200 euros to Turkey, if everything is included. In principle, if you do not go anywhere, you can not spend anything at all. You should walk in the nearest town during the day, it’s free, and you can eat and drink only in the hotel. Entertainment in the hotels is also there, animation, evening shows, it’s enough for a lazy holiday.

    Now you know how much money to take in Turkey in 2022, if “all inclusive” or “off”. :) Of course, if you are going to buy leather and fur, you should take a few thousand euros. You can buy a leather jacket from 350 euros, rabbit fur coat from 400 euros, mink from 700 euros. If you just want to look at the sights and buy souvenirs, you can spend your holidays in Turkey quite reasonably.

    By the way, it took me 200 euros for the week. But of those 120 euros I spent on massages and hamam :) .

    How much does it cost to go on vacation in Turkey?

    I predict your expenses! Learn how much money you need for an economical, comfortable and royally beautiful vacation in Turkey. I’ll also tell you why one of our trips cost 50,000 ₽ and the other was already 420,000 ₽.

    We find the best value tours on Travelate and Level.Travel, which are handy and reliable sites that compare offers from all tour operators in minutes. Learn how to buy tours cheaper, and be sure to take advantage of discount promo codes.

    The prices are listed:

    • For 7 days of vacation,
    • For departure from Moscow,
    • per person for double occupancy.


    Economical vacation

    Let’s see how much money we need for the most economical vacation in Turkey. But let’s remember that despite all its “Spartan”, we should still like it!

    12,000 ₽ – that’s how much the cheapest trip to Turkey for 7 nights per person costs. Find on Travelate last minute tours for 25-30 thousand for two people is easy even in the high season, and if you’re lucky it’s even cheaper. For this money you will be relaxing in a hotel like this: Yaman Life 3 * or similar. The cost of the tour may even include breakfast, but most likely it will be without food. For example, we once flew to Turkey for a week of vacation in the middle of summer for only 33,000 ₽ for two. We stayed in a pretty nice, albeit simple, Orange Garden apartment hotel in the center of Kemer at the time.

    The cheapest plane ticket to Turkey cost ₽8,000. For such money you can fly from Moscow to Antalya or Istanbul and back, but without baggage. It’s cheapest to fly in the off-season. Low prices are also common during the summer, but try to catch them!

    4,000 ₽ is enough money for a week’s stay in a modest hotel or guesthouse in the resorts. For example, Star Palace 3* in Antalya.

    6,000 ₽ – that’s how much money you will spend on food for a week of vacation in Turkey. This money is enough to eat tasty and nourishing soups, salads and kebabs in the cafe for the locals, buy fruit, sweets and dairy products for breakfast and dinner. Do you think this money is not enough? It is enough, do not doubt! We found this out for ourselves on a holiday in Kemer.

    2,000 ₽ is the budget for independent sightseeing. For this money you will visit a couple of ancient ruins around the resort or other inexpensive museums and complexes. Expenses for public transportation are also included.

    1,000 ₽ is for emergency household expenses. For example, buying a tube of panthenol for flaming skin.

    1,000 ₽ for magnets.

    So how much money do you need for an extremely frugal vacation in Turkey in 2022? Prepare a minimum of ₽22,000 per person. Holidays in Turkey even cheaper is possible only in two cases: either very lucky with last minute tours, or have to rest in the style of Bear Grylls on the verge of survival. Learn more about cheap vacations in Turkey.

    Our personal experience. A couple of years ago we flew to Turkey on a last minute tour. For a week of rest we spent a total of 50,000 rubles for two. For this money we had a great vacation, without any tangible impairments in terms of comfort. As a part of the tour package we received direct charter flights, accommodation in a standard apart-hotel, group airport transfers. Additional expenses included meals, scooter rentals, gas, entrance fees, transportation, and small purchases.

    Our hotel Orange Garden in Kemer. This is what inexpensive Turkish hotels look like. And this is what an inexpensive Turkish breakfast looks like outside of all-inclusive hotels. It’s delicious beyond belief! And not every restaurant boasts such a glorious view.

    Comfortable vacation

    After numerous trips to Turkey, I imagine and estimate a comfortable vacation in this country as follows:

    40,000 ₽ – the cost of a week’s trip to a good “five” on “all inclusive” per person. On Travelate you can easily buy a tour at this price during the holiday season, but in the summer, such a vacation will cost one and a half to two times more expensive. Learn how to buy tours cheaper.

    I can recommend cool hotels, where we liked:

      in Antalya, Lara district. It has its own sandy beach, water park, spa, two tennis courts and a huge area with pools and entertainment for children. in Alanya. It is a stylish, cool, intelligent hotel near the center. For adults only. There is spoiled seafood and live music in the lounge. in Side. A large and stylish hotel designed for Russian speaking people. Suitable for both young people and vacationers with children. Read our review on this hotel.

    15,000 ₽ – that’s how much airfare to Turkey if you buy not on sale. Direct flight, baggage included. It’s cheaper to fly with Pobeda, slightly more expensive with S7 or Aeroflot.

    20,000 ₽ is the cost of a week’s rest in a good “five” on “all inclusive” in Turkey in the holiday season or in late spring per person. Accommodation and meals at a decent hotel costs from $ 70-80 per night for two people, but in the summer prices are doubled. For this money you get a pleasant and comfortable holiday. Tested personally in different resorts.

    10,000 ₽ is a week stay in a boutique hotel in the old city of Antalya with an excellent rating and reviews of tourists. For example, La Casa Carina or Saye Konak. An option for those who are not interested in huge Turkish resorts and their all-inclusive hotels. A room in a nice boutique hotel costs from $40 per night for two, but will be more expensive in summer.

    20,000 ₽ is the budget for food. Why would you want an all-inclusive hotel when, with only about ₽3,000 per day per person, you can enjoy delicious Turkish food? With such a budget, you’ll dine in decent cafes, dine in seafood and wine restaurants, indulge in ice cream and baklava daily, and eat plenty of fresh fruit. Check out the prices of food in Turkey.

    21,000 ₽ is how much you will spend on excursions. For 250€ on Tripster you can afford to do a lot of interesting things! You can visit Cappadocia, take a hot air balloon ride, visit the Green Canyon and the luxurious beaches of Suluada Island, walk through the old city of Antalya with a good guide. Read about the best tours in Turkey.

    4,000 ₽ – car rental for 4 days plus gas per person. Be sure to rent a car! It will be comfortable to drive to the nice beaches, ancient ruins and shopping. A good car with an automatic will cost you just 21€ a day – the price we paid. Read more about car rentals in Turkey.

    10,000 ₽ – that’s enough money to buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, as well as small household expenses and transportation.

    And now let’s count how much money we need:

    • 75,000 ₽ if you fly with a travel package.
    • 70,000 ₽ if flying on your own to an AI hotel.
    • 80,000 ₽ if flying on your own without AI.

    That is 70-80 thousand per person is the budget for a comfortable holiday in Turkey in 2022. I advise to rest in the Indian summer. So you’ll get more comfort for less money and will not suffer from the summer heat. Find out what a good holiday is in September and October.

    Our hotel Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5* in Antalya. All Inclusive! Lunch at Bosphorus Sorgun 5* in Side.

    Like a king

    Turkey will please even the most spoilt by beautiful rest of tourists.

    200,000 ₽ for a 7 night stay at Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort 5* per adult. You will stay in a suite overlooking the sea, and with any questions (say, would you like strawberries and cream at 3 am) will be helped by a personal assistant. The food will be “all inclusive” and the alcohol will be of the highest quality. Jamon, cheeses from France, salmon from Norway, red caviar – all this is served to the hotel guests in unlimited quantities. The territory is vast, with its own golf courses and plenty of entertainment for children. And for those who are not enough, the hotel has villas in the “Maldivian style”. Their guests, by the way, enjoy free helicopter shuttle to and from the airport. Judging by Bookings, accommodation on such a six-seat villa costs 300 thousand a day.

    Transport, entertainment, snacks, souvenirs, shopping and other expenses for this type of holiday will not count – there all terribly individual. You can set aside about 30-40 thousand ₽ per person for excursions – for this money on Tripster you will be organized individual tours to Pamukkale and Hierapolis, to the ancient ruins, Lake Salda, as well as a walk through the old city of Antalya and wine tasting.

    Total for a royal holiday in Turkey, you need to go at least half a million rubles.

    The cost of a vacation in Turkey

    This is what the Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort 5* looks like. At the top you see the main building, in the center there are private villas a la Maldives, surrounded by a huge swimming pool. Photo:

    Our budget

    By tradition, I will tell you how much money we spent on vacation in Turkey. The amount turned out to be quite a lot, because the trip was long. It was in April-June 2021.

    We were so housebound during the pandemic that we went on our first post-coastal trip in earnest and for a long time. We spent 52 days in Turkey! We went there with the purpose to see the other part of Turkey, the part that was hidden from the eyes of most tourists with huge walls of hotels all inclusive. We were eager to see the true beauty of the country, so we planned a great auto tour with a route of 3000 kilometers. But we were looking for more than just adventure – after a gloomy and endlessly long winter in Perm and tiresome self-isolation, we really wanted to just relax from home cares and get a hefty portion of vitamins, lost in six months of life without sunshine.

    As a result, first we spent 15 days enjoying life on “all inclusive” in five-star hotels. Had a good rest, God willing! Then we traveled around the country for a month by rented car, and for dessert we stayed in apartments for a week. During this time we visited all major Turkish resorts, had a good time wandering the dusty roads of Cappadocia, went on a bunch of interesting excursions Tripster, visited more than twenty ancient ruins and many other interesting places. That’s such an unusual vacation we had! And no wonder that on such a rich program had to spend a lot of money. In addition, all this experience allowed us to write for you a good hundred useful articles about Turkey.

    Let’s see how much our trip cost. All expenses are given for two and calculated at the rate at the time of the trip.

    Hotels AI 85 000 ₽
    Other hotels, apartments, houses 80 000 ₽
    Airfare 56 000 ₽
    Cafe 33 000 ₽
    Groceries, fruit, drinks 14 000 ₽
    Transfers 5 000 ₽
    Excursions 35 000 ₽
    Attractions . 18 000 ₽
    Car rental 55 000 ₽
    Fuel 11 000 ₽
    Parking lots and toll roads 500 ₽
    Spa: massage, hammam 9 000 ₽
    Buses 1 000 ₽
    PCR tests 14 000 ₽
    Insurance 1 300 ₽
    Medications 1 000 ₽
    Hotel theft 2 700 ₽
    Total 421 500 ₽
    Total in euros 4 850 €

    I will comment on some figures that may surprise and puzzle you a bit.

    We spent so much on airfare for two reasons. First, we live in Perm, which is not cheap for travelers. Second, we had to pay a lot more to fly there on the last flight due to the closing of flights to Turkey, and we even got back via Georgia. Read my advice on finding cheap airline tickets.

    We chose hotels pretty strictly during the whole vacation, which also increased the budget. But thanks to the off-season discounts and the pandemic, they were inexpensive, about two to three times cheaper than their usual summer prices. Check out 10 ways to book a hotel cheaper.

    How did we spend so little on food (47,000)? We must have fattened up in half a month on all-inclusive! Just kidding, only two pounds each. :) But seriously, during the lockdown the catering was just for take-away, so the food was purely technical (to boost your energy) and was not a purpose in itself. Plus, in the heat of the day one was not very hungry, and the constant travel did not always make it possible to eat properly and on schedule.

    Renting a car could have been half cheaper if we had taken an easier car. But since we were going to travel for a whole month, I took a fast, fresh and automatic car. However, it was still much cheaper than in the summer.

    We spent so little on insurance, because we have a free All Airlines card from Tinkoff Bank. But it is only valid for the first 45 days abroad, and we had extra insurance for the remaining days. Thanks to this card, as always, we saved a tidy sum.

    But we spent a lot of money on PCR tests: we took one test before the flight, then another one to fly to Georgia, and two more tests when we returned home. Thanks to our Rospotrebnadzor for taking such care!

    And these pictures will help you understand why we made such a difficult trip to Turkey.

    To admire the beauty of the Aegean Sea. To see the bizarre landscapes and caves of Cappadocia. To enjoy the beauty of Turkish nature. To touch the Antiquity that we love so much.

    Popular Questions

    I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about prices in Turkey in 2022.

    How much does insurance cost to Turkey? From ₽400 per week per person with covid treatment coverage. You should definitely only go on holiday with TZR insurance. In tour packages it is usually already included in the price. Independent tourists can easily buy the policy on the service Cherehapa or get it as a bonus to your credit card.

    How much do PCR tests cost in Turkey? We did at the hotel for $33 per person. It’s a little more expensive than direct clinics, but more convenient for the tourist. The result came overnight by e-mail, they usually do not give you a stamped piece of paper.

    How much do excursions in Turkey cost? It’s most profitable to buy them on the service Tripster. Why you should not take excursions at tour operators and in the streets, I have already told. Group tours in Istanbul cost from 13 € per person, boat trips to resorts – from 25 €, group tours to ruins and canyons – from 30-50 €, individual guided tours – from 50 € for the whole tour.

    How much does it cost to travel in Turkey? Tickets for public transport cost about the same as in Russia. Prices vary depending on the route. The fares on the Antalya and Alanya buses were 3,65 lira and 5,2 lira for a dolmush in Side.

    How much does a transfer cost in Turkey? Its cost depends on the distance, and whether it is a group or individual. We often use an individual transfer, as it is inexpensive and damn convenient. For example, we booked a car from Antalya city center to the airport for only 11€, and a transfer from Side to Antalya was only 20$. It is easy to book a car online. We use these sites:, or

    How much is gasoline in Turkey? About 0,8€ per liter. Diesel costs about 0,7€ a liter. We drove about 3100 km and filled up about 175 liters for 127€.

    Our pick of the 22 most beautiful places in Turkey
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