How much does it cost to go to Peter – 2022. Let’s do the math!

How much does it cost to go to St. Petersburg?

cost of a trip to sankt-peterburg

I have lived in St. Petersburg for two pleasant nostalgic years. I love the city and know it quite well. In this article I will tell you how to plan a trip to St. Petersburg, and at the end I will calculate the cost of a vacation for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days for two.


How much do tickets cost.

By plane. It is very cheap to fly from Moscow – round-trip airfare costs only from 2000₽. A flight to St. Petersburg from Krasnodar or Yekaterinburg costs from 5000 and from Novosibirsk from 7000. Look for tickets on Aviasales – it compares prices of all airlines. Find out how to buy airline tickets cheaper.

By train. A plane ticket from Moscow costs from 1800₽ one way. More expensive than flying! On the other hand, the train is sometimes more convenient than the plane: there are not always cheap tickets for the right dates, and the arrival directly in the center. Look for tickets on Yandex.Travel. Or look up train ticket prices from your city by filling out the form below.

Tour Prices.

Tours sell out quickly – buy a few months in advance. Prices for tours to St. Petersburg departing from Moscow in the summer of 2022 cost from 40000₽ for two (hotel 3*, 7 nights). From Ekaterinburg – from 50,000₽. We recommend searching for tours on the service Travelata – it will find the best deals among the different tour operators.

St. Petersburg trip

In St. Petersburg magically never gets tired of walking the streets and along the canals.

How much does it cost to eat

When traveling to St. Petersburg, you can eat on a budget. The main allies of a hungry traveler are the inexpensive canteens (e.g., Dining Room #1) and chain establishments like “Teaspoon.” We often ate there because you simply can’t find cheaper – the bill ranges from 150-300₽ per person. The choice of dishes is large, all quite tasty. There are good business lunches. Find out where to eat inexpensively in St. Petersburg. Here’s a link to the addresses of inexpensive places and prices for food.

Snack on the go in pie shops and pancake houses: “Plyushkin House”, “Pie Yard”, “F. Volchek’s Bakery, etc. – from 150₽. My favorite thing about Wolcek’s Bakery is the incredibly tasty cakes and pastries, and there are good discounts in the evenings, even queues lined up. I fell in love with their carrot cake!

You can eat inexpensive wok and rolls at Asian chain restaurants like Eurasia, and have a cup of coffee and a cake at the pastry shops Bushe, Shokoladnitsa, and Coffee House.

Lunch or dinner at a good restaurant costs an average of 1,000 ₽ and more.

How much does it cost to go to St. Petersburg

Cozy well yards in St. Petersburg. I lived in one of them on Vasilevsky Island.

How much do hotels cost?

To save money on a trip to St. Petersburg, look for inexpensive hotels. Prices in the summer of 2022 for a standard double room in a budget hotel start at 1,300₽ per night. Double rooms in hostels cost about the same, and a bed starts at 500₽. 3* hotels are already in the 2,000-4,000₽ range. We recommend searching for hotels and hostels on Yandex.Travel – the service finds the best price among different booking systems. Take a look at our selection of cheap hotels and hostels in Peter.

And do not delay with booking because good options are sold out fast, especially in summer and during the New Year. By the way, in summer and during the New Year’s holidays, prices for accommodation in St. Petersburg are the highest.

The prices for hotels in the center of St. Petersburg in the summer of 2022:

Type Price in summer Example
A bed in a hostel in the center from 500 ₽ Friends of Graffiti
Hotel 3* from 2,500 ₽ Nouvelle Europe Hotel 3*
Hotel 4* from 5,000 ₽ Boheme 4*
Hotel 5* from 14,000 ₽ Corinthia 5*
Where to stay in the center of St. Petersburg - 14 variants

How much does it cost to go to St. PetersburgElagin palace. Photo: Ant Rozetsky /

Apartments for rent

When you live in another city in an apartment, it feels like home. We look for cozy accommodations at and, where we find a lot of inexpensive options.

In the center of Moscow the cheapest apartments are former shared rooms – thanks to high ceilings they turn into two-storey studios. We just rented one in the Tekhnologicheskiy Institut neighborhood. But read the reviews carefully before you book – it might turn out that there’s no soundproofing or heating, and the apartment smells like sewage. Keep in mind that owners are ordinary people, not trained hotel staff, so they may behave unpredictably. So, we advise you how to rent an apartment safely in St. Petersburg.

You will find a great variety of apartments for rent in St. Petersburg. If you like unusual accommodations, check out our selection of 10 unusual and beautiful apartments in St. Petersburg.

Prices for apartments in the center of St. Petersburg in the summer of 2022:

Type Price in summer
Apartment for two From 1,700 ₽
Apartment near the Hermitage (for up to 5 people) From 6,500 ₽

Prices for vacations in St. Petersburg3rd Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. This is where we rented the apartment.

Sightseeing prices

Quite a lot of money during a trip to St. Petersburg is spent on entertainment and sightseeing. I love going to St. Petersburg museums, but the prices there are quite high, so I try to get in on free days. For example, a ticket to the immense Hermitage costs 500₽, but the first Thursday of the month and December 7 admission is free. If you’re not lucky enough to get free admission, buy your Hermitage ticket online to avoid the lines. You can also buy a ticket for the Hermitage Headquarters online.

A comprehensive 1-day ticket to the Russian Museum costs 550₽. You can also get a ticket with an audio guide for 890₽. The museum has a lot of curiosities, but I went primarily because of Aivazovsky. And one of the most interesting museums for me was the Kunstkammer. I’ve been there twice and would love to visit again! The ticket costs 300₽.

It’s very beautiful in Peterhof, I advise you to go there for a romantic walk or go with your family. The ticket to the park costs 450 ₽, and the entrance to the palaces must be paid separately. There’s no point in going during the off-season – the fountains don’t work. Read about what to see in St. Petersburg in winter.

There are lots of beautiful parks in St. Petersburg: the Summer Garden, Alexandria, and Pavlovsk, which are not expensive – from 10 to 18 o’clock it costs only 100, and after 6 p.m. it’s free.

Go up to the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral – it’s a classic. Lots of Chinese, very cold and windy, but beautiful, especially at sunset. The colonnade alone costs 200₽.

If you go to Peter with kids, visit the Divo Island – an all-day ticket costs 2500₽. The Oceanarium at the Neptune Mall is 550-750₽, and the Peterland water park is 1500-1900₽ for adults and 890-990₽ for children.

We always carefully plan a trip to St. Petersburg in advance: we think through the route, find out the ticket price and opening hours of all the sites we want to visit, and buy tickets online, because in summer there are lines at the box office. We advise you to do the same.

If you go for the first time, do not try to cover everything at once, it’s unrealistic. It is better to see what interesting places there are in St. Petersburg and choose the best ones, and leave the rest for the next trip. You can see a lot of interesting things outside of St. Petersburg. I lived in St. Petersburg for two years and I didn’t see everything I wanted to! For example, I never got to see the Nabokov Museum. Take your time to visit the sights, alternate them with walks and entertainment. Just strolling through the center of the city at white nights and the opening of the bridges is in itself a wonderful adventure, which I still remember with warmth.

How to get to Pulkovo Airport

Opening of bridges during the White Nights in St. Petersburg. At the Hermitage. Inside the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Photo: Steve Barker /

Prices for tours

There are a lot of great author tours in St. Petersburg. We advise to get to the rooftops – it’s not only beautiful, but also romantic! And in general, an unusual experience. We’ve been on the roof several times, and it’s unforgettable. When we lived at Tekhnolozhka, we had a private exit to the roof with a beautiful view. It’s also great to take a boat ride on the canals or go on a cruise and see the city from the water. Learn how to get to the rooftops of St. Petersburg.

Look for interesting author tours on the Tripster website. See what cool tours there are in St. Petersburg:

Peter’s Rooftops. Photo: Ant Rozetsky / Fountains in Peterhof. Photo: iam_os /

Transport prices

Fare in the subway is 55₽, on ground transport – 50₽. Sometimes you can wait a long time for a bus because of traffic jams – you’ll be saved by this website, we used it a lot. You can see in real time how far away your bus or streetcar is and when it will arrive.

Travel tips for Peter.

If you’re going on an independent trip to St. Petersburg, keep in mind a few nuances so you won’t be disappointed with your vacation.

The weather is good during the period of white nights – the most romantic time, from about the end of May to mid-July. At night the air is steamy and fragrant, and if it rains, it’s a beauty. However, there are disadvantages – a lot of tourists and higher prices. I also really like the end of September, when the golden autumn is in full swing, Peter is especially good at that time. In winter it is more convenient to visit museums, exhibitions and concerts because there are less queues. Avoid school vacations, museums are crowded at this time.

Even if the weather forecast is rosy, do not believe it, take an umbrella and some warm clothes. We check the weather online for specific areas of the city – for example, Vasilevsky Island has its own microclimate.

If you want to walk at night, study the schedule of opening of bridges.

Remember about the safety – there are cases of fraud and theft.

Book hotels in advance. Search for the best deals at Yandex.Travel and

Building of the Twelve Collegia

The building of the Twelve Collegiums.

How much does it cost to go to St. Petersburg

So, let’s calculate the minimum cost of an independent trip to St. Petersburg from Moscow for two people for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days. We will not count the costs for sightseeing and entertainment, household expenses, and delicacies – all this is individual. We will calculate only the main expenses, without which you can not do without.

What does the cost consist of?

  • Round-trip airfare is 4,000₽ for two people.
  • Budget hotel close to the center – about 1,500₽ per night for two people.
  • Three meals a day at inexpensive establishments – about 2,000₽ per day for two people.
  • Transportation three times a day – about 330₽ for two people.

Total, this will be the minimum cost of a trip to Peter for two in 2022:

3 days. 15 500 ₽
5 days 23 000 ₽
7 days 31 000 ₽
10 days 42 000 ₽

How much did our trip to St. Petersburg cost for 6 nights for two people:

Price for two people.
Apartment (5 nights) 12 000 ₽
Hotel (1 night) 1 100 ₽
Rail tickets Perm – St. Petersburg – Perm 9 400 ₽
Canteens and cafes 4 900 ₽
Groceries 1 400 ₽
Transportation 1 100 ₽
Sightseeing 1 300 ₽
Total: 31 200 ₽
How to rent an inexpensive serviced apartment in the center of St. Petersburg

Explanation: It didn’t take much for the sights because we lived in St. Petersburg for 2 years and had already visited a lot of things. We went to the Colonnade of Isaac, the Russian Museum, and saw Tarkovsky’s movie at the Aurora. We went to the Hermitage for free on the first Thursday of the month.

Prices in St. Petersburg : how much money do you need in 2022 – Travel Budget

900 ₽ (14.4 €) is the minimum budget for a day in St. Petersburg . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes). In summer, this amount rises slightly due to the price of housing and will be at least 1,000 ₽.

The price does not include the cost of the flight. A round trip flight from Moscow can be purchased for 2.5-3 thousand rubles. A little cheaper during sales: even 1,800 rubles round trip if you are ready to fly without luggage (subscribe to @samokatus Telegram channel not to miss promotions).

Tickets to St. Petersburg

Screenshot from @samokatus telegraph channel

Russian travel insurance will cost you only 36 rubles a day. Insurance can be picked up on the service Cherehapa. Cherehapa is Aviaseils in the world of insurance, selects from dozens of options the cheapest or most suitable by parameters. Cherehapa is our partner, and we recommend it as the best insurance aggregator.

What are the current coronavirus restrictions in St. Petersburg?

As of mid-April 2022, entry into St. Petersburg is open to tourists. Since the end of March, all covid restrictions have been lifted in St. Petersburg.

How much does it cost to get from St. Petersburg airport to the city?

There are several ways to get from “Pulkovo” to the city center:

    Bus 39, 39e or a shuttle bus to Moskovskaya metro station, and then take the metro to the center. The ticket for the bus costs 60 rubles, for one trip to the subway token costs 65 rubles.
  • A cab to the city center costs about 700-1300 rubles from an airport cab (depending on the city area) and about 650-900 rubles from Yandex.Taxi and other cab aggregators.
  • Individual transfer (cost from 1400 rubles) can be ordered on the website KiwiTaxi and Intui.Travel.

How to move around the city?

How much does public transport cost?

Public transport in St. Petersburg includes the subway, buses, streetcars and trolleybuses.

  • One trip to the metro in St. Petersburg in 2022 will cost 65 rubles if you buy a token or pay with a contactless bank card (Metro website);
  • One trip on ground transport costs 60 rubles;
  • When processing a refillable electronic card “Podorozhnik” the cost per trip is reduced: 41-45 rubles, depending on the number of trips;
  • Ticket for 90 minutes – 70 rubles;
  • A single daily pass costs 240 rubles. Various options are available, but a single weekly pass does not function since 2021. But you can buy a ticket for 5 days – for 815 rubles.

metro st.petersburg 2022

The route cab belongs to the “commercial transport” and the prices are set by the carriers (on average, 45-60 rubles). In almost all cabs you can also pay for a trip with “Podorozhnik” card.

You can use Google Maps to plan your routes. Information on night routes.

How much does a cab cost?

Cab conditions and tariffs depend on the company. On average, the minimum cost of the trip is 110 rubles, the prices per kilometer start at 30 rubles.

The prices of Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett and Citimobile are almost twice less (without taking into account the high demand), and you can also use Taxovichkoff as an alternative. For the most desperate lovers of savings there is Taxi.Minimum.

In St. Petersburg there is carsharing: Yandex.Drive, You Drive, Delimobil and others.

Nevsky Prospekt: 6 main sights

How much does gasoline and parking cost?

A liter of 95 gasoline in St. Petersburg costs an average of 48-49 rubles. In the paid parking zone, one hour of parking costs 100 rubles. At paid parking lots, the price of one hour will be 80-120 rubles.

Rent a bike will cost 100 rubles per hour (for example, Velodrive) or 500-700 rubles per day (for example, Velograd). In the urban bicycle rental system Velogorod one-time trip costs 49 rubles for half an hour. Day subscription costs 129 rubles, monthly – 599 rubles. The subscription includes free rides lasting up to half an hour, then – 49 rubles per half hour.

Where can a tourist stay in St. Petersburg (hotels, apartments)?

Hotels: During the off-season, prices for double rooms in inexpensive hotels and guesthouses start from 600-900 rubles (for example, Zavtra to Peter or Benoit House). At three-star hotels, prices start at 1,300 to 1,700 rubles. In this price category there are many options with rooms without a window or a shared bathroom. Examples of hotels with good reviews and location: Nevsky Mayak, Hotel Gallery, or Apart-Hotel Officer. The most central good options will cost from 2300-3000 rubles (for example Hotel Amigo or Nevsky Grand). In the same price range you can find rooms in four-star hotels (for example, mini-hotel Egoist or Imperial Art Hotel).

In summer, prices are one and a half to two times higher. Summer accommodation is better to book as early as possible, or try your luck on the last day – if there are one or two unoccupied rooms at excellent hotels for the day they will be discounted.

Hostels: during the off-season, prices for shared rooms start at 250 rubles (for example, VAMKNAM). There’s a big selection of hostels in different areas of the center with prices ranging from 250-350 rubles per place and a score of about 8. One of the best hostels in town, Soul Kitchen, offers a place in a common room from 900 rubles. Best value for money at Baby Lemonade (300 meters to Nevsky, rating 9.5 and a place from 600 rubles). In summer prices increase by 100-200 rubles, but in the best hostels – twice as much. Double room will cost from 700 rubles, on average 1500-2000 rubles.

AirBnb: In the off-season, an apartment in the center of the city will cost 1800-2500 rubles, further from Nevsky Prospekt (Petrogradskaya, Vasilevsky Island) in the early booking you can find options from 1000 rubles. A good room will cost 800-1200 rubles. If you book early for the summer, you can find a room for about the same price, and apartments will be 500-1000 rubles more expensive than in the off season.

If you don’t have an AirBnb account, you can get about 5,500 rubles for your first reservation by registering at this link.

Thus, a good budget accommodation in St. Petersburg will cost you 200-1000 rubles per night per person.

How much does it cost to get connected?

If you don’t have a Russian SIM-card, you can buy a Prepaid SIM-card with a package of calls, messages and 10 GB of Internet for 400 rubles (for example, from MTS).

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants?

  • Lunch at a cheap cafe: 250 rubles (for example, in MarketPlace). A selection of inexpensive cafes.
  • Fast food
    • Shawarma from 110 rubles. A selection of establishments.
    • pies and their analogues 130 rubles (for example, at Stoll)
    • a cup of cappuccino 140 rubles (for example, More Coffee!) Map of coffee houses of the third wave.
    • a glass of beer from 150 rubles. A selection of kraft bars and a guide to bars.

    How much does it cost to buy groceries in a supermarket?

    Prices in St. Petersburg for groceries in supermarkets are not much different from those in Moscow. It is cheaper to buy food either in large hypermarkets or in step-by-step supermarkets (Pyaterochka, Dixy).

    How much does entertainment cost?

    There are several free tours in English in St. Petersburg, as well as a variety of themed tours in Russian for donations. If you are willing to pay for an interesting tour, a huge selection is also available on Tripster and Sputnik8.

    • There are two competing companies offering Hop-on-Hop-off bus tours in St. Petersburg. At City-Sightseeing, a ticket for 48 hours will cost 2,550 rubles, for 72 hours – 2,800 rubles, and at RedBuses – 1,774 rubles for 24 hours.
    • Prices for walks on the rivers and canals start at 300 rubles for the day, and from 600 rubles during the opening of the bridges. In general, it is worth comparing prices with competitors before you choose. The farther the start from Nevsky Prospekt and the Palace Embankment, the cheaper it is.
    • The ticket for the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral costs 200 rubles, in the cathedral itself – 350 rubles. From May 1 to September 30 you can visit the bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral for 250 rubles. The ticket to the Cathedral itself costs 550 rubles. In the Evangelical Lutheran Church for a donation you can visit the organ concert.
    • Ride a meteor in Peterhof will cost 800 rubles one way and 1500 rubles there and back. The ticket to the Grand Peterhof Palace and the Lower Park costs 450 rubles.
    • The guest card (St. Petersburg Card) provides public transportation, admission to 80 museums, bus and boat tours. The minimum option is a two-day card for 3,990 rubles.

    How much do souvenirs cost?

    In large souvenir stores, prices are lower than in the souvenir shops on the street. On average, the prices of souvenirs are as follows:

    • Basic souvenirs: postcards about 30 rubles, magnets – 100 rubles, T-shirts – 500 rubles.
    • Special souvenirs: a model of a ship from 250 rubles, a scarf of FC Zenit from 500 rubles.

    St. Petersburg flea markets

    Perhaps the most famous flea market in Russia is located near the Udelnaya metro station. Here you can buy literally everything and always, but the real life can be caught in the warm season on weekends. As a rule, it’s better to come here on Saturday morning.

    In the south-west of the city is Yunona market (35, Marshala Kazakov St., Avtovo subway station), another giant of St. Petersburg street trade.

    Museums of St. Petersburg

    The price policy of museums of St. Petersburg strongly depends on their popularity.

    • The ticket to the main museum complex of the Hermitage costs 500 rubles, the combined with the General Staff – 700 rubles, a ticket to all the museums of the complex for two days – 1020 rubles. Free admission is every third Thursday of the month.
    • A ticket to the Russian Museum costs 550 rubles, a ticket to one of the branches – 450 rubles. A complex ticket for one day for two objects – 1000 rubles.
    • A visit to the Aurora cruiser will cost 400 rubles.
    • A complex ticket to the Peter and Paul Fortress costs 750 rubles.

    A ticket to lesser known museums will cost 150-250 rubles.

    How much more expensive is it in St. Petersburg compared to Moscow?

    St. Petersburg is slightly cheaper than Moscow by all measures. Although the prices of groceries in the supermarket are about the same, the price difference in cafes and restaurants is 16%.

    When to come to St. Petersburg?

    It is worth coming to St. Petersburg for at least a week. In summer, St. Petersburg has higher housing prices, crowds on Nevsky Prospect and lines to museums (especially the Hermitage). Although this time of year St. Petersburg may enjoy good weather and white nights, it can hardly be fully enjoyed.

    But in the summer there are a variety of festivals. Unfortunately, in the rest of the months the number of outdoor events tends to zero, but, for example, there is a theater season. Accordingly, in terms of access to cultural values, the cold season is better suited.

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