How much money to take in China – 2022

Going to China on your own – costs, what you need to know

How much does it cost to vacation in China on your own and what do you need to know? We’ve made a review of travel prices, picked the best hotels and cheap tickets, found out how to apply for a visa. We found ways to get to the country cheaply and looked at other issues that will help you save money when planning a trip on your own.

You don’t have to travel to the Celestial Empire with a travel agency. You can go to China on your own. This country has a rich history, vast territory and friendly ties with Russia. It’s quite possible to plan one or two weeks of vacation in China.

How to get to China on your own?

There are three options:

  • There is a regular bus service between the border areas of Russia and China. For example, a ticket from Zabaikalsk to Manchuria (Manzhouli) costs about 500 rubles. Blagoveshchensk – Heihe, a ticket costs about 1,500 rubles. In winter it is an exciting trip on the ice of the Amur, in summer it is more prosaic, a journey by ferry.

You can go to the Celestial Empire from Kazakhstan. Several buses depart daily from Almaty to Urumqi. There are buses from Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Taldykurgan. The distance is decent, which is why the buses are more comfortable.

  • By train . This option is suitable for those who like long trips. The cost is comparable to a flight by plane, but the travel time is much longer. The train number 43 travels 132 hours, the ticket in a reserved car is 9000 rubles one way. Plus a transit visa to Mongolia, which it crosses. Train #20 travels 145 hours and is even more expensive. The train Almaty – Urumqi is 35 hours away, the ticket is 5,000 rubles. The cost of a return ticket from China may be even more. You can find all the tickets and book a seat in the car directly through
  • The best way is by plane .

How to get to China from Moscow? The largest number of flights to the country depart precisely from Moscow.

Ticket prices to China from Moscow

From Russia to China to get by plane is not difficult, there are many airlines flying here. Among them are budget ones; S7 Airlines, Air Astana, Asia Airlines and companies of VIP class; Emirates, British Airways, American Airlines.

The average price of a round-trip ticket between Moscow and Beijing is 21,000 rubles. The minimum price is 19322 rubles. One way ticket in this direction starts from 9,500 rubles. Return ticket starts from 12000 rubles. The cost depends on the season, departure time, number of transfers, and popularity of the destination. As a rule, the tickets to Beijing are cheaper than tickets to other cities of China.

Moreover, you can buy tickets from Moscow to China during a promotional period of one of the airlines. In this case its cost will be lower by 20-40%. You can find out information about discounts from airlines free of charge by subscribing.

For Siberians, a trip to China on their own may be even cheaper. Vladivostok – Beijing ticket costs from 6500 rubles, Irkutsk – Beijing from 7800 rubles.

Connecting in Beijing: guide to the airport and what to see in the city

It is recommended to buy tickets with Aviasales, it searches through all airlines and really finds advantageous flight options, it’s proved by personal experience.

Hotel prices in China

Room rates in hotels in China vary greatly in metropolitan areas and in smaller cities. Also, prices rise sharply during the holidays and fall afterwards. At the hotel reception you can and should bargain. The exchange rate of the yuan is fairly stable. You should pay 88,12 rubles for 10 yuan.

Consider three options for accommodation in Beijing:

  • Inexpensive. Cost per night per person from 30 to 100 yuan. The pluses – there are a lot of hostels in China, and many are located in the center. As a rule, they are clean, have a washing machine and Internet access. Disadvantages – the hostel can refuse foreigners, or at the reception desk will not be English-speaking administrators.
  • Optimal option. 100-180 yuan. Hotel near the subway, within the second or third ring. You can find hotels located on hot springs. Rooms will be supplied with thermal water.
  • Comfortable accommodation in the city center. From 180 yuan and up.

The site will help you find the best hotels in China for holidays, choose the best location and price. It handles information from sites such as booking, agoda, and many others.

You might be interested in tours to Beijing from St. Petersburg, Moscow, other cities in Russia with the best prices and hotels.

Rent a house in China

You can easily rent private accommodation in China, in all cities there are enough offers from owners. You can rent an apartment or an apartment in Beijing without intermediaries, or contact an agency. Long-term rental housing is more profitable than staying in a hotel, besides, when searching for options, you can easily bargain.

In this way you can get to know China, Chinese cuisine, and understand the Chinese people better. You can find out how much accommodation in China costs at A single room in an apartment will cost from 120 yuan. A good apartment in whole – from 200 yuan. On average, the prices for accommodations in China range from 120 to 400 yuan. If you are renting for a long time, it’s better to invite an interpreter so that you understand all the details of the contract.

Prices for accommodation in China


Visa to China 2022, Documents

A visa to China for Russians is not free of charge. The cost of a single entry tourist visa category L – 3300 rubles, urgent – 4600 rubles. You can execute visa to China independently addressing to the Consulate in Moscow at Druzhba street 6. Consulate website There you can also download a form.

There are branches of consulate in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk. You can apply to one of the visa centers with courier delivery. It will cost more, but you will save time and avoid possible mistakes in processing documents.

Russian citizens can travel without visas for 72 hours if you arrive in Beijing or one of the 14 largest airports in China. You can stay for 144 hours without visas in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. There are nuances in each case.

Love Beijing: 29 Best Sights

It is important to consider that you must depart from the international airport of the city you flew into, and that is to depart. You can not go by train. Second, you must fly into a country other than the one from which you came. Third, if you fly with the animals, they will have to wait for you at the Quarantine Service.

And most importantly, do not leave the city limits. For such a transit visa category G, you will need to apply to the airline when you buy your tickets. Beijing is an exception. There you can get a transit visa directly at the airport.

Two of China’s provinces, Xianggang and Aomyn, have a special status. When you enter them, you are considered to have crossed the border into China. If you decide to return and visit the other provinces, you will need at least a double entry visa costing 6,600 rubles. To visit the island of Taiwan you need to purchase an additional visa. You will need a special pass to visit Tibet. Additional visas and passes can be obtained in any Chinese travel agency.

Documents for visa to China

You will need:

  • A foreign passport and pages from your previous passport with Chinese visas, if any
  • Color photo with light background
  • Return air tickets
  • Hotel reservation for the whole stay or invitation from a private person (organization).

How to get to the center from the airport?

Beijing Capital or Shawdue is the second largest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. It is only twenty kilometers from Beijing. There are several ways to get to the city:

  • By cab . It is enough to go by the arrows to the exit of the terminals. Fares in China and general prices should be discussed with the driver at once. It is advisable to have a printed address or the name of the hotel in Chinese. The fare is 100-200 yuan.
  • By subway . Trains go every ten minutes. The first train leaves from the airport at 6:20, the last one at 23:10. The terminus is the Line 2 branch. The fare is 25 yuan.
  • By bus . There are Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 buses that go to the Aviation Building, Cherry Garden and to the train station respectively. They leave in ten minutes.
  • By bus from the hotel if the transfer is included in your tour.

Check the airport website at for details

How much money to take to China?

Food and meal prices

The cost of food in the capital and the provinces will differ many times over. In a Beijing restaurant, one meal costs an average of 30 yuan, a meal can cost 300 yuan or more. A budget cafe charges from 8 to 16 yuans for a single dish. A portion of sushi, for example, costs 10 yuan. There are a lot of places in Beijing where you can find cuisines from various countries and for different budgets. You can eat at a fast-food restaurant where your bill won’t exceed 50 RMB.

Prices for alcoholic beverages

  • Local beer – up to 8 yuan.
  • Wine – from 24 yuan to 100 yuan and up.

Supermarket groceries (RMB per kilo)

  • meat – from 24
  • poultry – 25-50
  • large sea creatures – from 24
  • shrimps – from 55
  • small fish – 12
  • vegetables – less than 5
  • Fruit – in the 12-25 range.
Trip to China by yourself: how to go and how much it costs

In the numerous markets in China you can buy food cheaper and fresher.

In supermarkets you can also have lunch. A traditional Chinese breakfast of scrambled eggs and 5 dumplings will cost 18 yuan. Tom yum noodle soup or rice with pork will cost the same. Street vendors offer rice cakes, filled rice, or pancakes for as little as 4-5 yuan. Despite the city’s huge population, it is able to feed everyone.

For those who come to China on their own with children, it is better to cook at home. In China love to use spices, in general, Chinese cuisine is very specific.

Flights from Moscow to China

Nanning, Guilin

Cost of traveling to China by yourself

A trip to China on your own for a week will cost 35000-55000 Russian rubles for two people. Or 4000 – 6000 yuan. If you stay in a good hotel, eat in a budget cafe, with daily sightseeing tours around town. The amount does not include the cost of nightlife and additional visas. It could be 200-500 yuan per day per person.

And by the way, if you travel independently, be sure to use travel applications for your smartphone, which will save a lot of time planning your vacation and money.

Perhaps you will be interested to learn about other holiday destinations:

Holidays in China with children at sea

How to save money on a trip? Working tiphacks!

  • We recommend searching for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all the hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
  • Advantageous to insure your health and life while traveling will help service TRIPINSURANCE, the search engine shows the results of all major insurance companies. You need to choose only the most favourable option, but we advise you not to save on your health!
  • Airfare? We advise you to use AVIASALES, it is still the no.1 search engine among independent travelers.

My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

How much money to take to China as a tourist – the prices of food, tours, transportation and fines

Most tourists think that in China everything is so cheap that $100 is enough for any tourist trip. This is not true at all, sometimes the prices in China shock tourists. There is a huge difference in prices in the central and provincial cities of the country. We’re going to talk about all this.

The first item of expenditure is food.

The price of vegetables at a market in Beijing.

The amount of expenses will strongly depend on the level of establishments, where you’re going to eat. If you’ll go to small cafes, you’ll save a lot. Don’t be afraid of small restaurants in China, because the quality of food and its safety is very high. The only thing, be prepared to eat only with chopsticks, no forks in small cafes. By the way, we recommend tourists to take forks and European spoons with them to China.

Red Beach in China

The price for a single dish in such establishments ranges from 10 to 20 yuan. Simple rice dishes are cheaper, beef or pork in sweet and sour sauce is more expensive. Typically, a lunch or dinner for two people costs 50 RMB. These prices are valid for Beijing or Shanghai. In provincial cities, feel free to reduce these prices by a factor of 1.5 or 2.

If you prefer a restaurant, a lunch or dinner for two people will cost 100 yuan. But here you will be given a fork, the range of Chinese dishes will be several times wider, and the menu will include European dishes.

The second item of expenditure – excursions and entrance tickets

Great Wall of China Tickets

Many attractions in China can be seen for free. No one will charge you for being on the Weitang promenade or walking through the Wangfujing market. Even the Shanghai Museum can be visited for free. Most of the time, admission tickets cost 10 or 20 yuan, a symbolic amount. Sometimes the prices are higher, for example you have to pay 45 yuan to enter the Great Wall of China or 40 yuan to enter the Forbidden City.

We are not going to talk about the prices of sightseeing tours in detail on this page, but limit ourselves to the reference to the article “Excursions in Beijing,” where we have analyzed prices and types of tour programs in detail.

The third item of expenditure is transportation

The most convenient way to get around cities in China is by subway. In Beijing subway ticket price is 2 yuan, in Shanghai subway – 3 yuan and more, the exact cost will depend on the distance. In other Chinese cities the prices are similar to Shanghai.

The Express ticket from Beijing airport costs 25 yuan.

Cabs in China are quite cheap. It uses the principle that you pay a certain amount for getting in and then for each kilometer. The first fee is now 13 yuan (note: this article was written in early 2015), and about 1.5 yuan must be paid for each kilometer of the route. The cost of such a ride through cities in China turns out to be several times cheaper than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

It is necessary to tell separately about the prices for trains from airports, because they are somewhat higher. From Beijing airport to the city will cost 25 yuan, and the Shanghai Maglev train from the airport will cost 50 yuan.

The fourth expense item is hotels.

Of course we recommend booking an apartment in advance as there may simply not be any rooms available at the right time. If you just want to use a room for the night, a room in a 3-star hotel will cost from $30 to $50. For $100 you can stay in a great 4-star hotel in the city center.

It is best to choose a hotel near the sights you want to see. Read our articles “The most convenient hotels in Beijing” and “The most convenient hotels in Shanghai”.

Reviews of tourists about Sanya . Holiday Prices - 2022

Where and how to change money in China

It is forbidden to pay with dollars or euros in China, although in some markets they are willingly accepted. You have to change money in any case. The best way is to do it at the Bank of China, and we’ve written a detailed manual about it. As for Russian rubles, it makes no sense to take them to China. Only one market in Beijing specializes in trading with the Russians, and they accept rubles here – it’s Yabaolu Market.

Many Russian tourists are surprised: how is the exchange rate in a state-owned bank better than in commercial banks? Get used to it, in many countries the word “state” means taking care of people, not “ripping people off” as we are used to.

Mobile communications – if you don’t want to use roaming

China Mobile office, where you can buy a SIM card.

You can buy a SIM card in China and call home much cheaper. Russian operators’ roaming communication tariffs are exorbitant, and the Chinese SIM card is several times cheaper. You can buy a SIM at any market, in stalls or in any salon of cellular communication, of course, if you can explain to Chinese what you need.

A minute of conversation with Moscow in the operator China Mobile will cost about 1 yuan. Now, almost all SIMs sold in China have the ability to use international calls, enabled “by default. We have analyzed this problem in more detail in the article “Calls from China”.

Souvenirs and gifts

It’s difficult to talk about them, because a magnet costs one amount, and very expensive gifts are quite another. Let’s talk about the most popular souvenirs from China.

You can buy a magnet for 1 yuan apiece. Of course, you can’t see these numbers on the price tag, you have to bargain. But it is possible to bargain down to 1 yuan, we have done it personally and successfully more than once.

A tea pack weighing 0.5 kilo costs from 50 yuans and more. If you want to buy an expensive set in a beautiful package, prepare at least 200 yuans, better 400 yuans. A beautiful fan can be bought for 20 yuan or more. A shirt with colorful knots instead of buttons can be purchased for 100 yuan.

We hope you were able to get an idea of the cost of souvenirs in China from these figures.


The Chinese police never sleep.

They are there, but we have never seen or heard of anyone charging them to tourists. Not a single such case happened to us or our acquaintances.

In theory, the fines in China are very substantial. For smoking in a wrong place in Beijing you have to pay 5000 yuan, which won’t make anyone happy.

Therefore, we don’t recommend allocating any amount for fines, but just keep a close eye on your behavior. Don’t smoke in buildings unless you’re sure it’s okay to do so. Don’t throw trash. Do not be in a public place while intoxicated, although with the help of alcoholic drinks of China it is rather problematic to do so.

We wish you not to waste money, and read our page about China (links below).

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