How much money to take to India – 2022

Holiday Prices in Goa – 2022: food, tours, rentals

We tell you about the prices of holidays in Goa in 2022: how much it costs to eat in restaurants and groceries in supermarkets, what the prices of rental housing and transport, tours, tours, clothes.

At the end of the article we give information about when it is cheaper to vacation in Goa (depending on the tourist season).

All prices are current at the time of updating the article.

The exchange rate of the ruble and Indian rupees are about the same. Roughly speaking, the price in Indian rupees is equal to the price in rubles .

How much does it cost to get to India?

The cheapest way to fly to Goa is from Moscow; a little more expensive is from St. Petersburg. The prices for tickets with a flight from the regions may be higher by 20000-30000 rubles.

The cost of the flight depends largely on the tourist season in the region. Goa is especially popular with tourists in December, January and February. During these months tickets to India from Moscow cost the most – about 35000-40000 rubles for a ticket “round trip”.

The cost of tickets to Goa for New Year’s Eve may go up to 50 000-60000 rubles: this is due to the large flow of tourists who go to India to celebrate the New Year.

The lowest prices for tickets to Goa are in September, October and November. The average cost is 27000-29000 rubles.

You can check the current prices of flights to Goa using the calendar below. Clicking on a particular month will open a window with prices for each specific date.

Food prices in Goa – 2022

How much does it cost to eat at a restaurant

In 2022, food prices at restaurants in Goa are quite low. Restaurants in Goa specialize in Indian vegetarian cuisine as well as European, American, international and others.

Approximate cost of dishes in India (international restaurants):

  • Soups – 120-150 rupees. For example, chicken puree soup – 150 rupees.
  • Seafood dishes- Rs. 320-550
  • Meat and chicken dishes – Rs. 250-400, pork cutlets – Rs. 350, chicken steak – Rs. 320, Beef Stroganoff – Rs. 350
  • spaghetti bolognese – 300 rupees
  • salads – Rs 120 – 350, Greek salad – Rs 250
  • desserts – Rs 100-140
  • pastries – Rs 100-120
  • ice-cream – Rs 100
  • fizzy drinks – Rs 30
  • fresh juices – Rs 120
  • coffee – 100 rupees
  • tea – Rs 30

The average bill in such restaurants in Goa is 1200-1600 rupees for two.

Food prices in Goa 2022

Photo: Indian cuisine © Blondinrikard Froberg / If you have a positive attitude to the local cuisine, you can simultaneously save money: in cafes and restaurants Indian cuisine prices for food are lower (sometimes – in half):

  • breakfast – 50-110 rupees (for example, boiled eggs, toast with jam or toast with butter are 40 rupees each)
  • Vegetable dishes Rs 80-120
  • chicken and meat dishes Rs 150-220
  • fish dishes Rs 130-200
  • rice dishes Rs 90-100
  • soups – Rs 60-100
  • salads – Rs 60-70
  • sandwiches – Rs 30-70
  • Freshly squeezed juices – Rs 60
  • fruit shakes – Rs 30-90
  • tea – 25-40 rupees
  • coffee – 30-50 rupees
  • desserts-50-100 rupees
Holidays in Goa with children - 2022. Best Hotels and Beaches

The average bill for two in Indian restaurants in Goa usually does not exceed 500 rupees.

Fast Food

Relatively inexpensive in Goa, you can eat in fastfoods – the cost of dishes there is about the same as in Russia. For example, in 2022, the prices in Goa for food in KFC are as follows:

  • burger with fries and Pepsi – 179 rubles
  • vegetable twister with potatoes and a drink -149 rubles
  • Crispy chicken legs with french fries and Pepsi – 215 rubles
  • Rice with corn – 59 roubles
  • Rice with chicken – 95 rubles
  • Rice with fish – 119 rubles
  • Chicken, Rice, Pepsi and Gravy – 175 rubles
  • desserts – 16-65 rubles

Groceries in supermarkets and stores in Goa

There are few supermarkets in the usual sense of the word in Goa. The most famous and popular are Oxford and Orchad Stores in Anjuna, Newton’s and Delfinos in Candolim, AJ Supermarket in Siolim.

Note: in supermarkets in India, the price of products is usually written on the back of each item/pack; price tags on the shelves are rare.

Much more common in India are small grocery stores. Sometimes they also have household goods.

Product / Price Rupees Dollars Rubles
Milk, 1 liter ₹ 44 $0,66 44 ₽
Bread, 0,5 kg ₹ 33 $0,49 33 ₽
Rice (1 kg) ₹ 53 $0,79 53 ₽
Eggs (10 pieces) ₹ 45 $0,67 45 ₽
Cheese, 1 kg ₹ 383 $5,73 384 ₽
Chicken fillet, 1 kg ₹ 193 $2,89 194 ₽
Tiger shrimp, 1 kg ₹ 400 $5,98 401 ₽
Tomatoes ₹ 36 $0,54 36 ₽
Potatoes ₹ 29 $0,43 29 ₽
Cucumbers, 1 kg ₹ 38 $0,57 38 ₽
1.5 liter bottle of water ₹ 29 $0,43 29₽
0.5 liter bottle of wine ₹ 550 $8,23 551 ₽
Local beer 0.5 liter ₹ 58 $0,87 58 ₽
Marlboro cigarettes ₹ 135 $2,02 135 ₽

Useful video on the cost of groceries in Goa in 2022:

Alcohol prices

Alcohol is not available in all regions of India, but it is in Goa that it is sold freely.

  • Absolut 750 ml vodka. – 1750 rupees
  • Bacardi rum 750 ml. – 495 rupees
  • 330 ml Heineken beer. – Rs. 137
  • local beer Goa Kings 330ml. – Rs. 60
  • Jack Daniels Whisky 750ml. – Rs. 4659

How much does fruit cost?

The cost of fruit in India can vary depending on the season. Below is the cost of fruit in Goa (per 1 kg):

  • apples – Rs. 100-140
  • bananas – 50 rupees
  • oranges – 82 rupees
  • watermelons – 20 rupees
  • pineapples – 30 rupees
  • coconuts – 30 rupees
  • lemons – 180 rupiah
  • grapes – 50-100 rupees
  • guava – Rs 60

Clothing costs in India

Cost of clothes in brand stores in Goa:

  • jeans – Rs 2,540
  • Zara store dress – Rs 2660
  • Adidas, Nike sports shoes – Rs 3600
  • men’s leather shoes – Rs 4630
  • Bermuda shorts – Rs 900
  • T-shirts from Rs 750

If the brand is not important to you, you can buy many things in the market for a lower price.

Prices for clothes in the markets:

  • T-shirts – 300 rupees
  • men’s shorts – Rs 400
  • swimsuit- 500 rupees
  • strappy shirts – Rs 100
  • dress at the market – 300-500 rupees
  • women’s pants – Rs 250-400
  • long skirts – Rs 300-400
  • women’s shorts – Rs 250
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Excursions and Activities


Below are the prices of the most popular excursions according to tourist reviews:

  • Goa sightseeing tour – 2,000 rupees. The program includes a visit to Old Goa, temples, spice plantation, zoo, elephant ride.
  • Sacred sites of Hinduism – 3000 rupees. Trip to the neighboring state of Karanataka, visiting the most famous temples, including the statue of Goddess Shiva.
  • Trip to Hampi – 6,700 rupees. The trip to the temple complex winds through mountain jungle and forests.
  • Karnataka state sightseeing tour – Rs. 8,400. The tour takes you to the ancient Badami Fort, the temples of Pattadakala, Aihole, and the Muslim city of Bijapur.
  • Boat tour on the Chapore River – Rs. 1340. The tour includes visits to Indian villages and temples, learning about the life and traditions of the local population.

Prices on the beach

Below are the prices for entertainment, equipment rental, food and clothing at the beach:

  • umbrella rental – 150 rupees
  • Sun lounger rental – Rs. 100
  • pareo – 100 rupees

You can buy a variety of goods and food from vendors on the beach. Examples of fruit prices: pineapple, 60 rupees; coconut, 30 rupees; mango, 40 rupees.

Massages and other activities

  • ayurvedic massage – Rs. 500
  • Thai massage – Rs. 950
  • acupuncture – Rs. 750
  • relaxation – Rs 400
  • foot massage – Rs 750
  • full body massage – Rs 900
  • yoga class – Rs 300-400
  • photo shoot – Rs. 800
  • 1 day Indian cooking class – Rs 2,500

Transport and bike rental

There are many ways to get around in Goa.

Public transportation includes buses that run between neighboring towns and villages.

Commercial modes of transportation include cabs without meters and auto-rickshaws. Motorcycle cabs, whose drivers are called “pilots,” are especially popular.

Renting bikes

It is convenient to travel around India (and Goa in particular) by scooter. You can rent a bike anywhere, even in the villages. The price ranges from 200 to 300 rupees a day – depending on the type of bike and the season.

If you rent a bike for a longer period, you get a discount. You can get a discount for a one-month rental which costs between 4,000 and 6,000 rupees.

If you are directly interested in motorcycles:


Buses are the cheapest means of transportation in Goa. The cost of the trip is 10 rupees for 2 to 3 kilometers.

Bus stops are everywhere. You can see the list of stops on the front of the bus.

The cheapest way to get from the airport to your destination is by bus. On average, a cab ride from the airport to Panaji by bus costs 45 rupees and by cab about 670 rupees.


If you are alone and in a hurry to go somewhere, you can catch a motorcycle cab. You can always bargain about the price of transportation with the driver. The government has set a cost of Rs. 5 for the first kilometer and Rs. 2.5 for the next.

Holidays in Goa - 2022: tips, reviews, beach reviews

Auto-rickshaws and cabs do not have meters, so you may be charged more than the actual cost of the trip. The government has set the official price for rides at Rs. 7 per kilometer for cabs and Rs. 8 for auto-rickshaws. But as a rule, drivers do not follow it.

The cost of accommodation

The cost of housing in India depends on the tourist season and the distance from the sea. Also on the price affects the condition and equipment of the rooms.

How to find a cheap accommodation while traveling? It’s easy to do with the help of Hotellook – it compares hotel prices in all online booking systems, allowing you to find the best deals.

Hotels and hotels

Beach hotels 2-3 stars with breakfast can be booked for 1900 rubles per day. For example, an excellent hotel in Arambola Hill Rock (from 2,600 rubles).

A good four-star resort hotel on the first or second line starts at 3,900 rubles a day. Good reviews get Zense Resort in Candolim, from which you can walk to the beach in 15 minutes.

Another good four-star hotel according to tourists is Sandalwood Hotel & Retreat. Rooms with breakfast cost from 4000 rubles. The beach is a 6-minute walk away.

Luxury five-star hotels with breakfast can be booked at a price of 5900 rubles per day. One of the most popular of these hotels is Deltin Suites 5 *.

How much does it cost to eat in Goa in 2022

Photo: breakfast at the hotel on Palolem Beach © Christian Haugen /


The cost of accommodation for a day starts at 500 rubles, the room has everything you need to live (table, bed, toilet, shower).

An excellent option, according to the reviews of tourists, is Swati Guest House. Bungalow with a view of the sea can be booked for 760 rubles. The beach is only 3 minutes away on foot.

A popular guesthouse in Arambol near the beach is Casa Arambol. The price of a double room per night starts at 1,200 rubles.

Guest houses with a pool, which are located on the beach can be booked for 1400 rubles per day. Excellent option according to the ratings of tourists-Casa Almeida Guest House in Candolim.

Apartments and Houses for Rent

Inexpensive and good options for private apartments and houses in Goa can be found on the site Airbnb – the world’s largest site for renting apartments and villas without intermediaries (when you register at the link above – 2100 rubles discount for the first trip).

Examples of prices for private accommodation in Goa:

  • house with a pool – from 2480 rubles per day
  • house without a pool – from 1400 rubles per day
  • Villa with three bedrooms – for 3400 rubles.
  • Apartment near the beach – from 1050 rubles

Tours in Goa: Prices 2022

Many tourists prefer to buy tours to Goa, because Russian citizens need a visa to enter the country.

Cheap tours in India are easiest to find through the search engines Travelate and they compare the cost of tours in all major tour operators, allowing you to find inexpensive options.

How much does it cost?

As of January 2022 the minimum price for a tour for two people for a week from Moscow starts from 43000 rubles for 1-2 star hotels and from 53000 rubles for 3+ star hotels.

What to bring from India - prices for gifts and souvenirs

For example, a 7-night tour to the Resort Marinha Dourada can be booked for 61200 rubles. The price includes accommodation, breakfast, flight, insurance and transfer.

The cost of tours in the hotels of four stars starts from 82000 rubles. For example, a trip for two people to a great hotel reviews guests The Ocean Park in northern Goa costs 90,000 rubles for 7 nights.

The cost of tickets for the New Year begins with 137000 rubles for two in hotels 2 to 3 stars. If you are planning to celebrate the New Year at the resort, then book a tour on the early booking campaign.

Goa tours for two people price all inclusive 2022

Photo: beach in Goa, India © Ian D. Keating /

The cost of all-inclusive tours.

In 2022, the price of all-inclusive tours to Goa for two starts at 113,000 rubles. For example, a trip to the chic five-star hotel Radisson Goa Candolim costs 113400 rubles for 7 nights.

Discounted Tours

If you don’t want to overpay for a tour and are ready to sneak off unexpectedly to Goa, we recommend looking for last minute tours. Great deals can be found here:

Seasonality of prices in Goa

The tourist season in Goa opens in October and lasts until April.

The high tourist season starts in December and lasts until early May. During this time, the prices of tours, hotels, air tickets are kept at a high level (as compared to the summer months).

Prices peak at the end of December and beginning of January due to the Christmas and New Year vacations.

Prices for accommodation, flights and tours in Goa go down in low season – from May to November. During this time, the resort is very hot and often receives heavy rains.

Prices in Goa in 2022

The cost of products, goods and services in the developed tourist areas of Goa in 2022.

  • Exchange rates: 1 US$ = 64.1 ₽ = 77.4 ₹ ( Indian rupee ).

May 13, 2022 100 ₹ = 82.8 ₽

  • Do they change Russian rubles? 60% of all foreign tourists are Russians, but they don’t exchange rubles almost anywhere, and if they do, it’s at a very unfavorable rate.
  • Can I pay in Goa in any other currency? It is rare if an institution or a merchant will accept a currency different from Indian.


  • Where to change currency, if you suddenly have it (starting from places with the most favorable exchange rate for the tourist):
  1. In small shops with a sign Money Exchange, in souvenir or shoe stores;
  2. Money Exchange (mainly in Goa’s capital, Panaji);
  3. Some supermarkets (even small stores in Goa are called supermarkets).
  4. Banks;
  5. At hotels;
  6. At the airport.
  • You can pay in rubles at a cross-rate of ₽ to ₹ for all tours of the “Rossiyanka” travel agency either on a Sbera or Tinkoff Bank card or in cash in transport.


Meals in ₹ (Indian rupees)

18000 – per month for 1 person, if you cook only at home; 300 – 1 kg of beef or pork; 450 – 1 kg of small king prawns; 500 – 1 kg of kingfish; 650 – 1 kg of red snapper or pomfret; 50 – 1 kg of potatoes; 70 – 1 kg of carrots; 110 – 1 kg of grapes; 55 – 1 papaya or pineapple 50 – coconut for juice, 1 piece; 600 – can of Danish ham, 500 g; 500 – imported cheese, 150 g; 250 – local cheese from buffalo milk, 150 g; 35 – cow’s milk 2-3 %, 0.5 l.

  • in a hot climate the appetite is much less;
  • local alcoholic beverages are of very high quality;
  • in restaurants of 5* hotels the prices including tax and service are almost 2 times higher than in cafes (sheks) on the beach;
  • for renting an apartment in Goa during the New Year period (2 weeks) there is always a surcharge on the monthly fee (about ₹ 18000 );
  • The daily fee for renting a moped or motorcycle between December 29 and January 2 is tripled).
What to Try in India

If you buy alcohol in the store: 85 – beer 0.650 l; 500-850 – Sula wine 0.75 l; 195 – Old Monk rum 0.75 l or port 0.75 l; 200-350 – local vodka 1 l.


Indian coins and bills, photo

Prices in restaurants in ₹

1600 – average restaurant bill for two; 1100 – a portion of tiger prawns (3 pcs.) with side dish; 19 00 – medium sized lobster; 1600 – grilled sea bass of medium size; 170 – vegetable or fruit salad; 130 – fresh juice: watermelon, pineapple, mandarin (the menu says orange); 75 – Goan bread flatbread from tandoori oven with cheese, oil and garlic (naan).

Travel and rental at ₹

25 – one-time bus fare within the state; 2000 – open Jeep rental per day; 5000 – moped rental per month; 250 – moped rental per day; 10000 – motorcycle rental per month; 400 – motorcycle rental per day.

Read more about moped or motorcycle rentals in Goa.

100 – 1 litre of petrol; 700 – 1 tank of moped = 7 litres = 315 km for a journey alone and 215 km for two. If the moped is older than 4 years, the consumption will be higher. A motorcycle is always 30% more economical. All calculations are made personally.

Bribe on the road in ₹

400-1000 – with a violation of the rules (no international license or helmet) and with a minute bargain (the more police officers at the moment were at the post, the more expensive – divided by all); 300-900 – with a violation and a 15-minute bargain.

Rent of a good apartment

at peak times in November – March, on average (with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, 1-2 balconies, no air conditioning, including utilities, subject to contract with the owner directly for a period of 1 month):

20000 – 4 line from the sea (2.5 – 4 km); 23000 – 3 line from the sea (1 – 2.5 km); 28000 – 2 line from the sea (300 m – 1 km); 35000 – 1 line (up to 300 m) .

Excursions to Goa with “The Russian Woman” We’ll start the new season on October 15, 2022

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Visit the Taj Mahal.

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Let’s go even if there are only two in the group for ₹ 27,000 including airfare from Goa and hotel. 1 day and 1 night.

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