How to book a hotel/lodging in the Crimea by yourself in 2022

How to book accommodation in the Crimea on your own

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How to book lodging in the Crimea on your own

The popularity of holidays on the peninsula is growing. Tourists want to quickly and easily reserve a hotel or a guesthouse which they like. Traveller Roman tells about how to book an accommodation in the Crimea on your own. Quickly and easily do it on the website and app TVIL.RU: ads are placed by the owners, tourists can cancel for free, but we advise you to read the rules of cancellation in advance.

How to book lodging in the Crimea on your own

I went to the Crimea to have a rest on July 17. The sea is of little interest – swam once. I visited Gurzuf, to walk in the mountains, admire the vineyards, and Ayu-Dag. Trip conceived an April, knowing that in a hurry to book a passing version will not be.

Tourists look for an apartment on arrival, I do not understand them. The approach has many disadvantages. You come to a foreign city, you have no roof over your head. Worse, if the evening comes, you have children with you. You will have to search for an apartment, surf the Internet, forums, call the owners. If you take this approach – I recommend arriving well before the evening. Tourists do this to save money – they have to hurry to check into expensive hotels or rooms that have kept the Soviet past. Below I will tell you how to book lodging in the Crimea on your own.

I looked for an apartment upon arrival only once. It was Sevastopol. I would not say that was a negative experience – I found a suitable option in 20 minutes. But it turned out to be impractical. I didn’t like the feeling: I arrived with money for a vacation, and instead of checking into a hotel, I was running around Sevastopol. The sun is burning, looking for a house, asking cab drivers. My wife with the kids, luggage left in a cafe under the air conditioning. It was ill-conceived, so do not do so again – do not recommend it.

In the early days of tourist life, looking for lodging online bulletin boards, a couple of times fell for the scammers, the benefit of prepayment is small. So tried all possible options, stopped at the online booking with the help of services with a positive reputation.

The route on the Crimea: a great journey

Tourists are afraid to book your favorite accommodation of the Crimea, because a lot of cheaters. Those who decide, as a rule, stumble upon unscrupulous landlords, unverified online services, transfer the prepayment, losing money in this way, as it happened to me. After such a person avoids booking online in advance. I, fortunately, did not avoid.

Why do I use online booking? It’s convenient: you have information about the guesthouse, the hotel, and quality photos at your fingertips. All of this is important: this way the kids are protected, they have something to entertain themselves with. You can close the card with the object that you don’t like, choose another option from the list.


The best offers are in short supply, booked in advance. I’ve encountered this more than once. When planning a trip, if you visit online services 2-3 days before departure, you will see average, bad options for accommodations. What to do about it? Looking for 3-4 months before the trip, do not procrastinate in booking: found a suitable cottage – booked immediately.

How to book lodging in the Crimea on your own 2022.

There are a lot of proposals on the online market. Those who choose a hotel or an apartment online for the first time get lost in the great amount of variants and information.

In TVIL.RU, which I use for booking, stayed in Sudak in the guest house “Aquatel”, Koktebel – hotel “Kokteville”, Yalta – Hotel Sun Ray. The choice is huge, the proposals are structured, look at the site.

Decide what suits you: an apartment, a guest house, a room. To find a hotel in the Crimea in TVIL.RU, specify the city, the dates of your trip, and who will go with you. Choose “Hotels and mini-hotels” with “Filter” on the right. The search site will give you the options you like. Choose the one you like.

What to do when you find an accommodation that you like

Since we are talking about the Crimea, check if the distance to the sea from the hotel is really as indicated – sometimes people make a mistake. When I did not know how to book lodging in the Crimea on their own, I often came across such mistakes. On TVIL.RU I do this by clicking on the inscription: “Show on the map. There, choose a ruler.

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To check it, I look at reviews. TVIL.RU allows you to do this in the hotel card by swiping down. This booking service likes the fact that there are real reviews on the accommodation, you will often find tips for holidaymakers. A lot of useful information.

Under the “Reviews” section, look for “Places near” . The owners indicate the distance to the store, cafe, beach, pharmacy, parking. When I go on vacation with children, I check where you can take them for a walk, what cafes, restaurants nearby.


Look at online maps to the hotel address, turn on “Panorama” to see what the hotel looks like, what the roads are like, what the surroundings are like. It is important if you have a car, if you are far from the sea, you should understand what road you have to take. Use this advice if you go on vacation with a child under 3 years – you will need a stroller, to walk with her need normal sidewalks. I recommend this tip to see if the hotel is at a height, if there are mountains nearby.

What is TVIL.RU

I have been using TVIL.RU for 2 years. This is an online booking website where the owners list their houses and hotels. I like the fact that there are no intermediaries who do not own the accommodation but take a percentage for supposedly finding tenants. It saves a lot of time – I don’t have to double-check if the person really is the owner of this cottage. I like the fact that the prices on the site indicate the owners, TVIL.RU does not take a commission and payment from tourists. There you can cancel your reservation for free.

I chose TVIL.RU because it is a very reliable service and has been working for 13 years. There is a huge selection – I am looking for hotels, hostels, and apartments of varying price and quality. I was not mistaken with this service: I often see them mentioned by RIA Novosti, Channel One, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kommersant, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and RBC Izvestia.


Why booking at TVIL.RU is convenient

TVIL.RU has convenient navigation. Aggregators of hotels offer only this type. At TVIL.RU you will find options from rooms to villas. If you do not know how to book lodging in the Crimea on your own, visit the site – it’s done. In the filter I put the number of rooms, the price range, the distance to the dining room. They have a lot of filters.

Private sector in Feodosia without intermediaries. Prices - 2022


Like this site feature “Show on the map all the options” – I click on the map above the list. I see options that are closer to attractions or beaches. I write to the owner of the house, which are interested, because there are situations: the ad is valid for August, but in fact the owner has left. So ask questions to the owners. In TVIL.RU you can do it when convenient, click on the button “Write the owner. , type a message.


When you book an accommodation, they will send you an email voucher. It is written there dates, cost, the necessary information. Some people print the voucher, but I save it on the phone and show the electronic version, when you check in.

How is it better than Booking, other services and private individuals?

TVIL.RU does not have that, like Booking, where you rent only for three days or more. I do not understand this approach, because cut off a large segment of tourists – those who go for a weekend and who do not know how to book an apartment in the Crimea on their own. TVIL.RU also like the fact that I can see if there are still free rooms. Other services often have problems: booked, left the prepayment, and the owner cancels the reservation, because there are no rooms. You have to look urgently and frantically for a new apartment or hotel. And now imagine that you have confirmed everything, reached the Crimea, and there is no free room. An unpleasant situation. In addition, hotels, guest houses, which are assigned to you through Booking, do not guarantee a free parking space.

In addition, in early 2022, Booking now only allows guests to book a room for one adult, which fits the typical needs of business travelers. In addition, they’ve turned off the ability to re-sign with Crimean owners to reduce the risk of vacation bookings being made under the guise of booking a business trip. Booking first imposed restrictions on Crimean accommodations in 2018. Since then, travelers could only make hotel reservations if they indicated that their purpose was business travel. (Source: Interfax-Tourism).

This is another absurd chip that I don’t understand. Although tourists report that even in this way it is not possible to find accommodation in the Crimea. TVIL.RU does not create any obstacles – you want accommodation in the Crimea, they provide it to you.

Booking through TVIL.RU is profitable – the service does not increase the price by 20%, as Booking does. As I said before, the prices are set by the owners of accommodation.

About private individuals: it is more profitable to use TVIL.RU. Private individuals prefer to rent an apartment for more than 14 days, they do not like “overnight guests”. In addition, turning to private individuals, you spend a lot of time, there is no guarantee that the proposed option will suit you. This is a lottery. I’ve heard some misinformation when I was dealing with private sellers: they offer a room by the sea for 600 rubles, and then I find out that it is a per-person rate, not the first line, it is much more expensive. Imagine having to lug your luggage around the city in the daytime, when it’s +40 outside.

Yusupovsky Palace

We told you how to book lodging in the Crimea on your own 2022, what to consider how best to do it. Booking a place to stay online saves time and money indirectly. Try this method.

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Booking a hotel in the Crimea on Bookings (2022)

Greetings! How to book accommodation in Crimea through Booking in 2022 after new restrictions are introduced. The system again refuses to work with Crimean hotels. Of course, you can choose another service, without problems go through the whole procedure of booking and wait for the cherished vacation. But sometimes it happens that just on Buking the most acceptable variant of a hotel or a guest-house is found.

In March 2022, Booking will no longer work with Russian hotels.

booking com perestala rabotat s otelyami kryma

How to book accommodation in Crimea via Booking in 2022

The reason for not booking through is well-known – sanctions. And if the Crimeans are not used to these restrictions, for residents of other regions such actions caused inconvenience.

“The official response from the service is that it has to comply with the EU trade sanctions against Crimea because it is based in the Netherlands. Under the sanctions, is not allowed to offer any services directly related to tourism activities in Crimea. While business travelers can still book lodging options in Crimea, any reviews they share could be misconstrued by authorities as saying that is offering travel services in the region,” Interfax

To book lodging in Crimea via a Booking form, all one had to do was check the “I travel for work” box under the main booking form.

Screenshot 3

After that all Crimean accommodations registered in the system appeared.

Screenshot 4

Since December 2021 a new checkbox appears at the time of booking and it looks threatening.

How to have a cheap rest in the Crimea - 7 secrets


Do not worry, no one from the service representatives do not care why you are going to the Crimea, put a mark. The next step is to go to the page for payment. Only the system will throw you back and give an error, if accommodation is booked for two or more people.

It is laid in the functionality of Bukings – if you agree that the trip is planned solely for business purposes, then you should not have other people with you. Of course there is no logic, but you can’t argue with the program.

There is one way out, and it works. Make a reservation for an adult, indicate your e-mail and this phone number. With these contacts, you will contact the hotel manager or owner of the hotel, and then you can tell how many people you need lodging.

Crimean hoteliers have already begun to give you clues to the names.


I hope I explained clearly. Go to the main page of and try.

If you don’t find anything that fits, look for it on .

Problem solved for those who book verified accommodation in the Crimea. But what about those who make their choice based on the reviews of hotel visitors?

I can advise a popular service TripAdvisor (TripAdvisor), which has reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, myself use it for a long time. The minus is that the reviews are not for all accommodations in the Crimea. Reviews on Trivago and Ostrovok, as published from tripadvisor.

Screenshot 6

If there is new information on booking Crimean hotels through, I will supplement this article.

There are bad bookings of Crimean hotels. About this I wrote here.

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