How to get from Rome to Milan – all ways

How to get from Milan to Rome and from Rome to Milan

There are several ways to get from Rome to Milan. If we talk only about the most popular of them are plane, train, bus and rented car. Each method has its own nuances, convenience and budget. Where possible, we will provide links to additional services that can help make travel cheaper or easier. At BlogoItaliano, when traveling between Rome and Milan, we most often prefer the train. So that’s where we’ll start.

From Rome to Milan by train

A few years ago, the duration of the trip from Milan to Rome by train was 5-6 hours. However, improving the rail service in Italy has reduced travel time by almost 2 times, making it possible to get from Milan to Rome and to overcome almost 600 km route in just 3 hours.

High-speed trains leave from the main train station Milano Centrale almost hourly between 6 am and 8:20 pm, arriving in the Italian capital at the central station Roma Termini.

There are stops in Bologna and Florence along the way, but there is no need to get off or change trains before arriving in Rome. Buy tickets for the Milan-Rome (Rome-Milan) express train can be done both online and through ticket offices at the station.

Express trains run the distance from Rome to Milan in a few hours.

For those who have had experience buying at an Italian train station in high season, the first option may seem much more convenient, because it avoids the long lines and communication with staff who do not always speak English.

In addition, pricing on the railroads in Italy is such that the closer the date of travel, the more expensive the ticket. Thus, tickets bought at the station on the day of departure are usually the most expensive.

Finally, it should be taken into account that the Rome-Milan route is considered one of the most popular in Italy. As a consequence, on the day of departure tickets for some flights may well be completely sold out .

Even more often there are situations where all the tickets are sold out in economy class, and to leave, you have to take a more expensive one. And such a surcharge – taking into account the distance and the base price of the ticket – can be quite substantial. More about this – in our video below:

Tickets for the Milan-Rome express train can be purchased through the online service and will cost from 65 euros per person in first class and from 40 euros in second class, respectively (2022).

In order to buy a ticket, you will need a bank card, and the travel document itself will come by e-mail as a PDF file immediately after purchase. The entire purchase process rarely takes more than 15 minutes.

And few people know that when you buy tickets Milan-Rome with Omio, you can save up to 20% of their normal price. You just need to sign up for the service using a special link-invitation, and you will get a discount of 10 Euros on your first purchase of more than 40 Euros.

BlogoItaliano has described this method in detail in a separate article How to get 10 euros discount on trains in Italy in 5 minutes.

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Italy’s main train station – Roma Termini

Regardless of whether you buy your ticket online or at the station ticket office, in Italy it is always worth checking whether an additional reservation is required. If your ticket indicates the carriage and the seat on the train, no additional reservation is required.

By the way, one important advantage of is that all costs associated with buying a ticket on the fast train are already included in its cost.

That is, at the station you do not need to bother with either reserving a seat or punching a ticket. It remains only to get on the train and travel.

Note: if you buy a ticket for a Regionale class train, regardless of where you bought it, you may need both a reservation and a punching of the ticket.

From Milan to Rome by plane

As we noted above, both cities are home to Italy’s largest airports, Malpensa in Milan and Fiumicino in Rome. This, in turn, means that it is likely to find tickets from Milan to Rome, as well as from Rome to Milan at a fairly “tasty” price.

The flight from Milan to Rome usually takes an hour and a half, depending on which airport you use and what plane you’re flying.

For orientation, the cost of low-cost flight starts from 25 euros and takes about 75 minutes. At the same time a similar flight, but by a regular airline, usually costs 50-60 Euros one way.

Ryan Air flies from Bergamo airport

Also fly from Milan to Rome is possible and Ryanair, where from time to time you can find tickets even for 20 euros per one way. The latter flies from Orio al Serio airport (Bergamo) to Ciampino airport in Rome.

Despite the apparent convenience, there are nuances. The first is that the airports are outside the cities. And that means you’ll need to spend money on travel to them, which are not as cheap as you’d like.

The second point is that the “good” price usually applies to tickets purchased well in advance. If you are planning a trip in the coming weeks, and especially in the summer, it will not be easy to find cheap Rome-Milan-Rome airline tickets.

The third point has to do with the length of the trip. Given the need to travel between cities and airports, as well as to perform pre-flight formalities, it risks being longer than the train journey described earlier.

If you decide to check everything on your own, we recommend you to use the Aviasales service, which in our opinion is the best Russian-speaking service for searching airline tickets. You can search by filling in the fields in the form below:

As for the budget airlines, they are not always shown in the flight search engine, and to find out the cost of the flight by them, you should visit the websites of airlines.

From Milan to Rome by car

Although traveling around Italy by car seems like a very attractive idea, when traveling through major cities it’s best to chase it away. Traffic in Italian cities is not happy, the cost of fuel is biting, and to find a place to park is not easy.

But if it is ungrateful to discourage people from renting a car in Italy, it is better to offer something useful that can significantly facilitate planning a trip.

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Smart – a very popular car among Italians

A very useful online service that should be taken into account when planning a road trip to Italy is Rentalcars.

It is a specialized metasearch engine for the best prices in car rental companies. Since there are many car rental companies in Italy and the prices are often drastically different, Rentalcars tracks all the changes and allows you to find the best offers of different operators at any given time.

In addition it allows you not only to compare many offers within one site, but also allows you to book your favorite car right away. You can try out the search engine on this page.

Another useful service for fans of auto travel is Michelin. All you need to do is to enter the starting and ending points of your trip, and it will provide you with all the necessary information for planning a car tour.

So, the service offers two possible routes for a trip from Milan to Rome by car and has an estimated cost of about 89 euros.

Of these about 42 euros should be spent on fare on the autobahn, and another 48 euros for fuel. The latter, however, significantly depends on the car you choose.

The service estimates the distance between cities in 580 kilometers and time costs for a trip – 6.5-7 hours. In addition to this information, it also offers a detailed map, weather forecast for the selected route, information on traffic, gas stations, parking lots, road works, etc.

From Milan to Rome by bus

Another efficient way to get from Milan to Rome is to take the bus. There are more than 10 trips between the cities daily. The stations from which buses leave in Milan are Lampugnano and San Donato. The main stop in Rome is Tiburtina.

The cost of the bus is comparable to the price of a very slow train, but this option has one significant drawback – travel time. Even the fastest flights take about 8 hours to cover the distance between Rome and Milan, and that doesn’t compare to the fast trains.

Whether 10 euros is worth the loss of a day and the experience of one of the most modern railroads in the world – you decide. But check the current bus schedule and ticket prices on this page.

You are there.

Rome and Milan are both large cities. There are so many places of interest here that it can take a lot of time to prepare an effective visit.

That’s why BlogoItaliano has made short videos about what makes sense to see in each city first. This video will help you make plans in Rome:

And from this video, you’ll learn what to see first in Milan:

In both videos, I mention BlogoItaliano itineraries . This is a ready and thorough 1-day plan for visiting the city, covering about 20 major attractions of each garden, basic information about them, and a detailed mode of operation.

In addition, it’s all laid out in a convenient itinerary with a step-by-step online map that you can download to your phone and use without the Internet.

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Each guide has recommendations from local guides, where to have a colorful coffee or meal, how to spend an atmospheric evening, and recommendations on the app with free audio tours.

The itineraries will save you a lot of time and money and help you prepare for the most efficient visit to the cities, even if you’re on the train in between. You can read more about our itineraries on this page.

If you’re planning overnight stays in Rome or Milan, you can find handy selections of hotels near key locations below.

By the way, if you plan to move around the country very intensely, pay attention to our free e-mail course with a lot of valuable tips, specially designed to save travelers time and money, but at the same time to get the maximum impressions.

How to get from Rome to Milan

If you have flown to Rome and have already seen all the sights, it is time to go to Milan. There are a lot of flights for this destination: you can get to Milan inexpensively by bus or train. In addition, there are advantageous flights. The distance from Rome to Milan is about 477 km in a straight line.

Read about how to get from Rome to Milan in the article below. Ticket prices and schedule information are as of 2022. Check departure times, flight availability and costs for a specific date when booking your ticket.

From Rome to Milan by bus

The cheapest way to get from Milan by bus is to take a bus: FlixBus, MarinoBus, Itabus, and Autoservizi Salemi. Bus tickets start at 13 Euros and you can buy them at an early booking. There are many flights every day, the average travel time is about 8 hours.

Bus FlixBus

By bus FlixBus get to Milan in about 8-9 hours. The bus runs a direct route from the Tiburtina bus station every day from 6:30 am to 11:35 pm. The interval of movement is about every hour.

Depending on the route, in Milan this bus goes to Lampugnano bus station (near the Lampugnano M1 metro station) or to the San Donato M3 metro station. Most buses arrive at the bus station.

Ticket prices start at 18 Euros.


Also between cities runs a direct bus Itabus. If you book early for it you can find cheap tickets.

On the way you will spend about 8 hours. It runs from 7:15 am to 11:30 am: more in the morning and less in the evening. The starting point is the bus station Tiburtina near the railway station of the same name.

In Milan, in most cases arrive at Lampugnano bus station. However, some flights go to the San Donato M3 stop, which is farther from the city center: pay attention to this when choosing your departure.

As for prices, tickets for Itabus, if bought 2-3 weeks in advance, cost from 13 Euros.


Another convenient way to get directly to Milan is the MarinoBus. It leaves from Tiburtina bus station at about 10:55 pm. Arrives at the Lampugnano stop at 6:55 am (check the timetable for the right date). It also makes a stop at the San Donato M3.

The duration of the trip is about 8 hours. This option is suitable for those who are willing to spend the night on the road and thus save on hotel costs.

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The cost of the ticket starts from 40 Euros.

Autoservizi Salemi

On some days of the week a bus company Autoservizi Salemi runs from Rome to Milan. The timetable (ask for details when making the reservation) is approximately 6.00 am from the Tiburtina bus station.

The bus arrives in the city of destination:

  • to the stop at the San Donato M3 metro station – around 1.10 pm;
  • at the Lampugnano bus station at about 1:50 pm.

As in the previous cases, the bus travels without transfers. The journey will take from 7 hours 10 minutes to 7 hours 50 minutes, depending on the stop you need in Milan.

Tickets cost from 38 euros.

Buy a ticket for a bus Rome-Milan

It’s convenient to compare prices of different carriers on the website in Russian. There you can sort by price, travel time and departure, for example, select the filter “cheapest” or “fastest” and find a suitable option.

On the website there is an opportunity to purchase a ticket in advance, which will come to your e-mail. In this case you do not have to wait in line at the ticket office, plus the ticket price is usually lower with an early booking.

From Rome to Milan by train

If you prefer to travel by train, the Italian rail company Trenitalia offers several options. The most expensive, but also the fastest way is the Frecciarossa high-speed train. In addition, another rail carrier ItaloTreno has comfortable high-speed trains.

Cheaper is a trip on the intercity train Intercity. Also a good option to save on hotel costs is an overnight trip on the Intercitynotte.

High-speed train Frecciarossa

You can get from Roma Termini to Milano Centrale in less than 4 hours (minimum 3 hours 10 minutes, depending on the trip) on the comfortable Frecciarossa high-speed train. Interval of departure of trains is about every 20-30 minutes.

The Frecciarossa train

Photo: S-F /

The earliest high-speed train leaves Rome as early as 6:00 a.m., the latest at 8:10 p.m.

Be careful: some trains go to Milano Porta Garibaldi station. If you need to get off at Rogoredo station, some trains also stop at this station.

The price of the ticket for the lowest fare Super Economy starts at 53 euros.

Usually there are no more tickets for that tariff 2 weeks before departure, so if you buy a train ticket for the next day, the price starts from 72 EUR for Economy and 95 EUR for Base.

Intercity train

The Intercity direct intercity train takes about 6 hours and 40 minutes to get from Rome to Milan (it makes many stops along the way). It departs from Roma Tiburtina station to Milano Centrale just a few times a day, at about 12:40 and 16:35.

However, the prices of tickets are much lower: from 23 Euros for the Super Economy fare, and from 30 Euros for the Economy fare, if you didn’t manage to buy tickets at the lowest price.

Intercitynotte night train

If you prefer night travel options that allow you to save on hotel costs, the Intercitynotte night train is for you.

The Intercitynotte train

Photo: Leonid Andronov /

The direct night train departs from Roma Tiburtina at 11:55 a.m. and arrives at Milano Porta Garibaldi station at 6:55 a.m. In total, you will spend 7 hours on the road. During this time you can sleep well and start the tour of Milan in the morning.

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The whole trip costs from only 20 Euros for minimum fare in second class and from 30 Euros for Economy fare.

ItaloTreno trains

In addition to Trenitalia, there are also trains of another train carrier, ItaloTreno. They leave almost every 20-30 minutes from the Termini station, and there are trips from the station Tiburtina. They arrive at the Milano Centrale station.

Train ItaloTreno

Photo: S-F /

The traffic starts at 5:40 am and ends at 8:50 pm. You will spend about 3 hours 10 minutes to 3 hours 40 minutes en route, depending on the flight.

Ticket prices start at 50 Euro.

To buy a train ticket to Rome-Milan.

To see the train schedule and buy a ticket you can on the website of Trenitalia: In Russian it’s easy to understand the flights on In addition to buses, it sells tickets for trains: it’s easy to compare different modes of transport.

As for the ItaloTreno trains, check the schedule and other information about the flights at There you can also buy a ticket in advance to save money.

The purchased ticket will be sent to your e-mail. The only thing you need to do is to go to the train, skipping the queues at the ticket office. In addition, you will have time to book a ticket in advance for the low fare.

From Rome to Milan by car

If you travel by car, the trip will take about 6 hours and the gasoline will cost about 120 euros. To avoid looking on the spot where to rent a car, do it in advance.

You can choose a suitable car for rent at a low cost on the Russian-speaking website

From Rome to Milan by plane

A flight is also a convenient option, as you will spend only about one hour in flight. Alitalia flies from Fiumicino Airport to Linate Airport. The ticket will cost from 55 euros, which compares with the cost of travel on a high-speed train.

A large number of flights a day, so choose a suitable plane Rome – Milan on site is not difficult.

How to save on a hotel in Milan

Booking a hotel in advance at a low price is convenient on the Russian-speaking site The system presents more than 900 thousand hotels, there are also hostels, apartments, guest houses and others.

The service works with many accommodation facilities directly, so it offers great deals. Suitable hotel is easy to find by filters and location on the map.

Where to buy tours and museum tickets

Get acquainted with Milan better with a local – will show you the most interesting and hidden from tourists locations in the city, will tell you about the culture and traditions. There are different programs: sightseeing, individual, gastronomic, visiting museums and others. You can choose a fascinating tour on the website Tripster.

If you want to buy admission tickets to major attractions without queuing, we recommend using the service Tiqets. There you can book electronic tickets from your phone to museums, shows and attractions.

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