How to get there from Bratislava Airport

Ways to get from Bratislava Airport to Bratislava city center

Bratislava International Airport is the largest airport in Slovakia. It is named after the famous local politician M. R. Stefanik. Another common name for this airport is Bratislava-Ivanka (Letisko Bratislava-Ivanka). It is located 10 km northeast of the capital, near Ivanka. Having arrived here, many tourists wonder how to get from Bratislava airport to the city center. Especially when arriving at night, or with large luggage and children. These, and other questions, will be considered in detail and thoroughly.

How to get by bus

The bus is the most inexpensive transport that will take those arriving in the central part of the city. During the day there are two bus routes – № 96 and № 61. Coming out of the arrivals area, you can immediately come across the stop. The direction of these buses will be different, due to the fact that the city is divided into two parts by the Danube River.

Here are the directions of these two routes:

  1. The bus number 61 goes along the left bank of the Danube and goes to the Hlavná stanica railway station. It starts at 04-45, and operates until 23-30. It operates every 20 minutes. It takes 25-30 minutes to get to the place with the main sights.
  2. Number 96 goes on the right side of the Danube River to the outskirts of the capital city – Petržalka. The final stop is Prokofievova. From there it will take about 5-10 minutes on foot and you will get to the Bratislava Petržalka railway station. The bus number 96 operates between 5:00 and 23:00. The bus arrives every 20 minutes. The duration of the trip to the bus terminus is 35-40 minutes.

If you’re arriving at night in Slovakia’s capital city, you can also take night bus no. 61 from the airport. The first flight leaves at 23-50 and the last one – at 03-52. The interval between arrivals is 60 minutes.

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You can buy a ticket in the ticket machines at the entrance to the airport. They immediately attract the tourist’s attention, as painted in bright red color. Machines have simple navigation. Some of them even have a Russian menu (including). Payment can be made in change, paper money and bank card.

In the bus itself you can also buy a ticket from a similar machine installed at the entrance on the handrail, only in yellow color. However in this case you can pay by contactless plastic card.

How to get on the train

To get to the central part of the city by train is not possible. But to see the rest of Slovakia, or even to visit neighboring countries, is quite realistic.

Simply take buses number 61 and 96 to Hlavná stanica train station, located in the center of Bratislava. Or from the neighboring Bratislava Petržalka station, where tourists traditionally depart for Vienna.

Rent a car

Many people wonder if it is possible to rent a car at the airport to move around the city on your own.

Knowledgeable people say that it is not necessary. It is more convenient and less expensive to combine riding on public transport with walking around Bratislava.

If you plan to visit other cities in Slovakia, a rental car will be more convenient than ever. For this purpose it is better to visit the Rentalcars website and order a rental car in advance. This service will help you to find the best option of a car by comparing prices of all well-known rental companies in Slovakia.

How to travel by means of a transfer

Staying at home, even before you fly to Bratislava, it is enough to order a transfer service through the website. It is easy to book it on various websites. Upon arrival at letisko bratislava ivanka, you will be waiting for a person with a sign and immediately help you with loading your luggage, while driving to any area, including the center of the capital.

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However, you should know that this service is not cheap and you should calculate your expenses in advance. In the presence of finances, it is very convenient to use a transfer. It reduces the time to think about how to get to the city. Everything happens quickly and comfortably.

The approximate cost of a transfer with a capacity of 4 people will cost about 21 euros.


Coming out of the airport, you can see standing in a row of cabs. The state service that takes people from Letisko Bratislava-Ivanka is AIRPORT SERVICE. It is possible to get to the center for the starting price of 10-15 euros. Other cabs ask a tourist for about 19 euros, a ride in a comfortable car will require a payment of 24 euros. Travel time to the central part of the city is about 20 minutes.

It is desirable to order a car in advance, it will be cheaper than to negotiate on the spot. Choose official companies, as private drivers charge exorbitant prices. Official cabs in Bratislava have a Taxi sign on the roof of the car and the company logo on the car body.

What are the possible problems and what to pay attention to?

Here are a few tips:

  1. If you decide to take a cab to get to the city center, remember that it is the most expensive mode of transport in Bratislava. Another thing is if arriving with family or friends, then the amount divided by several people will not be so significant.
  2. If you want to get to the historic part of the city inexpensively, you can do it this way: take a bus number 96 or 61 to the Railway Station, and then change to the route 93. Although. In the absence of heavy luggage, you can walk to the station. The distance goes about 3 km.
  3. Buying a bus ticket in advance through a special site, the cost will be in the range of 3-5 euros. You can buy it from a driver, but the price will be more expensive.
  4. When entering the bus passenger must stamp the ticket, otherwise the visitor to the Slovak capital may be fined.
  5. If you have substantial luggage, you will also have to pay for it when you travel on public transport. The average price is 35 cents.
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Is it worth catching a hitchhiker and what are the risks?

Not knowing the country is better to refrain from hitchhiking. The risks may arise the same as in other countries. Especially for the female sex.

If you are offered to hitchhike to the center, follow these rules:

  1. Getting into the car, look closely at the driver, if you suspect that he was drunk or inadequate, immediately refuse to travel.
  2. At night it is best to get to the city by other means, or wait until morning.

Arriving to Bratislava for the first time, you should take care in advance about the ways to get to the city center from the airport. As it turns out, there are several options, you just need to choose the most appropriate one.

How to get there from Bratislava Airport

how to get from Bratislava airport to the city center

We list all ways to get from Bratislava airport to the city and vice versa. We also give schedules, prices, stops, and useful links.

The M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava (code BTS), or Bratislava-Ivanka, as it is also called, is about 9 km from the city. The airport is convenient because you can easily get to Vienna from there or from the city. Getting to the center of Bratislava from the airport is not difficult, there are several bus routes (including night buses) and cabs.

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how to get from the airport to Bratislava

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How to get to Bratislava from the airport by bus

You can get to the city from Bratislava airport cheaply by the following buses:

  • No. 61 – goes to the main train station in Bratislava (Hlavná železničná stanica), it takes 25 minutes without traffic and about an hour with traffic, the interval is about 20 minutes.
  • No. 61N – you can take it from the airport to Bratislava at night (to the railway station via the bus station). Buses run every 30 minutes.
  • No. 96 – goes to Prokofievova Street, which is located near the Bratislava-Petržalka railway station.
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The bus stops in front of the exit of the terminal.

Note that the main railway station is about three kilometers from the historic center – if you don’t have heavy luggage you can walk. If not, take bus 93. Check the route and schedule here.

Buying and pricing tickets. You can buy them at special machines at the bus stop or kiosks, at the airport – in the arrival terminal and at a kiosk on the ground floor of the departure terminal. The cost of the ticket depends on the distance (number of zones) and time. There are tickets for a single trip, passes for a few days and for a long trip. As a rule, tourists are interested in only 2 zones – 100 and 101, it covers the entire city and suburbs.

Transfers are free for the period indicated on the ticket. At the entrance it must be stamped immediately (the countdown of ticket validity begins from this point). If you have luggage, you must pay for it separately – you buy a 15-minute discount ticket for 0.35 euros, it is valid for 180 minutes.

Ticket prices:

ticket prices

It is also convenient to use the so-called tourist cards for several days: for zones 100 and 101 there are for 24 hours – 3.5 euros, 72 hours – 8 euros, 168 hours – 11.4 euros. 24 hours for all zones – 6,90 euros.

How to book a hotel? Find a convenient option for yourself can be found on the well-known service – the site compares the prices of various booking systems and finds the best.

Bratislava how to get there from the airport

(Photo: Bratislavsky kraj / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Cabs in Bratislava

Cabs are a more comfortable but expensive way to get from the airport to downtown Bratislava. However, it is convenient if you are traveling with friends or family.

There is a cab company at the airport called Airport Service. In addition, there are other companies, as well as private individuals. It is better to use the services of large firms – it is cheaper. Independent cab drivers can greatly inflate the price. By the way, if you order a car by phone, it is cheaper than catching it on the street.

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Approximate cost of a cab from Bratislava airport to the city is from 15 euros. We advise you to order a cab in advance on a special service KiwiTaxi not to worry about being cheated: the price is fixed, payment online, and the driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and help with luggage.

Since the public transport in Bratislava is very developed, and the historic center can be easily avoided on foot, we recommend not to use a cab around the city, or use the large companies, because private individuals do not like to turn on the meter and call a high price.

Rent a car at Bratislava airport

Perhaps the most comfortable way to travel is to rent a car. You can do this at the airport upon arrival or in advance on the website. You can rent a car before you fly out, which is very convenient.

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