How to reach Vienna from Prague

How to get from Prague to Vienna

To visit the Czech Republic and not to visit Vienna is a serious omission. Given that the Austrian capital, the focus of historical and cultural heritage is not as far from Prague as you might think. This fact is willingly confirmed by the Czechs, who often go to Vienna for the weekend.

Not the least important when visiting the Austrian capital is to choose the best carrier, because cabs are expensive, and public transport involves changing with suitcases and not the highest speed. We have collected popular ways to get from Prague to Vienna inexpensively. We suggest you read the full list of routes and choose the most convenient option for your trip.

Keep in mind that the distance from Prague to Vienna is 330 km. Journey in both directions will take 8-10 hours, which is quite tiring. Therefore you should plan the trip for 2 days. Otherwise, for a day will not be enough strength and time to explore all the architectural monuments and atmospheric sites.

By train from Prague to Vienna

The main railway station, from which the trains to Vienna depart, is located near the center of Prague, not far from Wenceslas Square. The average time it takes to get around the city to the train station is half an hour. And the trip to Vienna by train will take you about 4 hours, sometimes a little longer. It all depends on the number of intermediate stops of the carrier.

There are peculiarities in how to get from Prague to Vienna by train. The longest way is night, which takes 7 hours. Of course, many tourists, it seems the best choice, because after sleeping at night, you will be ready for a full day’s walk in the city.

The compartments and other areas of trains are always clean and comfortable. At the service of tourists is a dining car. But for a comfortable sleep we recommend ordering tickets in the compartment with a bed. And for them you will have to pay a little extra.

How to book train tickets

The easiest way to book and buy tickets on the official website of the Czechoslovak Railways. It is important to know the following points:

  • The sale of seats begins 60 days in advance.
  • First class costs approximately 1,025 CZK, second class costs 50% cheaper at 510 CZK.
  • Flights depart at 6:50, 8:52, then every 2 hours until 18:52, with the last departing at 23:58.

Train travel from Prague to Vienna in detail

Surprisingly, how much of the train ride to the Austrian capital by direct departure is the same as by transfer. Carriages differ only in the spacious compartments, buffet, panoramic windows. In both cases you should be guided by the following information:

  • Departure hours should be viewed between 9:50 and 7:50 p.m.
  • Departure from Glavni Nadrazi Station to Hauptbahnhof.
  • The total travel time is approximately 4.5 hours, of which 4 hours to the Austrian train station and half an hour to the subway.
  • If you choose a transfer option, keep in mind that this route is suitable for active travelers without young children or heavy luggage. This is due to the stop in Břeclav, where you have to transfer to another track in 3 minutes.
  • When deciding whether you can go from Prague to Vienna with a transfer, be sure to take care of reference points. It is recommended to get a guidebook in advance, get acquainted with the location of platforms and approaches to the tracks, so as not to get lost and not to be late.
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Bus to Vienna from Prague

This variant of the trip is the most popular among travelers. But in terms of time in this case, you should count on a longer interval than the day train. The trip will take an average of 4.5 hours. But the choice is night routes Flixbus and Student Agency, leaving at 23:15 and 23:55 with arrival in the Austrian capital in the early morning at 3:55 and 4:20. Minimum prices will be if you book 3-4 weeks in advance.

Other bus routes are offered by five firms:

  1. Eurolines. This is an international carrier with departures at 8:00 and 1:00 pm. The cost of the trip is 513 CZK.
  2. RegioJet tickets. It costs 12 euros if you buy them at least a week before the trip. It’s pretty cheap compared to other modes of transport. The number of daily flights is ten. Destination points are Prague Florenc in Prague and Stadion Center in the Austrian capital.
  3. Flixbus. It operates 11 routes per day. Of these, 10 daily buses leave from the Florenc stop and 10-15 minutes later pick up passengers from the main station in Prague. Departure time: 5:00, 6:55, 9:30, 11:55, 13:00, 15:55, 17:15, 17:55, 19:55, 23:15. The night train departs at 3:30 immediately from the stop at the station. Departure hours should be specified; they may vary depending on the time of year. The price range is 12-26 euros. The morning routes are more popular and therefore tickets are more expensive.
  4. Carrier Student Agency. Brings tourists on a route Prague-Vienna 10 times a day according to the schedule: 4:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:30, 18:00, 23:55. The fare is equal to the Flixbus fare.
  5. ARDA-TUR. This is a transit route from Prague to Sofia with a stop in the Austrian capital, which runs twice a day. Departure from Prague Florenc station. The stop, where the bus arrives in Vienna, is called Stadion Center.

In addition to the above options are also transit from Eastern Europe, the schedule of which periodically changes, and the flights are often late.

Before you go on a trip from Prague to Vienna, do not forget to check out the main attractions of the Czech capital. To avoid wasting extra time looking for interesting routes, it is better to book a sightseeing tour of Prague from Sputnik portal.

Take a car transfer or a cab

Services of hired cars are also in great demand in the direction of Prague – Vienna. The trip takes 3-4 hours. And the cost of the trip will not seem so high for a group of tourists.

You can order tickets for a cab on the website Kiwitaxi. The fare starts at 280 euros, and the exact amount depends on the class of the car. In general, for a company of 3-4 people the price is quite reasonable. In this case, the reservation is made online, the departure time is assigned to you personally, and the chat and technical support on the site are russified. In addition, planning to go from Prague to Vienna by cab, you can choose a driver who knows the Russian language.

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Prague-Vienna by Car

If you have an international license you can get from the Czech capital to Vienna on your own by renting a car. When choosing this type of travel be sure to take into account these points:

  • Fares depend on the brand and are 120-130 euros for a period of 2-3 days.
  • Gasoline will cost about 100 euros.
  • The total cost of the trip will be 220-230 euros.
  • The distance Vienna – Prague will take 4 hours if you are driven by an experienced driver.
  • When choosing a car, please note that to drive freely in Austria you need a car with a vignette – to access the toll roads. Otherwise you have to pay extra for the minimum vignette period of 20 euros. It is more correct to find a car with a permit to travel on toll roads.
  • You can choose a route on free highways. But given how far Vienna is from Prague, you run the risk of accidentally get on a commercial road. In this case you will get a large fine without paying in advance.
  • Staying in Vienna for more than 3 days will be more economical if you buy the Wien-Karte for 72 hours for 19.9 euros. The card provides discounts in transport lines, cafes, museums, stores and theaters.
  • To book, most tourists use portals Myrentacar and Rentalcars.

Thus, car rental for company is a convenient way to choose a free schedule and to plan the time in Vienna. But for one person, such a trip may seem too expensive.

Travel with fellow travelers

The list of land travel completes the international travel companion search service Blablacar. This is not the most popular way to travel in the Czech Republic. But the best when your priority is how to get from Prague to Vienna inexpensively.

At any time of the year on this portal there are always offers. In summer – more, in winter – less. Drivers ask for an average of 10-18 euros per passenger, which is inexpensive compared to renting a car or cab.

Travelling by air

Direct flights allow you to get to Vienna better, faster and more comfortable, but you have to pay a pretty “round” sum. Flights are operated by Austrain, and the ticket costs 600 euros. The Prague departure airport is Vaclav Havel, the Austrian one is Schwechat. It will take you no more than half an hour to get to Vienna from the airport.

Unfortunately, there is no low-cost airline from Prague to the Austrian capital directly, and with a change it takes 4 hours, as in the case of ground transport. A ticket for such flights costs about 100 euros.

Obviously, the latter option is an order of magnitude more expensive than the previous ones, but not more profitable in time than how to move from Prague to Vienna by bus, car or electric train. In this case, you pay first of all for comfort.

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All ways to get to Vienna from Prague 2022. Fast, comfortable, inexpensive or in good company – you choose. Ticket prices for the route Prague – Vienna.


The active tourist who comes to the Czech Republic to explore historical sites is unlikely to miss the opportunity to enrich his experience with a trip to Vienna. And we will tell you the best way to get there.

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How to get from Prague to Vienna

Czechs themselves prefer to go to Vienna for the weekend, with an overnight stay in an inexpensive hostel. But they do it only because one day in the Austrian capital can not be enough. Besides you have to spend at least 4-5 hours on the road. On the other hand, the timetable is comfortable enough for an independent day trip from Prague.

Prague – Vienna: Blablacar service

Do not take the service only as exotic. Even though Austria is not the most popular destination for Czech users of this portal, a few suggestions can always be found. In summer, in high season, there are a little more, in winter – less. But in terms of cost Blablacar can compete with all other modes of transport. Drivers agree to go for 250-450 CZK per person.

Prague – Vienna: by plane

Only Austrian Airlines flies directly to Vienna, with a total of four flights: 11:20, 15:25, 18:50, 21:30. In the sky, the plane will stay only 50 minutes. However, the cost of such a flight is 5-7 thousand crowns. There is no direct low-cost airline on that route, and with connections the journey takes at least four hours.

Despite the fact that tickets in that case will cost 2.5 thousand crowns, there is no point in such excursions to European airports.

Prague – Vienna: bus flights

The vast expanses of Russia have somehow accustomed that the main transport that connects major cities is the train. But buses are used when it is already necessary to get from a large settlement to a small one. Europe is much more compact and these modes of transport are equal. In the Czech Republic, thanks to a pricing policy, when to pre-order tickets and for unclaimed flights, the cost is reduced significantly, making buses even more attractive. This is greatly facilitated by the fierce competition. In particular, there are three carriers operating in Vienna.

In Prague all these companies, with few exceptions, make international trips from bus station Florenc. The easiest way to get there is by metro: get off at Florenc station on red line. The trip to Vienna takes about 4.5 hours.

Search for all bus companies at once:

  • Eurolines is a pan-European carrier. It offers only two routes with departures at 8:00 and 13:00, and the ticket is quite expensive. For the trip you have to pay 20 euros or about 510 kronor;
  • Flixbus offers 11 trips a day. Ten of them start from Florenc and stop near the railway station after 10-15 minutes. The only exception is the night bus. It departs immediately at 3:30 from Prague Main. The schedule for the other buses: 5:00, 6:55, 9:30, 11:55, 13:00, 15:55, 17:15, 17:55, 19:55, 23:15. During the year, departure times are shifted, so it is necessary to clarify it. Ticket price: 299-649 CZK. Note: morning flights are more popular, seats are booked more actively, so the tickets are usually more expensive;
  • Student Agency has 10 flights to Vienna from Prague. Their schedule: 4:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:30, 18:00, 23:55. Ticket prices are comparable with Flixbus: from 299 to 650 CZK.

Booking a seat 3-4 weeks in advance is better, then prices are minimal. In Vienna, Flixbus and Student Agency have two night routes. Many people like to leave closer to midnight – at 23:15 and 23:55. Then the buses arrive in the Austrian capital at 3:55 and 4:20, respectively.

In addition, several transit routes from Eastern European cities pass through Prague, but it is difficult to navigate through them. Alas, there are many carriers, their schedules often change, and sometimes they are even late. All this complicates the planning of the trip.

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Prague – Vienna: transfer or cab

As strange as it may sound, but from Prague to Vienna and back you can take a cab. According to the website Kiwitaxi.Ru the direction is in demand. If you book a transfer on the same site, the trip will cost 280 EUR and above – the price depends on the class of the car. If your company consists of 3-4 people, the price of the “ticket” is quite bearable. And the plane and even train pales in comparison.

What are the advantages of transfer Prague – Vienna? Firstly, order a car at any time convenient to you. Secondly, ordering a cab online. Thirdly, the possibility to order in Russian, Russian-speaking support and the ability to choose a Russian-speaking driver. Travel time is not more than 3-4 hours.

Booking at Kiwitaxi.Ru is easy: Just fill in the form (enter number of passengers, pickup and arrival place, full name, mobile number and any other info about the trip) and pay 20% for the reservation (further this amount will be deducted from the total price). The remaining amount will need to be paid to the driver upon arrival at your destination.

* Please note: If child seats are required, you must notify the driver in advance. To do this, please tick the appropriate box.

Prague – Vienna: by train

By train it is faster to get to Vienna from Prague. The trip takes a little less than 4 hours. But at the same time, this form of transport turns out to be the most expensive of ground transport. You have to pay at least 638 CZK. Does not help even a fairly convenient schedule, which has a night train. So from Prague to the Austrian capital there are flights at 6:50, 8:52, 10:52, 12:52, 14:52, 16:52, 18:52 and 23:58.

Only EN 477 Metropol “Berlin – Vienna”, optimal time of departure (at 23:58), is made of sleeping cars, it is slow, so the trip takes 6 hours. And it costs 1091 krona, or about 42 euros. For this money you can book a transfer for four or look for promotional offers of low-cost companies.

It should be said at once that it is not worth taking a ticket with a connecting flight. All options involve an intermediate stop in Břeclav. Except that the next train that you have to take to get to Vienna, departs in 3 minutes. During this time you have to orient yourself at the unfamiliar train station and change tracks.

What to do in Vienna

The capital of Austria has long been considered not only the center of the vast empire, but also one of the main cultural cities of Europe. Therefore, interesting sights so much that even look at the main ones in a day light simply impossible. We recommend to concentrate on two or three of them, and leave the rest for the next time.

If you like excursions like we do, we recommend you to start with a simple sightseeing tour “History of Vienna without the boring facts and dates. After that, ask the guide about the best way to spend your free time and save money.

Be sure to pay attention to these sites:

  1. Hofburg. The residence of the Austrian emperors, now the presidential administration is located here. Tourists can visit the apartments and a number of museums;
  2. Schoenbrunn Palace. Summer residence of emperors. Visitors can walk through the park and see 40 of more than a thousand local halls;
  3. Belvedere Palace. The most beautiful palace complex of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There is the Austrian Gallery with masterpieces of world art, a beautiful park and halls with impressive interiors;
  4. Vienna Opera. The main musical center of Vienna, where the stars of world opera and ballet give concerts. It is also interesting to visit the Vienna Philharmonic and the Burgtheater;
  5. Vienna Woods. Its alleys of Beethoven and Mozart, from the observation deck you can see the whole capital, and you can also look into the castle of Lichtenstein;
  6. St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Active church, which is considered a symbol of Austria and its capital. Here are the tombs of 72 members of the Habsburg dynasty;
  7. Museum quarter of Vienna. A complex of buildings, which occupies 60 thousand square meters. There you can visit the Leopold Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Kunsthalle and other objects;
  8. Danube Tower. Tower with an observation deck at a height of 252 meters.
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There is another secret how to spend time interesting and inexpensive: in Vienna, there is a special sightseeing streetcar. It runs on a circular route in the center past the main historical buildings. Traffic begins at 10 am and ends at 5:30 pm (at 7 pm in summer). The first stop is at the Opera House, but you can join at any of the eleven. Ticket 24 h Ring Tram, which allows you to ride it any time during the day, will cost 9 euros.

Vienna – Prague: how to get back

Getting back in the same direction is most convenient by bus, and it is better to orient to Flixbus or Student Agency. It should be noted that in Vienna they depart from different bus stations: Flixbus and Student Agency – from Busterminal Stadioncenter, and Student Agency – from Erdberg (Vienna International Busterminal VIB).

They are located not far from each other, so there is no fundamental difference in how to get to them from the center. The only difference is that the subway lines are different: Erdberg with the station of the same name at U3, Stadioncenter – at U2, Stadion station.

The timetable of the carriers is also similar to the Prague timetable. Flixbus buses leave for Bohemia at 3:20, 6:15, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:30, 13:00, 14:45, 17:15, 19:30 and 23:45. Student Agency starts a little later: 6:25, 8:55, 10:25, 12:55, 14:55, 16:55, 17:45, 18:55, 20:55 and 23:55. Ticket prices are the same as Czech fares when booking online and depend on the demand of the route. They will cost much more at the Vienna ticket office.

Trains to Prague depart at 7:10, 9:10, 11:10, 13:10, 15:10, 17:10, 19:10 and 22:50. The flights seem to be well spaced throughout the day at two-hour intervals, but the Vienna-Berlin train, the one where the ticket costs a little over a thousand crowns, is still the best for the return time.

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