Independent travel to Georgia – 2022. Cost of vacations

Prices in Georgia 2022: food, food, sea tours

What prices in Georgia in 2022 can tourists expect? Let’s look at all the relevant cost items from food, food, all-inclusive sea tours, and entertainment. How much does it cost to travel with children, whether to rent a car, the cost of gasoline and other financial costs.

Georgia is a country that opened a tourist destination relatively recently, but having successfully debuted, it continues to gain momentum in ratings of fashionable resorts. Modern infrastructure and the most hospitable people in the world, as well as traditional cuisine, first-class wines, excellent service and stunning nature – all this fabulous Georgia gives its guests. There are legends about this country that claim that once you visit it, everyone wants to come back here again and again.

In principle it is so, in search of materials for our project we have been in different parts of the country and we are proud to say that not to come here at least as a gastronomic journey would be a big mistake, this is the tour most tourists and choose in order to feel the full color.

Before organizing an independent travel or tour to Georgia, it is worth considering and studying all the nuances and options for accommodation, travel, food and entertainment, as well as the basic prices of basic necessities on vacation.

A trip to the mountains by car

Prices in Georgia 2022 and how much money to take

When analyzing the prices for holidays in 2022, you should pay attention to the fact that Georgia offers not only a beach summer vacation in sunny Batumi, but also a large range of all kinds of excursion tours of different directions. So in addition to standard sightseeing tours, you can visit the gastronomic tours, go to the markets in search of souvenirs or book a weekend wine tours. A new and fashionable direction is considered ecotourism with accommodation in rural villages, or on vineyards, with direct participation in the production of local delicacies.

Prices for the tours described above differ significantly, depending on the season. That is, in summer and during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the cost of tours will be higher than, for example, in spring or autumn.

The same picture awaits in the analysis of prices for rentals and apartments for independent recreation at the seaside or in the capital, but the prices for food and most of the entertainment remain unchanged throughout the year.

Prices for tours to Georgia from Moscow

Travel agencies offer a wide range of different tours to Georgia. Prices for holidays in Georgia in 2022 are not much different from the previous year, but they are an order of magnitude cheaper than the popular destinations of Turkey and Egypt.

  • Popular tour operator offers a tour to the hospitable city of Batumi. The cost of the tour includes airfare, medical insurance, meals – breakfasts, and accommodation in the beautiful Legacy Hotel, 4 *.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 29270 rubles for 7 days and 6 nights. Legacy Hotel, 4* is located within walking distance to the sea. The hotel is famous for its polite staff, pleasant interior of the rooms, high quality service and delicious food. Beaches, located near the hotel are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

  • One of the popular tours to Tbilisi from Moscow is offered to tourists for only 19250 rubles for 6 nights. The cost of the tour includes airfare Moscow – Tbilisi, accommodation at the Grand Hotel Tbilisi, breakfasts and medical insurance.
When is the best time to travel to Georgia? Weather and Seasons by Months

The presented hotel is located on the outskirts of the city, in a quiet and cozy area, near the airport. Guests are offered spacious bright rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay. Breakfasts in the hotel restaurant are delicious and varied. The location of the hotel is ideal for excursions in any direction.

  • When booking a trip, be sure to use a promo code from our project, it will be cheaper (note, promo codes only work through the links above):

UAF500travel-picture gives a discount of 500 rubles, for tours from 40,000 rubles.

UAF300travel-picture gives a discount of 300 rubles, for tours of 20 000 rubles and more

UAF1000travel-picture gives a discount of 1000 rubles, for tours from 70 000 rub.

at the market

Flight prices to Batumi and Tbilisi

You can fly to Georgia from Moscow by direct flights or with a connection. If you have to change flights for any reason, the journey can take from 10 to 20 hours. Many airlines offer tickets in different price ranges, depending on the class, time of booking and of course airline policy. For example, Turkish Airlines offers an economical flight from Moscow to Batumi, with a connection in Istanbul. Tickets to Batumi will cost about 9600 rubles one way. Such a trip, together with the time it takes to change planes will take about 15 hours.

You can fly to Tbilisi with a connection in Munich. European low-cost airlines offer such a trip, lasting just over 10 hours. The cost of tickets to Tbilisi on such a route is around 32300 rubles.

Aeroflot in 2022 offers low cost direct flights, which take no more than 3 hours of precious time. So, an economy class flight to the capital of Georgia without changing planes will cost only 10 thousand rubles if you book tickets in advance.

The prices for the air tickets Moscow-Batumi depend on the airlines that organize the flight and the period of booking, and range from 11500 to 29800 rubles.

Prices for accommodation in Georgia

If you travel to Georgia on your own, it is better to learn in advance about the prices for accommodation and the best deals on the rental market for the rest. For a trip to the sea in Batumi in summer or another city, start looking for offers 2-3 months in advance. We recommend using the service RoomGuru, it searches among all hotel bases, saving you time and finances.

Hotel prices in Tbilisi

We have selected some great options with good accommodation at low prices, which we recommend booking first.

  • Exquisite and stylish boutique – Betsy’s Hotel offers apartments in the center of the capital.

Nice interior of the double room with a big bed, a bath and a gorgeous view from the window will cost you 5800 rubles. In addition to the charming atmosphere, Betsy’s Hotel boasts a convenient location and a lot of positive reviews.

  • A more budget-friendly accommodation option is the private Old Tbilisi Historical Apartments Hotel.

One night in a double room will cost guests only 2,300 rubles. The hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning, showers, comfortable beds, marble floor and even a balcony. Unusual and original styles of room design make them special and at home cozy. The hotel is conveniently located in the center of Tbilisi, in close proximity to most of the sights.

The general price policy for hotels in Tbilisi is not expensive, but the service and local hospitality is always on top.

  • To plan accommodation in other areas of Georgia, we recommend considering a selection of good offers of rentals from hosts and inexpensive hotels:
Where to Stay in Batumi - The 10 Best Hotels

Prices for hotels in Batumi

    is cordially opening its doors to tourists in 2022.

Double room in such a luxurious 4-star hotel costs 7300 rubles. A good location just 150 meters from the beach, and a magnificent interior in the classic English style attracts tourists from all over the world. Hotel rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances, as well as all the amenities inherent in a high-level hotel. The hotel has a restaurant and an excellent casino.

Rooms in private hotels and apartments are offered on the Batumi coast in a wide range. Living conditions are very comfortable and the distance to the beach is minimal. Prices for budget accommodation in sunny Batumi range from 750 to 1800 rubles for a double room with all amenities.

wine cellar

Prices for entertainment and what to do?

Where to go in Tbilisi?

The capital of Georgia is rich in a variety of entertainment and attractions, the visit of which will make the vacation diverse and memorable, as well as allow you to get to know this hospitable country better.

So, what to see in Georgia on your own and first of all:

  • A cable car ride to Mount Narikala will give a pleasant experience and allow you to admire the scenery from an unusual angle. The cost of such a ride is only 20 rubles.
  • Special pride of Tbilisi are the sulfur baths, they are luxurious and unusual, as well as useful and healing. The cost of the visit is 750 rubles.
  • To plunge into cultural life of the capital one can visit a theater, of which there are many. The following theaters open their doors to tourists: Pavliashvili Opera and Ballet Theatre, Academic Theater of Marjanishvili, Theater of Youth Theater named after Nodar Dumbadze and many others. The cost of the performances is about 680 – 1100 rubles.

You should also visit botanical gardens and historical sites, parks and museums, markets and fountains of this hospitable city.

Where to go and what to see in Batumi?

The tourist center of Batumi offers guests the opportunity to diversify their beach vacation by visiting the following attractions:

  • The symbol of the resort is the famous Alphabet Tower, the ascent to which costs 370 rubles. From the top there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the sea, also on the roof there is a restaurant.
  • You can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city by taking a ride on the ropeway Argo. One way ride takes about 10 minutes and goes over the picturesque scenery. The price for the ride is 370 rubles.
  • Port of Batumi offers its guests the opportunity to admire and enjoy the sea scenery against the background of ships and yachts, as well as to rent a boat for a boat trip. The cost of renting on average is 1500 rubles per hour.

Batumi hides a lot of beautiful places, squares and fountains, embankments and parks, cafes and restaurants, so that even an ordinary walk through the city can be a great entertainment. It is Batumi that appears in most of the positive reviews of tourists about an unforgettable summer vacation in Georgia.

Pricing policy for popular and necessary items

Self-organizing a holiday in Georgia requires a careful study of information about the pricing policy on food and entertainment, it is worth learning about the places in the resorts where you can eat delicious food and where to spend the evening, this item will be an integral part of an unforgettable vacation.

Holidays in Georgia in the winter of 2021-2022. Where to go? What to see?

Prices in Georgia cafes and restaurants

Prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Georgia are much lower than in Europe. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide assortment of national dishes and world famous Georgian wines. The portions are large and generous, and the service is always on top. For example, dinner for two at a medium-class restaurant costs from 1450 to 2900 rubles with desserts and wine.

  • Prices in lari (GEL):

The cost of groceries in the store.

Prices for food in supermarkets and markets in Georgia differ significantly. The quality of food, drinks and other products is very high and the range is wide. Prices in supermarkets are not much subject to seasonal fluctuations, and do not differ significantly from Moscow prices. Prices in the markets will depend on the seasonality of products and tourist influx, but they are not overpriced.

Holidays in Georgia in 2022 by yourself

Holidays in Georgia in 2022 by yourself

Rest in Georgia in 2022 on your own. Of course, because of the pandemic, it has become a bit more difficult to travel on your own. But still it is possible to travel to Georgia by yourself in 2022. In this article we will discuss all the nuances in detail.

Let’s start with the choice of location. If you want to relax on the sunny beaches and enjoy the sea, you should choose Batumi. This is the most popular seaside resort of Georgia. But if you plan to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an authentic Georgia, choose Tbilisi.

You can fly to Tbilisi, and leave from Batumi. Thus you can see all facets of this hospitable country in one trip.

What do tourists need to know before traveling to Georgia?

Before you buy tickets you should read important information for tourists.

Transport in Georgia.

An important point for tourists is the choice of transportation. From airport transfers to daily commutes. Many tourists fly to Tbilisi first, and then drive to their final destination. If you decide to spend your vacation in the capital, it is faster and more convenient to get from the airport to the city by cab. Read more in our article about cabs in Georgia. Of course you can also take public transportation, but it’s not very convenient after your flight.

If you are flying to Tbilisi, but are planning to drive to the sea, then you have some options.

How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi – all ways

By train. You can get to sunny Batumi on a comfortable train . Read how to do it in our article “How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi by train”.

By bus. If you prefer to travel by bus, here is a detailed article with all the information about how to get from Tbilisi to Batumi by bus.

By bus. The alternative to the bus can be considered a minibus cab. At first we must say – it’s not the most convenient way to get to Batumi. For the details see article “How to get to Batumi by minibus”. Use this way only in case of extreme necessity.

By cab. Another way to comfortably get to the coast is of course a cab. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the comfort and convenience is much higher. All information with prices in the article “How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi by cab”.

By shuttle bus. Perhaps the most convenient and comfortable way to get from Tbilisi to sunny Batumi is a transfer. A personal driver will meet you at the airport. Fixed cost. The opportunity to choose the car and the driver when ordering. We recommend to use just a transfer. You can book a car with a driver by following this link – and you can read more in our ARTICLE

All about vacation in Sarpi. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

By plane. The most exotic way to get to Batumi from Tbilisi is of course by plane. Light-engine flying machines will give you incredible views. Choose this way if you want to enjoy Georgia from a bird’s eye view. All information in the article “How to fly from Tbilisi to Batumi by airplane”.

By rented car. The second most popular and convenient way to get from Tbilisi to Batumi. If you have the right, then choose this way. The prices are quite democratic. And on top of everything else you’ll have the opportunity to visit all the most remote places in Georgia. All information with useful links in the article “Rent a Car in Georgia.

Due to the fact that Georgia has a very developed sphere of tourism and there are many ways to get from the capital to the coast. Everyone will find the most convenient and affordable way for themselves.

We still advise you to take an individual transfer if you don’t have a driver’s license or just don’t want to sit behind the wheel. But if you are an avid driver, then feel free to take a car to rent.

Choosing and renting an apartment in Georgia by yourself

If you’ve decided to travel in Georgia on your own, then you’ll certainly need to rent an apartment for your vacation. Of course you can use Booking or AirBnB aggregators. But as a rule, the prices for apartments in such services are considerably overstated. In our article “How to rent an apartment in Batumi at a profit” read all the details. There you will also find information about Batumi’s districts, and you will be able to choose what suits you.

Mobile Communications and Internet in Georgia for Tourists

The next important thing for tourists is a cell phone. Of course you can get roaming with your operator. But this will cost a lot of money. We recommend using the services of local operators.

All citizens of the CIS countries and other countries can get a SIM card of Georgian operators without problems in a few minutes. The only requirement is to have a passport. Read all the information “How to get a SIM card in Georgia” in our article. There you will find a detailed description of tariffs with prices and addresses of cellular operators.

How much money to take on your own holiday in Georgia in 2022?

Perhaps the most frequent question among the tourists, who choose an independent travel to Georgia. So how much money to bring on vacation in Georgia in 2022? Answering it is quite difficult. But let’s look into it.

Of course, everyone has different needs. Let’s consider the minimum spending plan. We will not take into account the cost of airfare and transfers.

Prices for rental housing

Rent an apartment The first point will be the rent of an apartment. In the summer, a good apartment will cost about $50 per day. But in winter, you can rent the same apartment for $20. For many locals, this is a whole business. So there is no problem with your choice. How to get a good rent apartment in Batumi read here.

Guest houses An alternative rental option is guest houses. In short, you will rent a separate room. But the rest of the infrastructure is common – the kitchen, bathroom and the area of the house. The cost in summer is about $ 30. In winter the price is half as much. On the plus side, all the Georgians are very hospitable. You will certainly be treated to wine and local dishes. The prices for food and souvenirs in Bavaria are quite good.

All about rest in Kvariati. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

Hotels and Hostels There are dozens of hotels and hostels in Batumi in various price categories. Rooms at decent hotels cost from $40 per night for two people in the summer. Many hotels include breakfast.

Food and restaurant prices in Batumi

Food and stores There are several large supermarkets and many smaller stores in Batumi. Read more about Batumi supermarkets here . If you decide that you will cook on your own, you need to include food in the cost of the trip. For the most budget option, try to budget 50 lari ($16) per day. If you spend about 80 lari (25$) you can feel quite comfortable. There are several delivery services in Batumi – it’s convenient and profitable. Read more in our article.

Prices in cafes and restaurants The difference in prices between cafes and restaurants is not very different. A full meal for two in a restaurant will cost from 40-70 GEL depending on the dishes. Dinner will cost from 100 lari for two, not including alcohol. A bottle of good Georgian wine costs about 50 GEL on average. Do not order several dishes at once. The portions are very big and it’s possible that you won’t manage to eat up the second course.

Cell phone costs

We recommend mobile operator Geocell. For 5 gigabytes internet traffic costs 12 GEL. Here you can find full description and all prices.

Cab Prices in Batumi

The prices for a cab in Batumi are quite democratic. The trip from one part of the city to the other will cost no more than 8 GEL . In average a cab ride will cost no more than 4 GEL . For detailed information and useful links please see our article – Taxis in Batumi.

Prices for tours and excursions

The Botanical Garden of Batumi is certainly the most popular among tourists . This fantastic place is definitely worth a visit. The ticket price is 15 lari (5$). The Mtirala National Park is another place to visit near Batumi. How to get there and all the details in our article . Ferris wheel costs 10 lari (just over 3$) . Ticket to Alphabet Tower observation deck costs 30 lari (10$) . Another popular place is Dolphinarium Batumi – the ticket price for the show is 20 lari (6.5$) . Cableway Argo will cost 25 GEL per person both ways. As you see, the prices for entertainment within the city are quite democratic. The prices for the tours are also different. Tours around Batumi start at 45 lari (15$) . One-day tour to the sights and historical sites will cost from 75 lari (25$) . Tour for a few days in Georgia will cost from 175 lari (55$) . But you can also organize your own travel around Batumi .

As you see, you can have a rest in hospitable sunny Georgia and in sunny Batumi, and it’s quite inexpensive. If you try hard enough it is possible to get even $ 500 for two people for 10 days. And even with this budget you can count on a full vacation at the Black Sea.

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